World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Pack

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Fans of World of Warcraft, prepare for Blizzard Entertainment's next installment -- World of Warcraft: Wrath of King Lich. In this latest expansion, something is afoot in the cold, harsh northlands. The Lich King Arthas has set in motion events that could lead to the extinction of all life on Azeroth. The necromantic power of the plague and legions of undead armies threaten to sweep across the land. Only the mightiest heroes can oppose the Lich King and end his reign of terror.

The tuskarr, a walrus-like race of nomadic fisherman, inhabit the icy Borean Tundra. View larger.

Half-giant warriors, the vrykul, once inhabited the land. View larger.

You'll enjoy exploring Northrend and all its environments and dungeons. View larger.

Explore Northrend and battle the Lich King with World of Warcraft's first hero class character -- The Death Knight. View larger.

One of many new environments, Dragonblight is an arctic wasteland surrounded by dense forests. View larger.

Many strange and terrifying creatures inhabit this frozen continent. View larger.
Enter the Death Knight
This expansion adds a host of content to the already massive existing game world. Players will achieve soaring levels of power, explore Northrend (the vast icy continent of the Lich King), and battle high-level heroes to determine the ultimate fate of Azeroth. As you face the dangers of the frigid, harsh north, prepare to master the dark necromantic powers of the Death Night -- World of Warcraft's first Hero class. No longer servants of the Lich King, the Death Knights begin their new calling as experienced, formidable adversaries. Each is heavily armed, armored, and in possession of a deadly arsenal of forbidden magic.

If you have a World of Warcraft account with a character of at least level 55, you will be able to create a new level-55 Death Knight of any race (if on a PvP realm, the Death Knight must be the same faction as your existing character). And upon entering the new world, your Death Knight will begin to quest to level 80, gaining potent new abilities and talents along the way. This expansion allows for only one Death Knight per realm, per account.

New Environments in Northrend Await
Journey through the remote, diverse lands of Northrend and explore Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Borean Tundra, and Howling Fjord. Named for bones of perished dragons and majestic shrines to the fallen creatures, Dragonblight is an arctic wasteland surrounded by dense forests.

Not everything is frozen in Northrend. The lush mountains of Grizzly Hills are the ancestral home to the furbolgs, who have grown accustomed to relative peace. Although their tranquility is being challenged by trappers, goblins, and ice trolls, Grizzly Hills remains a vast and dangerous wilderness.

The southwestern tip of Northrend is home to the sprawling Borean Tundra. The Horde has established a dominant presence in this icy portion of the continent and has formed a bond with the tuskarr, a walrus-like race of nomadic fisherman. Magical energy is afoot in the region, and it has caused increased tension.

High above the Great Sea at the southeastern tip of Northrend lies the Howling Fjord. Ancient mythology holds that a race of half-giant warriors, the vrykul, once inhabited the land, founding a prosperous civilization. They mysteriously vanished, leaving deserted villages and abandoned temples. In present times, the Alliance and the Horde have come to Howling Fjord to confront the Lich King. Strangely, this has prompted the return of the vrykul, who are attacking the Alliance and Horde settlements. Howling Fjord presents a difficult challenge on two fronts: withstanding the vrykul's onslaught and battling the evil Lich King.

A Multitude of Monsters
Strange and terrifying creatures inhabit the frozen continent of Northrend, such as Nerubian Viziniers, Plague Eruptors, Shoveltusks and Flesh Giants, to name just a few. Half-spider, half-humanoid, the viziniers utilize sorcery and high intelligence to emerge as the rulers of Nerubians' underground kingdom. The Plague Eruptors are walking corpses created by the Lich King's evil experiments to spread horror and chaos across the living world.

Massive curved antlers make it easy to identify the Shoveltusks. These grumpy beasts are very dangerous, territorial, and best left alone. The Flesh Giants are nothing short of nightmarish abominations. Cobbled together from the pieces of giant body parts, the Flesh Giants employ tremendous strength to carry out the Lich King's wishes.

The World of Warcraft: Wrath of King Lich expansion pack allows you to engage in epic siege warfare. The pack presents the first Hero class and allows you to transform your Death Knight's look with character customization that even include hairstyles and dances. You'll enjoy exploring the Northrend and all its environments and dungeons, filled with some of the deadliest creatures -- and greatest treasures -- on all of Azeroth.

System Requirements
Minimum Recommended
Operating System PC: Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista (with latest Service Packs)
Mac: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or newer
CPU PC: Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlong XP 1500+
Mac: PowerPC G5 1.6 GHz or Intel Core Duo processor
PC: Dual-core processor, such as Intel Pentium D or AmD Athlong 64 X2
Mac: Intel 1.8 GHz processor or better
Graphics Hardware PC: 3D graphics processor with Hardware Transfor and Lighting with 32 MB VRAM, such as an ATI Radeon 7200 or NVIDIA GeForce2 class card or better
Mac: 3D graphics processor with Hardware Transform and Lighting with 64 MB VRAM, such as ATI Radeon 9600 or NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4600 class card or better
PC: 3D Graphics processor with Vertex and Pixel Shader capabilities with 128 MB VRAM, such as an ATI Radeon X1600 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT class card or better
Mac: 3D graphics processor with Vertex and Pixel Shader capability with 128 MB VRAM, such as ATI Radeon X1600 or NVIDIA 7600 class card or better.
Memory PC: 512 MB (1 GB for Vista)
Mac: 1 GB
PC: 1 GB (2 GB for Vista)
Mac: 2 GB
Hard Drive Space 15 GB of free space
All Platform Requirements Keyboard and mouse, required for controls. Other input devices not supported. Active broadband Internet connection required to play.

