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Soldier of Fortune Payback is the long-awaited third installment of the Soldier of Fortune video game series. The saga continues with the organization know as The Shop where players take on the role of a hired mercenary. Players will experience all the thrills and dangers of authentic mercenary combat blasting their way through high intensity combat situations in the world's most dangerous hotspots in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Using any means necessary, players will need to uncover a complex plot and defeat an extremist organization determined to throw the world into global conflict. Failure is not an option. Compelling new storyline- When a routine escort mission goes horribly wrong, players find themselves battling an insidious enemy that knows no boundaries. As mercenary Thomas Mason, players will need to uncover and terminate an extremist plot aimed at throwing the world into global chaos.

  • Built to harness the power of next generation- Featuring an incredibly realistic modeling system allowing for accurate hit detection and detailed damage modeling. Enemies will not only react to the specific area they've been hit but also to the power of the weapon they've been hit with.
  • One of the most lethal collections of weapons ever assembled - Over 30 of the baddest weapons including sub-machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, projectile explosives, weapons attachments and futuristic prototype weapons.
  • The world's most dangerous hotspots- Players will find themselves thrown into authentic mercenary situations in real world hotspots around the globe. Survive and ambush and rescue a diplomat, infiltrate a terrorist organization, go on a search and destroy mission and much more.
  • Enemies around every corner- High intensity combat situations where players will need to take down over 15 unique enemies including terrorists, mobsters, insurgents, enemy soldiers and more.
  • Online multiplayer- Play your favorite individual and team based online modes including death match, team death match, elimination, team elimination, capture the flag and demolition. Additional online options include maps tuned specifically for multiplayer action, and persistent stat tracking.

Customer Reviews:

  • A little outdated but a good follow up
    I played the original game and was astounded by the gruesome effects such as blowing off someone's arm, leg or even head! It was awesome in the 90's. But with this new installment, the graphics seem a bit outdated and it's pretty linear.

    I agree that it is definately overpriced.

    It needs to give you a prebrief of each mission before you go in so you can select the proper weapons for that mission. You just get dropped into a mission and then the girl explains what you're up against. But..Somewhere in the map, you usually find a cool weapon that will be needed to do well in the mission.

    Enemy AI is spotty. You sneak up on a 3 man team and peek around a corner. They see you immediately from far away. They see you very easily but they blend in pretty good to the landscape so you take damage from far away and can't see their location. Good thing it takes a lot to kill you.

    The saving points for this game is the return of gore! Crouch down behind a truck and take out their ankles. They jump around and then you can pick them off. Also, a crotch shot is hilarious.

    Once you finish a mission, new weapons are available in the next mission setup. You can also upgrade/modify your weapons.

    PLEASE PLEASE stop putting escort missions in these games where you have to protect a moron who walks right into enemy fire!! This was one negative point.

    Also Vista has issues with this game that makes it crash hard and fast. The support at the website has a working patch and it runs much smoother after the patch is installed. It's also a very easy to istall patch.

    So I give it 3 ot of 5. Better than average but has a few issues.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • So buggy....
    Avoid this game. It's very buggy even with the patches. Tons of problems. Some examples:

    1) You step off a platform and end up trapped behind it's legs. You can't jump over, crawl under, or go around. Restart the level.

    2) The gun site is not accurate. Often you have to aim a little bit off of the target to get a hit. Hard to find the magic sweet spot when enemies are running after you.

    3) The AI sucks. The enemies pretty much line up to die. The only problem is your gun has a bent site or something so you can sometimes miss a head shot from 2 feet away. Maybe they did that on purpose to make the game harder and cover up the lousy AI.

    Avoid this game.

    ...more info
  • Not stunning, but not bad.
    I found SOF:Payback to be a reasonably enjoyable game for the money. It can be had quite cheap, so that factors into my review. I paid $15 and it's available much cheaper from third party merchants.

    The game installed fine and was easy to set up. Video options allowed for all of the newer screen resolutions. There is a patch that you will want to install if you're running on Vista.

