Warriors: Power of Three #1: The Sight

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"There will be three, kin of your kin . . .

The wild cats have flourished in their new home on the banks of the lake for several seasons, and the Clans are growing strong and healthy with new kits. The time has come for three kits of ThunderClan to become apprentices.

Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw spring from a strong legacy: children of Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, two of the noblest ThunderClan warriors, and grandchildren of the great leader Firestar himself. All three young cats possess unusual power and talent and seem certain to provide strength to the Clan for the next generation.

But there are dark secrets around the three, and a mysterious prophecy hints at trouble to come. An undercurrent of rage is rising against those who are not Clanborn, and the warrior code is in danger of being washed away by a river of blood. All the young cats' strength will be needed if the Clans are to survive.

. . . who hold the power of the stars in their paws."

Customer Reviews:

  • A Promising Start
    Well, this was definitely worth the wait. It was a good start to a promising new series, and I can't wait for the next book to come out. I've always been an avid Warriors fan, and, unlike some, thought The New Prophecy was as good as the original Warriors books. And The Sight seems like it's going to be good, too! This story takes place around the time Jaypaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw are apprenticed. They are the children of Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, so a lot is expected of them. There are some good plot twists and excitement, and it's sure to get even better as the series progresses. ...more info
  • Magnificent New Series--SPOILER ALERT
    Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw come out of the strong legacy of Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw's children. It is interesting to follow the main character's of the first series of warriors grandchildren around in the new territory. Firestar, the noble sleek ruler of ThunderClan, once a mere kittypet, is the grandfather of the three apprentices. Yet the don't have only good in their blood. Brambleclaw's father was Tigerstar, the ambitious traitor who last resided in ShadowClan.

    Jaypaw is a blind gray tom with feather blue eyes, who thinks he is worthless. When Brightheart, a sweet, but one-eyed she-cat is appointed his mentor for a warrior, he thinks even lower of himself. He realizes he can see other cats in their dreams. Then he learns his destiny is to be a medicine cat. He becomes Leafpool's apprentice as a medicine cat.

    Hollypaw is a bright black she cat with green eyes. She origionally wants to be a medicine cat but she realizes that she is not cut out to do so, but is fantastic at battling and fight moves. She has not shown any affection to any cats, so readers have no clue on any future mates.

    Lionpaw is a ginger tom with amber eyes like his father and Tigerstar. He is bright. Lionpaw is a little conceited at some point, but all in all he is pretty nice.

    This new edition to the warriors series is amazing and something all fans should look foward to reading more of. ...more info
  • A Great New Edition To the Warrior's Series
    This is a great new book to the warriors series. I'm a big fan of the warrior's series, and can definitly say this book was back in the old warrior flare. It is based through the eyes of an apprentice, like the first books of The New Prophecy and the origional warrior's series books, Into the Wild and Midnight. These are great books, that should be on every animal lover's book shelf. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    This is a wonderful book full of adventure as you follow Lionpaw, Hollypaw and Jaypaw through the beginning of their apprenticeships. You'll want to leap into the book with the cats, or at least nokt be able to put the book down. Not soo fast paced for the reader, but a wonderful book none-the-less. I would give it a three thumbs up!...more info
  • Two Tumbs Way Up
    In Warriors Power of Three: Book 1: The Sight by Erin Hunter, Hollypaw, Jawpaw and Lionpaw are born with a strong heritage. Their father is Brambleclaw, deputy of Thunderclan and their mother is Squirrelflight, daughter of the famous Thunderclan leader, Firestar. As the three kits become apprentices, important decisions must be made for their future. Though the life of a warrior sounds exciting, Hollypaw wishes to train to be Thunderclan's next Medicine Cat. Lionpaw knows for certain his destiny follows the path of a warrior, and there is nothing more Jawpaw wants then being a warrior. Hollypaw begins to have second thoughts about her choice when she can't seem to rember the names of the herbs and which one does what. Young Jaypaw doesn't want to give up on being a warrior, even though his blindness is a hard obstacle to overcome. But Starclan seems to have other plans when they give Jaypaw a powerful gift no other living cat has, but he his gift would mean give up on his dream of life as a warrior. All the while Shadowclan seem to be closing in, and an old, surprising face returns.