  • This expansion pack REQUIRES the original World of Warcraft game and The Burning Crusade expansion pack in order to run
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of King Lich expansion pack for PC and Mac opens the new continent of Northrend
  • Death Knight is Warcraft's first hero class and is available for any player with at least a level-55 character
  • Northrend offers new environments, including Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Borean Tundra, and Howling Fjord
  • New creatures inhabit the icy continent, such as Nerubian Viziniers, Plague Eruptors, Shoveltusks and Flesh Giants

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome upgrade -- A must have for serious WOW gamers
    My 17 year old son has been playing WOW for a couple of years and just when I think I can rest assured no more spending is required (other than the monthly subscription) along comes a new upgrade. I must say that my son's opinion is that this game is a must have for all WOW gamers...more levels, more capabilities, better interaction with his friends who already had the upgrade, etc. etc. He loves it and can't waite for the next installment. Somehow that makes it well worth every cent. ...more info
  • Warning: Very slow shipping
    The game itself merits 4 stars, I would give it 5, but the complete lack of anything remotely difficult for the first 3 months of the game is not good, despite the polish of the content that does exist.

    The shipping deserves 1 star. WATCH OUT FOR SLOW AMAZON SHIPPING. Some sort of "usps affiliate" was used, which means, not a national shipping service. The package was sent quickly, but then sat for two weeks in a location a couple miles away from its final destination, when it was finally being "transferred" to usps. If you want this game anywhere close to remotely soon, just go buy a code directly from Blizzard, which will be instant, a nearby store, or some place with actually decent shipping, like newegg....more info
  • Was totally worth my money...
    I am a world of warcraft veteran. Been playing the game since the day it officially got released(off and on but mostly on though). The game has some amazing lure to it. Something about the huge landscapes, serene music, medieval+modern atmosphere, great pvp opportunities, "casual friendly" and the fact the game doesn't take itself seriously has hooked many over the years including me.

    I will say I throughly enjoyed the orginal vanilla wow but I was let down by the first expansion Burning Crusade. It was missing the majic orginal wow had. There was really not much innovation in the game other than being able to fly. The quests were basically the same format of kill x and deliver y like the orginal only the graphics got upgraded. What we got was a sci-fi take on the orginal wow. Burning Crusade overall just didnt impress many and left a bad taste when it came to pvp with the introduction of the much hated Duel in a box called Arena's.

    Wrath of the lich king makes up for all of that. It looks like blizzard decided to go back to the roots and create an expansion that captures the imagination and inovation of the orginal. I am happy to say they succeded. Gone are sci-fi elements and what we see and feel in Northrend looks like a 2008 version of the orginal Azeroth. The graphics engine for northrend has been a significant upgrade. We have sharper resolutions, and lot more detailed world in general. Every new zone looks beautiful, expansive and pure engrossing. The quests mechanics have been a given a significant upgrade too. Though still the basic kill x or deliver y but the means to accomplish them have thankfully been inovated like we have lots of land and aerial based vehicles to accomplish the objectives plus the quests seem to follow a linked storyline and rarely we get standalone quests. In general one dont feel they are doing more of the same all over again.

    A new Hero class has been introduced the Death Knight which heavily relates to the general lore of this expansion and is one of the main selling point of the new expansion. This class starts at lvl 55, is plate wearing, warrior/caster hybrid very similar to the Paladin class but has more perks, inovation and generaly more fun to play. This class can be tailored to become somewhat of a fury warrior, a melee frost mage or a melee warlock. This class has been a great success judging by the numbers of them we see. Usually a new class fad declines over time but Death Knight has remained very popular all the way to lvl 80 with a very low drop-out rate. It's a testament to the fact that blizz created a inovative and fun new class. However many people have began to resent the fact that DK are more than dime a dozen and with a general and somewhat childish impression that people playing DK are sub-par etc. I think this an overeaction as everyone has to right to play what they find most fun and it doesnt make them any less skilled or more skilled than someone who decided to level his orginal class up instead.

    Last but not least pvp has been given a upgrade too. A open world pvp zone called Wintergrasp been added. Its kind of like Alterac Valley without being instanced and only server specific. You get to use flying mounts, cannon,land vehicles to lay seige or defend a fortress. Wintergrap has been a success and is fun too. Also the new battleground 'Strand of the ancients' is very fun too basically employing the same mechanics as WG but instanced and cross-server. I hope the battlgrounds in general would last longer but they are still fun diversion from pve and great way to try your mettle against other players. Arenas(oh how much I hate them) are still there though they are losing popularity fast as people just find them too time consuming(as to schedule with others to play{most of us have real life commitments too}) as well not in true spirit of the World of warcraft where two sides are at war.

