Philips Sonicare FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with Sanitizer

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Product Description

Product Description Available now at From the makers of the number one recommended power toothbrush brand by dental professionals, Philips Sonicare introduces FlexCare, the most advanced power toothbrush ever. Featuring a new innovative technology, FlexCare removes more plaque than Oral B's Triumph and even Sonicare Elite. The integrated ultraviolet (UV) Sanitizer removes up to 99 percent of bacteria* on your toothbrush.

From the makers of the number one recommended power toothbrush brand by dental professionals, Philips Sonicare introduces FlexCare, the most advanced power toothbrush ever. Featuring a new innovative technology, FlexCare removes more plaque than Oral B's Triumph and even Sonicare Elite. The integrated ultraviolet (UV) Sanitizer removes up to 99 percent of bacteria* on your toothbrush.

The most advanced power toothbrush ever. View larger.
Built for your individual oral care needs, FlexCare offers three different cleaning modes and two routines to enhance your brushing experience.

Three modes include:
Clean - for maximum cleaning efficacy
Sensitive - for those with sensitive teeth and gums
Massage - to stimulate gums with a invigorating and pulsing motion

Routines include:
MaxCare - which delivers a 3-minute, thorough, full-mouth clean
GoCare - for a quick 1-minute clean between regular brushings

The new ProResults brush head works in a broad sweeping motion with contour fit bristles to help increase tooth coverage. This, combined with Sonicare's patented sonic technology, creates a high speed bristle motion that allows a powerful but gentle dynamic cleaning action, ensuring a deep clean between teeth and along the gum line. Additional features include a 30 percent smaller and lighter design and an 80 percent reduction in vibration (compared to Sonicare Elite).

The specially engineered UV sanitizer helps to eliminate bacteria commonly found on your toothbrush. Simply place the brush head in the FlexCare sanitizing unit, and with a single push of a button, your brush will be sanitized. The UV Sanitizer utilizes similar ultraviolet technology used in hospitals to clean and store your toothbrush so you know it is always ready for the next use.

2-year Warranty
The FlexCare comes with a 2-year warranty, but remember to replace your brush head at least every three months for optimal results.

Sonicare FlexCare Features
FlexCare System
3 Flexible brushing modes
2 Personalized cleaning routines
ProResults brush head
Provides better plaque removal and a comfort-enhanced brushing experience
UV sanitizer
One simple push of the buttom safeguards against bacteria
Two Contoured brush heads
Standard is ideal for complete cleaning
Compact provides precision cleaning
2-minute timer helps ensure dental professional recommended brushing time
30-second interval timer encourages thorough brushing of each quadrant of your mouth
Deluxe recharge guage
Green light level tracks battery charge and yellow light signals when to recharge
Multi-voltage compact travel charger
Compact charger lets you enjoy FlexCare while you're on the go

What's in the Box
Sonicare Toothbrush with two ProResults brush heads (Compact and Standard); UV Sanitizer with integrated charger; cord wrap, and brush head storage; travel charger; two hygenic travel caps; luxury soft travel case; and three additional color code rings.

*Kills up to 99 percent of E. Coli and Streptococcus Mutans

  • ProResults brush head provides better plaque removal and a comfort-enhanced brushing experience
  • Integrated UV sanitizer safeguards against bacteria
  • 2-minute timer helps ensure dental professional recommended brushing time
  • Green light level tracks battery charge and yellow light signals when to recharge
  • Compact charger lets you enjoy FlexCare while you're on the go

Customer Reviews:

  • It cleans my teeth great & my gums love it!!
    This is an Amazing toothbrush, with 40,000 strokes a minute it does the job!

    I had no idea the 30 second noise sounded so "built in". It's like a pause in the brush head that makes an audible change in pitch to let you know to move on.

    The toothbrush holds an ample charge, the brushing settings are okay they get the job done. My gums love the message setting. The UV Sanitizer is a great feature also. Nothing like knowing that -anything- drifting in your bathroom could also be drifting onto your toothbrush and into your mouth! This keeps the heads covered and cleans them for the next use!

