ICM271 Carrier Robertshaw Fan Blower Control

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Product Description

ICM271 Fan Blower Control


Input Voltage:18-30 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Contact Ratings

N.O.: 20 amps
N.C.: 10 amps

Fixed Time Delays

ON: 75 seconds
OFF: 105 seconds


ROBERTSHAW 695-100, CARRIER CES0110017, CES0110018, 302075-3, 302075-302, 302075-303, 302075-304, 302075-352, 302075-354, P771-7002, HH84AA010, HH84AA011, HH84AA012, HH84AA013, HH84AA020, HH84AA050, TRANE: CNT03262

Replaces Circuit Board Part Numbers:

58GS302075352 7425118C TCAJS94V0 3548337 302075 C75598 30205-301 HH84AA-011 HH84AA020 302975-303 CESO110018-00 100-795-01 CES00110017 CES00110018 CES0110018-00 CES0110018 HH84AA013 58GS302075-352 302075-3027907 CES0110017 58GS302075354 HH84AA020 HH84AA011 30207

Customer Reviews:
  • Awful followup
    I purchased part and paid for overnight shipping. It took 1 week to get the wrong part. I returned it and as of one month have not receive refund or contact back. Other supplier got it right first time and delivered on time. Do not use Climate Doctors!...more info
  • Good Fan Control board
    Recently purchased the ICM172 board to fix my problem with my air/heat exchange for airconditing /furnance unit. Heater fan would not come on with the heat. Fan would turn on if I manually flip the switch from auto to fan on the thermostat. Board was good, but it didn't fix my problem. After talking with ICM technicians to verify that the board was good for my unit. They told me to jumper R to W temporarily. After 40 seconds the fan kicked in. This indicates the timing circuit works and the relay works. Problem was with the 60Hz sine wave becoming distorted coming from the therostat. Removed jumper, installed a new therostat and it fixed the problem. Still very happy with getting ICM271 board, I'm keeping it for backup to this original board in my air handler. ...more info