    The graphics seemed to be quite comparable with other FPS games from the 2007 time period. Weapon selection was good, movement smooth, HUD was very basic, providing directional ques, ammo usage, and health feedback. No surprises here. One thing I found interesting is that you can assign the same key to more than one operation. For example, I was able to assign the space bar to engage the site and select alternate fire, although I I wouldn't recommend doing that. I've just never seen a game that would allow that except those that changed the function of the keys based on control groupings or context.

    Overall, the game was not ground-breaking, but it was competent. Story line was so-so at best. The biggest negative for me was the fact that it doesn't have user controlled SAVE capability. The game self-saves at checkpoints. That wasn't a terrible downside, but it was annoying especially when fighting the level bosses which sometimes required several restarts after getting almost all the way through. I played on the normal difficulty setting which was only moderately challenging.

    I thought the game was on the short side, although that's not particularly uncommon these days. I don't consider the gore to be a factor worth mentioning. If you want a competent traditional FPS with fairly modern (although not bleeding edge) visuals this is not a bad game. It's a perfect candidate for bargain hunting since it can be had NEW for substantially less than the price listed on the main product page....more info
    Soldier of Fortune 1&2 had heart and soul. This game might as well be called "Soldier Street Fighter" in as much as it feels more like an arcade game than a FPS following a story line. EXAMPLE: at the end of each mission, you face down ther BOSS GUY who requires a zillion shots to kill like some big boss on the old quarter arcade games. Graphics are good, but if you're looking for a game like the first two with characters and a story you care about, you will not find it in this game. ...more info
  • Will you like this game? It depends.
    I had a lot of fun with this game. And frankly, I don't understand all the hate being generated at it. I've played the first two games in the series, and this doesn't seem to be much different, and in fact, is much better in the graphics department. The graphics and set-pieces are just stunning. Also, the dismemberment engine seems to work just fine, depending upon your weapon choice. I paid full release price for this game, and was not disappointed. Apparently, the biggest mistake the publisher made was in using the SOF license with this game, thus making angry a ton of loyal SOF fans. Although, as I said, I can't understand why, seeing as that the Single-player aspect plays very similar to the first two games. Maybe it's the multiplayer that's making everybody mad. I can't say, as I don't do multiplayer. All I can say is that I really enjoyed the single-player part.

    There are some problems, but none that lessened my enjoyment. For instance, the levels are linear. Not as linear as the first two games though. The first two were extremely on rails. This one has opened things up quite a bit more in areas, although there are a lot of places I would have enjoyed exploring more. You can actually do some needless exploration in the cave system area, though never enough to get yourself lost. The enemy AI is nothing to get excited about either, but it gets the job done as long as you're not looking for too much realism. Gameplay-wise, I enjoy moving ahead, stopping, blasting a few baddies away, sniping a bunch more from far away, and moving on again. Enemies do spawn, which normally bothers me (in games like COD4 for instance), but here, they do not repawn endlessly, so eventually you'll be able to clear them out.

    My favorite weapon to use in any single-player FPS has always been the sniper rifle. And here is where the game really shines. At the outset of every mission (consisting of a few levels each), you can choose your primary and secondary weapons. I always choose an assault rifle equipped with a scope (and silencer if you choose) for a primary, and a dedicated sniper rifle for secondary. There's a bit of tension in choosing this setup. Your primary scoped weapon will normally come with 200 to 300 rounds, and that's it. You won't find any more ammo for your weapons lying around the levels. When you run out of that ammo, you'll have to trade that weapon for an enemy weapon for the remainder of that mission. Ammo for the lesser enemy weapons is plentiful, though ammo for that weapon is exclusive to that weapon. So it's very important to make every shot count if you want to keep a primary weapon scoped. Conservation is important. However, I normally run out of my own ammo after a single level, and end up with an enemy weapon for the remainder of the mission, and that's fun too. I still had my secondary dedicated sniper rifle with 50 rounds for those emergency sniping situations. I just had to adjust to having no scope on the primary. I plan on replaying this game, this time trying to make it through with my original weapons.

