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TONE SHAPE and BURN FAT while learning Ballroom dance movements! Fitness with the Pros is a progressive workout program broken down into three sections. Each level is based on Dance Sport (Ballroom) dances and include influences from Jazz Plyometric (athletic explosiveness) training and Yoga. Low Impact This workout is intended for those who are new to dance. The 30-minute segment focuses on the butt legs and ab muscles. Dances included are the Waltz Cha Cha and Jive. Medium Impact A slightly more challenging workout at a faster pace than the Low Impact. This 30-minute program is a great cardio workout to tone the butt abs legs and arms. Dances of focus are Cha Cha Samba and Jive. High Impact A challenging cardio workout for the fitness minded. This program will push you physically with plyometric exercises morphed into dance form. It is ideal for developing quick feet and an explosive core. Dances include the Samba and Jive. Special Feature Includes a special slow-motion HELP feature which breaks down each routine for easier learning. About Alec & Edyta:Alec Mazo was featured on ABC s Dancing with the Stars the first and 4th seasons. Instructing actress Kelly Monaco from the legendary soap opera General Hospital they were crowned the champions taking 1st place in the competition season one.Edyta Sliwinska has been featured on all four seasons of Dancing with the Stars thus far having coached Evander Holyfield George Hamilton Joey Lawrence and most recently John Ratzenberger.System Requirements:Running Time: 90 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS UPC: 897916001074 Manufacturer No: RET-107

Customer Reviews:

  • Need more
    Edyta needs to do more explanations of the steps; it's as if she assumes her viewers know them. I would have liked Alex to have taught as well. Good workout however...more info
  • Good dance steps, but almostt no instruction & bad camera angles, stark/stiff/serious feel
    Menu Options:
    Beginner - Waltz, Cha Cha, Jive
    Intermediate - Cha Cha, Samba, Jive
    Advanced - Samba, Jive
    All are 10 min each, all have a Help option during the workouts to see a SHORT 30 second slow-mo camera speed with Edyta in voice over telling you how to move your feet. Moves that most never heard of like volta point, step point twists, etc. are all taught this way. All dancers ALWAYS face you, never show their back or side views.
    Stage - large hardwood floor going back a good 40 ft. to tall white, simple backboards with the black ceiling exposed with extra colored lighting. There are 8 men & women behind Edyta & Alec. Everyone looks serious about perfecting their dancing & the idea of fun is the furtherst thing from their minds. Edyta calls out the type of step & counts. Barely any other instruction is given. The camera stays on Edyta's face & other beautiful dancer's faces & rarely shows their feet.
    The direction/teaching style looks more concerned with looking cool/stylish rather then helpful. It does have beautiful production, but I'm not happy it's at the sake of helping one to follow the steps.
    The dancing has many steps I'd never seen & everyone dances well.
    The moves are good overall, it will definitely make anyone break a sweat with it's fast pace & vigorous movements, I just like a more relaxed, fun, body awareness type of dancing or at least fun/centered on burning calories. Not this style on perfection/stiffness.
    I actually found this harder to follow then their Dancing with the Stars workout dvd, since at least that one contained dance steps/moves that are popular & found on other dance workout dvds.
    If they added a 1/2 speed teaching of all the steps instead of a quick slow-mo, more camera work showing the feet even of background dancers, showed some laughing or smiling & had fun, this would be 5 stars.
    This is good for those who can learn with minimal instruction, who are already dancers or have had dance class training or at least an extensive dvd collection. ...more info
  • Didn't like it
    I found it pretty hard to follow. Dvd assumes you have more knowledge of dance terms than I do. Everything is at tempo, if you want to see it slow, you have to go to a special help section. Each section felt kind of repetitive too.
    ...more info
  • challenging
    This workout it well structured.
    There are three section:beginner, intermediate and advanced.
    Each section is 30 mins long.

    I think that it is true what some others have voiced. Yes there seems to be more focus on executing the moves than on having 'fun' while exercising. The majority of communication consists of announcing the moves and getting on with the program. You won't find a friendly back and forth banter betweeb presenters here....Alex Mazo hardly or does not say anything at all. I have to criticize the expanation of moves. Firstly moves are introduced by their dance terms and immediately the move is performed a tempo. This is extremely difficult to follow through with the first few times you watch, you would HAVE to hit the slo motion and pick it up from there (that in itself consists of a brief exhibition with an explanation that is sometimes difficult to follow). I think that perhaps more time to pproperly lead followers step by step into the moves would have helped. I do latin and ballroom dancing for a a little while now, I love it and usually pick up the steps with relative ease, but I admit that initially I had prolems with a few of these steps...with a little bit of practice though I was fine.

    It is a fair work out, I work up a sweat. Once you have practised through the routine steps it becomes easier. But the choreography is more diverse than that which we saw with the Cardio dance,there are more moves and I like the also includes a waltz session which I find a brilliant idea, it give some good lunges work outs...(I think it is creative just like the Paso Doble section in the cardio dancea good way to incorporate ballroom and latin dancing into cardio).

    If you prefer a more friendly banter with your workout with a fair work out then choose the cardio dance...I have used them both.
    If you want more variety and a bit more of a challenge then choose this.

    Bottomline, it is a great work out, challenging in terms of steps and creative choreography but if you are a beginner start with cardio dance then go to this, you will see what i mean when yo get to the intermediate and high intensity. Also if you are an exerciser who needs motivation, then this may not be for you, there are no "you can do it" ' s or "come you're doing well" 's .

