Kathy Smith: Step Workout

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System Requirements:Running Time: 70 minutes Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS Rating: NR UPC: 031398221494

Customer Reviews:

  • Fat blaster
    I bought this in VHS format back in early 90's. I worked out using this video for 2 yrs 5 x's per week, I just loved it. I looked so great, not an ounce of fat on my body and I developed great stamina. I did, however, do what Kathy recommended against. I did add little hand held
    1 Lb weights which were the sand wrist weights which I sewed into the tube part of a pair of socks and I just held them in my fist. Later I incorporated parts of Kathy's Lower step workout for more of a challenge. Kathy's videos have been my all time favorites starting way back in the eighty's. A little cheesy sometimes, but always professional and well informed. Love Kathy Smith...more info
  • Great workout!!!!
    I am the type of person that likes to sweat when I workout and this video does just that. This was my first Kathy Smith video and I love it. It is out of date but it is a total workout aerobics, sculpting, and abs. I am mad that I never knew about it before....more info
  • Good Workout, Bad Copy
    This appears to be a poorly prepared copy of a VHS onto a DVD. I couldn't get into the workout sections from my DVD player and have to play it on my computer to choose the workout sections. Once there, it's a fine easy-to-follow stepping program....more info
  • Basic Step workout
    I thought this video was ok. There are much better out there however. There are three step workouts (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), all of which are fairly basic and a little boring. The arm and leg toning sections are also ok, but I do not think the exercises are the most effective or challenging. All in all a good beginner workout....more info
  • Good workout, cuing could be better
    I am new to step aerobics and wanted to try an old standby, so I bought this one. And, come on, for $5, this is not a bad deal. As others have described, the DVD is broken into sections. As an intermediate-level exerciser, I could get through the whole thing. The only big complaint, is the "fancy footwork" without adequate cuing. No doubt, by the tenth time, I'll have gotten it, but a bit disappointing. You will sweat and a true beginner may be challenged to do more than the first segment. So what? Keep up until you can do more....more info
  • Worth Buying
    Worked up a sweat. Basic step workout, easy to catch on, not a lot of twirling so little space is fine. A bit dated, but not annoying. For the money, it's easy to add to a workout collection for some variety....more info
  • Good for real beginners
    This video is very basic and I consider it to be a good place to begin if you have never stepped before. You will get a good workout, which is why I am giving it three stars instead of two. But this video is nauseatingly repetitive and boring for me. It is just no fun at all. However, I have been stepping for over half my life. But in all fairness, I do not think that I am the kind of person this video is marketed to considering I have a lot of experience with step. If you are brand new to step aerobics, consider starting here, and consider moving on to other videos once you have mastered this one; otherwise, you may never know just how fun step can be....more info
  • not so advanced
    I thought this product was an advanced step arobics workout.... it's not at all!!!
    This DVD is more for beggining steppers, if you are advanced this video will barely get your heart rate up. And its very repetative so it can get very boring! ...more info
  • Great Workout
    This is a great DVD. The choreography is easy for beginners to follow but you get a great workout; it is not easy in terms of feeling like you've actually done something. I also like that one can choose to do the entire program or skip specific parts depending on time and energy available. Note- I have a step that is not as long as the gym-style steps and that calls for some very slight modifications on the V-Steps and turn steps but really not a big deal, just something I thought I'd share. ...more info
  • For true beginners only
    I didn't care for this workout. I would suggest it only if you have never done step at all before. I found it repetitive and boring. I could not keep myself interested enough to get into it. I think it would be a great introduction of step to someone who has never done it, though,...more info
  • Nice workout.......
    Kathy brings you from very beginner to an intermediate (not advanced) workout. It takes a bit to get throught the beginner part but I like to do longer workouts so I run through all of the levels. It's a good "time to start stepping again" dvd when I have not done step in a while....more info
  • About the workout
    Nothing wrong with the seller...but the workout is not what I expected. Not enough variety. Some of the steps are too repetitive. I have seen and done step workouts that had enough variety to be fun enough to do over and over....too bad the ones I am thinking about are not on DVD. ...more info


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