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  • The most fun you'll ever have being scared.
    PLOT: A father (Tom Atkins) finds out that his son Billy (Joe King) has been reading a comic book entitled "Creepshow." The father becomes outraged, grounds his son, and throws the comic book in the garbage. Suddenly the Creep shows up to narrate the comic book's five jolting tales of horror.

    Father's Day: Every father's day there is a family gathering at the Grantham mansion. This year is no exception. Hank Blaine (Ed Harris) has recently married into the family and he wonders why Aunt Bedelia Grantham (Viveca Lindfors) hasn't shown up yet. The rest of the family tell him the story about how Bedelia's father, Nathan Grantham, was such an evil and demanding man. He was so evil that he had Bedelia's fiancee secretly murdered and covered up so she could still take care of him. On one father's day, Nathan became so annoying in demanding his father's day cake that Bedelia murdered him by bashing him over the head with a marble ash tray. The murder was covered up. Every father's day since, Bedelia returns to the Grantham mansion and meditates at her father's grave site first before going into the house. But this year, Nathan is planning on coming back for his revenge... and his cake.

    The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill: Jordy Verrill (Stephen King), a stereotypical redneck, discovers a meteorite which crash landed on his property. Jordy immediately thinks about selling it to a college so he can get rich. He pours cold water on it to cool it down but this causes it to crack in half. Jordy's dreams are smashed to bits, but then he thinks that he could perhaps glue it back together. He pours out the blue liquid from inside the meteorite and then he collects the two halves. He goes back into his house and then starts to realize that everything that got that blue liquid on it is slowly starting to grow vegetation, including himself. What can he do to stop the growth of these... weeds?

    Something To Tide You Over: Harry Wentworth (Ted Danson) is suddenly woken up one morning by someone knocking at his door. He discovers that it is Richard Vickers (Leslie Nielsen). Richard has recently discovered that Harry was having an affair with his wife, Becky (Gaylen Ross). Harry says that Becky just wants out of the marriage and that she doesn't even want alimony or any other divorce benefits. Richard admits that he didn't even love Becky, but he is intent on keeping what is rightfully his. He then lets on that Becky may be in danger in a hidden spot on the beach. Richard tricks Harry and burries him up to his head in sand. He shows him a TV monitor of Becky (also burried up to her head in sand) further down the beach and drowning from the incoming tide. Harry knows that the tide will soon come in and drown him too. Richard drives away laughing, but what he doesn't know is that he is the one who is in real danger.

    The Crate: A janitor at a university discovers a 130 year old crate inside a crawl space underneath some stairs. He calls Professor Dexter Stanley (Fritz Weaver) who immediately drives over to the university to investigate it. Stenciled on the crate is some information about an arctic expedition. The two open up the crate and are horrified to find a living monster inside, which quickly grabs the janitor and pulls him inside. In terror, Stanley finds a grad student upstairs and tells him what happened. The two go downstairs and find the crate right back in the crawl space, as if someone or something had moved it back. The grad student goes to get a close look but the monster gets him too. Stanley goes to the home of his friend Professor Henry Northrup (Hal Holbrook). He tells him the story about the monster in the crate. Henry is very intrigued and thinks that he may have finally found a way to get rid of his alcoholic, emotionally abusive wife, Billy (Adrienne Barbeau).

    They're Creeping Up On You: A cruel, rich businessman named Upson Pratt (E.G. Marshall) is killing cockroaches in his germ-free apartment. Pratt may be evil, but he has one weakness: bugs!!! Every now and then he notices another cockroach in his apartment, and they seem to be bigger every time. Are the roaches slowly taking over his apartment? Is this some kind of punishment for his evil ways?

    COMMENTS: This is an awesome film that was created due to a collaboration between two masters of horror: director George A. Romero (Night Of The Living Dead (1968), Dawn Of The Dead (1978), Day Of The Dead (1985)) and author Stephen King (Carrie, Salem's Lot, The Shining). This is their homage to the original E.C. comics of the 1950s (Tales From The Crypt, The Vault Of Horror, The Haunt Of Fear.) Instead of the narrator being the Cryptkeeper, it's the Creep. Romero uses several weird angles and exaggerrated lighting in the film so the audience feels like they are actually looking at the pages of a comic book. The stories are great and two of them were actually published as short stories. There is even a comic book adaptation of the film. The comic book used in the film was actually drawn and inked by some of the original E.C. artists. When King saw the cover of the comic book, he thought the boy looked like his son Joe (who was cast as Billy in the wrap-around story.) King himself even plays the part of Jordy Verrill and does a very convincing acting job. The film itself features an all-star ensemble cast. For a little piece of trivia, the marble ash tray showcased in "Father's Day" is actually shown in every single story. If you watch it, see if you can find it in each story; it's kind of like "Where's Waldo." The roaches that were used in "They're Creeping In Up On You" were specially imported from Brazil. The crew were so freaked out by them that no one wanted to handle them, not even George A. Romero. The story was filmed at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University. Many of the roaches escaped the set and settled in steam vents all over the campus. Nests were found all over the campus for over ten years afterward. The film was so successful that a sequel was made in 1987. Romero didn't direct it, but he did write the screenplay which was based on some new stories by Stephen King. A second sequel is in the works and scheduled for a 2007 release, although neither Romero nor King will have anything to do with it. A remake is also in the works. This DVD features the film in both full screen and widescreen format [note: the widescreen version is just the full screen version with black bars added at the top and bottom.] The disc also contains the original theatrical trailer, but that's it for extras. I would recommend this film to any horror fan, and if you love Tales From The Crypt then you'll really love this....more info
  • "Thats the ticket!"
    Ah... Creepshow. If I were to describe Creepshow in one word I would say;"Excellent". Although I have discovered that many of my "friends" dislike the movie (they consider it stupid). It all depends on your taste. If you're like me and like ridiculous movies then you would like Creepshow.

    Basically, Creepshow is a comic book that comes to life. There are five stories(six if you count the opening story). My favorite stories are "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verell" and "The Crate". To this day I still belive that "The Crate" is by far the scariest. "Jordy Verell" is awesome because, Stephen King is the star. I think he is hilarious. Basically, he plays a stupid bumpkin. One segment I wouldn't recommend people who dislike bugs to watch is the last one ("They're creeping up on you")

    The transfer is not the best, but I rarely notice. The transfer shouldn't hold you back from buying the DVD. Although it only has the theatrical trailer,it does come with both widescreen and full screen format on the same disk, which makes it better than VHS.

