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"The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons" by Napoleon Hill is the most complete and widely acclaimed course on success ever written, and took 20 years to write.

Commissioned by Andrew Carnegie, he wanted Napoleon Hill to organize the world's first philosophy of personal achievement, based upon the principles that he and his fellow giants of the age Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Alexander Graham Bell and hundreds of others, had used to accumulate vast fortunes.

"The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons" will teach you how to unleash your full potential and achieve guaranteed success in life and work, by following the principles within the book. This book will also teach you how-to conquer many common fears, such as Poverty, Ill Health, Criticism, Loss of Love and Death.

"The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons", indispensable reading for personal achievement.

Free copy of Napoleon Hill's classic, "Think and Grow Rich" is also included.

Customer Reviews:

  • A must have...
    Every household should have this book. Napoleon's teachings are timeless and appropriate for any endeavor....more info
  • The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons (2 Volume Set)
    This book has profound,timeless and ageless information that is applicable across cultures for every one with the DESIRE and will to succeed. It cuts at the core of human behavior and shows that very little changed in terms of human behavior overtime. This is a MUST have book for everone who wants to succeed big time....more info
  • How to be a successful person
    I think this book is a complete guide to be a succesful person. I read the former review and i disagree. Napoleon Hill interviewed the people who had the most impact of the world at that time, Ford(Ford automobile), Edison(Inventor of the light bulb, battery), Gandhi etc. Then he wrote this book about how they thought and acted, and he describes how we can think and act to make the world better. In my opinion one of the main messages of the bible is to make the world a better place for all of us, so i think the law of success and the bible at least have that in common. The book is about 1200 pages long. I think it is well worth the price....more info
  • Napoleon Hill is the master
    As you begin to read the book you sense a familiarity with the subject matter. Almost as though you heard the story before. Quickly you realize you're experiencing the original story.

    Napoleon Hill was originally responsible for finding the common traits between the world's most successful people. Andrew Carnegie "suggested" this idea to Mr. Hill. As a condition of employment Mr. Hill would have to perform the work without pay. He would have to earn money some other way. Mr. Carnegie helped by providing letters of introduction to some of the world's most successful people.

    Nearly every book written sine this time has used these same principles with new faces.

    Get the straight dope from the source. Start with this book.

    Thank you Paul McManus for buying me the most important book I've read.

    -Brent Norris info

  • Buy Think and Grow Rich
    The concepts in this book were the one's that the author used to compile "Think and Grow Rich". Buy this book if you are an avid fan of the concepts and principles of success and want to read them in a slightly different format and organization. Otherwise, you can get basically the same information from the compiled book mentioned earlier....more info
  • This is a Must Read!
    I've read many self-improvement books, but this one is obviously the first and the one upon which all the others are based. Great read!...more info
  • Classic
    This is a great book for inspiration. Don't expect getting anything practical out of it, just pure inspiration. It's not the holy bible, it's not a sacred Maya script... but it's a Napoleon Hill book, worth buying and worth glancing at from time to time.

    The language is clear and direct. And it seems to be a whole lot cheaper than it was when I bought it (I have the 1st edition hardcover, a very thick book). ...more info
  • The best self-help book currently available.

    What an excellent book the Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, by Napoleon Hill. This has to be the most comprehensive self-help book currently available. You also get as a FREE added bonus book, Think and Grow Rich on the Kindle version, which is also by Napoleon Hill, which has sold over 60million copies world wide since its first release.

    Another book I highly recommend is: How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie, which is available at a great discount price for the Kindle on Amazon from the following weblink: How to Win Friends and Influence People

    ...more info
  • forget The Secret. This is the real deal!
    These are the Original principles of success that were culled from the lives of men like Carnegie, Edison, Ford and others. Read this and then go and read the biographies of the examples given before you apply them, and see for yourself that these work. There is no clever packaging, nor metaphysical/New Age sounding rhetoric, just sound advice. Forget the current watered down fad. This is the first and still the best....more info
  • Beyond inspiring
    One of Napoleon Hill's maxims is to do more than you are being paid for, and he certainly does that in this book.

    This book is truly a Bible for success, and is full of amazing concepts. Though this book was written back in the 1920's and 30s, the concepts are Universal and timeless. Reading this book opens up whole new horizons in my thinking, and has me going wow.

    As someone who loves metaphysics, I can state that Napoleon Hill is a very conscious person obviously schooled in the metaphysical laws as well. I love his explanation about energy and the ether, and also the analogy between radio signals, and our own ways of communicating, coinicidences etc.