    As I mentioned earlier, the graphics are amazing. True, there are no advanced settings to adjust these graphics much, but it looks amazing the way it is. I'm playing it at 1440 x 900 on an Athlon64 3700+ with 2 gigs of ram and a geForce 7900GS/256, and I'm averaging 25 to 30 frames per second. My monitoring software shows only 50% of my ram is being used, so you should be good to go with one gig. I'm also using WinXp w/ SP2, so that may help too.

    Continuing with the graphics, the set-pieces are incredible. Each level has a different setting and look, and are very memorable. Thus, I would have liked to explore more. Again, in this area, this game far surpasses its predecessors.

    To sum up, each to his own. Gameplay-wise this game plays more like a budget shooter, while looking like a triple-A title. It's a little simplistic, but sometimes that's all I'm looking for. Did the job for me.

    ...more info
  • Activision BUDGET says it all
    What the heck is this crap? This is NOT even worth of soldier of fortune branding, but thats what you get when you have BUDGET in the production company. Maybe if they'd have stayed with Raven it would have been half decent.
    But I still tried it anyway, thankfully I got it in the new/used section for $19 bucks instead of $40, and I STRONGLY suggest you do the same, IF you ABSOLUTELY MUST try this waste of code.
    Yeah its fun to see the blood, but it gets old after the same baddie model shows up every third enemy. at least the rag doll physics were updated, but the dismemberment seems to have been toned down. Its too easy to blow off a leg, and in double helix, at least you still shoot of the foot or hand of the dismembered appendange, and remeber shooting the head bit by bit till the brain was out then, pop, it exploded on the next round? Nope, no more, a head shot turns the next into a crater from the chin up, no brain. which is about what I can say for the idiot who approved this game for release.
    Two thumbs down and a third if I had another hand.
    Save the cash and buy Crysis or maybe COD 4. ...more info
  • great game if you like shooters!!!!
    Strait forward shooter with beautifull graphics. i play it at high end settings .Easy to play and relax after a days work.Just instal the patch for the game first.Dont understand all the negative. i played all SOF and this one looks the best....more info
  • I like this game.
    This game is not as bad as other reviewers have said it is. It's a budget shooter and it may be just a tad bit over priced right now. I'm sure it doesn't satisfy as a third installment in the Soldier Of Fortune series and most all of the negative reviews come from people who loved the first two SOF games and were expecting something along the same lines for the third version.

    But, I like this game. It's fun and the graphics are really good. The only graphic options you get in the pc version are the resolution and things like mouse sensitivity. But, that's really all you need. This game runs smooth and with the 1.11 patch seems very, very stable. The gameplay is addictive. I can't stop playing everytime I start. You get to choose any weapon from the start of each mission and it's fun to replay each mission too.

    I'm glad I didn't listen to the other reviews from people who are fans of the Soldier of Fortune series. I have really enjoyed this game.
    ...more info
    The original SOF was a surprise sleeper-hit, developed by RAVEN, who also designed the SOF2: DOUBLE HELIX. They both were EXCELLENT FPS games!!

    Unfortunately (as it turned out) the RAVEN group had nothing to do with this release. It was developed by CAULDRON who, I guess eager to please, overshot its mark.
    Now, I enjoy a good blood-bath as the next guy - and the SOF series had always been gory and graphic. Who can forget the...crotch-shots reaction in the original SOF! (there was actually a..count of them after each stage, right after the head-shots!). Playing SOF-PAYBACK, however, never had I seen more limps get torn away, more blood-spaying torsos flanged back, more heads exploding like geysers . It surely deserves the M-Rating it got. The squeamish should not worry though, one can turn all this gore off - but why then play this game?

    Graphically SOF-PAYBACK is nowhere close the latest major releases. Only the torn limps make good use of the engine's physics. Urban settings look like movie-studio lots; jungles feel like made out of plastic. In CRYSIS when trees get shot at enough they, well, fall. In SOF: PAYBACK they keep accumulating bullet-holes forever.

    AI? What AI? It feels artificial and it sure is NOT intelligent. Your enemies do everything but line up in front of your sights. Currently there are many FPS games with good to excellent AI. This make SOF-PAYBACK shortcomings in this area show even more: total absence of defensive tactics, unnatural reactions and absolutely no use of their environment. Likely, there is a multiplayer to save the day.