    Anyways I will recommend anyone(who hasn't still played the expansion) to try it. It's well worth the money, much better than the last expansion and has that old-school world of warcraft feel to it. One word of advice though...don't rush to lvl 80, rather take your time so you can fully explore and enjoy all what the expansion has to offer....more info
    Excellent game, you can spend a lot of time playing it without getting bored. I definitely recommend it....more info
  • WOW is not just its initials
    the game is very fun and entertaining. be sides that what else do you need. some things that i would like to see is that there are more cinema scenes. besides the game being repetitive it is great!...more info
  • Great Expansion!
    Just as a note, you need to have World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade installed to use this. Great expansion, Despite using over 5 year old engines, they still seem to know how to keep bumping it up a notch. The Phase system is completely amazing, Death Knights get their own Phased training/story. Overal an A+ game....more info
  • Exactly as Expected
    As is usual with Blizzard Products the quality is excellent.
    Not much to say about the gameplay except maybe they "dumbed down" the quests a bit. But it could be because I was overgeared starting out. And as usual, Blizzard's quest tips are sometimes vague.
    Addons are working flawlessly. And I have no lag in Dalaran, only when it is extremely busy (Shattrath City?).
    The new acheivements give a nice twist to the game, meaning you can focus on other things, besides leveling.
    What I really like is the number of Flight Paths. Travel is alot easier at the lower levels than in Outlands.
    The graphics are intense so you NEED to have some updated or modern hardware to get decent gameplay.

    Amazon's service was on par - package arrived on schedule, without incident. No problems from that side.

    Hope this helps!...more info
  • Online only
    I purchased this for my son for Christmas, who is a big fan of the first couple World of Warcraft games. I didn't realize this was an online only game, and I think it's too bad that they didn't do single player for this. My son is horribly disappointed. This could've been a great addition to fun games, but since you can only play online it's limited to those who choose to pay to play....more info
  • Very entertaining game
    If you like the first 2 expansions of this game, you will definitely enjoy this wrath of the lich king expansion. The graphic seems more advance and add more new characters to attack. The game does make the ones addicted if you play for more than hours...If you have busy schedules then please think twice before purchasing it as the game requires long hours to sit in front of your monitor. I do strongly recommend all series of this game to anyone who enjoys online PC games. If you need help with hints or strategies, you can search on google (no need to buy the strategy books, save your $$$)....more info
  • this was really a great Expansion
    Just in general WOW is a great not to Highend game, everyone can run it and its fun whether you play retail or private you will get your moneys worth either way the only that I would ding about this game is the 14.99 a month but at the same time if you are on retail you will be getting constant game updates and an ever evolving story line. Its a must buy if you are retail or private adds a whole lot to the game....more info
  • Excellent game, but use caution, read this post.
    This is a very long post, but well worth it if you're seriously considering this game.


    First and foremost this game is a milestone in the both the MMORPG and online gaming industry. With over 11 million subscribers, it's the largest online game to date, and for good reason.

    The graphics, while cartoonish, indulge you in a moving work of art with flowing waterfalls, freezing tundras, and shadow-ridden caves. The world itself is simply huge (though surprisingly easy to navigate), spanning across four continents (one in outer space), and leaves the gamer with an unparalleled sense of citizenship. Once you log into World of Warcraft, you truly plug into a hidden universe.

    The music is truly worthy of mention. When you first launch the game, you are met with a symphony of heart-pounding drums, violins, bassoons, or what-have-you. The music/ambience then changes frequently throughout the game depending upon your current location and really adds an element of class to the experiences of stepping into a haunted mine, or riding up to the gates of a citadel.

    The gameplay ranges from simple to slightly complicated depending upon your class selection, but always maintains the smooth controls that are oh-so-user-friendly. You can select from 9 different classes at the start (another is available further on in the game), each of which have their own roles to fulfill by either Healing, Tanking (taking the hits for other less-hardy classes), or DPSing (DPS: Damage per second, a term used to explain classes adept at dealing damage). Also with the introduction of "dual-spec," a character is able to switch between two customizable talent builds (determines your main role: healing/tanking/dps, through the selection certain talents) at the drop of a hat.

    The most basic gameplay consists of leveling your character from 1 to 80 via the completion of quests, invading of dungeons, and slaying of monsters, all of which grant "experience," and move you closer to the next level. If you grow wary leveling, it is possible to "que" into a battleground from anywhere in the world. There are four different types of battle: capture the flag, protect the resources, defend/attack the keep, and control the territory. You compete against real players controlling real characters on different computers, which is typically referred to as "PVP," or player versus player.

    Once you have reached the maximum level, the fun has just begun. You will continue advancing your character by upgrading his or her equipment (or "gear"). Raids, dungeons and "heroics" offer thousands of powerful monsters that, when killed, give weapons and armor that strengthen your character. Dungeons and heroics are typically conquered by five players effectively working together to defeat the obstacles and creatures within. Raids follow a different suit, requiring 10 to 25 skilled players able to communicate and coordinate themselves in order to (hopefully) kill the most difficult monsters in the game.

    Another option to the post-leveling stage (or "end game content") is coordinated PVP. Beside the four available battlegrounds, the game contains four "arena" maps offering extremely competitive play in the form of 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5. If you are successful, the rewards are some of the most powerful upgrades in the game.

    Guilds, world events, seasonal events, mounts, professions, mini-games, parties, transportation and real-time economies are just a few more of the many other unnamed aspects to this game. Some things are simply best if discovered.


    In recent times, the game has found difficulties in PVP in terms of equality. Some classes seem to always be more powerful than others, however, the developers of the game promise that they're addressing this situation.