    Well worth it!...more info
  • Beware
    My dentist she recommended this toothbrush which according to her would help my gengivitis. I did some research since I was confused with all the different models and I wanted to get a best buy - the best for my money. As part of the research I called Philips and told them my intention to get it on Ebay. The young man adviced me to get it through Amazon, since they honor the warranty b/c they have no way of knowing who sells them on Ebay or where they get their toothbrushes.
    Since I am so used to buying on Ebay, I continued my search with them and finally ordered the one I was sure was a best buy. I just made sure I'd check the reputation of the seller which was good and ask them if the box was sealed. She responded that yes, it was closed and brand new...

    I just received my best buy. Not only the box was not sealed... but the hard plastic inside had been broken (which means it has been opened and taken out) but also the battery had been charged and the small wire that holds together the electric cords had been messed with.

    Now I am left with doubts... I already contacted the seller telling her that I am contacting her before I write the feedback to allow her the chance to make amends but I am facing now a situation which I could have avoided had I listened to the young guy at Philips.

    So, just so you know! Maybe, if I get lucky, it has NOT been used. YUCK!
    ...more info
  • Philips Sonicare FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with Sanitizer
    Product just as described... does a fantastic cleaning job & the UV sanitizer is so cool! Now that I have had electric, I could never go back to manual....more info
  • Too expensive.
    Apparently the cheaper models clean your teeth as well as this expensive model, which has bells and whistles that most people will never use. Our unit stopped charging after a year, so I chatted online (available 24 hours) with a Phillips rep who said I'll get a new unit within 10 days.... Wow... that is exemplary customer service!!...more info
  • So far, so good!
    I've had my FlexCare for a little more than four months and I am very happy with it. Hopefully it will have a long life and I will prosper from it! I am so far, anyway.

    Like some other reviewers, I have a real problem with plaque. And I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I do not floss because my teeth are so close together that it's nearly impossible (even the dentist has commented on this). Nor do I visit my dentist nearly as often as I should. As a result, I have been fighting gingivitis for years. Now that you know a bit about where I'm coming from, here are my comments concerning the FlexCare:

    1. When I used a "manual" toothbrush, my gums bled EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is probably due, in part, to the fact that I brushed too hard, trying to get rid of the freakin' plaque! But with the FlexCare, I don't need to (and am not SUPPOSED to) brush hard. The brush does all the work, and it does it without mangling my gums. My gums don't bleed, yet my teeth feel so much cleaner than with the manual, it's downright amazing. In fact, it's slowly getting rid of plaque buildup that I thought my dentist would have to scrape off. (Please don't think you can get away with not going to the dentist because of this; I'm just telling you what I, a chronic dentist-avoider, am experiencing!) I'm convinced that the next time I go in for a cleaning at the dentist's office, I am going to be able to maintain that cleanliness for a LOT longer with my FlexCare than I ever could with a manual toothbrush.

    2. I have not changed my toothpaste, yet I am convinced that my teeth are at least twice as bright as they were before I started using the FlexCare. I can only assume that there is a sort of polishing side-benefit to using it. Huzzah!

    3. I have not yet had any problems with the chargers, the sanitizer, the brushing attachments or the handle itself. All seem to work just fine. However, please remember that I have only had it for four months. If I eventually have a problem with it, I will try to remember to post an update.

    4. I don't have an issue with the sound or vibration, unlike some other reviewers. In fact, I kind of have to laugh a little at those who complain about the noise it makes. I mean, seriously?! Have you looked up the definition of "sonic" in the dictionary? Not to mention you're using it INSIDE YOUR HEAD. What did you expect? Unless it's making you deaf or genuinely malfunctioning, I don't understand why that's a serious issue.

    5. What I DO agree with wholeheartedly is the complaint about nonreplaceable batteries (thus the four stars vice five). There is absolutely no good reason why I should be unable to personally replace the battery/batteries in ANY device manufactured after, say, the year 2005 (and that's being generous). I cannot think of any good excuse for the folks at Philips designing it this way, unless it is a money-making scheme. For shame, Philips. Get with the program! GO GREEN!

    6. Which leads me to my second and last complaint: the price is pretty high, particularly when you factor in the nonreplaceable battery. However, I may change my mind about this when I find out how much it saves me in dental bills ... not to mention how much "chair time" it may save me when I'm AT the dentist's office!

    Bottom line: I think this is a great toothbrush. I would buy it again. ...more info
  • Never got that dentist clean feel
    My gums are healthier, enamel are stronger, and no cavities etc. It's great for the front of the teeth but I prefer manually brushing behind and on top of the bigger teeth in the back. It's not a must have product.

