EdgeStar Portable Air Cooler with Ionic Air Purifier

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Cool and clean your air in style with the EdgeStar tower air cooler with built-in ionic air purifier. This sleek silver and black air cooler weighs in at only 12 pounds, and its space saving design takes up less than a square foot of floor space. Don't mistake size for power - this unit features quiet auto-tower oscillation and a fabric water curtain design that can provide relief from the heat for up to 150 square feet! What makes the EdgeStar EAC210TS a great choice for personal air cooling? * Energy efficient - It's quiet and energy-efficient design uses less energy than most standard light bulbs. * Multi-functional design - An air cooler, humidifier and ionic air purifier in one stylish unit provides the freshest, coolest air possible. * Superior air cooling - Drops in-stream air temperature by up to 12F with ice packs included for additional cooling power. Other features of the EdgeStar tower air cooler and air purifier include easy to use digital controls, washable air filter, a 1 1/4 gallon water reservoir and handy full function remote for easy control from anywhere in a room. The easy mobility and quiet functionality of this tower air cooler makes it the perfect solution for homes, offices, cubicles, and other professional settings!

  • Auto-tower oscillation provides airflow to the entire room
  • Drops in-stream air temperature by up to 12F
  • Washable air filter and two ice packs for additional cooling included
  • 1 1/4 gallon water reservoir
  • Remote control included
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't waste your time or money
    I've been through two of these. The first produced room temperature air directly from the fan louveres. I am in a Very low humidity area. Also when the unit is turned off but still plugged in ,the control panel gets almost too hot to touch. Edgestar service said everything seems normal but allowed me to return the unit. It is a really nice looking cooler and I wanted it to work so I got a replacement. The second unit produced 4 degree cooler air. The controls still got hot enough for me to consider it a fire hazard. The ocillating feature also didn't work. This unit was also returned. The service Tech let it slip that 4 degrees was about normal and the catch was " Up To " 12 degrees cooler. A much cheaper tower fan would probably be a better choice than this....more info
  • Buyer Beware of EdgeStar Portable Air Cooler
    We purchased this unit last week to help cool our RV. It's a nice looking unit (a little difficult to move as it has no handle), and had a nice wide blowing area when it pivots. The problem is the temperature of the air it blows doesn't change whether it's on fan mode or evaporative cooling mode. I tested it by putting a thermometer about a foot away and ran it on each mode for 1/2 hour. The internet vendor says to contact the manufacturer, and the manufacturer informed me that since the air curtain gets wet and it changed the temp by 2 degrees, then the unit is working, just not as well as expected (the sales literature mentions a 12 degree difference.) So my choices now are to pay the postage and 15% restocking fee to return it and/or perhaps have it worked on (except that the company rep kept insisting that it worked - so what could they do?) or keep it and use it as a fan that I paid way too much for....more info
  • Great business gift
    Anyone who has been stuffed in a cubicle or works in a stuffy office knows how much one of these would be appreciated. I got this one for myself and was so pleased that I bought one for my father and co-worker as a gift.

    This specific unit is good for me because of the ionic air purifier. It works especially good with smoke odor as well as any other office stench. Pretty much everyone in my office has an air cooler but I had read great reviews on this one and how it actually cools the space around it as some other air coolers are pretty much fans, this one really does lower the temperature. ...more info