    I loved this book; it was a great addition to my favorite series. The plot was so great and this book is hard to put down. As said before, a beloved character everyone though was lost returns, which made me very pleased. This book has a lot of cliff hangers, making you want to read more and more. I saw defiantly read this book, and all the books in the Warriors series. ...more info
  • Ever had a book you wanted to reread after just finishing it?

    Well this is the book! I love all the Warriors series books, this one is no different from the others. Easily my favored first book of a series. Can't wait for the second book to be released!...more info
  • power of three
    full of adventure and excitement. i hope that the power of three is the best. cant wait to see what happens next in warriors...more info
  • Awsome!!! Definate to-read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ithink this book was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This series is most likely gonna be the best one yet. It is a definate on the to-read list!!! The series get better! example~ WARRIORS was good, THE NEW PROPHECY was better, THE POWER ODF THREE is awsome so far! I can not wait for The 2nd book to come out!...more info
  • Great Book
    I really liked the new Warriors book! I can't wait until the next book comes out. This book is by far Hunter's best book. Jaypaw, the main character, is angry most of the time because he believes his clanmates think he is weak. Jaypaw, Hollypaw and Lionpaw are the grandchildren of Firestar, Sandstorm, Goldenflower and Tigerstar, from previous books. And they are the children of Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. Hollypaw becomes the medicine cat apprentice, but then realizes she has special abilities as a fighter just as Lionpaw is a fine hunter and Jaypaw has mysterious powers with StarClan....more info
  • WOW!
    I think this was one Erin's best books. Here is how it goes Jaypaw, Lionpaw and Hollypaw are the children of Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight niece and nephews to Leafpool and grandchildren to Firestar and Sandstorm and Tigerstar and Goldenflower. Jaypaw, Hollypaw and Lionpaw have powers no other cats before them have had. Hollypaw becomes a medicine cat apprentice but she soon learns she would rather be a regular apprentice and like Lionpaw so Jaypaw becomes the medicine apprentice. Jaypaw is grumpy all the time because he is blind and he thinks cats thinks he can not be good his clan like that. There is hint in this book that Lionpaw and Heaterpaw a windclan apprentice are in love. This book is thrilling and a must read ...more info
  • Courtesy of Teens Read Too
    The WARRIORS series continues strongly with the first book in their third mini-series, POWER OF THREE. Having read the entire first and second series', I knew I could expect great things from this book.

    In a brief explanation of the clan nature, when a kitten is born, they are given a name with "kit" at the end. (Example; Thornkit) When they are six moons (months) old, the "kit" is replaced with "paw." (Example; Cloudpaw) When they have completed their training, they are given their warrior names, which can end in a variety of things such as "heart," "stripe," or "foot." (Example; Fireheart, Graystripe) If a warrior is made deputy and the leader of the clan dies or retires, the deputy makes a journey to the Moonstone/Moonpool and receives a literal nine lives from Starclan (heaven; where dead cats live) along with the end of their warrior name being replaced with "star." (Example; Firestar)

    In the first series, a kittypet named Rusty joins Thunderclan, one of the four clans in the forest. There is Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, and Shadowclan. Anyway, so he becomes an apprentice and is known as Firepaw. Then he is made a warrior named Fireheart. In the 5th book, the clan leader, Bluestar, dies. Before then, she had made Fireheart her deputy, who will be her successor when she dies. So Fireheart is made Firestar.

    In the second series, the clans set out on a journey to find a new home because humans are ruining their old one. Squirrelpaw, one of Firestar's daughters, falls in love with a warrior named Brambleclaw. When they reach their new home, Squirrelpaw is made a warrior and earns her warrior name, Squirrelflight. Before the 3rd series and after the end of the 2nd, Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight have kits.

    Okay, so the 3rd series starts out with Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's children, Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit, who are the grandchildren of the great Firestar himself!

    Many events will have you twisting and turning, trying to find the answer, including the biggest answer of all. There is a prophecy that was told to Firestar by Starclan. "There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws." What does this prophecy mean?