    Mines broke after 8 months; the metal prong where the brush attaches to broke off. I called Philips' customer service and said they'll send a replacement within 10 business days. It's covered under the 2 year manufacturer's warranty....more info
  • first time sonicare user, loved it
    i moved up from an other brand power toothbrush to this model which was recommended by my dentist for better plaque removal.

    i usually don't use all the modes that this toothbrush comes with, but i was comfortable even with the default settings right from the first time. it is NOT loud (for me) as some other reviewers complained and it is pretty compact compared to other sonicare models. although this comes with 2 brush heads, i imagine most people will end up using the compact one all the time. i like the uv-sanitizer function and use it all the time, but you can argue whether it is needed. ...more info
  • Cleanest teeth!
    This is simply the best toothbrush ever! Our teeth feel and look so much cleaner since using this and it is great for my arthritic hands!...more info
  • Great product, but does not last
    I bought this item for my husband 1.5 years ago and it broke. My sister bought one about the same time and it is broken as well. The toothbrush just stopped working! make sure you register it when you buy, so you can get the replacement if it breaks within 2 years. I did not do this thinking it will be OK....more info
  • Caution if you plan to buy this model!
    Caution if you plan to buy this model. I went through THREE of these over a 14-month period before downsizing to a hopefully sturdier Essence. I will credit the company for customer service (they provided me with free replacements when the first and second models broke down during the year-long warranty) but I knock the FlexCare's design for lack of durability. You will know the end is near when you start hearing a loud rattling noise during brushing. A week or so later, the brush no longer works....more info
  • sonicare flexcare toothbrush
    This is a great improved toothbrush! I am totally impressed. You feel like your teeth are so clean and that you just came from the dentist. It does an excellent job. My teeth are sensitive but I have been OK with this product. Once you own this it would be very hard to go back to a manual brush. The clean feel just wouldn't be there. I would think it would be great for children as it would do a great job of keeping their teeth brushed properly. We all know children and adults rush through the process to simply get it done. This item does the work for you. Highly recommend to anyone!...more info
    I upgraded to this model after my old elite bit the dust, and I couldn't be happier. I feel like I've just left the dentist after each use.
    The customer service crew couldn't be friendlier or more helpful - very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Really clean teeth
    This was recommended by my dental hygienist. I'm very happy with the results. My teeth feel as clean as they do after a visit to the dentist. It's a little messy. Count on toothpaste splattering....more info
  • toothbrush rewiew
    just so so, the head is small and stiff, don't feel that its an improvement over a regular toothbrush...more info
  • The Perfect Toothbrush?
    Sonicare Flexcare: The Perfect Toothbrush?

    About six months ago I decided it was about time to upgrade my toothbrush. It had treated me well, but the battery was no longer holding a charge for more than 60 seconds, and the heads were getting harder and harder to track down. Using Google and Amazon, I was quickly able to determine that the heavy hitters in the power toothbrush playing field were the Sonicare Flexcare and the Oral-B Triumph.

    The Flexcare is Sonicare's flag-ship model. Earning its moniker from the multiple cleaning modes feature, this lithium battery powered device is the Mercedes of electric toothbrushes.

    Alternatively, the Triumph is Oral-B's "Most technologically advanced toothbrush." It's claim to fame is what Oral-B calls SmartGuide technology. Wirelessly, it transmits brushing feedback data (pressure, time, etc.) to an LCD screen. A bit over the top? Perhaps.

    Both models offered top-of-the-line features and each had earned near 5-star reviews on Amazon. After reading through some of the reviews and pricing out each model I decided to take one last step before making my final decision: ask my dentist what they recommended. To my surprise they didn't have a preference. I was instructed that either model would work great, so long as I brushed at least twice daily and flossed nightly!

    I ended up purchasing the two-handle Sonicare Flexcare bundle with UV sanitizer. One handle for me, one for my girlfriend, and a super cool UV sanitization chamber to play with! Aside from the two handles (handle is really just Sonicare lingo for toothbrush) the box also contained: two travel pouches, one travel charger, and different color rings used to personalize each toothbrush. The colored rings certainly come in handy when two people living in the same household use the same model toothbrush!

