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Personal Air Purifier Worn Around Neck Breathe fresher air no matter where you are. The AS150MM Mini-Mate Millennium Air Supply by Wein is the smallest, most powerful personal air purifier sold. A lithium battery powers this featherweight (1.5 ounces) unit. Air Supply's negative corona discharge sets up a powerful, electro-dynamically driven airflow, that draws in pollutants and ejects purified air at a velocity of about 100 ft/min. Advanced plasma air purifier uses the latest microchip technology to help its wearer breathe cleaner air despite allergen, germ and chemical pollutants. Many testimonials relate that in minutes perfume or cologne smell is eliminated. The MiniMate propels cleaner fresher air into your breathing zone. This ultra light miniature wearable air purifier is a "must have" for air travel, movie theatres, waiting rooms, or any confined areas where people congregate. AS150MM Operation: Virus and Bacterial Germs: Incinerated by the corona discharge Odors:Oxidized into deodorized compounds Chemical contaminants: Oxidized into benign chemicals Dust and dust mites: Carbonized and vaporized by incineration Mold: Carbonized and vaporized by incineration Second hand smoke: Solids are carbonized and gasses are oxidized (Validation tested at leading universities and research institutes) Battery life: up to 60 continuous hours using an on-chip battery regulator. Inside light should be on or blink at all times. Case construction: sturdy black case aviation type polycarbonate plastic Silent, fanless, filterless maintenance free technology Solid platinum permanent emitter and gold plated stainless steel collectors Attachments: Breakaway neck cord. Lightest, smallest, highest ion wind output Air flow: 100 feet per minute Internal ion flow: 120 trillion ions/sec Ozone output: less then .028 ppm Note: Does NOT use adapters Power: CR123A lithium battery (1 battery included) Note: Item is returnable only for replacement if defective. Dimensions: 2.5

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Customer Reviews:

  • I won't fly without it
    I fly frequently for business. During the cold and flu season, there are always five or ten people on every flight who are coughing and sneezing. Thanks to the wretched recirculated air on planes, I used come down with a cold about five days after every flight. Since buying this little device, I have repeatedly flown cross-country at the height of flu outbreaks, and come home without so much as a sniffle. I have bought one for every member of my household. It seems to be very effective in preventing the transmission of viruses through casual contact. If I were a teacher, nurse, or daycare provider, I'd wear it to work every day!
    ...more info
  • No more travel germs!
    Bought two of these about a year ago for my husband and I. We travel quite a bit overseas for his job. We both would always wind up catching some nasty cold or worse on the plane until we started wearing these. Neither of us have gotten sick at all since we bought these and have been on about 6 Trans-Atlantic flights! After about an 18 hour travel day the battery is pretty much dead. So we have to change it out each time. The batteries are CR123A, which are about $17 for a two pack. A bit pricey, but sooo worth it to not be sick. I only gave this a 4 star because I do get some very odd looks when I have this around my neck on the plane. It probably wouldnt be as noticeable, except for the fact that the Clear Shell on mine shows a blinking light when it's on. Every single flight somebody says "um...whats that"? I can only imagine what they think! I highly recommend this, but try to buy the all black and not the clear! You wont regret it, if you get sick when you travel!!...more info
  • A miracle device!
    I purchased this unit for my commute to work using public transportation.

    I have an allergy that can be aggravated by a simple cold; so I want to protect myself as much as possible when away from home and car where I have several air cleaners and ionizers. Having good air quality in public places is truly priceless.

    The minute I turned the unit on, it was like experiencing a shot of cold energetic fresh air! The operative word is "energetic"; I had never experienced this kind of "vitality" from air. The novelty of this makes it as much a "fun" device.

    The specs are excellent, and it's a good all around unit to have, especially when going into crowed places and public restrooms.

    Forget about getting an Ipod, get this thing instead; it will change your life!

    On a more serious note, although no one can promise complete protection against flu viruses, this could be one of the better preventative measures. The manufacture even states potential for protection from certain biological agents. ...more info
  • Works
    Just got it. It really does stop my sneezes and red eyes, some sniffles remain but I am way better. Take it off and allergies kick in. I wonder how it does in windy conditions or air condition drafts?...more info
  • Not sure it did much
    I bought this to wear on international flights in the height of the swine flu scare. I wore it on a non stop flight from California to New York. It was easy enough, inconspicuous and the air had a not unpleasant scent. I did not get sick though there were many coughing and sneezing people on the plane. I did not wear it from New York to London nor did I wear it from London to San Francisco. There were still coughing and sneezing people on the flights but. . . I did not get sick. So all of this to say, I don't know if this gadget was worth the expense....more info
  • Good air at last!
    Yes, this product really helps those of us who have breathing problems, particularly when we live near forest wild fires. I only use it when walking, or exercising in garden. Do not leave on all day. The batterys will not last. Get extra batterys on line, not locally. Much cheaper that way....more info
  • Long-lasting
    I have used Air Supply on airplanes for 10 years. Let me clarify, I have used THE SAME Air Supply device for 10 years. It just broke this month and I am immediately replacing it, VERY satisfied with and grateful for its performance. I used to get colds from airplane flights, but I have gotten NONE since using Air Supply. One month, I didn't use it on the airplane because I got so used to being cold-free, I thought I didn't need it anymore. Wrong! I got a cold from the flight on which I did not use Air Supply. So I went back to making sure I have it on every flight - no more colds....more info


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