    THE SIGHT begins the series anew quite nicely. Throughout its 363 pages, there is action, such as battles between the clans that are so descriptive that you can see a cat sinking its teeth into another's hind leg. There is drama, such as when Hollykit's heart says she wants to be a medicine cat, but her skills lie elsewhere. Jaykit is blind, so he can never be a warrior, despite how hard he tries. Leafpool thinks he should be a medicine cat, but he doesn't want to. And what could Lionkit's interest in Heatherpaw mean for the clan?

    Basically, if you don't like picturing blood, teeth sinking into flesh, and claws ripping through fur, then the battle parts I would highly recommend skipping. Otherwise, it's a great book that will have you begging for more. After all, it says "The National Bestselling Series" right on the front cover, and I wouldn't deny it.

    Another thing though - if you absolutely hate cats, this series isn't for you!

    Reviewed by: Rachel - The Class...more info
  • The Sight : Why It's Just "Okay"
    The Sight was a good read and, as ususal, I couldn't put it down. But the book left more questions then answers. Why is Lionpaw so cocky? Why is Jaypaw depressed no matter what he does? Why is Spiderleg suddenly mean? Why is Ashfur suddenly old and kindly instead of young and foul towards Brambleclaw? Why is Hollypaw the only sane one around anymore?

    The kits, Hollykit, Lionkit, and Jaykit (later Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Jaypaw) aren't very exciting. In the beginning, when Hollypaw (!SPOILERS!) was going to be a medicine cat, it just ruined it for me. It completely replayed what happened in The New Prohecy with Leafpool, and how she became medicine cat. Luckily, Jaypaw became medicine cat apprentice and Hollypaw went to Brackenfur as her mentor. I was glad that we were finally seeing some male medicine cat apprentices. The only male medicine cat apprentices we have ever had were Jaypaw, Kestrelpaw (of WindClan, as of The Power of Three), and Littlecloud.

    Lionpaw is too cocky and shows off constantly. He doesn't care if his brother is depressed or going to die. He is also in love with Heatherpaw of WindClan...sound familiar? That's because it is. There has been a forbidden love in every single series within the overall series. In the original series, there was Silverstream and Graystripe, RiverClan and ThunderClan. In the second series, there was Feathertail and Crowfeather, RiverClan and WindClan, Stormfur and Brook, RiverClan and Tribe of Rushing Water, and Leafpool and Crowfeather (AGAIN! This guy's got some commitment issues...), ThunderClan and WindClan. Now, in the third series, we have Mousepaw and Minnowpaw, ThunderClan and RiverClan (unoffical) and Lionpaw and Heatherpaw, ThunderClan and WindClan. The whole scenario is just too played out. And there'll probably be a relative of Tigerstar haunting someone's dreams. It has been confirmed that Jaypaw will be tempted by Hawkfrost and Tigerstar, again replayed The New Prohecy.

    Hollypaw is the only sane one, and a great fighter at that. But they only focus on Jaypaw in The Sight, so I miss her. But, Dark River is supposed to show her powers more...thank God.

    Jaypaw is depressed. First, he hates being blind, even though he can smell and hear better than anyone. When other cats talk to him as if he were useless, he should just yell at them and prove them wrong. But he doesn't for some stupid reason. Then, he hates Brightheart and Longtail even though they want to help him. Next on his hate list, he decides to be a medicine cat apprentice, and he decides that he hates Leafpool (which I understand), Littlecloud, Barkface, Kestrelpaw, Mothwing (which I also understand) and Willowpaw. He has serious issues.

    I also don't like how they completely change some cat's personalities. Like Spiderleg for instance. In The New Prohecy, he was very nice and supportive. In The Sight, he yells at his Clanmates and critizes Brook and Stormfur. Ashfur also just drops his argument against Brambleclaw real suddenly, and he acts really old. Whitewing (what a predictable name!) also doubts Jaypaw and acts pretty useless. What a crime, since she was my favorite and only sane character!

    Also, Vicky Holmes, Cherith Baldry, and Kate Cary kill off WAY too many cats. Goldenflower is suddenly dead, with no explanation, and Molepaw is killed. Rainwhisker, Sorreltail's only living sibling, is killed too!