    Here are my thoughts after six months:

    Build Quality:
    Excellent. The Flexcare feels very solid in-hand. The buttons are all sealed, easy to press, and the head slides on and off with little effort. The charging station is fairly compact and interfaces well with the handle.

    Ease of Use:
    Pressing the mode select button will move through all available brush modes. Including: quick care, max care, massage, clean, and sensitive. Press the power button (with the toothbrush in your mouth!) and the Flexcare goes to work. After about 30 seconds or so the head will vibrate on and off a few times, this is a signal to move on to another section of your mouth. Sonicare calls this feature "Quadpacer" and claims it helps promote even cleaning. After two to three minutes the brush shuts itself off and you are done.

    What I like:
    -Keeps you honest. Turn the toothbrush off before the brushing cycle ends and you are only cheating yourself out of a thorough cleaning.
    -Multiple cycles. I tend to use the quick care (one minute) cycle in the mornings and in the evening I switch off between the normal clean cycle (two minutes) and the "Max Care" cycle (three minutes).
    -Newly designed head. Made to resist toothpaste build-up, it is easily removed for cleaning/sanitizing. The included heads are also very soft and extremely comfortable to brush with
    -Battery life is amazing. We're talking upwards of two weeks used 2 to 3 times daily.

    What I don't like:
    -Splatter! Don't think about taking this thing out of your mouth while it is on, if you do micro droplets of toothpaste will go everywhere.
    -Cost. Price is high, but then again you can't really put a price on healthy teeth and gums.

    What really triggered me to write this review is how pleased I have been with this toothbrush over the past six months. Yes, three minutes feels like an eternity when brushing your teeth, but fire up your cell phone and read news/twitter updates/email/etc. and will go by in no time - the beauty of multitasking! What does my dentist think? At my last cleaning I was told my brushing could not have been better. No plaque, no tartar, and most importantly, no cavities. I wholeheartedly believe if everyone brushed with a toothbrush like this, dentists would lose a great deal of business! Hats off to Sonicare for making an excellent product that needs no improvement. A+
    ...more info
  • I like it.
    I feel like I go to the dentist every day. My teeth are whiter and slicker. It's a little rough on sensitive teeth so you have to either get used to or go back to the mode for new users.

    It's pricey, but worth it. ...more info
  • An otherwise great product with a serious design flaw
    I have used Sonicare brushes for years and love them. My wife decided to get me their newest model. The thing looked great, felt good in my hand and seemed powerful enough to do the job. I liked the option to be able to set it on max care to get the teeth done and the gums massaged. The go care option seemed to make sense for the quickie midday brush.

    Now for the design flaw. The switch to change the brushing options is right where anyone with a good sized hand is going to hold the thing. I NEVER get through a brushing without changing the setting from clean to sensitive (which my teeth definitely aren't). So I have to stop the thing and reset it. Worse still is that the switch is sizable and takes almost no pressure to actuate. Worse still is that you have to switch it through four options to get it back to clean.

    Before you spend the small fortune to buy one of these, try to find one you can hold in your hand. You can hold it at the very end and not have this problem but that feels awkward to me.