    In conclusion,I think Creepshow is a fantastic movie and if you haven't seen it you should give it a try. "That's the ticket!" ...more info
  • one of my top ten horor movies!
    This is my top ten favorite horror movies along with carrie, the company of wolves, and the shining. i have seen this movie so many times and it never gets old.
    A boy's father catches him reading a horror magazine and it gets thrown in the trash. from the magazine comes 5 stories Fathers day(my favorite) about a rich old man who died and is now coming form his grave to get his fathers day cake, and he wont take no for an answer. the second one is funny not scary in the lonesome death of jordy verrill. played by stephen king. a meteor explodes in his frontyard and before you can say meteor**** he i sa walking weed. the third is something to tide you over about a jealous husband who gets revenge on his wife and her lover. but they come back to get their revenge also. the fourth called the crate is about a man who hates his drunken wife(hilariously played by adrienne barbeau) adn when he finds a crate with a surprise inside what a surprise is in store for his wife. the last is they're creeeping up on you about a horrible selfish man who hates cockroaches. but in the end the cockroaches gets the last word. this movie is both scary and hilarious. one of my favorites. its twenty years old and it still holds up! the acting direction and the soundtrack is excellant!...more info
  • Enter the Creepshow!!!!! Tickets Please!!!!!
    It is perhaps best to initially take a glance at the comic books that inspired this collection of creepy tales, pulps published throughout the 1940s and 1950s by E.C. Comics and boasting such titles as TALES FROM THE CRYPT, HAUNT OF FEAR, WEIRD SCIENCE and VAULT OF HORROR. Television was still in its early stages and it would be a few years before quality horror made its way onto the screen. Horror fans, then, targeted the news stands for their fix of the unreal and the unnatural; they were introduced to tales of rotting corpses and ghouls rising from the grave by The Crypt Keeper and his fiendish friends The Vault Keeper and The Old Witch. There were adaptations of Poe and Lovecraft, and Ray Bradbury (see THE OCTOBER GAME) frequently contributed stories, further enhancing E.C. Comics popularity. Two young readers of 'Tales' during the 1950s would have been horror icons Stephen King and George A. Romero, the comics having a considerable influence on their own future works. Sadly censorship laws meant that E.C. Comics were taken off the market, but they would not be buried forever ... which brings us to CREEPSHOW.

    Released in 1982, CREEPSHOW is a homage to E.C. Comics. The film is directed by George A. Romero and is based upon short stories and a screenplay written by Stephen King (there would follow an actual comic book titled CREEPSHOW featuring cover art by legendary E.C. artist Jack Kamen and interior art by Bernie CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF Wrightson).

    In total there are five tales and a wraparound story. Each tale begins with a comic book-style animated segment; the wraparound story features a young boy (Stepehen King's son, Joe) whose Creepshow Comic is confiscated by his abusive father (Tom HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH, THE FOG Atkins).

    And so begins the first tale:

    Nathan Grantham is killed by his own daughter after years of mental abuse and an apparent murder. He returns as a hideous corpse, exacting revenge on the entire Grantham family. Stars ED HARRIS.

    Backwoods hick Verril (Stephen King) witnesses a meteor crash-land into his own backyard. Before long the entire property is turning green and Verril has to fight for survival against an alien plant life.

    Another revenge story featuring TED DANSON and LESLIE NIELSON and arguably the best of the five tales. Nielson plays a wealthy, jealous and unhinged husband who buries his wife and her lover up to their necks in the stretch sand that is his private beach, Comfort Point. But the tide has a way of returning the past.

    While cleaning the student halls of a Maine University one evening, the janitor discovers an ancient crate buried beneath the stairs. Chained within is a bigfoot-like monster, that has been locked away for over a century ... Meanwhile ... Local college professor, Henry, has been subjected to years of humiliation from his overbearing and obnoxious wife; his only solace is a weekly chess game with co-professor, Dexter Stanley ... It is now time for the creature to feed and Henry has a plan that might well solve all his problems. Starring HAL HOLBROOK, ADRIENNE BARBEAU (both of THE FOG) and Fritz Weaver.

    A selfish and miserly tycoon with a tendancy towards hypachondria finds his supposedly bug-proof and germ-proof apartment infested with cockroaches. Check out King's F-13 computer game, which includes the bug-splat game taken right from this tasteless tale. Starring E.G. MARSHALL (TOMMYKNOCKERS)

    And so ends the show. But before we leave the auditorium, lets return to the wraparound story where little Tommy has taken to practicing voodoo in order to exact revenge on his bad tempered father.

    So what's the verdict? Five excellently written and directed shorts from two of the Masters of Horror. CREEPSHOW, moderately successful at the time of its release, has maintained cult status ever since - it will undoubtedly stand the test of time. The special effects are top notch, having Tom Savini at the helm (he also plays a small acting role in the wraparound story) and the acting is first rate. Sadly there are little-to-no extra features, but the film itself makes up for this. Perhaps there will be a special edition in the future - it would be nice to see some original interviews and deleted scenes.

    CREEPSHOW was followed by CREEPSHOW 2 and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE before the TALES FROM THE CRYPT TV series emerged. Out sometime this year is CREEPSHOW 3.