    Clearly, he has had phenomenal success as a teacher and motivator, and he has tapped the greatest minds of his time.

    Motivation, wealth building and success without NH's concepts, would be like music as if the Beatles had never existed. You might appreciate it, but something would be missing.

    So, I highly recommend this book. If you are into the more metaphysical, check out Creating Money by Sanaya Roman.

    If you were to find this review helpful, please click yes....more info
  • Not Complete, nor Unabridged
    I just received my copy a couple of weeks ago. Part of an assignment for my mentoring group was to gather with a group and read the first lesson aloud. I was stopped several times during my reading because my version read differently than the versions of several others (their versions were from the Napoleon Hill Institute) I soon began to see a trend: It seems that BN Publishing has seen fit to remove every reference to Jesus Christ in their "complete & unabridged" single volume. So, do not expect to read all of the author's words in this volume. Napoleon Hill has been censored....more info
  • It's truly a "how-to"
    Those who are familiar with Napoleon Hill's work know that the techniques in his books were proven to work before the books were even written. As Hill has said himself, failure is not even an option to those who follow the techniques persistently.

    I don't think it would be possible to write a good self-help book without repeating at least one of the techniques outlined in Hill's books. That's probably why I find that most other self-help books do just that - and usually in a redundant and/or confusing way.

    If you're willing to be open-minded and - again, persistent - your best bet would probably be to go with Napoleon Hill - the original self-help author as far as I'm concerned.

    Also, it is my belief that the techniques can be adapted and used by intelligent followers of any faith....more info

  • Success requires no explanation = Own this book requires no explanation
    I have try to write a GREAT review for The Law Of Success countless of time so that readers can get THE MESSAGE and acquire it. But each time i delete it away and never submit because no matter how i write, there will be people who read review and yet cannot decide to buy it.

    I SINCERELY want YOU to get HOLD of THIS book. Get it no matter what! Do not doubt because DOUBTS ARE YOUR TRAITOR in this case!

    If you read this review and decide to buy The Law Of Success,
    I will AT HERE SINCERELY THANK YOU 1,000,000 TIMES! Because I may be doing the GREATEST FAVOUR for you in your lifetime and possibly your family and later generations to come! With that,next time in future, people might grant me the greatest favour of my lifetime!

    Life is a checker board, the player opposite you is TIME!
    Time will not wait for you, if you hesitate before you move, your armies will be wipe out!

    Please make the wisest decision of your life by purchasing this book!

    Another great book i reccomend is Think And Grow Rich!

    Please Vote, thanks!

    ...more info
  • Great Book
    I am really enjoying this book although at times it seems a little complex, it gives me something to really figure out and appreciate in the long run, I feel it will really implement a lot of good qualities and characteristics in my life and I look forward to reading it again.

    Tyffanii...more info
  • The Way To Riches
    I think this excerpt should be sufficient for my review:

    "What?" Mellet exclaimed, " a failure?
    "Surely you know the difference between failure and temporary defeat," he continued. "No man is a failure who creates a single idea, much less an entire philosophy, that serves to soften the disappointments and minimize the hardships of generations yet unborn." "...more info
  • OUTSTANDING for REAL WEALTH from the Inside Out that LASTS
    This is one of the BEST books (there are two in the set) that I have ever read for what truly creates real and lasting wealth, as well as what prevents people from the same.

    The wisdom in this book is timeless, and will definitely show you where you may have been unconsciously blocking abundance in your life, as well as the character beneath to sustain it with a pure conscious.

    I could quote this book a thousand times. A few of my favorites are:
    "No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he begins to look in the mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes."

    "Don't be afraid of a little opposition. Remember that the 'Kite' of success generally rises AGAINST the wind of Adversity - not with it!"

    "Is it not strange that we fear most that which never happens? That we destroy our initiative by the fear of defeat, when, in reality, defeat is a most useful tonic and should be accepted as such."

    "Service, Sacrifice and Self-Control are three words which must be well understood by the person who succeeds in doing something that is of help to this world."

    "Charles Chaplin makes a million dollars a year out of a funny, shuffling walk and a pair of baggy trousers, because he does 'something different.' Take the hint and individualize yourself with some distinctive idea."

    "E.M. Statler became the most successful hotel man in the world by rendering MORE SERVICE and BETTER SERVICE THAN HIS GUESTS WERE ASKED TO PAY FOR."