    I may go back to my old one and ditch this. ...more info
  • Brushhead needs REPLACEMENT in LESS than a MONTH.
    I've used several other of the sonicare tooth brushes and like the way my feel after brushing BUT this particular series is a complete waste even though the positives are light weight and it's travel ability overseas. If I didn't change the brush every month, the bristles have spread apart and will not get the teeth clean. At about $10 a brush this is $120 a year for the brushes plus the $133 you will initially spend. I am really disappointed as I thought I had found the brush that would meet all my needs, travelling, small size and weight plus the cleaning capacity of the previous sonicares. If the tooth brush does indeed last for two years, it's still a huge expense....more info
  • My first electrical toothbrush
    It's my first electrical toothbrush and I think it was the perfect decision to go for this model. Very elegant design, battery lasts about 1 month for brushing 2 min twice per day (I don't have it plugged in all the time). The cleaning results are great while there's no harm to the gums. Unit is easy to clean too and the Sanitizer is a nice feature. If you are not using it, it's still nice storage for the 2 brush heads....more info
  • Pricey but good
    This product is expensive, but at least it is as good as described here in; the only reason I give it only four stars is that I'm still waiting for the advertised $40 coupon from info
  • Wonderful Product
    I have never used an electric toothbrush before so I carefully reviewed all the brands, reader comments, consumer research reviews, etc. I had settled on the Sonic Elite, but wasn't thrilled to hear about the messy part (I planned on buying the silicone cover to help alleviate the problem). I realized the next evolution of the product was out, and expecting to use the toothbrush for many years to come, decided to pay the extra money for the top of the line version. Not having used an electric toothbrush before, I expected to be wearing a lot of toothpaste the first not around, but not so. No problems. The toothbrush is very light and easy to manipulate in the mouth. I have been using the compact head since I have a small mouth. Given some of the other review I was somewhat concerned about the noise, but it is not an issue. It is a low-toned buzz, far quieter than an electric razor. No one in the next room would even hear it. My teeth look much whiter, even after the first time (I'm a coffee, tea, and cola drinker)and they always feel dentist clean. The Flexcare Sonicare has been a pleasure to use and to keep clean. I've had it a little over a month and I love it, I would hate to think of ever giving it up. It is well worth the money....more info
  • Sonic Toothbrush with Sanitizer
    The Philips Sonicare Flexcare Rechargeable Toothbrush with Sanitizer is an outstanding product and excellent value. It took several days to get use to it, but then it was great. Excellent job in cleaning your teeth and massaging the gums....more info
  • Great purchase! But Floss is still required for healthy gum
    I used to have this 7500 Series and then its being recalled back and I get a replacement of 9551. Both of them lasts no more than 1 yr! They simply dont charged and i dont use them often! So with the waiting for the replacement 9551 + delay to service center, my 2yrs warranty period is up.

    Earlier I have this mould problem growing on the rubber surface of both sonicare brushes. Now, I have decided to put this set in my studyroom.

    -UV Santizer helps to 'warm the brush'. I used it after I use the toothbrush. Guess it helps to reduce bacteria growth & speed up drying of the toothbrush too.

    -Sensitive mode that is much gentle than the previous generation and Clean function. Better for me with receeding gum problems.

    -I am observing my gums for days now and swollen gum has subside but the in between of teeth area are slightly red. I will have to use floss daily to improve my gum problem.

    -The whole package (plastic) is fully sealed up. The plastic nodes area are fully melted and there is no way u can open this up without cutting it open etc. This let u know u are getting a '100% clean' set. Hygience issue. Good!

    -Sanitizing box have this translucent area where light will be emitted when the box is in use. The UV lights can cause damage to the eyes so I guess this is a good indicator to let one know its been in use.

    -Brushes are different from 7500 n 9500 series. This flexcare series brushes are easier to be maintained. Dont have to push up the slots and wash the in parts attached to the brush heads. But again, negative part abt this is that u have to take out the brush head and wash that thin metal + inside of the brush to make sure saliva/toothpaste etc dont get stuck inside and starts to form white residue. I have it for few days and I didnt dry it thoroughly. So i saw white residue on the metal surface area of the handle. (Still acceptable)

    -Dont really know when to charge it. Maybe the new lithinum battery means it can be charged anytime but I still prefer not to.

    Manual mentione abt green and yellow battery indicator.. but i only see yellow-green color. Not 2 colors to indicate if the brush need charging.

    -The UV sanitizing box and charger is joined together. U cannot seperate them. So the only way is to use Traveller charger. But I believe they are different unit? If the box cant work, can we still use the linked charger for charging?

    -Troublesome to maintain the UV Sanitizing part.
    The promoter didnt mentioned anything abt cleaning the UV sanitizer box. You have to take out some components, wipe it or wash it which I have to figure out later. Its troublesome & I'm worried of breaking the parts.

    -Light bulb might be damaged and have to get it from service center.

    -Round pins. It doesnt come with a converter adapter like what I have when i bought 7551 series.
    I saw the traveller charger and it seem to be round pins too. If thats the case, its not really a 'traveller' charger. They should bundle the Sonicare 3 Pin Square PLug to this set for use at selected countries.

    -The Open/Close button/door of the Sanitizing box looks flimpsy. I hope it can last.

    -Rubber material like the Sonicare series. Some complained that it will turn mouldy. I have the same problem too. So I will try to wipe it dry after every use, put it in my studyroom now. No more in toilet. The rubber material coating is far more than the 9500 series i guess so I dont want it to look gross after 2yrs (provided the battery can last that long. Finger crossed).