    It is fairly expensive if thought of as simply a video game. The game runs at (I believe) $15 a month, or $12.99 if you pay for 6 months at once. By the time you've purchased the original game and the two expansion packs, you're out $100+, which doesn't include subscription fees. The cheapest route to take is to purchase the Battle-chest (the first two games), the second expansion pack (soon to be added to the Battle-chest) and a large chunk of game time.

    A key thing to consider in terms of price is that you're buying much more than a game. You're paying for the new content which is released almost every two months, the server maintenance, and in-game customer support. Also, keep in mind, that this game will (probably) entertain you for much longer than a TV or DVD or Console game. Sure, an XBox game is only $59.99, very cheap compared to World of Warcraft, but within a few weeks/months the XBox game will become dull, whereas this game will have already released new content to be conquered.

    *This is why I only gave it 4 stars*
    The game is addicting. Extremely. Dangerously. No, seriously, if you have any history of alcohol/drug/gambling abuse, you should reconsider, or at least be informed prior to purchasing.

    I offer to you this solution: first, download the 10 day free trial. Next, keep a log of the amount of time you spend on the game during these 10 days. It's expected that you will 1-3 hours a day initially, but will quickly fall into the 4+ hours as your trial nears its end. After the 10 day trial, take a look at how much time you've spent on this game. Some might find themselves in "good shape," with only a couple hours of play time. Most will find that they've spent an upwards of 30 hours (or much more) on the game in only 10 days.

    Determine for yourself if you truly have that much free time to spend on a video game. If you do, wonderful, then this is the game for you, and I hope you enjoy your experience. If you believe this is too much time to spend on a game, don't fret! Within the account creation process, you will be able to set up "parental controls" for the availability of play. It is in this device that you can limit your playtime to a healthy and sustainable amount.

    I hope this was helpful....more info
    What is not to hate about this game. I see no CONS with this unless you dont have the Burning Crusade Expansion or the original game, cause in that case you'll be dropping a nice amount just to play all 3. The gameplay is great- though i would suggest an upgrade in your current computers graphics card and ram (since i had to upgrade due too all the new content).

    Also HORDE FTW! =P

    Server Terenas- Horde- Octobre...more info
  • pretty good
    It's pretty good but....
    I do think the DK is a little to powerful.
    Wish they were a little more balanced.
    I like the idea that some class can take some other class on 1 on 1.
    Just gotta find the trick.
    Do like the idea of starting off at lvl 55.
    Hard to start a lvl 1 again after you have a mount.
    Please dont send me hate mail for it.
    -I think this game is fun but it takes a lot of your time.
    -Just know when you have played to much and don't forget to spend time with your family.
    -They are more important than a video game.
    -Kids reading this if your ma or pops ask you to do something get off the game and do what they say its just a game you won't die in real life trust me.
    Money is easy to come accross.
    Just go mining make bars out of it and sell the bars.
    I play.
    I have fun.
    See yall tonight.
    ...more info
  • WOW
    Got the game for a better price from Amazon then any of my local stores. Plus free shipping.
    Great game if you have lots of time...more info
  • Get it and play it
    Yeah, not much to say here - got it within a week, no problems. Good game, good service from Amazon, as usual....more info
  • gnobegirl
    The World of Warcraft game is an excellent game in itself. This is recommended to all who like to play role playing games. ...more info
  • Warcraft woes
    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Pack

    I am not a big review writer so I will make this short and to the point, Wrath of the Lich King got old way to quickly. Basically it is icing on a cake that is good but you have had so many times before you would like something new. Give it, there is new things in expansion like graphical eye candy, new music, new dungeons, new monsters, new instances, etc... , the new things don't have same coolness as last expansion. Mainly cause it is cosmetically new and not brand new. The meat of the game is things we have all done hundreds of times if not thousands of times before, just look different. I would say the mount quests are a nice new touch that broke up the monotony of leveling for a short few times. I will be honest though, I have only gotten to 75 on my mage and not to 80, but I lost insterest so quickly I don't want to bother getting to 80. I already know that when I hit 80 it is all about getting best loot, all the gold I can, and pvp. Same exact things I did at 70 or 60 for that matter. I would like to raid horde or alliance capital cities to get whatever it is they give you for killing kings in all areas, but I don't feel like making my life warcraft for just that one thing. And, it will take a lifetime to do that, cause it seems no one is good enough, has enough people or is devoted enough to get raids together to actually do that, unless your a pro warcrafter, which I am not. I've had 2+ years with the WOW experience and it was fun while it lasted but this expansion is just recycling the old to keep crack addicts happy and money in Blizzards pocket for the next crack game. PS, I will probably play next crack addict game. :)...more info
  • Complete waste of time and money
    I started playing world of warcraft in late 2004 it was a good game back then that required a huge time investment and was very addictive.

    I bought this expansion pack the day it was released and it has utterly destroyed the game the player vs player system is not balanced while the player vs environment aka raiding has become a bunch of mindless dribble that is not in the least bit challenging.

    Furthermore this game is not kid friendly their are quests that refer to women as Ho's , others that promote killing yourself conjuring the dead and just all forms of demonic rituals.

    The game it self is very laggy and randomely freezes as it is full of bugs many of the players class abilities do not work correctly if at all.