    There is more in this book of lasting value that can truly make a difference in your life than many get-rich-quick books I've come across. As this great book states, "Conceit is a fog which envelops a man's real character beyond his own recognition. It weakens his native abilities and strengthens all his inconsistencies."

    This book really shows you the stuff wealth is made of. It comes from a pure heart, an open mind that values wisdom, and a person who values people more than dollars. Do that, and you'll come to find more dollars than you ever have before.

    Along with this book, I recommend "Think and Grow Rich" (shown above) and "Failing Forward" by John C. Maxwell if you're looking for more current examples, though timeless and rewarding.

    They ALL deserve 10 stars.

    ...more info
  • The Same As Think and Grow Rich...
    ...Damn, I bought this book because a friend of mines informed me that Napolean Hill had written this book BEFORE Think and Grow Rich, and that it contained the original blue print to Money and Success. OK, he was right, it does...BUT so do THINK and GROW RICH! I gave the book a 3 star rating because the information is contained in several of Napolean Hill's writings. The book comes in a 2 volume set and is well worth the money ($19.95) for both volumes. The book contains scores of life lessons and examples, and will take some time to read. I will not recommed this book if you have THINK AND GROW RICH or THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH by Wallace D. Wattles...... (BOTH BOOKS ARE ALL YOU NEED FOR SUCCESS and MONEY) Everything else from any contemporay auther is Plagarism...Both Books were published in the early 1920's....more info
  • The Law of Success
    I received this book as expected and am pleased with the service. The book is excellent....more info
  • Too Much to Swallow
    This highly touted book did not appeal to me at all. The lessons are depressing, overbearing, and contained too much negative information for me. Each "lesson" leads me to feel that I will never be able to turn my circumstances around, and I get upset just thinking about picking it up and resuming reading it. The "lessons" are just too harsh, too time consuming, too much work, requiring time and focus that a busy career woman just does not have. Obviously written by a man, for men. Maybe I'm just not ready for it. Not one of the "successful" people mentioned in the book by the author is a female!!! Go figure!...more info
  • not worth your time
    I read all the reviews on Amazon about this product and did other research besides. It was highly recommended by someone whose judgment I respected (Kevin Trudeau), who indicated it contained vital information that was missing from Think and Grow Rich. Hence, I eagerly anticipated listening to this unabridged version of Napoleon Hill's The Law of Success in 16 Lessons (the BN Publishing version).

    I was extremely disappointed for several reasons, the first being the quality of reading of the information. I listened to all 21 hours or so but could not stand to listen a second time through (though my practice is to listen to educational things over and over and over to really let them sink in). Besides the poor reading, there is nothing new here, nothing that readers of this type of self-help literature haven't heard from a variety of other sources.

    Here are some of the mistakes from the first few hours of listening to this audio book that made it really tough for me to continue listening:

    Clergy (clergyman) sounds like cler' ghee - the g sounds like g in gutter (or "ghee" which is a clarified butter product) instead of the proper "j" sound - found many times.

    Pontius Pilate should not be pronounced pon' teus pill ate' - I just about stopped listening after that one.

    Antagonostic should be antagonistic - even if Hill couldn't spell, the reader should have corrected it so as not to sound like an idiot.

    Who in America has not heard of the Armour Meat Packing Company? How about arm' wahr which is how it is pronounced on this CD? Five times in the first few hours. When I heard arm' wahr mentioned it distracted me because I'd always wonder, "Is this the meat packer guy?" I think language is good for one thing and one thing only - effective communication. arm' wahr is a great way to say the name if you are speaking French (I suppose?), but the language of America is English, the American version. It ain't not for nuthin' that we pronounce it arm' er.

    "2 times 3 are 6" should have been "2 times 3 IS 6". For sure. What is the rule? Subject of the predicate is singular so the predicate must also be - or some such thing from the THIRD GRADE.

    Various and sundry - sundry should be pronounced sun' dree, not sun' dry - found twice early on and several more times later.

    Lying the foundation should be laying the foundation.

    Secretarianism should be sectariansim - found twice.

    Stenographer should NOT be pronounced as sten' oh graffer but rather sten ah' gruff er'.

    It goes on and on, but my personal favorite is Socrates which the reader pronounces as "so crate' eez", though I thought pon' teus pill ate' was a hoot, too.