    The timing is way off! Certain warriors in different Clans that are just as old as Longtail (who is still young, remember, but had to retire very early) are already elders or dead! Breezepaw, a WindClan apprentice and the son of Nightcloud and Crowfeather (how many mates can this guy HAVE!?) would have had to be born in Sunset, but Crowfeather still loved Leafpool in Sunset. Also, Squirrelflight would have had to be pregnant through all of Sunset if her kits were to be apprenticed 6 moons later in The Sight.

    The writers need to think of more creative names! I mean...WhiteWING? They only first used 'wing' with Mothwing, and since then they have been using it everywhere. I thought that her name should be something reminiscent of her friendly and sweet character, like Whitebreeze or Whitewillow (two last names that you never see, by the way). There are too many characters with bland last names like 'fur', 'tail', 'pelt', 'heart', 'wing, etc. They really need good names, like 'night', 'breeze', 'bird', 'shadow', 'horizon', 'whisper', 'flight', 'feather', 'stream', 'river', etc. I have so many names that would go so well with the characters. Some names, like Runningheart, need a bland last name that fits well with a long first name, like Nightengalerose, or Nightengalestar. Or Stallionburst. Twigtail, Poplarwhisper, Graymist, Finchspirit, Lichenstone, Swanfeather, Crystalpelt, Iciclestorm, Litheshadow, Frostybird, Sunsetwillow, Clayheart, Goosefeather, etc. (Those are all my names, don't steal them please.)

    All in all, the book has good writing and the grammar mistakes are at a minimum. But, the plot is too predictable and it's getting tiring. If you love Warriors, you have to read it, otherwise you won't know what's going on, but don't expect much.


    ~Dapplewing~...more info
  • Good!
    I really think that this book kind of created a new writing style for all the series. I mean, there was one for Warriors, there was one for New Prophecy, and there is a new one for this, and I think that it is really good. I really think that the Erin Hunters outdid themselves on this one....more info
  • The sight
    A very good series book for young readers, reoommended to my grand kids of all ages ...more info
  • Black felt mark
    This first hardback book on THE POWER OF THREE series was sent in excellent condition except the seller marked the pages on the bottom
    of the book with a black felt pen making my book collection less than
    purrfect!...more info
  • The Sight (Warriors: Power Of Three Book One)
    My daughter has read all the Warriors Series and they are her favorites. She felt this one did not disappoint. She is 11 and highly recommends these books....more info
  • The Sight
    I just read it, and I'm proud to say that it's definitely worth the read! In The Sight, the kits of Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw, are the narrators instead of Firestar. They all have a responsibility to play in order to save their Clan, and they each possess a special talent that will help them. The lives of Jaypaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw start a whole 'nother prophecy and the weight of the forest rests in their paws. While the Clans go about their daily routines, an unexpected warrior who the Clans thought was dead makes a surprise visit to ThunderClan with a kittypet. There are many twists and conflicts that make this book the most original of all of the Warriors books ever.

    All in all, this was an amazing book! I totally loved how there were so many new characters and the same old ones that we all loved. There is betrayal, enemies from the previous series, and so many old and new secrets to be revealed! To anyone who is a fan of the Warrior series, if you read this new book, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed....more info
  • I Love this book!
    I have read all the other Warriors books and they are all great! This is my favorite series ever!
    Books you really need to read:
    Warriors #1 Into The Wild
    Warriors #2 Fire and Ice
    Warriors #3 Forest of Secrets
    Warriors #4 Rising Storm
    Warriors #5 Dangerous Path
    Warriors #6 Darkest Hour
    Warriors: The New Prophecy #1 Midnight
    Warriors: The New Prophecy #2 Moonrise
    Warriors: The New Prophecy #3 Dawn
    Warriors: The New Prophecy #4 Starlight
    Warriors: The New Prophecy #5 Twilight
    Warriors: The New Prophecy #6 Sunset
    Warriors: The Power Of Three #1 The Sight
    Warriors: The Power Of Three #2 Dark River
    Warriors: Super Edition Firestar's Quest
    Warriors: Field Guide Secrets of the Clans
    These are all wonderful books, even though some of them aren't even out yet. READ THEM! You don't have to be a cat lover to fall in love with this wonderful story....more info
  • Choose your poison: Predictable Plot or Irritating Characters?
    The Sight tries to recapture the original series, but Firestar's grandkits are tiresome. Jaykit in particular is exasperating; being blind apparantly means that nothing in the world is good enough, and your handicap gives you grounds to continuously complain. Hollykit's arc in exploring medicine cattery seems pointless, (because it ultimately is), and Lionkit is instantly forget-able as an ... arrogant cat who falls into a tunnel?