    Also the class Balancing is so bad that many of the classes are just not wanted in groups because they perform poorly compared to other classes. ...more info
  • WOW WoLK
    Love the expansion and the price, but hated the waiting period for the free shipping! I understand if it went by snail mail, but 5 days to even ship?...more info
  • Great add the best mmo out there
    Great addon adds alot more playabilty, everything i expected and more, raises level cap, another land to explore, more monsters to kill, adds barber shops, death knights, and lots more, a must have ...more info
  • I'm such a sucker...
    I have to admit that I have cancelled my membership with WoW 3 different times over the years since it came out, for various reasons.

    I recently started playing again and had to upgrade to see all of the new content available. I am trying to explore the world, and it just takes me to another place. I love the achievements, the battlegrounds, the way that the time flies by when I play this. Since I've been playing this game since the beginning, it's nice to the see the UI improvements.

    I wish that they would add incentives to the older content, since it gets very lonely in the old areas. Either that or make the instances recruit from multiple realms like they now do in the battlegrounds.

    Also, Blizzard needs to finish the old world maps so that you can use your flying mounts there....more info
  • Addictive
    This was a gift for family members who are addicted to WoW and were waiting for the expansion. They all report that it is "awesome" and spend endless hours engaged in playing it....more info
  • WOW!
    What can I say? Always something to do, always someone to talk to, always a challenge if your looking for one, will ALWAYS be "the" game to play!...more info
  • A once great game and awesome new content comes crashing down.
    You know a game is good when there are actually addiction clinics for it. I've played this game and really enjoyed it for a long time. Many parts are monotonous, but the game has two great appeals: 1. It's a game that never ends. 2. Playing with others and strategising how to overcome major enemies and obstacles.

    Unfortunately, I have to WARN EVERYONE about the major technical problems plaguing WOW and it's expansion content. THESE ISSUES ARE RECENT but we've been told that they won't be acknowledged, considered or addressed/fixed. Meaning, instead of looking at dated reviews, you should check the technical support forum on the World of Warcraft website, to see the vast number of users who are and will remain very unhappy.

    The recent problems caused by updated WOW software make much of the game content barely playable for tens of thousands of users. There is no support or response from Blizzard that is helpful regarding these issues. Blizzard denies their change in software having anything to do with the problems, which started at the exact same time for tens of thousands of users with diverse systems after their WOW software was updated. For most people the problems only effects WOW, but many people claim the bugs have had harmful effects on their PC's. The main issues are frequent freezing, which results in needing to reboot your system. Some people have also worn out their power supplies from rebooting 25 - 50 times a day to play WOW.

    The in-game result is not being able to do anything that requires you to dedicate over 20 minutes of continual gameplay, because people's systems or games are freezing up in average after 15 - 20 minutes of gameplay. This is getting them kicked from dungeon-raiding groups, not getting full credit and awards from player-vs-player battlegrounds, etc, etc.

    While WOW is an incredibly ambitious game that used to brilliantly live up to the hype, MMORPG games like WOW need a lot of technical support, and now that Blizzard is making money hand over fist, concern for their customers and solutions to problems seemed to have all but vanished.

    Surely, some people are lucky and haven't had these problems. I'm happy for them andI wish I was in their shoes, because I'd like to play the game. Please don't blast this critique and warning until you've gone to the technical support forum at [...] and witnessed hundreds of unanswered posts regarding these technical issues that are keeping new users and old users, with both brand new and dated machines, from enjoying the game.

    A large number of of us have canceled our subscription because Blizzard has acted extremely defensive about these widespread issues and won't even acknowledge there might be a problem. We assume that is for their own legal protection....more info
  • WoW Tertiary
    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Pack

    What can one say about the World of Warcraft expansion: Wrath of the Lich King. It is what it is. If you liked World of Warcraft and its expansion The Burning Crusade, then you will more than likely enjoy Wrath of the Lich King expansion....more info
  • More of the same
    WoW sucked me in for quite some time when it first came out. Quit for several months and came back for 1 month for BC and 1 month for LK. WoW is a finely crafted time sink...I mean game. You can putter around doing solo stuff, but the amount of effort, preparation, and time commitment for end game raiding is mind boggling.

    This type of game is impossible at end game without a guild. The buildup of levels and the amount of statistic boosts on gear to convince people to play and try to collect new pieces for their paper dolls makes it so that there is a very low element of skill, since geared out people will slaughter without good gear.

    WoW does offer other options, such as playing PvP instances to collect gear, but that is just a different time sink. Instead of raiding you get a PvP team together and try to kill other players.

    The game itself is fun, but to be competitive it is a full time job that is only realistic for college kids skipping class, the unemployed, retired, or people who have no real life outside the game.

    WoW is brilliant in the addictive factors of the game. You may not be the best at anything in real life, but in WoW you can feel pretty powerful and important.

    However the longer you spend in game and if you type /played and see you spent 250+ DAYS in game on the one character alone and realize all that time is gone forever it is a pretty empty feeling.

    So if you want to see, fight, and kill the Lich King, just realize the politics, time, effort, and what you have to give up for a chance to be part of a guild that does end game content, much less does in game content well....more info
  • Where do crafters go after WoW?
    I must have been on the worst possible WoW server where people made fun of you if you quested, ran ANY instance or raid instance, or crafted. All the gear has moved to arenas, they took it away from 70's, then deleted the vendors. The loot system left you doing 3 hours of instances and one person stealing the drop or wiping the group because they didn't get it. Buffs have slowly been removed from the game and don't stack well anymore. The only thing in general chat is 'fail' and 'anal' 24/7.

    Please leave a comment as to where the crafters are going after they quit WoW.