    -Dont have place for us to dry or seperate the brush from the handle!!! 9500 series has a brush stand but this dont have. They should have some hook or whatever for us to hook this to the back of the UV box or somewhere. Water and water vapour will form when the brush is kept secured to the handle daily and I believe it will turn black like what happened to my earlier series.

    Overall, I dont regret buying this but wish its cheaper. However, I wish that the developers have been more thoughtful when they come up with some certain simple but important parts to make life easy for users.

    I have a problem with brushing my lower teeth. I just simply cant get it right! so I have to pay the $ to prevent my receeding gum problems from going worse. Teeth and gum are something we cannot ask doctor to 'replace' with. Nothing beats the 'original' human parts....more info
  • Squeaky clean!
    We have had the toothbrush since December. I had read reviews on many different "electric" toothbrushes and am SOOO glad I chose this one. I feel that I brushed my teeth real well with a manual toothbrush, but boy was I surprised on how wrong I was. My teeth have NEVER felt so clean. They are actually squeaky clean. I do agree that its kind of noisy & I sure did make a mess the first time I used it, but that being said, if you want great feeling and clean teeth, take the plunge!...more info
  • sanitize this
    The toothbrush performs quite well. The battery and charger also work well. The sanitizer bulb burnt out in less than 3 months of daily use. Call phillips for replacement bulb to purchase. They are unable to get any bulbs. Customer service unhelpful, warehouse emlpoyee was rude. They basically told me to find my own source. I've searched the internet, unable to find a replacement bulb. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE SANITIZER.Philips Sonicare FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with Sanitizer...more info
  • New design not bad
    I have been hooked on Sonicare for over 10 years. I wouldn't brush with anything else. It has improved the health and appearance of my teeth and gums immensely. Not one cavity in over a decade! I would (and do) recommend it often and give Sonicare as gifts.
    This is my 3rd or 4th model. I like that it's lighter and smaller and easier to clean.
    The one problem I have with this unit is the postioning of the speed settings button. I find myself too often inadvertently changing it with my thumb while brushing, forcing me to turn the brush off and look at the settings button to return it to the desired setting....more info
  • The Best Sonicare Handles Yet
    I've been using an older Sonicare model, the "Essence 5300" on which the switch was beginning to go out. I decided to upgrade to a Flexcare model and am very glad I did. The Flexcare has been a great improvement all around.


    -New Lighter, Slimmer Handle
    This is probably the first thing you'll notice if you're coming from an older Sonicare handle, and it is a very welcome improvement. The FlexCare handle is small and feels much better in the hand than my old bulky 5300 handle. The unit is actually longer than my old brush, but that's not a big deal at all.

    -New ProResults Brush Head system
    The new heads are great. Sonicare moved the tuning fork from the head to the handle, which means smaller brush heads than on the old models. A 3 pack of the new heads is the same price as a 2 pack of the old heads, making them actually a better deal for a superior product.

    -No More Crud in the Handle!
    The biggest problem with my old brush was that old toothpaste/drool/water tended to collected in the space where the handle connects to the brush head. It would get all moldy and gross if you didn't clean it out regularly. Thankfully, this problem is completely gone with the Flexcare handles.

    -Lithium Ion Batteries
    I've waited a long time for Sonicare to upgrade from inferior NiCd batteries, and they finally have. With Lithium Ion, you don't have to worry about battery capacity decreasing over time, or a memory effect. The new batteries charge faster, too.

    -UV Sanitizer Included
    UV Sanitizers for toothbrushes are relatively new to the market, and a great idea. I always felt a little gross letting my brush sit out on the counter, even with the cover that comes with sonicare heads, and then putting it in my mouth. Scientists actually recommend that a toothbrush be kept 3 feet from the toilet due to "airborne particles" from the flush - yuck! A UV sanitizer will kill anything that might land on your brush, as well as things such as cold germs that might have come from your own mouth. Using the sanitizer is easy, just pop the brush head(s) in, press the green button, and wait for the UV light to kill the germs. I store my brush head inside the sanitizer until I need it next. The Charger is integrated with the sanitizer, although a separate travel charger is included.

    This is basically a beep that goes off every 30 seconds while brushing, reminding you to switch to a new area of your mouth. It has appeared in previous models (not my 5300 though), and is nice if you'll use it, but I tend to go at my own pace as I focus more on problem areas in my mouth and less on others.

