Billy Blanks: Ultimate Tae Bo

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Studio: Gaiam Americas Release Date: 09/04/2007 Run time: 89 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun!!
    I love all sorts of kickboxing workouts, this one is especially fun becuase it shows a little bit of Billy Blanks personality. He lightens up a and has some fun with it. The one thing I dont like is I get up very early to exercise, and there is no stretch out in the beginning of the workout, It goes right into a warm up and immediately into the workout. I just know that when I do this workout I do some stretches before I start the workout. But I love this! It's a long workout, you can choose 1hr, or continue onto 90 min. I love that because so many workouts are only 30-40 minutes, and I like to exercise longer than that. If you like Tae Bo workouts you'd love this!...more info
  • tough, fun
    This is classic tae bo. No billy bands, no squat thrusts, no fatigues, no drills, no boot camp screaming. Thank goodness! Just punching and tae bo combos. The music is good and loud. Billy is on his game this time. At the end, he gets a little funky and does dance moves. So funny to watch the students try to get down. Lots of fun. Get it. Do it. ...more info
  • Just as good as Tae Bo Get Ripped Advanced
    Okay, so everyone has been saying this product doesn't compare to Get Ripped Advanced. It's as though you all forget that those workouts include a 5 minutes warmup and that the second workout contains a floor segment. Not exactly calorie-blasting. PLus those workouts only include about 43 minutes of cardio. I need more.
    I'll give you this: this workout has a few slow moments such as hip rotations or 1/2 time demos that could be shorter, but I just modify by going faster or doing other Tae Bo moves. In 84 minutes I only did this 5 or so times. That's right: 84 minutes. The last 10 or so are standing leg raises and the like, but after 70 minutes of cardio only slowed every once in a while you are ready for standing/toning. No warmup (although it starts a little slower) and no floor work. It's the best of Tae Bo moves, some new coreograhy and some silly dance moves that come right when you're taking yourself to seriously.
    I couldn't do this every day like I could with Turbo Jam, one because it's really long and two because it's more athletic than fun, but I appreciate the length and intensity on days I can't run due to weather.
    I would recommend getting weighted handgloves. They really intensify cardio kick workouts.
    If Billy is reading this I'd like to say that I just hated Billy Bands. I see where you were going but I like straight up cardio without the stops. Thanks for bringing it back with this one!...more info
  • Fun and funky
    I love this DVD I just did it this morning and to be honest I could not finish the additional half hour. Nevertheles, I thought it was amazing. Lots of Tae Bo moves and combinations no bands, no weights nothing to slow you down. It was just full cardio all the way. I had a kick wastching Billy do the funky dance I did not know he could be that cool. After almost an hour working out I found that segment very liberating. Good call. Great workout....more info
  • TOUGH but excellent :-)
    You'll be sweating calories when you do this workout. It's fantastic and effective and tough, but very worth it. I've done this now four times and never think I'll make it through, but somehow do and even though it's early stages, I'm beginning to see the hint of results.
    It's 90 minutes of almost non-stop combinations that Tae Bo are known for. It's his longest workout to date (you can stop at a set 59 minute breakpoint) so you must already be fit. There are all the regular Tae Bo moves like fast feet and quick steps etc so you should have a basic knowledge of his work to make it easier on yourself although he does cue very well. Then after those combo's there is aerobic/toning intervals.
    I'd never recommend this to someone who's just beginning to work out or to a Tae Bo newcomer. However, if you are already fit and want a big challenge for yourself, then this is for you. You'll be sweating hard and buring calories like crazy. This is a great fun workout....more info
  • Pick a different one if you want an intense workout
    I would say I am in fairly average or slightly above average shape and this workout was not challenging in the least. The back of the package promises a "super intense workout" but does not deliver. Do not let the word "ultimate" scare you away from chosing this DVD for a regular workout--it is fairly entertaining. Just choose another DVD if you want a high-energy workout. Sorry I can't recommend another Tae Bo...although I am not new to kickboxing, I am new to Tae Bo, so you'll need to refer to other reviews for a better choice of DVDs. ...more info
  • Love it! (My review is the 10th Anniversary Edition)
    This is the first TaeBo DVD I have purchased featuring Billy Blanks. I have been hesitant to try his DVDs because it seemed quite commercialized, but I am so glad I did! I love this tape and Billy and his crew make it fun, fun, fun! The group energy is incredible and there are "real" people in the class working hard along with you. Billy gets right up to the camera at times and motivates you like he's right in your living room; it's so funny, I smile and laugh while working up a great sweat.