    Being a Warrior apparantly means that you have to be miserable, while you're upholding a code that keeps changing every time the elders feel you need chiding. There have to be 4 Clans, but not really, because there were 5, and StarClan just decided not to tell you. You can't abandon a kit, no matter what, but not really, because Shadowclan likes watching the ones that get caught in snares. And don't forget that StarClan is all-powerful, except when they tell you they aren't, and helpfully offer obscure prophecy. A true Warrior doesn't trespass or steal prey, but no one ever seems to call Shadowclan or Windclan out on that during the Gatherings. And even though the code says a cat is supposed to help a cat that asks for it, none of the leaders ever do, because it'd look bad. They'd rather keep their pride than feed their dying elders.

    Ultimately, I can't understand why an animal as naturally disdainful and independent as a cat would swear allegience to such smoky laws. Gatherings especially irk me, because no cat would ever bother to find out how another pack is doing, especially if they're not on their territory. Why go to see a bunch of cats brag about how well they're doing?

    The world-building in Warriors doesn't stand up to a lot of scrutiny, and any reader that bothers to start looking closer will find themselves disappointed. Young readers are more likely to forgive the large holes (suspesion of disbelief is always easier when you're little), but that will last only as long as that reader is young. But they grow up, and Warriors will become replaced by better anthropomorphic fantasy, like Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams, and Fire-Bring by David Clement-Davies....more info
  • Filled with the series's trademark omens, personality plays, heroic deeds, revelations and battles...
    Warriors fans worried that the conclusion of The New Prophecy may have spelled the end of the fascinating stories of these cat Clans. So we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief with the release of THE SIGHT, the first book in a new series called Power of Three.

    A whole new generation of ThunderClan cats, particularly Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's kittens --- Lionpaw, Hollypaw and Jaypaw --- mature. All around them, within their own Clan and between the Clans, politics stir the personalities. In addition, the ThunderClan leader, Firestar, has had a prophecy that disturbs him greatly: "There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws." Could those three be Lionpaw, Hollypaw and Jaypaw? Do they have a dark power? One thing is for sure: trouble is on the horizon.

    In the first book, THE SIGHT, Jaypaw chafes under the challenges of his blindness, while asserting that he has gained such power in his other senses to be a good warrior. Hollypaw also struggles to find her way. She is apprenticed to Leafpool, the medicine cat. It's her true calling...or is it?

    Filled with the series's trademark omens, personality plays, heroic deeds, revelations and battles, Warriors: Power of Three begins with a breathless bang that never lets up, giving fans the assurance that this will be a valuable new installment in the beloved Warriors saga.

    --- Written by Terry Miller Shannon ...more info
  • Thrilling book, yet...
    Yes, this book was great.

    When me and my friend Pebblestream went to Barnes and Noble to get the The lost Warrior and this book while dressed up like cats(BIG mistake!!), I sat right down, opened the book, and Checked the Allegencices. I knew that there was going to be hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit,(STARCLAN DOES SPEAK TO ME!!!), but i was shocked to learn that Goldenflower died(I searched Secrets of the Clans 10 trillion times, but i couldn't find out how she died.), Rainwhisker died, and Molepaw died. I knew that Whitepaw and Birchpaw would become warriors(Who's with me when i say Whitepaw should have been a warrior in Twilight?), But whitewing and BIRCHFALL!!!(im in love with him!!)