    The single player includes 15 levels and 40 weapons , all of which are customizable (with sights, ammo, silencers etc). The weapons look real but they are not - just close enough not to have to pay royalties. Hence their different names.
    These 15 levels should take no more than 7-8 hours to polish off, so yes, on top of everything, this is a short game. Definetely not worth the $40.

    Overall, this is a game that is not shy of depicting the immediate consequences of violence (that got it the 3rd star) but fails in almost everything else.

    My Advice: wait for the rebates. Should be half-price by Christmas.

    This got released as it is - but THE WITCHER got censored for...language and some fleeing nudity?...more info
  • Underrated
    This game is fun to play, sure it has a few bugs but as far as fun factor, its just that Fun. I would reccommend to anyone, it has pretty good graphics. There is a few downsides tho, like no chat button is a pretty big one. O well i like it and there is allways someone online to play with. Dont let the bad reviews fool you, this game is fun bottom line! ...more info
  • Tactical? No. Revolutionary? No. Old-School-Run-Around-Blow-People-Away? Yes!!
    I am a huge fan of Soldier of Fortune 2. I have never played a game so long and had so much fun. Soldier of Fortune 2 became even more amazing as time went on because the online community really made it their own. There are an infinite amount of mods, maps, skins, and settings that people created which allowed Soldier of Fortune 2 to evolve far beyond its initial offerings.

    Fast forward 4 or 5 or wow I don't know how many years I've been playing SOF2, but fast forward to now and we have Soldier of Fortune Payback. The expectations couldn't be higher. There is a devote SOF2 following which have eschewed the Halo's, the Call of Duty's, the high-octane, story-filled, first-person-shooters that have taken gaming to an entire new level. Sure, I've played all of the new titles, in fact, I love Call of Duty 4!! Yet I still find myself going to the SOF2 online gaming community that I love. The graphics are outdated, the realism is, well, it isn't; it's an old game and I love it!! And I love it for the same reasons I love the new Soldier of Fortune.

    So why do I like Payback? Call it nostalgia, call it simple, call it whatever you want, it takes fps' back to where they started; running around blowing people up!! No storyline of substance, no tactically adept AI; just overly powerful weapons that rip enemies to pieces. Blood squirting, limbs flying through the air, halved assassins crawling in agony on the ground (ok hopefully this review doesn't put me on the terror watch list), but you know what I'm saying?!!! It's the punching bag of fps'!!! You have a bad day at work, or traffic is driving you crazy, or you just need a little stress relief, SOF Payback is perfect. Sometimes I just want to come home and let a little steam off. Sure a game like Call of Duty 4 is challenging, the graphics are amazing, the interface is spectacular, but I don't always feel like being pwned by a smack-talking 13 year old every 5 seconds while I'm trying to hold my breath in order to snipe good (Zoolander). Sometimes I just want to point my gun at something and blow it up.

    So why only 4 stars? Well, Payback does have a few annoying things. One thing that really bugs me is that you can't lean around corners!! Common, if they built Payback around the same engine as SOF2 they had to purposely take that ability out. The other thing that bugs me is the way the game is saved. You can't quick save at any point during the game. You have to reach checkpoints, which is cool, but at least give me the option of a quick save. In single player, I'd also love to be able to carry an infinite amount of weapons. If the game isn't going for super-realism, why can't I carry an arsenal instead of a measly 3 at a time? Finally, which isn't the fault of the game, the online play is just not there!! There are only like 5-6 servers running online play and half of them you can't even log on to. When you do get on though, it's pretty fun :)

    My hope for Payback is that it becomes what SOF2 became, but the modding community has to be behind it. Payback lays the foundation for some amazing possibilities. As is, it's a fun game that I'll definitely keep playing. It's not a COD4 replacement, it's more of a niche game that remains fun in its simplicity. ...more info
  • why all the bad reviews???
    I really liked this game. I am working my way though it for the 3rd time. Though I have never played any of the other SOF games... I really like this one -alot of fun....more info
  • VERY Disapointed
    I have to say that I am very disappointed with this game. I really enjoyed the first two Soldier of Fortune games but this game did not live up to the franchise.