    ...more info
  • It'll Creep Up on You
    This DVD is dated but nevertheless quite enjoyable at times. Divided into 5 stories, the sum of this movie is not as good as some of its parts. The first sketch, "Father's Day" is pure camp and sometimes gruesome but it works. Things go downhill with the second and third sketches - but the fourth, with Hal Halbrook, Fritz Weaver, and a hilarious Adrienne Barbeau is great fun. The final sketch, "They'll Creep Up On You" is my personal favorite. E.G. Marshall is perfect as a hateful, pompous millionaire who loathes people and bugs. If you picture Donald Trump as Upson Pratt, screaming at the 911 Operator that he is being overrun by bugs, the scene is even funnier. Sadly, the DVD is devoid of any extras....more info
  • 5 For The Price Of 1!!
    Creepshow is perhaps the best horror anthology ever made. It truly is like getting five movies for the price of one. Let's break it down. 1- "Father's Day" is a chilling tale about an annual family ritual to "celebrate" father's day, which happens to be the day that dear old dad was murdered by his daughter, "Aunt Bedilia (Vivica Lindfors)". Tonight will be the last time the family will be gathering, as daddy has decided to rise from the grave for his father's day cake! 2- "Something To Tide You Over" Leslie Nielson pulls off the role of jealous, sadistic husband with zeal and ease! He buries loverboy (Ted Dansen) and his unfaithful wifee-poo up to their necks in sand and videos the whole thing (with cameras and tv sets right on the beach) so they can watch each other drown as the tide slowly rises. Nielson is scary enough, but wait 'til you see the two soggy lovers return to get their revenge! 3- "The Lonely Death Of Jordy Verril" The weakest of the five, it's still good for a laugh or two. Stephen King proves once again that acting is not for authors. Jordy (King) finds a meteor in his yard. A strange plantlife begins covering everything, including Jordy Verril himself. 4- "The Crate" Hal Holbrook plays a nebishy husband who married the queen witch from hell (Adrienne Barbeau). Fritz Weaver is Holbrook's friend and colleague. Weaver helps a janitor at the college to get a hidden / forgotten crate out from under the basement stairs. What's inside? Sort of a jack-in-the-box with razor claws and fangs! Hmmm, can ol' Hal get anything outta this?? Not for the squeamish! 5- "They're Creeping Up On You" My personal favorite, stars E.G Marshal as excentric zillionaire "Mr. Pratt". He lives in a mega-security, sanitized / sterilized penthouse that is more like a prison cell than a home. He's an evil old booger who has destroyed many lives to get to the top. His worst fear is BUGS. Well, guess what pops in for a visit? If you think cockroaches are gross and hard to get rid of, just wait until you see this! "Creepshow" is great. I highly recommend it to any and all horror fans......more info
  • Good stuff, for the most part
    As in other genres of film, the horror movie has always had a symbiotic relationship with the world of literature. Most of the really great fright films came from books. How many versions of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" have made it to the big screen? Or how about Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"? Dozens upon dozens of variations on those two novels alone sit on videostore shelves. A related scheme involves finding a hot horror author to pen a screenplay, one based on the writer's own work or pulled from his or her fertile imagination. Enter Stephen King, the modern master of horror and a man whose every dribbling seems to find its way to the big screen. A list of King's cinematic translations essentially mirrors his bibliography: "Salem's Lot," "The Tommyknockers," "Misery," "It," "Needful Things," "The Stand," "Pet Semetary"--the list could go on and on ad infinitum. Even his short stories reappear as pictures. But "Creepshow" is a bit different. Here's a movie uniting King's love of the old E.C. Comics of the 1950s and his writing skills with veteran horror director George Romero. The result is a wildly uneven anthology of five excursions into the realms of terror and madness.

    I'm not going to discuss each of the five tales in the film. I'll summarize what I think are the two best tales in the movie and then let you decide whether "Creepshow" sounds like your cup of tea. Hopefully, this approach will avoid spoiling the whole film for you. First up is "The Crate," which on the surface doesn't seem like fertile ground for screams and gore. But give it a chance to warm up and you'll see some bloody shenanigans boasting enough fun for the whole family--if you're the Manson Family. Professor Henry Northrup (Hal Holbrook), a patrician English instructor at a small university, has a big problem. It has nothing to do with grading papers or recalcitrant undergraduates and everything to do with his wife Wilma (Adrienne Barbeau). Known as "Billie" to her intimates, Wilma is an abrasive alcoholic who constantly puts her husband down. Everyone on campus hates her drunken escapades, especially Henry, but there's nothing he can do until a gruesome discovery underneath a stairwell in the science department offers hope of salvation. A crate with a very special occupant resides there, you see, an occupant with a hunger for human flesh. Every henpecked husband would love what Henry does.

    The second tale worth discussing is "They're Creeping Up On You." Essentially a one man show, this grotesque story will have you running for the shower. Upson Pratt (E.G. Marshall) is a Howard Hughes type tycoon spending the last years of his life living in a modern, airtight penthouse in a big metropolis. Pratt's fear of germs and bugs, primarily roaches, is matched only by his boundless greed. He berates his underlings on the telephone, ruins his competition with the click of a few computer keys, and laughs in the face of a woman who blames him for the death of her husband. What a nice guy! Not to worry, however, since Upson Pratt is about to get his comeuppance in a particularly slithery, crunchy way. Roaches have invaded his apartment, roaches that seem impervious to insecticide as they find their way into every nook and cranny. More bugs appear, followed by even more. Then the power goes out. Uh oh. In an attempt to make a stand against his greatest fear, Pratt retreats to a sealed chamber in the apartment. What happens next surely ranks as one of the most nauseating moments in horror film history. This scene makes the movie, and is a fitting way to conclude the film.

    Fun stuff, these two stories. Both are filled with plenty of memorable moments. I laugh every time I see "The Crate," largely due to Henry's violence filled fantasy sequences in which he rids the world of Wilma. Good squib work on Barbeau's head! "The Crate" is also memorable for the icky gore effects seen in disgusting closeup. The special effects in "They're Creeping Up On You" are amazing too, at least in the one scene in which realism really counts. Ugh. If you hate bugs, you'll have trouble sleeping for years after watching this tale. E.G. Marshall ought to have won some sort of award for putting up with the things Romero made him do. These two stories are so good that they make the other three look lame in comparison--although the entry starring Leslie Nielsen as a betrayed husband works because we see a side of this actor rarely on display in his films. All five do share a few characteristics, namely a film style designed to make them look like a comic book story. Romero used framing and intense bursts of light during moments of fright and the denouement of each tale to give them that comic feel, and it really works. Trivia buffs will want to look for King's son in the story that frames the movie and Tom Savini as a garbage man. Fun, fun, fun!

    The DVD, unfortunately, isn't as much fun. As others have already noted, the "Creepshow" disc is a bare bones affair with a trailer as the only extra. Horror fans, and we are legion, would love to see a disc that includes at the very least a Romero/King commentary track. I'd also like to see an uncut version of the film that incorporates the ten minutes of footage left on the cutting room floor. Oh well. It's still nice to see a fondly remembered classic that I haven't watched in years. If you like horror movies, definitely give "Creepshow" a watch. The film's weakest moments are easily eclipsed by its overall greatness. Have fun!
    ...more info
  • Stephen King's tribute to good old E.C. Comics
    Rather than attempt to avoid charges of cheesiness, Creepshow embraces such a characterization, patterning itself openly on the old E.C. horror comics of the 1950s, those delightful horror-filled books of illustrated wonder which the horror-phobic among the general population brought down with their baseless charges of fragile little mind corruption. The movie is framed around a modern-day father who all but thrashes his son for having brought a Creepshow comic book into the house. Out in the trash the comic book goes, where an animated horror-meister and a cooperative set of wind gusts take us through its pages of old-style, campy spooks and scares. Each of the five stories making up the bulk of this movie are delivered in the form of a cinematic comic book, with the opening and closing of each tale of terror literally presented inside the type of illustrated frame found therein. Each of the stories is good but perhaps not great, enjoyable but not overly exciting. Among a cast of several big-name actors, a certain fellow from Maine comes close to stealing the show.