    Anyway, THis book was thrilling about Jaypaw's powers, but, everything else was old tactics. I mean, a dog attack? Haven't we seen enough? And nothing really happened untill the end. And they didn;t tell you who the traitor was who hawkfrost mentioned. *cough* ASHFUR!!!!!!!! *cough* My friend (Pebblestream) thinks its Jaypaw, But he wasn't alive when it happend.???.


    P.S. I found some mistakes. They called Hawkfrost the riverclan deputy, Some confusion about Catmint or watermint about going to riverclan or windclan or something, 6 moons went by from sunset to this book and yes it takes 6 moons for kits to be an apprentice, but mustn't Squirrelflight be in the nursery while pregnant?? the same with Breezepaw, Jaypaw sayinghe remembered the white snowyness when he was born in a snowstorm outside the hollow but Jaykit is blind so he can't of remembered the WHITE snowyness, and the called Firestar Firestorm. How bad can they get???

    P.S.S. Crowfeather+nightcloud=Breezepaw? he's CROWFEATHER. couldn't they think of Something more interesting???...more info
  • Wonderful start, but still doesn't compare to original Warriors...
    As as I said in the title, this is a wonderful start. Jaypaw's talents add a great bit of suspense to the series as a whole, and I wonder what Lionpaw and Hollypaw's supernatural talents are. Jaypaw's life and troubles as a young kit/apprentice are very interesting to read about, even though that sounds very despicable. However, there wasn't very much action until the very end, when Jaypaw uses his psychicness to SEE that Lionpaw is gonna get buried alive. I mean, what is this? There was the fox attack too, but that tactic of Erin Hunter's is old and starting to get pathetic. If I could ever meet the Erin Hunters face to face, I'd tell them to get on with the real plot. Reveal more about the Three's talents, gosh!
    And what about Stormfur and Brook? Why did they leave the Tribe? The author should answer all the main questions arised in one miniseries (the New Prophecy), otherwise it gets...well, boring and frustrating.
    The Erin Hunters need to read these reviews, or they may soon get out of business.

    But oh, I can't wait to see what happens to the poor reincarnated Cinderpaw! That was Erin Hunter's biggest triumph in the whole megaseries. ...more info
  • I Feel your pain
    The sight is a good book. I lent it to my friend, and she finished it in 2 hours! The book is about squirrelflight and Brambleclaw's kits.(I knew they'd end up together!) Lionpaw Hollypaw and Jaypaw all have their own special gifts. I think lionpaw's is hunting, Hollypaw's is fighting definitely, and Jaypaw, forced to be a blind medicine cat, can walk into other cats dreams. He unfortunately turns out to have some of his grandfather's ambition though. "Jaypaw stifled the purr that rose in his throat. This old cat carried words that promised a better life for him and his litter mates. Leafpool was right to be wary of him. All of his clanmates should be. Soon, he and his litter mates would command even starClan!" (this has baaaaaaaad and Tigerstar written all over it!)...more info
  • I can't believe it!
    The first and second series rocked! It had everything a book needed. Then when it came to this series, everything went downhill. Firestar was gone? He can't be! He is still young! This series it so bad. The authors need to work harder....more info
  • Warriors: Power Of Three: book one :
    The sight: notes by an 8 year old

    This book is filled with fluency and efficiency, action and adventure. Warmth and darkness. A million star book. You'll love reading this book and all the rest of the books written by Erin Hunter...more info
  • A Great Start to a Great Series
    Without giving too much away, let me say that The Sight is about Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's kits, Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw and their incredible abilities from StarClan. Most other previously key characters fall back a bit to allow the three kits to take center stage. Don't believe what you hear when others say that Firestar is dead. He isn't. He's still leader of ThunderClan, it's just that he isn't the main character anymore.

    This book is an excellent beginning to the series, although I dock a star for the cliche "dog attack" and "fox attack". However, Jaypaw's abilities are original and intriguing, Hollypaw is a lovable character, and Lionpaw seems to be getting a love interest in Heatherpaw of WindClan.