    (Please note, my review is for the 10th Anniversary Edition which also includes the 25 minute workout)
    This DVD includes 2 separate workouts:
    1. 90 minutes "Ultimate Tae Bo" is really a "test" of your physical endurance. Billy and his entourage really make this an easy to follow yet challenging workout. I like it that he starts each sequence slow so you can get the moves down. Then they speed is up for the challenge. After just about every sequence you get a short breather (break), but keep your heart rate up. During the workout Shellie and the others count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 so you can work on just getting through the group of 8 repetitions. I have not made it through this workout, but I will someday!

    2. 25 minute "Turbo Charged Fat Burner". For an easier/shorter workout this is a great challenge too and will help you work up to the 90 minute routine. Half the class uses his new workout bar, but you don't have to use it as the other half of the class performers the move without his special bar.

    You also get a "Learn the Tae Bo Moves" section. I have not checked this out yet as I did not have trouble following his moves. I have difficulty with some of the fast-paced workouts on the market as I am somewhat uncoordinated with the foot and arm movements. This one is easy to follow and quite rewarding!

    If you use this tape 2-3 times per week you will surely get results!!! You will lose weight (if you also follow a healthy eating routine) and gain muscle and definition.

    I highly recommend stretching after this workout. Please check out my other reviews on Amazon for good stretching DVDs along with other workout, yoga, tai chi, and meditation reviews.
    ...more info
  • Great workout but too many complications!!
    Great workout, keeps the heart rate going at a good pace (I am an intermediate level workout person) but there are too many little additions that Billy makes which make it difficult to follow the workout. If Billy had kept it straight and simple, I would have given this DVD 5 stars! I love new spins to an old workout but this one has a little more than I like....more info
  • Challenging, but AWESOME!!!
    Ultimate Tae Bo? is just that, ULTIMATE!!!! From the beginning to the end it is fun, yet challenging. Billy warms you up nicely, then jumps right into all the fun and favorite Tae Bo? moves that help to sculpt and shape our bodies! If you are looking for a way to step out, to challenge yourself, get the Ultimate Tae Bo?. You have the option of going one hour or an hour and a half. Billy is fun, he keeps it exciting, and just like always, he keeps you coming back and wanting more! Once I finished this workout I felt like I could climb Mt. Everest, I felt like if I could conquer this, then I can conquer anything!! If you want to be a conqueror, then conquer Ultimate Tae Bo?!! I promise, you won't regret it!!!!...more info
  • Excellent even for a beginner
    This is my first Tae Bo DVD. I've done a couple of other kickboxing type of work outs but would not consider myself very experienced at it. THere is an intro to the basic moves in the bonus section. So I didn't have to invest in a introductory or foundation DVD as some reviews suggested. There are enough pauses between each exercise set that I could catch breath. I was able to get through the whole 1.5 hours on my first try. Each set begins with a slow version of the exercise and then it get's faster. Even though I was kind of fumbling around during the faster pace, I think I'll get the hang of it after a few tries...I'm not the most coordinated person in the world.
    Overall, it gives a great work out for your core. Your arms also get quite a bit of a work out even though no props or weights are used. The leg work is quite good as well.
    I highly recommend it....more info
  • Whew!
    I hadn't done Tae Bo for a while and of course I had to come back with the Ulimate's a great workout, but tough!
    I exercise with DVD's 4-6 days a week and I am continually looking for workouts that are: 1. More than 45 minutes of continuous cardio, 2. A continuous workout, 3. An intermediate/advanced level workout, 4, Interesting with good music, and 5. enthusiastic instructor. This DVD contains all this and more.
    It begins with a "blended" sort of workout, meaning that the warm-up moves straight to the aerobic practice with no big drop in intensity--it slowly builds.
    The 90 minute workout would be familiar to all past Tae-Bo users (punches, kicks, slides with punches and kicks, leg liftss, etc), but about midway through, Billy adds a little funky dancing that brought a smile to my face...not really tough, but it was a fun and a change of pace. It was nice to see the exercisers smiling and having a good time.
    I would recommend this DVD to a more intermediate/advanced home exerciser because of the length of the practice and also the intensity. Granted, a beginner maybe able to start with this and do all the moves at a slow pace. Then, that person would have a DVD that they could use for a very long time.
    This is a great cardiovascular workout. I like it!!!...more info
  • Great Workout!
    I have been looking for a while now for a kickboxing workout on DVD that matches the level of a kickboxing class that I used to take at a martial arts studio. This is the closest one I have found.