    Tabula Rasa has crafting, but is shutting down in February. It fixed loot issues WoW has, and had relatively friendly people unlike in WoW where the goal is NOT to play the game, hang around in town and jack up prices.

    Both Conan and WarHammer (War graphics are only a hair better than WoW) only have crafting because they accidently promised it in the work up, but it feels like they want it to go away like WoW is doing too.

    WoLK left me feeling like 'buy the next addon!' we are not fixing that quest, reputation bar, too bad you can't stack buffs and those things don't work anymore, get to 60! get to 70!, but now it's the same thing again. /sigh

    (I won't get any stars for this, but it's a serious problem. Maybe both users and programmers can find this useful and fix or move on accordingly.)...more info
  • Just when you thought you were out...
    The Burning Crusade made me think blizzard had lost its ways, and I was only casually logging into the game for the 10 a week in the arena. I was ready to jump ship to any other MMORPG, so I was waiting to see AoC and WAR be a success...but it never was.

    It was with hesitation, but with excitement, that I entered WotLK. 3 hours in, I was already hooked. This game made me fall in love with WoW all over again. The amount of effort put into every zone is apparent. There are lots of different, and fun quests to do. Sure, there are kill x number of things at y, or collect x number of y quests. But spread into those are quests where you control giants. Quest chain involving you infiltrating a scourge base disguised as one! And let's not forget the photo-op of a quest where you end up riding a harpoon from a mountaintop down into a town.

    It's been a beautiful relationship so far, WoW and I. Two lvl 80's (2nd 80 being a Death Knight. Obviously :D), back to raiding after work, and still tons of content yet to explore....more info
    Game is so much fun and SO addicting! Love the new character class, Death Knight! New effects are really cool. The only thing I don't like is how much of a lag there is when we go to Dalaran.

    So much to see and do, the fun never ends! ...more info
  • Disappointing...
    I PvPed (Player versus other players) as a warlock in The Burning Crusade. I just bought this game this week on sale for $30. I subscribed for $15. My class has been completely abandoned in the area I love to play the most. To make matters worse my only other high level class is a 55 rogue.

    Just so you know it takes around 80 hours of questing to level from 60-70, and another 80 to level from 70-80. With that in mind I have put a lot of leveling investment in my character to see it very imbalanced and not a very good class in this expansion.

    To give you an example of my class, it is like bringing a knife to a fight with automatic rifles, whereas my warlock is the idiot with the knife.

    The sad thing is that Blizzard has never been able to balance the game in a way that everyone can feel satisfied, that everyone can feel their class has an edge and a purpose in the game. What I think Blizzard's goal is to have you level a class to 80, then make the class almost completely useless at everything you would like it to be, leaving you with no choice but to start leveling again from scratch. Again, countless hours go into getting these characters to the max level.

    Words of advice: Take your time, enjoy it, and exit the game when real life calls no matter what. ...more info
  • Complete and utter GARBAGE! Just a new carrot to put on the string
    I also did my review at gamespot here it is for aamazon.

    This game is complete garbage! Before I even get into the review I want to note that this game is broken. If you do purchase the expansion just be prepared for server crashes, restarts, and appologies from Blizzard stating that the realms will be down for 4 hours or more while they fix issues with the new content. Heck, even if your playing on the old "content" you still will be sitting at your computer looking at the Sign on screen.

    I wish Blizzard would work on making new and interesting game content, rather than putting a new paint job on the same old house. The new world looks the same as the old worlds. Just a few design differences. Nothing truly out of this world or note worthy. The new PVP battleground was nothing to brag about. Picture Alterac Valley with a fortress you defend. The new PVP gear is just a new and even more horrible grind. PVP armor is 60K a piece and there are 5 pieces to collect. Enjoy having no life and spending hours farming the honor needed for those sets.Not to mention enjoy trying to earn those points fighting against the horrible class balancing that Blizzard makes an attempt to fix every new patch.

    The real killer is that Blizzard almost forces you to buy the expansion. All the old cities are just about empty now. Shatterah is a ghost town, better yet Outlands are like a barren wasteland now. All the previous battle grounds are now 70+ , so if your decked out in that PVP armor enchanted to the teeth good luck getting swated by people 9 levels higher than you. The only BG that seems untouched is the Alterac Valley(which is 61-70). Mostly what you'll find are bunches of 60's and few 70's as most accounts have moved on and leveled, level some games noticably uneven (20 to 40). There are new arts and crafts for you to learn, and world PVP is still boring as ever. Invade a city and be prepared for 90 Gaurds to spawn and wipe you.

    Aside from,10 new levels, some new items and trades, a new area to run around in (which looks more like a missmash of the previous games rolled into one), there really isnt much to do. Blizzard has the greedy idea to keep you playing longer they should at more levels, but once you hit the cap, they give you little to do afterwards. Usually it's one of 3. Raid,ARENA, or make a new character. You'll eventually end up with the same problem you had last game. Decked out in the best armor and bored as hell with nothing to do. Like I always argued with people, Blizzard needs to work on adding fun and exciting game content, not regurgitated ideas from yesteryear.
    Overall the Wrath Of The Lich King is nothing new or worth buying, unless you just want to hit 80. ...more info
  • Terrible Customer Support
    One of the strengths and weaknesses of this game is its addictive nature. While the game through subscription allows endless hours of interactive entertainment, it also requires a huge investment of time to advance to the highest levels. For many players this involves years of play. [...].