    This is an excellent book for any Warriors enthusiast and can give any fanfiction writer the right sort of inspiration they need. If you haven't read this yet, do so!...more info
  • The Sigh (Warriors: Power of Three, Book 1)
    I like the Warriors series very much. Being a cat lover and owner I enjoy the author's view of their relationships. The adventures are cool!...more info
  • Great New Edition to the Always Amazing Warriors Series
    This was another great book in edition to the rest of the amazing warriors series. This story had all your favorite cats, from the clan together, some new forbidden loves, and a great twist in paths. I would recomend reading the books in the origional warriors series and the books in the New Prophcey Series first though, because it might be a little confusing. These books are great and a must read for all adventorus animal lovers. ...more info
  • warriors power of thrre th sight
    I THINK THAT THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS HE EVER WROTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ...more info
  • Warriors Does it Again
    This new 1st book of the Warriors (The Sight-Power of Three) is just as good as all of the rest of Erin Hunter Warriors Novels!!! It is interesting and adicting-you can can not put it down until you have finished the whole book!!! I am keeping these novels for my Grandson to read when he gets a little older- he loves cats like I do!!!...more info
    Ok, lets just start at the begining. FIRESTAR DOSENT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, not in this book anyway. The book is great, but the fact that jaypaw is always grumpy gets anoying. And a long gone friend comes back!
    *cough*gray...*cough* It is soooooooo cool, and I cant wait until the book! GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • My favorite(so far)
    This was such a heartwarming story. I fell in love with the little blind kitty that was the hero of this story. He had such spirit and determination. It was the story of his spiritual journey to find his place and purpose in this world. It is one of my personal favorites in the series....more info
    AH this book was sooo good! unlike some people I actually liked the New Prophecy but there was less action and more soap...
    Anyways in this book, Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Jaypaw are children of Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, and grandchildren of Firestar and Tigerstar, the most influential cats of all time. Lionpaw can hunt really well and HOllypaw wanted to be a medicine cat but then she like abandons it cause she hates it. BUt Jaypaw ends up a medicinec cat bc he is blind!! and he can enter other cats dreams and hear their thoughts. Jaypaw is for sure the main character. Of course i noticed allt he old conflicts. Squirrelflight is not exactly a sit-back-and-relax nursery cat (unlike Ferncloud and Daisy) and the book says she goes bak to her warrior duties soon after kits are born. And ashfur is not hostile towards Brambleclaw anymore and is more like te responsible Ashfur than the mean and jealous one of SUNSET. but he still gives subtle hints of his bitterness... longtail is probably gonna be a major character bc he is blind like Jaypaw too! And Graystripe comes back with a kittypet warrior!!! horray everyone wanted this to happen! but Brambleclaw remains deputy but Jaypaw thinks he is suspicious towards his clan but obviously cuz at the end o Sunset Hawkfrost told brambleclaw that one of his clanmates helped almost kill Brambleclaw and Firestar! and Crowfeather had a kit named breezepaw with Nightcloud but there are obvious hints that he still loves Leafpool and Leafpool still loves him. and Lionpaw has a crush on a WindClan apprentice named Heatherpaw... but the book is amazing when looked at cuz Jaypaw has powerful powers and he fur sure has greatness in his destiny. he even figured out mothwings not a medicine cat and spottedleaf loves firestar! he can do a lot.. except he's like really mad about being blind and hates being a medicine cat bc he cant be awarrior. i think he'd make a great medicinec cat! he can smell the herbs and infected wounds and go where starclan can't go! and feel other cats' thoughts. amazing....more info
  • Pad, chase, pounce
    Pad, chase, pounce. What do I mean by this reference? Author Erin Hunter (Cary and Baldry) seem to have a pattern that simulates the movement of a cat. The begining of the book is a slow pad, the middle is a chase, and the ending is an exciting pounce. Pad, chase, pounce. I have also noticed that the more important aspects of her stories seem to appear at the end.

    Like the two other Warriors series, there always is a destined cat. The first one was Firestar (who if anyone has read the field guide might be a blood relative of the founder of Thunderclan, Thunderstar (see the illustration of Thunderstar in the field guide)), the second was Brambleclaw and finally the third is Jaypaw.