    I have to say, the workout is a little long. So long, in fact, that after an hour I had to stop because I had to attend to my little one. So really, I am not sure how much longer it is. But the way I look at it, even if you have to stop after, say 45 minutes to an hour, you're still getting an awesome workout and burning LOTS of calories! I just made sure to get in a good stretch after I stopped the workout. And if you do have the time to finish the whole thing, you are definitely getting your money's worth!

    I have tried all of the DVDs in the Amped series, and this is by far my favorite. I just felt like I was really getting a better overall workout with this one. The others that use the Amplifier bar seem to focus too much on the upper body.

    If you are looking for a workout that is challenging and easy to follow, this is the one for you. ...more info
  • Awesome workout
    Awesome workout!!! It is long but easily broken into a one hour segment and a 1/2 hour segment. I often do them in these segments and if you wish you can do the whole 90 minutes. ...more info
  • Great Workout
    I love this workout. It really makes me feel like I have done something by the end. You can either do just the first hour, or continue for 30 more minutes. There is a break for you at that point. You can really tell that Billy and all the others are having a great time. This really gets back to the original tae bo! If you like tae bo, you will love this workout!...more info
  • not that great
    I used to take cardio kickboxing classes at my gym and really enjoyed it and felt like I got a great workout. I also saw some great results. I don't belong to a gym anymore, so this seemed like a good fit. This workout isn't very intense and it get's a little goofy at times (like freestyle dancing??) Too much fluff and not enough raw, basic moves to work you out. I was expecting a lot more from the title "ultimate taebo". The people on the video are annoying to watch as well....they're all a little "too" excited to be there....constantly high fiving eachother and screaming woohoo!! This just isn't my style....more info
  • Disappointing
    The old versions (VHS) of beginning and advanced taibo were useful and
    actually fun. This DVD has boring routines. After going through the set of routines I felt like I finished a job. If you like frenetic air-punching you will like this--he does that every few minutes.
    ...more info
    This workout was fantastic! I completed the 90 minutes and sweated so much. This workout is for alternating with the Get Ripped Series if you are advanced in Taebo. There was no fuss, no Billy bands, Amplifier bar or resistance balls - just good old fashioned taebo. My body felt more energised I have been drinking more water through out the day and I feel great. I recommend that you only do this taebo dvd once a week and Billy recommends it as well because it is very high cardio. Definitely not for the weak hearted or beginners....more info
  • Ultimate Taebo
    This video might be out of your league if you're a beginner. This video goes for an hour and 1/2 and I could only make it through 25 minutes. I am 26, exercise regularly and consider myself to be in moderate cardio shape. If you want a video to work up to, this is for you, otherwise, don't spend your money on this video until you are in great cardio shape....more info
  • Biily Blanks: Ultimate Tae Bo
    After using Billy's for just one week, I have gone from a size 8+ to a size 6. I can not wait for the sencond week to end. it is truely the ULTIMATE! I feel alive for the first time after four long years....more info
  • A little disappointed
    After reading all the reviews, I was very excited to get this video. I thought for sure in 90 minutes I would be challenged. I wasn't. I was barely sweating when I was done, and I've been doing this for years, so I know how to do the moves correctly and with intensity. It was fun, so I may keep it as part of my collection for that reason. But if you are an advanced exerciser, this is NOT the video for you. ...more info
  • Good video!
    Good video. Although not as hard as Billy Blanks' Advanced Tae Bo, it gives you a good workout. My wife did not give it 5 stars, as she expected a harder workout than she got. But, overall, a good purchase....more info
  • Alright, but definitely not ULTIMATE
    I am an avid Taebo fan, but the intensity is lacking in this one. If you can fake smile and high-five each other during the routine then the workout is too easy. The "dance" section is cheesy. This workout is longer (90 mins compared to 55mins), but less intense. If you are looking for a difficult workout, I would HIGHLY recommend the Taebo Get Ripped:Advanced Series. There are (2) 55 min workouts and (1) 8 min workout. ...more info
  • Definitely a Keeper!
    I bought Ultimate Bootcamp on Amazon a few years back, it was too hard because of the repetition of push-ups on toes! Ultimate Tae Bo is no doubt the BEST among the couple of other Tae Bo series.

    The workout itself contains lots of powerful, Strength Driven and highly cardio moves. There are not much warm-up and only a few minutes of cooldown. The stucture of the workout allows you to stop anytime and cool down at your own pace.

    Great alternatives for other hard cardio workouts such as spinning or hiking.

    The more Tae Bo and Boot Camp classes I had with Billy, the more I become his fan!! :-)
    ...more info


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