    In Father's Day, you have your basic decayed dead body crawling up out of the grave to demand the final wish denied him in his final moments of life. This is really the most stereotypical of the five vignettes, although it does offer a modern example of hideousness in the form of Ed Harris dancing. Next up is The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, wherein a half-wit of sorts discovers that meteorites from the heavens bring with them something more than the prospect of a couple of hundred bucks from the university science department. This story could easily be called It Grows on You. Playing the part of Jordy is none other than Stephen King himself, and I believe he gives a rather remarkable performance. The role doesn't exactly call for the world's greatest actor, but King definitely exhibits some natural acting skills in this unprecedented extended foray before the cameras. Something To Tide You Over is pretty good, casting Leslie Nielsen as the jealous husband intent on teaching his wife and her lover (Ted Danson) a thing or two about threatening to take away one of his possessions. It's rather predictable, but the unusual nature of the jealous husband's revenge is fun to watch. The Crate is the best of these five stories in my opinion. The action revolves around the discovery of a 150-year old crate inside a university science building. The janitor who finds it is the first to discover the importance of its contents, although he quickly finds himself in no condition to communicate the discovery should he wish to do so. The professor who watches the scene in horror is severely traumatized and runs off to seek the aid and comfort of a friend. One man's nightmare is another man's gain, as Hal Holbrook's hen-pecked character proves. Of course, what would a Creepshow be without bugs? The fifth story provides cockroaches in legions, much to the horror of a hard-nosed, germ-paranoid, bug-hating businessman. Sure, the man's got a problem interacting with his fellow man, but the hard lesson he learns is a little bit extreme. Bug-haters should be forewarned about the content of this story as it is literally crawling with bugs.

    Creepshow is the brainchild of modern horror master Stephen King and well-known horror director George Romero. The format and unique style of presentation of this movie are impressively campy, and the manner in which the stories are introduced is very effective. Creepshow comes as close as humanly possible to becoming a video comic book. Its faithfulness to and nostalgia for E.C. Comics are quite satisfying to those of us whose disdain for would-be censors of such material knows no bounds. Those who would criticize the campiness of this horror film would probably have a hard time understanding that such charges are, in this particular case, indications of success rather than failure. If you like your crypts emptied of animated corpses, your meteors filled with a substance much more significant than metals of different sorts, and your murders conducted with the type of unusual flare that shows how much the perpetrator really cares, Creepshow is a movie that can definitely entertain you....more info
  • Good movie for parties...
    "Creepshow" is especially fun for me, because I work in a job where I feel underappreciated. Every bad person in this film gets his/her due; though there are some bad people left over, they'll be fine. A bunch of great stories, penned by King and directed by Romero, you can't help but have fun. Aside from the knowledge that this is comic book stuff, an element of humor pervades all of the action. I won't blab away any of the plots, but... The E.G. Marshall scene was best, but the (very serious) Leslie Neilsen scene was fun, too. Actually, Adrienne Barbeau & Hal Holbrook seemed to have the most fun. Also, Viveca Lindfors let herself look ugly, and, though she's advancing in years, she's has lovely class (she was the English teacher in "The Sure Thing", two years later). There's so much to say about this film, and, apparently, the critics wrote it off. Who cares?! This is loads of fun....more info
  • Great stories; bad audio
    I couldn't see this creepshow when it was first released. Being scared and sheltered in my early ears, i wasn't too fond of scary movies.

    For some reason during my first pregnancy I couldn't get enough of scary movies and happened to catch this on cable. I was disgusted, shocked and oddly aroused at how creepy the stories became. I enjoyed myself immensely.

    As an author of several romance suspense I realized that you could still entertain through horror and that the genres of comedy and horror could mix well, even if it was close to absurdity.

    The only thing I did find disappointing was the audio. I had to turn up the volume in order to hear the actors voices - especially on the "father's day" story. It sounded as if everyone spoke in low tones and then the music would be too loud.

    Other than that, I'd recommend this movie to others who have not explored the creepshow genre, which I feel is in a class by itself. I plan to get the sequels as well to add to my collection.

    ...more info
  • A true classic
    I love this move, I've seen it dozens of times and I love it every time. It's directed by George Ramero and written by stephan King...that right there should tell you it's goign to be a lot of fun to watch. it's a movie of 5 short tales of terror....honestly though, unless you're 8 years old, it's not scary. the lighting, backdrops, as well as the borders give the movie a look of a "living comic book"

    Father's Day-- a murdered father comes back for revenge from the grave.

    Something to tide you over--- Leslie Nielson and Ted Danson star in this tale of a jealous hubby getting revenge on his cheating wife and her lover by burying them up to their necks in sand, letting them drown...can you hold your breath?

    It Grows on you--Stephan King stars in this tale of a simple man who has a meteor fall in his yard and develops a...ahem..weed problem....this is one of my favorites

    The Crate--- a monster found under a stairway of a college prompts a man to murder his wife that he hates..

    They Creep Up On You--- an old rich man has a bit of a bug problem

    I loved this's not for everyone, but if you're into classic horror films, give it a'll like it...more info
  • Horror EC style...
    What's great about this movie is that it really shows Stephen King and George Romero's love for the pulp Horror comics of the 50's and 60's, such as William M. Gaines' EC Comics line of books. Romero tries very hard to film the shorts in both the style of the horror comics, and the comic format in general, using vivid lighting, split screens and panel formatting, as well as coaxing overdramatic acting from the cast. As campy as the film may feel, it's all intentional, and in homage to it's influences. I wouldn't go so far as to consider it comedy, though King and the cast do a wonderful job of injecting a health bit of sardonic humor into the mix, yet another quality of the film's influential roots. Watch for out of character roles for Ted Danson and Leslie Nielsen, and a starring role for Stephen King himself, campy and covered in moss....more info
    'CREEPSHOW' is a fun horror/comedy flick.
    An unofficial tribute to all those great Amicus films of the 70s',
    and especially the pulp comics of the 50s'.
    I very much enjoyed 'Something to Tide You Over' and 'The Crate'.
    Though the image tended to be a bit soft(over processing?) at times, and a bit dark in spots. the colours were mostly very vivid in keeping with the content.
    Hopefully Warners will release a special edition in the forseeable future.
    All in all, a good film with a few jolts...and quiet a few laughs....more info
  • You will have nightmares.
    This film is essentially 4 stories woven to create equally frightening tales in true comic book format. Stephen King's brilliance shines in all four tales of murder, tragedy, love, betrayel and desperation. "Father's Day" still gives me the creeps. "Meteor Man" will leave you questioning yourself. "The Sea Lovers" will frighten you. Enjoy....more info
  • Nice selection of horror stories all in one movie.
    This is a great bunch of horror short stories. A lot of great actors are in these well done vignettes. George Romero and Stephen King have teamed up to make a work of art in this series of well-done stories of the macabre....more info
  • It's Father's Day.......
    I grew up watching this movie whenever and wherever I could. I like to think that the writers of Creepshow educated me in how to handle life's many problems and keep a smile on my face while doing so. I was amazed at how the remains of Nathan Grantham, the murdered patriarch of the Grantham family exacted revenge on his ungrateful family and he even managed to get his Father's Day cake in the end. And for all of you people on the old ball and chain, look at the way in which Henry dealt with Wilma, his horrifying wife. This just goes to show us that sometimes, seeminlgy awful situations can work in our favor. ...more info
  • king and romero team for "creepshow"
    i have always loved anthology horror movies and i loved this one also! gathers for fathers day,where old woman once killed daddy for having her boy friend killed! well daddy want's his cake,NOW!!!
    2.dumb farmer finds meteor in backyard,hopes to make money with it,but meteor has other plans!
    3.husband burys cheating wife and lover in sand at beach to drowned and even tapes it,but the wife and lover want him to join them.
    4.henpecked husband helps friend who has found monster in crate under some steps and decides wife MUST meet the thing! old gezzer who hates bugs finds his bug free apartment isn't so bug free!
    and the wrap around about mean father who throws away his sons comic book, but fails to see what ads have been cut out ends this little gem
    amust for horror or gore fans!...more info
  • King & Romero: Two Great Tastes Together At Last!
    Creepshow might not be the best work of either of the principle creators, Stephen King and George A. Romero, but it is darn good fun! The film is set up as a series of vignettes that remind the viewer of something they might see on Tales from the Crypt. In fact, both Tales and Creepshow are homages to the ghoulishly delightful EC Comics from the 1950s. As such, Creepshow features a bold visual style and campy storylines and acting. Both work to serve the material, though, rather than detract from it.