    -5 Total Brushing Modes/Routines
    There are 3 selectable "modes": clean mode: (2 minutes broken into 30 second segments), sensitive (a "gentler" clean mode) and massage (the brush pulsates for gum stimulation). Go Care Routine shortines the standard 2 minute clean mode to 1 minute, while Max Care is a longer, 3 minute cycle that includes both clean and massage mode. I set the brush on clean mode and tend not to use the other options, but some may find them useful.

    -More Environmentally Friendly
    Although buying a new product of any sort will always have a negative environmental footprint, these new brushes are better than the old models due to their Li-Ion batteries, reduced bulk, and lower waste in the smaller replacement brush heads.


    Let's be clear on this: a Sonicare toothbrush is a luxury product. You're paying a lot more up front, and you get to keep paying more every time you buy replacement heads. Surprisingly, heads for Flexcare units are actually a cheaper than the older models; you get 3 Flexcare heads for the same price as 2 of the old heads. The per head price is still several times what it would cost to buy a new manual brush; but for me the superior cleaning is worth it.

    -Flexcare models are louder than older models. I'm not sure why this is, and supposedly vibration has been reduced in exchange, but the noise can be too much for some. The UV sanitizer also makes a quiet electric "hum" when plugged in with the door closed, even if the UV bulb isn't run.

    -Buttons can be depressed while brushing
    A couple of people have complained about accidentally hitting 1 of the 2 buttons on the handle while brushing. It hasn't happened to me, but for completeness I'll include this as a possible con.


    This brush is a vast improvement over my previous brush, and has fixed most of the problems I had without introducing any significant new ones. The fact that replacement brush heads are actually cheaper than on my old brush is a big plus. I highly recommend the Flexcare brushes as a great upgrade to any toothbrush, electric or manual, that you're currently using....more info
  • Excellent Product
    The Philips Sonicare does a better job for me than any of the competing products. My dental hygienist thinks so too. Definitely recommended....more info
  • Clean Teeth
    This is a great toothbrush. It's the second Sonicare I've owned. I mistakenly plugged in my prior one to a 220 volt source while traveling in Korea. The old one handled only 110V. The new one featured here handles both 120 and 220V. Great toothbrush. ...more info
  • Design Issues
    (1.) Newer head design eliminates having to clean inside the head like in the older designs.
    (2.) Smaller sizing makes handling in the mouth easier.
    (1.) Speed changing button is in the wrong location such that when holding the handle while brushing one is frequently hitting the button thus changing the speed far too often.
    (2.) There is no back stop or guide to help in placing the handle back onto the charger making it difficult to locate the precise spot that the handle fits into. ...more info
  • Dentists review of a great toothbrush
    Being a dentist I have used just about every toothbrush out there for free or next to free. I have gone through everything from the old manual ones to the so called best electric ones from Oral B and Sonicare. After using both the Oral B and sonicare I must say that sonicare has to be the best toothbrush out there hands down. It takes some time to get used to, about a week or so, but after that you will love it. I clean teeth all the time with professional dental instruments consumers can not buy and this toothbrush is the only thing that comes close to the thoroughness of specialized equipment. The timer function is nice because it forces you to break up your mouth into 4 quadrants and brush every area for a full 2 min which is what is recommended. I believe that there are areas in ones mouth you can't possibly clean with a manual brush to get the majority of plaque off. This brush picks up the shortcomings of your hand motion with its oscillation almost doing all the work for you. I also believe that the UV sanitizes is a big marketing scam, its nothing more than a fancy brush head holder that can give you a blue light show when you push the button. In my opinion UV light is not sufficient to kill as many microorganisms as they seem to claim. Just rinse/soak the heads in Listerine if you are that much of a germ a phobe. The little traveling case is fantastic, I can go on trips for days and it fits snugly in my bag and does not need a charge for days. In short I highly recommend this brush to all my patients, especially those with many fillings and crowns/bridges. Combined with good flossing and mouth wash I feel this is the best you can do at home until you come in for a dental visit. It may not be cheap but its a sound investment in your mouth and is alot cheaper than what you will pay for dental work due to decay. ...more info
  • Nothing to complain about
    Simple and easy to use. I would recommend this product to anybody looking for a high end tooth brush....more info


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