    Jaypaw, blind probably because Squirrelflight had to trek through the snow while pregnant (it's mentioned twice but there really is no explination as to the reason. My guess is that there is going to be a second field guide in the future),seems to share his mothers temper. Jaypaw lets his emotions blind him, and he allows his anger and his self-hatred to consume him. He does not want to become a medicine cat just because he is blind. He wants to be a warrior so that he is not different from any other cat in his clan. However, he has a gift for being a medicine cat as if he was born to be one. Eventually he is forced by Spottedleaf to face his destiny as a medicine cat. Unlike the other cats, J.P. has the gift of visualizing other warrior cats dreams ("walking into"). However, he uses his power all the time. Yellowfang warns him that with great power comes an even greater responsibility.

    I have a feeling that the reason why that the prophecy is "three cats, kin of your kin" is because Jaypaw will learn to walk into his brother and sisters dreams rather than into any other cats so that he can help them out when they do battle or they are in trouble. Moreover, when he must use it on other cats it will only be when there is a serious problem.

    Overall the book is well written, and I must agree that Hunter went back to the style of the original series. BTW: Duh! Lionpaw and Heatherpaw are going to follow the paths of Bluestar and Oakheart, and Graystripe and Siverstream. I think that it's obvious to the naked eye....more info
  • Worse than before.
    I remember the good days when the original series came out in the 03's.
    Since the original series ended in 2004-2005, Erin hunter has been creating new, crappy series in order to fulfill the demand.
    Those were terrible. The removal of Firepaw/Fireheart/Firestar killed it.
    I thought they would quit. But no, they had to continue with the third ones which are even worse than before.
    Soon, we'll here a new one comes out, worse than ever.
    I hope this is Erin Hunter's last series.
    I don't think the two women could work any harder.
    Afterall, they must be rich already....more info
  • The Sight: The Power of Three Unfolds...
    The Sight, the first book in the Power of Three saga impressed me a LOT. It definitely surpasses the second series.
    The story is told from Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw's viewpoints, though this first book seems to focus on Jaypaw. The tale begins to follow their lives when they are kits, the grandchildren of both Firestar and Tigerstar.
    Jaypaw is often resentful and snappish because he is blind. He feels that the other cats treat him as if he is useless. He is greatly disappointed when (spoilers start here) he was given Brightheart as a mentor because he thought she was "not a real warrior." So at first, Jaypaw comes off as a prickly, resentful apprentice.
    But, in truth, Jaypaw is definitely not "useless" as he believes he is treated. He is able to see in his dreams and sense the feelings of others. Leafpool also notices that since he can't see, it enhances his sense of smell greatly, so he would make a great medicine cat.
    Spottedleaf comes into Jaypaw's dreams and tells him that he was meant to follow the path of a medicine cat. Jaypaw doesn't want to believe it at first, but eventually realizes he can never be a warrior after a humiliating battle and assumes the job of a medicine cat apprentice. Hollypaw, who formerly was in this position, gave up the world of medicine to become a warrior.
    A subplot is that Lionpaw and Heatherpaw, and WindClan apprentice, seem verrrrry friendly toward each other if you know what I mean ;) Although this seems to be forming into a very Graystripe+Silverstream storyline, it was still interesting and not boring.
    All of this was very exciting and kept me reading. Something else I liked was the character development, because Jaypaw shows hidden depths during the outbreak of greencough and you see he can be a truly caring cat. (spoilers end here)
    The Sight was really awesome and I'm anxiously awaiting Dark River. It's definitely worth cracking the cover, so read it if you haven't already and watch the Power of Three unfold....more info
  • You don't have to be a kid to love the Warrior Cats
    I am 54 yrs. old and a grandmother. A year ago I was unemployed and was at the bookstore and they had one of the Warrior Cat books on display up front. I am a huge cat/dog lover and I foster cats for a local rescue. Well, I couldn't put these books down. I bought one after another. I hadn't been to the bookstore in awhile as I am working again. Last night I bought The Sight and I can hardly wait to read it this weekend. I'm addicted and I know this book will be just as good as the first. For young and old alike...read The Warrior Cat books....they are delightful!!! Kudos to Erin Hunter for providing an intermediate book series so entertaining to adults...I am reminded of the years I spent in Study Hall reading horse and dog books and I still cry when anything sad happens!! Grammy...more info


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