    While the game is challenging and enjoyable, and is played by all age groups, one should be aware that in-game interaction will often be tarnished by unavoidable interaction with obnoxious juveniles which will eventually cause mature young people and adults to question the value of belonging to such a community....more info
  • If You Enjoy Middle School Mentality, You'll Love This Game
    This game like many other mmorpg's is full of idiotic kids whose sole goal in life is to be as cruel, mean spirited, sarcastic and rude to everyone as they possibly can. All the time. Seriously, imagine plopping a couch in the hallways of your nearest middle school and that's what you have in this game. Talk about a bunch of brain-dead, useless breathers. There is not one iota of compassion, of caring, of humanity, of morals or character in the whole bunch. It reminded me of a pack of cackling hyenas who cannot think for themselves but only follow along with what the "cool" crowd is saying - which is never anything but sarcastic and rude.

    Really, skip this game and spend a day at your local zoo. You'll get more exercise and be in MUCH better company at the same time.

    Really disgusting....more info
  • This game rocks
    Great game, older game but good even for those of us that are not kids. I haven't played it in two years but I miss it.

    The new games need kick butt video cards, I don't want to spend $500 on a vid card right now.

    Get all the expansion packs, it's awesome and worth it. Watch your kiddies on there, too many adults are around.

    ENJOY!!! ...more info
  • My neighbour is addicted !
    My neighbour asked me to get this for him, he is 18 yrs old and a Gaming junkie! He cant stop playing it!...more info
  • Shall we expect more hero-classes in the future?
    A great expansion. You certainly wouldn't expect less from Blizzard; it's still an excellent game.

    In my personal opinion, a Death Knight is how a hero should be: deadly, overpowering, able to take 3, 4 or even 5 foes of similar level at the same time and still keep his/her health above 50%. It quite reminds me of my barbarian or my assassin in AoC. Blizzard certainly made DKs much more faster, efficient and powerful than the rest of the classes.

    However, could this be a downside as well? I mean, frankly, I don't feel like playing my rogue or warrior anymore. It's pointless when you have such a powerful class as the DK. PvP might be another history, since other classes may have tactics or abilities which could nullify DKs to some extent, in some circumstances. But in PvE, as I said, no matter what Blizz or the fanboys say, DKs are just overpowered, even when now most classes are more powerful after the 3.0.2 patch.

    They can easily out-dps rogues, they can be formidable tanks (they can have TRUE magic resistance), they can self-heal automatically while in combat, they can have powerful pets, as well as several neat abilities, usually reserved for one class or another (faster movement speed, faster mounting speed, mount & walk on water, etc.)... just to name some.

    So yeah, I love this class. I don't do raids or the like; I solo 95% of the time. I guess that the rest of the classes still have their respective places in groups and such. But if you're like me, I am pretty sure you won't go back to play any of the inferior classes, unless of course, you have a good RP reason to do so ;)...more info
  • WoW: The third installement...
    To those who have played this game from its creation; the new exspansion offers new buffs, pets for hunters [exotic talent pt.] and many other things. Regardless if you are a beginner or experienced player, this xspan is new. There are bugs to be worked out and still updated to be had. I bought the game the next day it came out and was an 80 BE Hunter in less than 2 weeks after it came out. However, I do agree that once i hit lvl 80; i got bored. I started another toon and within a few weeks, back up to lvl 51. If you are committed to the game and if you belong to a good and helpful guild, it should be a chench. All in all, this game is very addicting--so many features to do and things to be bought. Kudos for the invention of the Auction saver, if you ask me...
    I've been playing since the Burning Crusade came out and I was hooked after the first play time....but blizzard does need to work issues out with the online security issues that are popping up as of lately....Got to love it though...For the Horde!...more info
  • More features for your favorite MMORPG
    Just love it. It's a must have for people who want to stay competitive at high-end content. Level 80, the Death Knight hero class and a whole continent to explore, what else can I say? With the release of the new achievement system, there are a lot of feats that requires access to expansion content. The only negative thing about this expansion (and The Burning Crusade Expansion before it) is that your previous hard work will look like a waste of time, but it's a small price to pay. Have fun! ...more info
  • DK FTW
    So far all im enjoying from the xpac is the DK. If you have any end game gear from BC then you will have zero issues leveling in the new areas. It's almost too easy sadly and thus kinda subtracts from the fun of leveling your main. Over all not too bad but can be boreing at times....more info
  • Another solid expansion pack for WoW
    Wrath of the Lich King is the second expansion pack for World of Warcraft. If you already own Burning Crusade then you have a good idea of what to expect - a higher level cap (80), a new profession, and instead of a new race, a new class, the death knight. Blizzard has always been a company which has focused on releasing polished products and incrementally improving products they've already released, and this expansion continues that tradition.

    The quest content in this expansion is substantially improved from the previous expansion, which in turn was much better than quests in the original WoW. A lot of the tedium in quests has been eliminated, while a new, flexible vehicle mechanic allows Blizzard to introduce more interesting and varied quests. There is much more story coherence in the quests, with each zone having several lengthy chains of quests each with a unified plot. Blizzard also knows that people don't want to spend as much time re-leveling, so they have quickened the leveling curve from 60 to 70.

