Whirlpool Dehumidifier Pump Kit #8212501

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Product Description

Whirlpool Dehumidifier Pump Kit - 8212501. Kit Provides Steady Drainage To A Utility Sink, Floor Drain Or Sump Pump By Pumping Up To 18 Vertical Feet For Convenient Draining Through A Window

  • Never empty the dehumidifier bucket again
  • Attach pump kit to your dehumidifier and run hose to nearby sink or sump pump or floor drain
  • Hose may also be led up to 18 vertical feet for convenient draining through a window

 Customer Reviews:

  • Cheap Parts & Unreplaceable
    I agree with "Broke": after less than one year, the plastic impeller shaft assembly disintegrated. ...more info
  • Broke
    This item worked great for a year then it broke. The motor was good but the assembly that actually pumped the water was cheap and wore out. Not a good value for the price....more info
  • Whirlpool Dehumidifier Pump Kit Kit #8212501
    After 7 seasons of removing water from my dehumidifiers by hand I was ready to try a product like this.

    The idea behind this product is simple.It works on the same principle as a sump pump.When the water reaches a certain point in the pumps well area,a quick burst of pumping action causes the water to flow up a hose and out to wherever you route the end of the hose-in my case through a drilled hole outside my basement area to the outside of my house.

    Installation was easy enough.I simply cut the hose to my needed length,attached it to the unit,attached the other hose connection to my dehumidifiers hose connector (for condensation that comes out of the actual dehumidifier) and plugged the unit in.Let me mention(no laughing please)that I broke my nose during this simple installation by having too tight of a hole drilled to the outside for the outtake hose.I was pulling the hose with a needle nose plier to pull through the hole and ended up smashing my nose when the plier slipped and my knuckle came smashing on to my nose.I needed a nose job anyway...

    Anyway,the unit works really well and now I can leave home for days at a time and know that my basement is at a safe 45% humidity level.Without the unit turned on it would be twice that amount at least.

    Just be aware that the dehumidifier pump needs to be physically lower than the dehumidifier.The gravity will force the condensation down the hose in to the dehumidifier pump.I made the mistake of leaving both level with each other and found the the water was just building up and began running out on the the floor.

    Besides breaking my nose (I`ll remember it every time that pump turns itself on) and having to figure out that gravity needs to be used to make things work correctly,I am so happy with the results.If it lasts a few years it will be worth the 96 $ (shipping included) I paid for the pump....more info