    I felt that somewarm up stretches should have been done but the stretching done in between dance style changes were good and I could really feel them hitting the muscle groups worked.

    Finally I think that the music could have been a little more 'fun' there are so many very nice swing/jive hits that they could have used the music from and perhaps changing the music up and not using the SAME tune for samba and the SAME for each jive would have been fun.
    And also a littl more ethnic variety in the back up team of dancers, just a thought....Maks and Kym did that!

    So not a 5 star but if you are looking for a good workout, it delivers.
    ...more info
  • Fitness With The Pros
    Fitness with the Pros is a really a good workout. I have numerous workout tapes & DVD's and gave up on them after several tries as I found them boring. This is the best one that I have tried so far. ...more info
  • fitness with the pros by Alec Mazo
    This is an excellent DVD workout for all ages. Im in my forties and Ive been working out with almost everyday for the last 4 months.It has 3 segments(low,medium and high impact),I havent reach the high impact segment as yet and the total duration is about 90 mints.Its easy to learn, its rhythmic. Ive never danced before but after this workout, the chacha,waltz,jive and samba seems not too difficult at all. I highly recommend this DVD. Its not only good for your health,but its fun and at the same time you get to learn something new.
    S.Pamei...more info
  • Fantastic and Fun!
    Being a fan of the show I ordered the product, not expecting the workout to be much of a challenge as far as cardio goes. Wow, was I wrong! My heart rate was up, and thanks to the setting and wonderful instruction from almost forget you are working out! As a personal trainer, I know that cross training is key to keeping the results coming, and this is something that I will incorporate into my program on a weekly basis. It challenges my body in a completely different way than anything I get at the gym, and I love it! Highly recommended! This proves the theory that trainers have been saying for years....working out IS fun! :) ...more info
  • Well done DVD!
    I own both this DVD and its companion teaching DVD. Both are wonderful, with easy to follow instructions. In the fitness DVD, Edyta is your instructor, and she's everything you could ask for in a teacher. There is even a helpful feature where if you have trouble figuring out a movement, you can have it broken down so you can learn at your own pace with just the touch of a button on your remote. I've lost 30 pounds over 4 months with the help of this DVD, and I'm still just on the beginner workout, preparing to advance to the intermediate. I found this DVD easier to follow and complete than the Dancing with the Stars one that features Ashly, Kym, and Maks. ...more info
  • Great for dancers and beginners!
    I recently received this and I can't stop using it! Edyta and Alec make the work-out extremely fun since the routines are more dance-based. The workouts have three-level of impact from low to high so it's ok for beginners to start and ease their way into it. The workout also really helps dancers or those studying dance to improve their technique. For non-dancers, the work-out may be a little difficult at first since they can go fast but the DVD has a help option during the workout that slows down the movement and breaks it down for you. Getting fit is like dancing, you must stay committed to it to see results, so if you stay committed to this DVD you'll get into the moves easier and improve your coordination. Edyta will have you sweating within minutes....more info
  • Best workout--hands down!
    This was by far one--if not the best workout DVDs I have ever used. I've tried all different kinds, but this one truly gave me an amazing workout that was fun, easy to follow and slowed down when I had trouble with a step. (thanks to the slow motion feature this DVD has!) Alec and Edyta are very personable and it made it seem like you were working out with friends rather than with an instructor. It goes by quickly as barely realize you are working out! I recommend this to anyone who wants a fun workout...more info
  • fitness with the pros dvd
    I like this dvd, it is alittle hard but after a fews times you get better. I really enjoy it. I would recommend it....more info
  • good workout, but not much fun!
    It is a solid workout, relatively easy to master ( dance sequences are not overly complicated, even on the high impact level ) and it will definitely make you sweat. Another plus is that, for a dance workout, it does not require too much space.
    Now some minuses:
    - Edyta is the only one that seems to have some fun doing it. Don't get me wrong, I hate artificially enthusiastic, constantly smiling exercises in the background but this bunch looks really dreadfully serious, if not bored ( especially the blonde girl standing right behind Edyta )
    - camera angles could be better - sometimes you can see Edyta's face or upper body only when she's introducing new steps...more info
  • Perfect way to get moving in the morning
    Even the low-impact version will have you slightly sore the next day... By your 2nd pass at it, you're dancing like a pro! Great job!...more info
    This is a killer workout. I am really out of shape and it made my legs burn. It was a little hard to keep up at first but after doing it a few times it got easier since I knew what was coming next. I would recommend this video to anyone wanting to get in shape. ...more info
  • Fun, but not good for Beginners
    To start, I have absolutely no dance experience at all. This DVD does not teach you HOW to dance, but uses a sequence of dance movements to give the viewer a good workout. There are 3 levels... beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you're like me, and don't know how to dance, it will probably take you some time to go through and figure out what exactly they are doing with their feet! But once you figure it out, this DVD is SO much fun to do. I use this to motivate me into exercising when I don't feel like doing anything else!

    I would give this DVD 5 stars if they did a better job at explaining what they're about to do (especially for the "beginner" section.)...more info
  • Excellent! Very challenging. Love it!
    This is an excellent ballroom/cardio video. It's fast, fun and very challenging. Having some background in dancing helps.

    I love it! Great job. Worth the money.

    Thanks Edyta and Alec!...more info
  • Need more
    Edyta needs to do more explanations of the steps; it's as if she assumes her viewers know them. I would have liked Alex to have taught as well. Good workout however...more info


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