    The DVD presentation is rather barebones, with only a trailer serving as bonus material, but the transfer looks good and clean. The movie looks better than I've seen it in a while.

    In short, for the low price Amazon has listed for this item you really can't go wrong if your a King fan, a Romero fan, or just a horror fan. This is one treat of a movie!...more info

  • Movie is great, DVD is bad
    Just watched Creepshow on DVD the other night. This is one of my favorite horror movies. The stories are great...both funny and scary, with a wonderful cast of familiar faces who all seem to be having a good time with the material.

    Although this is one of the DVD's you can pick up very cheap, the picture quality is terrible. I found the first story to be crystal clear, then suddenly the rest of the movie looked like a VHS quality print. Blurry and dark overall. It's a shame really, because this is an awesome horror movie. Creepshow definitely deserves a remastered print at the very least. Deleted scenes and some commentary by Romero and/or King would be nice too (Come on, what else is George working on at the moment and Steve is technically retired!). Bottom line is, who knows when or if we may ever see a SE edition of this great film. Until then, for the price, it's worth it to have in your collection, but be warned: it's overall quality pales compared to a lot of other DVD's out there....more info

    Now heres some saturday night fun. Put the kiddies to bed and pop this in. Its a series of short films and theres one for everyone. First, its not scary stuff. Sorry stevie and george, i just didnt feel my legs quaking on this one. But hey, i had a good time anyway. Who can't get a chuckle out of good old pops wanting to know "wheres my pie!"...And the one with the guy who gives his wife to the new friend in the box, precious! My favorite of the bunch was with the bugs. I know people like the old codger in this one. Fitting, very fitting. So if you want the horror lite version of the saturday night gorefests, this is a good one. Consider it an apetizer to more sinister and bloodier fare you might have on tap.
    DVD wise, pretty average. To average. and whats with the 2.0 sound! come on!...more info
  • Showy & Creepy
    Featuring a host of recognizable (if noticeably younger) faces and a snappy, cartoonish cinematography, CREEPSHOW is easily Stephen King's most enjoyable horror movie (to date).

    For one thing, it's intentionally funny. Meant to convey the same stylism as a pulpy horror comic book, the scenes are sometimes filmed with the garish primary colors and the silly scopes that frame some of the gorier and more eccentric panels in the funny pages. Red zig-zags, wavy blue lines, sickening green spirals -- it's trying to be scary, sure, but only because scary is also supposed to be fun. In fact, one of the first scenes is a zoom in on a smiling Jack-O-Latern, a good-natured emblem of the playful spookiness that Halloween (and Stephen King) is (usually) all about.

    Six basic stories fill the fare here, so if something doesn't suit you, you can just chaw on popcorn for awhile and you'll get another shot in a few. Here they be:

    FATHER'S DAY - Back from the dead tale with some gruesome deaths and exposition that's as thick as toothpaste. No supsense, no gimmicks, just a lot of death and Ed Harris doing what appears to be the Funky Monkey. The 80's never looked so hideous.

    THE LONESOME DEATH OF JORDY VERRILL - Stephen King takes the helm as the lead, a bumbling hick with an overactive imagination and a smoking meteor in his backyard. King manages quite a feat here: he's hilarious and kinda touching. I mean, genuinely funny, which is amazing since every other performance I've seen him give has been awful. It's especially notable, since the humorous and endearing performance makes the ending all the more disturbing.

    SOMETHING TO TIDE YOU OVER - Leslie Nieslen isn't fooling around, for once. Instead, he's getting revenge on his wife and her lover -- Ted Danson giving a respectably restrained performance. Well-paced and to the point, this segment was the point (when I was watching as a kid) where I realized I was watching a HORROR MOVIE.

    THE CRATE - Easily the best of the six, a mysterious crate and its grotesque contents causes havoc on a small college campus. Featuring one of the greatest and most enjoyable horror movie performance I've ever seen by Fritz Weaver, who plays the hysterical professor, Dexter Stanley. The most accomplished and satisfying segment of the bunch.

    THEY'RE CREEPING UP ON YOU - Wealthy germophobe, Upson Pratt, showers doom and gloom on people from his hermetically sealed penthouse apartment (a la Howard Hughes, I guess). But after one of his corporate mergers instigates a suicide, he finds himself with a bug problem. The final scene haunted me for years as a kid.

    PROLOGUE/EPILOGUE - The movie is bookended by a story about an abusive and abrasive father who, disapproving of his son's reading material (the horror comic from which the stories are derived), tosses the offending literature in the trash can. The son, needless to say, gets his revenge. Horrifying, yes, but almost too much for this viewer....more info
  • Very stylish Horror film!
    Creepshow is a Horror film,that is broken down into five different stories.The format is kind of like the tv show Tales from the Crypt.If you enjoy these type of horror films you'll be sure to enjoy Creepshow.If you're afraid of cockroaches beware of the final story.This isn't a bad horror film for children that like horror movies,there's no sex or nudity,and the language isn't too bad until the last story....more info
  • Best movie ever!!!!!!
    this movie has the best stories, best actors, and best horror musical score ive ever heard. If you are a horror fan this is one is my ultimate favorite!! PLEASE PUT ON BLU-RAY soon!!!! ...more info
  • A Creepy Classic!
    If you are a fan of horror movies, the old EC comic books, Stephen King, or just fun movies in general, than look no further than this 1982 classic!