    It continues on Disc 2 with my favorite being cont' igin (both letters I sound like the I in "it".) The actual word was contagion which should be pronounced as con tay' gin. It was mispronounced 3 times in about two minutes. The fourth time he got it right. I don't know about you, but personally I would have recorded over the mistaken sections if for no other reasons than I would want to do an excellent job. If I believed this was truly a great work (personally I don't think it is any longer compared to the "imitators"), or even a piece of absolute trash, there's no way that I would allow for any mistakes.

    Even if Hill made the above mistakes himself in print, the reader of the audio book should have corrected them. Failing that, the reader's EDITOR certainly should have said, "Whoa, fella! Hold up a minute. We need the King's English here because this is a Classic, a Great Work which deserves to be presented in the very best way possible. We want to do a quality job here." Apparently the reader and his editor didn't really feel that Hill's book was worthy of their best. Did this CD set even HAVE an editor?

    As I said initially, I bought this thing upon the recommendation of Kevin Trudeau. He said it was first on his recommended reading / listening list because it contains "gems" which no other publication has, information that Hill was forced to take out of Think and Grow Rich because it was so effective that the rich guys didn't want to share it. If that was true, why would they agree to be interviewed in the first place? If they were that dumb to let the cat out of bag, why do we want their "secrets"? As I went through this I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for a voice to come down out of Heaven and enlighten me with Great Wisdom, but, alas, all kept hearing was a repetition of things, none of which are "new", none of which are "secrets", none of which you can't get much more easily in other CDs or books.

    I've been reading self help books for over 50 years. I love to read them over and over. This is the worst self-help book I have ever read or listened to.

    Hill's claim to fame was that he had distilled down the Wisdom of all the great moneymakers of the late 19th century, that he had interviewed all these folks over the space of 20 years after being given an intro by Carnegie to each of them, his "buddies". I was disappointed to hear during the first part of the reading that most of The Law of Success in 16 Lessons was drawn from Henry Ford. Hill made it sound like he had a fixation on Ford, that he was such a genius, a man for the ages, beyond compare. From what I read elsewhere (including a biography of Ford), he had a good product at a cheap price at the right time. Ford was smart but also he had a confluence of fortuitous circumstances, "A Series of Fortunate Events" (great title for a movie). If Ford was head to head with Toyota today, he likely would not look quite so smart. I was expecting a large variety of ideas from a variety of the world's most successful men - not just ONE smart man.

    Recommendation: There is much to be learned and so little time, so don't waste it on this bloated tome that is so painful to listen to if you are literate and have respect for the English language. Read the much shorter Think and Grow Rich. You won't miss a thing....more info
  • The Law of Success in sixteen lessons; Napoleon Hill
    As an entrepeneur I'm always looking for information on business and mind sets for success. I've have been looking for the law of success off and on for years. I finally resorted to Amazon for the book and there it was . I was so exstatic, I could hardly wait to get it and read it. This is the definitve book that the big business of the time didn't want published after they read it. The ultimate recipe of how the leaders of the big businesses thought and worked. All the inticacies of what they did, how and why. Any serious entrepeneur should have this book in his reference library. Respectful regards, info
  • A lesson a day keeps failure away........
    I appreciate Amazon offering this outstanding book set by the late, great Napolean Hill. I was given the hardback set many years ago as a gift, but lost them when my home got flooded.

    The Law of Success is like an expanded version of Think and Grow Rich. It contains a series of lectures done by Napolean Hill many, many years ago. I found the best way to use this set is to just read on lesson per day and let the material sink in. Sort of like going to school or taking a course, except this is the course in personal achievement.

    These principles have survived the test of time. They worked back in the early days when they were created and they work today as well....more info

  • what you've been searching up and down for
    In reguards to the comment about this book being too long: First, this book (the original which is the 16 lessons version) was out about 10 yrs before "think and grow rich". Second, and more importantly, the depth of this book is essential to living life the way you want to live it. Not just because you want a few good ideas in your head for a couple days only to be forgotten a month later.
    For example, what lasts longer: a puddle of water, or an ocean? Of course an ocean. A puddle dries up quickly because it has limited substance. On the other hand, an ocean withstands the droughts.
    This is a book for the person who is truly dedicated to the next level. A level of true achievement and freedom the "downers" in life. If your just looking for an interesting read, than purchase think and grow rich....more info
  • Just going to read two books?
    I have read over 800 books in my life so far and most of them of high quality. Even so I would only recommend about 20 or so of them. But this set of books takes spot number one. If you only will read two books - make it these two!

    This set of books contains real secrets to generate wealth - what is taught in them is working for me!