    My first complaint, this game is broken out of the box! Yes, some of the updates help (at least I have sound now) but it lacks the polish of even mediocre FPS.

    Second, the aiming in the game is terrible. You can be 30feet away with a M249 machine gun empty 100 rounds with the sight on the enemy and not hit him once!! It is extremely frustrating!

    Third, even the dismemberment which Soldier of Fortune is known for, is surprisingly lame. It is hard to describe, whether it is too much blood (making it look like a cartoon) or the poor physics implementation, it just doesn't work for me.

    Fourth, the options menu is pathetic! The game is extremely limited on customizable video, sounds, playability options and the options that are available and poorly done (why do I have to scroll through 30 resolutions and refresh rates to pick the one I want... what is this 1998??)

    Overall, I just cannot recommend this game to all but the must fervent SoF fans and even then wait until this game is about 10 bucks.. you will thank me.....more info
  • This is part 3?
    Fans of the previous installments, especially SoF2, are very likely to be disappointed by this. RMG? Not here. Video options? Maybe, if you're only planning to change the resolution. Fun gameplay? The enemy spawn behind you and whack you across the back of your head. In short, this is a budget title and it shows. Only it isn't priced like one. At $40 this is way overpriced. If you were a fan of SoF2 you have two options. One, you can buy it knowing it is a sequel in name only, or two, you can ignore this release and find something of higher quality. Another game that has a cd key, that was developed to compete, and has the fans in mind at the development stage.

    The best scenario would have been to make it multiplayer only and to mimic the settings and options of the previous game with an upgraded engine. The second installment had the Random Map Generator which was certainly unique and would have been nice to see back for this one. As it is this is just a new game that is SoF-like but is a mess. No understanding of those things that made the previous game the success that it was is to blame. For that they will find that this game will have been a waste of time to develop.

    I would have given it two stars if they had better game options, such as audio and video, and if the game had better audio in-game. I'd have a hard time justifying more than one star with this overpriced, uninspired, empty game. Which is too bad, as I was really looking forward to it....more info
  • Horrible
    Let me first say I am a huge fan of the Soldier of Fortune franchise. However this third installment is absolutely atrocious! The developer definitely dropped the ball. The game play is horrible, limited controls, you can't adjust the visual settings other than the resolution, and sounds are the worst I've heard in a game. For example, if an enemy is shooting at you 10 feet away there is no sound, you can't tell if you're being shot at by an enemy or listening to the background noise which is repetitive and loud! The only way you know you're getting shot at is by the screen flashing! There is no GHOUL; you can easily dismember your opponent with a BB gun or take an enemy's arm of by blowing on it hard enough if you want. Forget about an interesting storyline this is easily a competitor for worst game of the year. Multiplayer is nothing like SOF 2 its soo bad I won't even comment because it makes me nauseous! In short I have nothing good to say about this game... 30mins after I loaded it up I wanted my money back. If you feel like blowing $40 bucks on a game that will bore you to tears before you even finish the 1st level go for it, but if you're smart wait till this game hits the $5 valusoft rack where it belongs and pick up something worthwhile like CoD 4 or Crysis....more info
  • Give it a miss
    I was excited to see a new installment of the SOF series was being released...but sadly, this is not what I was hoping for.

    As the other reviews have already mentioned, this is a budget release in everything but price ($40 is waaaay too high for a budget game!). The gameplay is very different to SOF and SOF2, and fans of the previous two games are highly likely to be disappointed by the poor quality of this third installment. The enemy AI is non-existent, and the game as a whole is very boring and repetitive. This probably would have been a good game if it had of been released 10 years ago...but against todays games it just doesn't stand up.

    Also, if you have Windows Vista then you will need to get the 1.1 patch for this game (yes, there is a patch already). I found the game to be completely unplayable on Vista without the patch (super super slow, and crackly sound)....more info


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