    THE MOVIE (5/5):
    "Creepshow" is an anthology of scary stories-- five of them-- that is bridged together by a sixth tale of a boy who loves horror comics and his abusive dad who hates them. The movie features pitch-perfect performances by an all-star 80's cast that seems to be having a lot of fun being in this scream of a movie. The stories are as follow:

    1. "FATHER'S DAY" (4.5/5)
    Stars Carrie Nye, Ed Harris, and Viveca Lindfors.
    Easily the cheesiest of the five stories (but still a lot of fun), Father's Day tells the tale of a family reunion from hell when a long-dead dad rises from the grave for his "caaaaaaakkeeeee" (and for a little good old fashioned zombie revenge).

    Stars Stephen King.
    Although its easily the weakest of the stories, it's probably also the most original, so keep your finger off the fast-forward button. Stephen King (!) gives a nutty and throughly enjoyable performance as a country bumpkin who battles alien plantlife from a meteroite that touches down in his backyard. Sounds weird? You don't know the half of it.

    Stars Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson, and Gaylen Ross.
    This segment is legendary. Leslie Nielsen gives the performance of his life as a psychotically jealous husband who takes a notion to bury his wife and her lover neck-deep in sand before the tide rolls in. Needless to say, love is more powerful than death, as our antihero soon finds himself neck deep in terrifying troubles of his own.

    4. "THE CRATE" (5/5)
    Stars Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, and Fritz Weaver.
    Hands down the best tale of terror, it's no wonder that the three main actors of this single story also receive top billing in the picture's opening credits. This epic blood-soaked tale of insanity, fear, and fidelity is a timeless classic with excellent performances all around, and an unforgettable monkey-like demon from special effects master Tom Savini. The longest segment of the film, "The Crate" tells the story of Henry (Holbrook), a college professor with an unbelievably obnoxious and domineering wife (a brilliant performance by Barbeau). When Henry's colleague Dexter Stanley (Weaver) discovers a flesh-eating monster under the stairway under the stairs of the college and informs Henry, the henpecked husband makes plans to use the monster to his own domestic advantage. This out-of-this-world premise carries very real themes of love and death, friends and family, and moral responsibility versus personal hapiness. With subtle undertones that just hint at the depth of this brilliantly written horror masterpiece, Stephen King has never been more entertaining than with this perfectly crafted tale.

    5. "THEY'RE CREEPING UP ON YOU" (4.5/5)
    Stars E.G. Marshall.
    Bringing us back down for a soft landing, Romero and King conclude their horror anthology with this wonderfully bizarre tale of a millionaire hypochondriac whose allegedly germ-proof apartment is overwhelmed with an army of cockroaches. This one goes way over the top, but it all keeps with the tempo of the movie. If you know somebody who is deathly afraid of bugs, try showing them the final scene of this segment, then sit back and enjoy their screams of bewilderment.

    All in all, I'd have to say Creepshow is one of the top three horror films ever made. Rent it or buy it today!

    THE DISC (1/5):
    Unfortunately, the "geniuses" over at Warner Bros. have insulted this fine film and its fans by offering up a very lame disc. The picture quality is only passable, the letterbox formatting is kind of funky, and there are absolutely no extras, save for a trailer, which I don't really count as a real feature. The only good thing I can possibly say about the disc is that it's got 41 chapters, but only 21 of those are accesible with the disc.

    While we'll have to wait for "Creepshow" to get the same Special Edition treatment as its inferior sequel, this bare bones disc only goes to show the strength of the film in the fact that even with no bonuses at all, "Creepshow" is still one of the most rewatchable and indispensable horror movies on the market....more info
  • Campy horror fun
    I want to start out by saying to anyone who hasn't seen the movie that it is not particularly scary to anyone over 10. It is, however, a fun movie that is sure to entertain. The movie is made up of 5 short stories out of a comic book a boy's dad throws away at the beginning of the movie.

    Father's Day:
    This is the campiest story out of the bunch. A lot of people don't like it but I think it's good because it doesn't try to be anymore than it is: a fun campy little story. It is about a disturbed woman named Bedelia Grantham(Viveca Lindfors)who became enraged at her father years earlier and killed him on Father's Day. Now years later the Grantham family have gathered for a dinner and are waiting on Bedelia to arrive. When she finally arrives she goes out to the graveyard and accidently spills some liquor on her father's grave and somehow this brings him back to life and he proceeds to take revenge while looking for his Father's Day cake.

    The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill:
    This is hands down the worst of the segments. Stephen King stars as Jordy Verrill who discovers a meteor in his yard. It cracks open and causes everything in sight to start sprouting plants including Verrill, who touches it. This is supposed to be funny I guess but it is just a waste of time. Whenever I watch this movie I always skip this segment.

    Something To Tide You Over:
    This,along with the last story,is probably my favorite segment of the movie. It is about a sadistic millionaire Richard Vickers(Leslie Nielsen) who finds out his wife,Becky,is having an affair with a man named Harry Wentworth(Ted Danson)and exacts revenge on them by burying them up to their necks in sand and letting them drown in the tide. Nielsen and Danson both give great performances. I loved seeing Leslie Nielsen as the villain. He's over the top but not too much and Danson is solid as a guy who made a bad decision but doesn't deserve the punishment he receives.

    The Crate:
    This is another great segment and while it's not very scary compared to some other movies I've seen it is probably the scariest out of all these stories. It stars Hal Holbrook as Henry Northrup, a meek college professor who spends his time thinking about killing his incredibly obnoxious wife Wilma(Adrienne Barbeau)and playing chess with his friend Dexter Stanley(Fritz Weaver)who is also a college professor. One day Dexter gets a call about a mysterious crate that a janitor has found under the stairs. The janitor and Dexter open the crate I find a very hungry creature inside of it. After it eats the janitor and Charlie Gereson,a student,Dexter drives to Henry's house and hysterically tells him the story. Henry gives Dexter some pills to put him to sleep for awhile and leaves his wife a note to meet him at the college(so he can feed her to the creature) and cleans up the mess before she arrives. Everyone involved gave great performances. Holbrook was excellent as the wimp who ends up resolving the whole situation, Weaver was solid as the dignified Prof. Stanley who turns into a hysterical mess after his contact with the creature and Barbeau was way over the top as the wife who you really want to see gone.