    Every person who want to get anything out of life should spend the 20 hours or so it will take to read these books! You will NEVER regret it....more info
  • Think & Grow Rich--the expanded version
    If you liked or love Think & Grow Rich like I do, then you'll love The Law of Success by Napolean Hill. Warning: get ready for a lot of reading. This two volume set includes the 16 lessons and goes a lot deeper than Think & Grow Rich. None the less, I found the reading enjoyable and profitable.

    The law of success is actually a series of lectures that Hill did many years ago. As such, I believe that this book is even more valuable than Think & Grow Rich. Much more meat--and I liked Think and Grow Rich.

    Add the Law of Success to your success library. It can change your life....more info

  • The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons
    The book was written in 1929 when a paycheck of $100.00 a week was a lot of money and radio was considered leading-edge technology. Keeping that in mind, the book is an interesting and educational read. The Sixteen Laws of Success in the book are timeless and relevant even today. ...more info
    I am thoroughly enjoying this book; it is connecting information I've garnered on this subject from other books; allowing me to better understand this important topic and its applications....more info
  • Is this any better than Think and Grow Rich ?
    Standing on its own this book gets 5 stars for the ideas presented, but definitley not for the style and organization. However the real reason I give 3 stars is that the author has already successfuly condensed his philosophy into a more focused, clear, and readable book called Think and Grow Rich. I read Think and Grow Rich first and I'm not quite sure if the effort/time/money in reading the 800 extra pages in The Law of Success was worthwhile. Sure there are some additional good examples of his philosophy presented, but more than a few are not so good or are rambling or way too long. Its posible re-reading Think and Grow Rich would have been better. ...more info
  • the success story
    This booke will give the keys that will enables all humain being to succed irrespective of their field.A must read book....more info
  • The Eternal Law Of Success
    When I first read this book I felt bad for not having come across a jem like this during my formative years.Unlike many books which preach good values in an abstract way, this book provides specific practical techniques for practicing them in a day to day life.What is even more attractive is the gaurantee of tangible benefits to the practitioner if one follows these rules genuinely.No one can claim he is less fortunate in life if he has read this book.What a masterpiece from the contemporary of Ford and Edisson!...more info
  • Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons
    This book is awesome. I use it to guide me through personal and business achievements. I have experienced several success results from following the author's theories. I purchased a second book as a graduation gift to my son. He says it answers many of his questions on how to be successful.
    ...more info
  • The equalivent of an MBA in personal development
    Like most people I bought Think & Grow Rich along with several other business and positive mind books. A leader in a company that I was associated with suggested The Law of Success. He warned me that it would be a lot of reading. At that time it was two hard back copies, beautifully bound.

    I asked him if the books helped him. He told me that this set helped him achieve a level of success that was previously unattainable to him. And he told me that this series was much more complete than Think & Grow Rich---it was like attending class. Transcripts from actual Napolean Hill lectures.

    I found that like Rich, these books helped me to go to levels that I could never reach before as well. Think & Grow Rich planted the seeds and got my interest as well as offered powerful strategies. This 2 book set helped make more sense of the principles, tied things together.

    The other Hill book that I strongly recommend is Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. I know that even in todays world, some people bicker at the positive mind books...but guess what? They work! Everyone I know who has achieved any level of success attributes that success to books like these.
    I know they sure have helped me....more info

  • This seller is a winner
    My book arrived quickly and in impeccable condition. I would definitely purchase from this seller again....more info
    Full of great information but, it is a little hard to follow the writing style. Seems to repeat a lot of the information, however, I beleive this was done on purpose to drive home the important points...more info
  • Just like the orignal
    I was able to find one (out of eight) orignal book. To my surprise it was exact, word for word! A friend, said that I would never be able to find a good revised copy. The information is timeless....more info
  • A Cornucopia of wisdom!
    Napoleon Hill is one of the best writers and leaders on success and personal achievement of the 20th century and beyond! Every time I finish one of his works I turn around and buy another. The material covered in this book is just top of the line; there is no other way to say it. If you are really serious, I mean if you really want to take control of your life and start producing, then get this book because it is a virtually cornucopia of wisdom on how to!

    (...)...more info
  • Intolerable writing style
    I'm sure there was some good advice in the book, but I couldn't abide the writing style. Every bit of advice is oversold as a Universal Law caused by Hitherto Unknown Physical Phenomena!!! I made it through 50 pages before throwing the books away....more info


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