Dry and Store Global Hearing Aid Conditioning System

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Product Description

Dry & Store? is a conditioning system for all types of hearing instruments. This extremely efficient dryer conveniently stores and rejuvenates hearing aids during the night. It combines heat, circulating dry air, and a specially designed desiccant to absorb moisture from your hearing aids and cochlear implants.

  • Removes moisture, dries earwax, kills germs, and deodorizes your hearing instruments.
  • Better sound quality
  • Fewer repairs, as moisture is removed daily
  • Fresh and clean hearing aids--UV Lamp to kill Bacteria

 Customer Reviews:

  • A must have - works well
    I've had mine for over a year now. It works well keeping my hearing aids in good condition. I've used it nightly and it's never given me a problem. I like how it also has a UV light to sanitize. The only issue I've had is the on button is more of a blister on the plastic. The plastic has cracked but it still works fine. Hearing aids are very expensive (mine were $5K) this is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things....more info
  • Dry @ Store
    This product seems to be doing What it is made for . I have not had any problems with moisture since I started using it . Before I purchased this item I had to take my hearing aids back for repair . I have no regrets buying this product it will save me money in the future .

    Thanks .

    Bill. c...more info