    They're Creeping Up On You:
    This is either my favorite or 2nd favorite of the stories. A heartless insect phobic millionaire, Upson Pratt(E.G. Marshall) is having a particularly bad cockroach problem one night. That's really all there is to the plot, but it's the most famous segment in this movie. The reason is probably because of the disgusting ending but what makes the story so good is Marshall's ourageous performance as a heartless man who rejoices when his main competitor commits suicide. It's an outstanding performance.

    FINAL WORD: This is not a work of art just a fun enjoyable movie that will definently entertain you.
    ...more info
  • creep #1
    this movie is wicked awesome.i saw the second one and i loved it.
    so i got the first one and it is creepely cool. i loved the comic book style. i watched it a milliom times . if you like fun ol horror flicks youll love this one....more info
  • The most fun you'll ever have being scared!
    Sometime after doing my review of Creepshow 2 did I realize I didn't review the original. And not wanting to disappoint my (2) fans, I have decide to put the disk back in, and give you my in depth opinion...George A. Romero("Dawn of the Dead"," Day of the Dead"," Martin")after huge success with "Dawn of the Dead" directed his another masterpiece-an anthology of five short stories called "Creepshow". The script was written by Stephen King, and the special effects were made by F/X wizard Tom Savini("Martin","Maniac","The Prowler"). The first story "Father's Day" is so-so-nothing special, but the zombie looks terrific; the second story "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verril" is the funniest, Stephen King steals the show as a Jordy,a goofy farmer, who finds a strange meteor; the third story "Something To Tide You Over" is my favorite-it's ghastly, creepy, funny and a little bit disturbing, again great make-up of the drowned zombies; the fourth story "The Crate" is the longest and goriest-there's a lot of suspense and plenty of gore mixed with black humour.Finally we are getting to the last story "Creeping Up On You"-an enjoyable story about cockroaches with some rather gross special effects. Overall I must say that I love "Creepshow"-surely they don't make them like this anymore. So, check it out! In fact, I will hold my breath as you do. Because I can hold my breath for a long, long time....more info
  • Scary movie AND funny!
    I think parts of "Creepshow" were made in Pittsburgh. George A. Romero was a Pittsburgher. I should know - I`M a Pittsburgher too! Steven King did the screenplays and he plays "JodyVerrall" in this movie. It is a great movie to have in my collection! Great graphics for a 1982 film....more info
  • "I want my cake,Bedelia!"
    Creepshow is one of the best horror films of the 80's.George A.Romero and Stephen King are the perfect team as they weave five hillarious and often creepy stories.

    Story 1:Father's Day
    It's Father's Day and Bedelia always comes back to visit her father's grave after brutally murdering him.But not this year.This year,Nathan Grantham has a surprise for Bedelia as he kills her and the rest of her family,seeking his father's day cake he didn't get on his last Father's Day.Soon,Nathan finds a replacement,and it's not what we expected.

    Story 2:The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill
    When a meteor hits near redneck Jordy Verill's house,he accidentely splits it in half,dumping the wastes all over his grass.Soon,the entire property is covered in the green stuff,including Jordy himself.Now,Jordy must find a solution before perishes in his own mistake.

    Story 3:Something to Tide you over
    Leslie Nielson makes his debut as Richard,a vengeaful husband who seeks revenge on Harry,them na his wife was having an affair with.So,he lures them down to the beach and buries them neck-deep in the sand,near the shore.Soon,the tide finshes both of them off and Richard believes his troubles are over.But the dead don't really stay quiet,or do they?

    Story 4:The Crate
    A 300 year old crate is found at the bottom of some stairs at a University,and soon,Professor Stanley unleashes an ancient creature that kills two people and is now running loose in the University.Now,only Henry can help the delerious professor by getting rid of the thing.But not before disposing of his nagging wife,who's got quite a surprise coming to her.

    Story 5:They're creeping up on you
    Upson pratt's having bug problems,but not ordinary ones.Soon,his"germ-proof apartment"is running rampant with the filthy roaches,and it's not a problem that an ordinary exterminator can deal with.Can Upson live through the night,or will he succumb to the bug's wrath?

    You have to get this film....more info
  • nostalgia
    When this movie came out, I was in Junior High school. My friends and I could recite every word from every character and every TV program from all five minis. Watching it over 20 years later provides for great deja vu, nostalgic fun. I wouldn't recommend this movie to any of today's teenage horror fans, but those of us in our early 30s and older and were big fans as kids would love it, regardless of the poor DVD transfer and lack of extras....more info
  • Fun, creative, Steven King/George Romero collaboration
    One of the great underrated horror/comic movies and one of the best adaptations of Steven King material for the big screen. The five stories are artfully tied together by the sinister score and the very creative animated sequences (also look for the marble ashtray that makes an appearance in each of the segments). The acting is all over-the-top hilarious. Subtle it is not. Who would guess director George Romero could bring out the humor in King's material better than any other director to date?...more info
  • GEORGE ROMERO & STEPHEN KING- Horror Master's gone wrong!!!
    When I was a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's, there were many movies that I wanted to see because they looked so scary when their commercials aired on T.V. Also, the fact that they were RATED R also fueled my fears. Now that I'm older (and wiser) I have viewed ALL OF these movies that instilled fear in my once innocent soul and I can't figure out what the heck was I so scared of? ? ? CREEPSHOW has to be the UNSCARIEST movie ever made. Not only does it lack thrills, chills and logic, it's pathetically over the top, load, and cheesy. I don't know if the CHEESE factor was done purposely or by accident but the result is an over-acted mess of a horror film. That said, it still entertains. Why? Because it's absolutely hilarious and some of the performances are quite good- especially Adrienne Barbeau who plays a rather unpleasant but likable shrew.

    The Special effects are also quite attrocious. I understand the film was made over 20 years ago but that doesn't excuse the poorly constructed make-up effects. Considering this was a star studded Hollywood production more care should have been taken, unless they purposely designed these ghouls and monsters to look fake and if that was the case, then mission accomplished.

    I think I would have liked the movie better had they not had the ATTROCIOUS second story. Steven King is not much of an actor. As a matter of fact, he is rather irritating and since he was the sole protagonist of that lacklustre tale, it made it all the more unbearable.

    The idea is rather interesting for a horror movie and I am a big fan of horror anthologies but everything in this movie was very poorly done. It's even more grating when the talent involved is taken into consideration. Romero and King have done WAY better than this. The film's AMBITIOUS but CHILDISH and the end result is as scary as an episode of DENNIS THE MENACE....more info

  • great old cheesy stuff!
    ...I though this was suposse to be scary! I still love this movie! its so cool! if you are a hardcore horror fan find some other movie! i have to admit i do jump at a few parts but other than that i just laugh! if you haven't seen it yet, get out and buy it or rent it....more info
  • "The most fun you'll ever have being scared!"
    I doubt a truer ad line was ever concocted. Back when it was made, Creepshow was a serious happening. The world's bestselling horror writer and the respected and fiercely independent director of two icons of horror cinema [Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead] had joined forces to make a horror movie. Needless to say, more than a few stars were willing to take a trip out to The Burg for the honor of getting rubbed out by zombies, crate monsters, weeds, or cockroaches. King's script (his best in my opinion) is simplistic as a comic should be and Romero's direction is highly stylized (great care was taken to give the sets a simplistic look, as if they could be drawn instead of photographed), thus making Creepshow one of that last truly great anthology horror movies. No fan of King, Romero, or horror movies should be without a copy. Highly recommended....more info
  • COOL!! but ONLY for Leslie Nielsen and Roaches!
    This movie is a GREAT classic horror film, of course the movie is about five short stories of the Creepshow comicbook.

    I didn't like the three stories too much, BUT the Leslie and Roaches stories were SOOO CREPEY, SCARY and NASTY!!!! I like when the millions of roaches are surrounding the building and even getting out of the exterminator's body. I also like when Leslie Nielsen is torturing his victims in a beach and drowning them in a VERY SLOW PAINFULL way!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE this stories!!! I had never been soo entertained with such CREEPY deaths!! I like this kind of horror movies.

    P.S: Creepshow 2 is also COOL but ONLY for the Raft storie and the cartoon conclusion.

    Adios! ...more info
  • Gory, simplistic fun, lacks atmosphere but has comic value
    "Creepshow" is not a movie that will ever win any awards. It's a campy, comical collection of schlock-horror and B-movie inspired tales of zombies and alien retribution, and, although directed by the talented Geroge Romero and written by the talented Stephen King, somehow falls short of its intended mark, instead languishing in camp excessiveness.

    There are five mimi-movies that comprise 'Creepshow', and the three of them show huge promise - they could be extended into full screenplays and remain successful, as tales. "Father's Day" starring Viveca Lindfors, "Something to tide you over" with Leslie Nielsen and a very young Ted Danson, and "They're creeping up on you" with E.G, Marshall are all very fine ideas, but, as with the two slightly weaker offerings - "The lonesome death of Jordy Verrill" and "The Crate", lose whatever horror they might have contained to some rotten dialogue and lousy special effects.

    These problems, however, far from removing all of the movie's worth, create a worthiness of their own, in that "Creepshow" is the "Mommie Dearest" of the horror genre. It's OTT and colourful, with no thought given to consistency or dialogue, so instead of a chilling and scary collection of short films, what we're left with is a funny, crazy ride on the lighter side of horror. "I... want... my... Caaaake, Bedelia!" is surely the "No Wire Hangers, Ever!" of Creepshow, and in "The lonesome death of Jordy Verrill", Stephen King as the titular Jordy seems to understand that this couldn't possibly be played for anything other than weird laughs.

    Overall, for campy fun, I'd give the movie 4 stars. The DVD conversion, sadly, is awful - dirty and scratchy with pretty pathetic mono sound - so it loses another star for this....more info
    As a comic book and horror movie fan, I have to be mindful not to be bias in my review of Creepshow. Certainly, it is a fun movie, great to watch on a rainy night with a friend. This movie consists of 5 short tales of horror. While I would not say any of the stories are truly terrifying, they are all entertaining, and provide enough suspenseful and eerie moments to make it worthwhile. Good enough that I wanted it for my collection of horror movies....more info
  • Good Horror Fun
    The collabaration between Stephen King and George A. Romero really works in this horror classic. King's screenplay with Romero's direction makes this a fine piece of work or works if you want to call it that. The dvd is terrible, but I'm reviewing the movie not the dvd. The first story is a good revenge story. Ed Harris plays one of the victims. The second is kind of depressing. King is great as an actor and this role was meant to be played by him. The third story is a really good revenge story but with a twist. Leslie Nielsen and Ted Danson are great in their role especially Nielsen adding his funny charm to a more dramatic role. The fourth story is the longest and is good but is a little drawn out at times. Hal Holbrook is great as a man who would do anything to get rid of his wife. Adrienne Barbeau is also good as his wife. The fifth is a weird story about a millionaire who puts people down his whole life but is about to pay from the littlest of visitors. E.G. Marshall is great as the millionaire. This movie does have some scary parts but also has alot of funny moments in it. Highly Highly Recommended....more info
  • Spooky fun
    Director George Romero (Night of the Living Dead) and horror author extraordinairre Stephen King teamed up for this adaptation/homage to the classic 1950's horror EC Comics, and while the film as a whole has it's share of creepy moments, it's more of a fun horror film, and a labor of love for Romero and King. Five tales are told, beginning with a dead, rich father coming back to life for his birthday cake (yes, you read that right), a simplistic farmer finding a strange meteorite, an insanely jealous husband taking vengeance on his cheating wife and her lover only to get it back to him, a mistreated husband discovering a box containing a monster which he unleashes on his drunken wife, and a man with a severe cockroach problem. Featuring Adrienne Barbeau, Hal Holbrook, Ed Harris, Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson, and even King himself, plus great gore and makeup effects by the always excellent Tom Savini; Creepshow is a real treat....more info
  • Craapshow (1982) ;p
    I mean what I say, kiddies; this 1982 horror anthology is tacky and banal. Despite having a decent overall performance given by the star-studded cast (Leslie Nielson, E.G. Marshall, Andrienne Barbeau, etc.), "Creepshow" is perhaps the worst movie ever to emerge from the mind of director George Romero. There are a couple of reasons why. First of all, the concept is not at all original. Although the film's 5 spine-tingling tales were written by Stephen King, all of the creepy cartoon elements were robbed from William M. Gaines's EC comic books. Another severe flaw I noticed in "Creepshow" is its atmospheric tone. Past anthology flicks like 1972's "Tales from the Crypt" and 1968's "Dr. Terror's House of Horrors" were more appealing because they were carefully filmed in concrete, human settings. Although having a comic book vein in "Creepshow's" stories was a good intention, the movie as a whole became TOO MUCH like a cartoon. Garishly colored lighting and cheaply painted backgrounds (combined with a cheesy 80's score of new wave synthensizers) project the movie's gruesome death scenes with absurd, artificial panache. Finally, of course, each twisted tale ends with dull predictability. For anyone wanting to see a shocking, suspenseful anthology on Halloween night, I suggest you leave "Creepshow" on the shelf where it belongs....more info


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