    One of the biggest draws of the expansion is the new death knight class. This class, which is only available if you already have another character above level 55, starts at level 55 and uses a new "rune" and "runic power" mechanic, which is kind of like a mix of energy and rage. At this point, death knights are probably slightly overpowered (they are dramatically overpowered at low levels, but converge towards other classes as they approach 80) but that makes them a lot of fun to play. They can tank as well as dps, with considerable self-healing abilities that often trivialize group quests.

    The 5-man content in this expansion is also well done. The 5-man instances are all interesting, not too lengthy, and well balanced for a variety of groups. With regards to raids, Blizzard has decided that every raid dungeon will have a 10 man and an entirely separate 25 man component. The physical dungeon environment and mobs are the same in each, and many (but not all!) mob abilities are shared between the two dungeon sizes, but of course each dungeon is balanced to the appropriate number of people. Right now, there is only one full raid zone (Naxxramas) and three smaller raids (Malygos, Sartharion, and Archavon), but the new Ulduar zone will be patched into the game in 3.1, which is probably going to be released within two months. Unfortunately, as many other reviewers have noted, the existing content is not particularly challenging. While this makes raid content more accessible, it also makes better raid groups bored of existing content. It remains to be seen if Blizzard intends on ever making raids as difficult as Sunwell Plateau or the original Naxxramas at level 60.

    Player vs. player does not seem particularly balanced at this point in the game, although it never was completely balanced anyway. There is a new battleground, Strand of the Ancients, as well as a world pvp zone, Wintergrasp. If you ever plan on playing in Wintergrasp, make sure your computer is decently powerful, becuase the sheer number of people in the zone during server wide battles can drastically slow down older computers. The main city of Dalaran also suffers from this problem at times, because it is much more condensed than Shattrath and thus forces your computer to load many more models at once than ever before.

    If you intend on playing World of Warcraft you probably need to get this expansion. Almost everyone who plays owns this expansion so you won't find many people to interact with if you don't own Wrath. The existing content is polished, for the most part, and enjoyable to play, but the end raid game can become boring since it's so easy. Hopefully future patches will introduce challenging raids that will keep better groups busy for a while.

    UPDATE (May 28 2009): The new Ulduar instance was released in the last major patch for the game, in mid-April. This instance basically addresses my critique of the end-game raids in the initial release of Wrath of the Lich King. Ulduar is quite large (14 bosses total), well-designed, and makes extensive use of "hard mode" raid encounters, where the base encounter is fairly easy to do (though not trivial), while the hard mode for bosses, which are activated in various ways, will present a challenge for even hardcore guilds. If you're looking for a combat-oriented MMO, you should probably get World of Warcraft and buy this expansion now. ...more info
  • Worth the cash
    Great expansion to a great game, Death Knights are one of the most fun classes to play and are a nice step away from the norm. Northrend is a beautifully crafted continent, this is a must have and the content is must see....more info
  • Son loves it
    Purchased this for my 15 year old for christmas...he loves WOW and loved this gift...more info
  • Not bad if you like to pve
    I got LK for an x-mas gift installed it and ran to make my blood elf death knight. I enjoyed doing the new dk starter quests and even outlands asa new class (since i have one of each class. I should note i've been playing since 2005). Northrend looks intentence and seems to be one of the best made zones to date, but with all this great pve (player vs everything) and new class there is one major down fall. I pvp (player vs player) alot of my end game gear since do to work and other rela life issues i don't have the time to raid or to join an arena group. Yet it seems that blizzard left litte to be diseried for us pvpers. Most games are about 5-10 mins long with lop sided teams (20 vs 40. 3 vs 10 etc..). So if you love to raid and do herioics your in for a treat if you love to pvp you're gonna be left in the cold...more info
  • Fun short-term, but no legs...
    This review is for those who have played WoW, stopped for one reason or another and are considering coming back to the game. If you have not played the game before, I apologize as the following may not mean a lot to you. I've played since beta (October 2004), have 3 level 80 characters (covering tanking, healing and damage), and will be leaving the game until the next expansion (if not permanently).

    There are a lot of positives about this expansion at the beginning. There is always excitement about the new continent and, in this case, the new class (Death Knight). Blizzard has also done some notable changes to the mechanics of the game.

    The leveling experience is good on the new continent (Northrend) in that the zones seem more vibrant than in the Burning Crusade expansion. The dungeons are much shorter in this expansion, so you don't spend as much time (or gain as much experience) going through them. The quests are pretty much standard fair except that there are new mechanics with siege engines and mounts that are essentially mini-games inside of the game. Initially, they are very enjoyable. One frustration with leveling is that you can't get to the new capital until Level 74 unless you have a mage/warlock friend or pay for the going to a capital city to train until then requires travel across continents.

    Once you reach level 80, you have the ability to enter the dungeons in heroic mode or go on raids. For those that played Burning Crusade, heroics and raids (both 10 man and 25 man) is greatly watered down. Blizzard has acknowledged this and has stated that they prefer the current state of affairs. While this means that anyone can see all the content, it also means that there is no challenge associated with running heroics or raids. My first attempt with a poorly equipped and poorly skilled PUG (pick up group) into the primary 10 man raid (Naxx) was wildly successful (more than 1/2 of the raid instance cleared in a few hours). With the lack of challenge (due to the ease), there is no sense of progression. It also seems to have created a large population of arrogant players who think they are great which drains the fun of interacting with people in the game.

    Blizzard's decisions regarding the change in player mechanics has left the game severely out of balance. There is a noticeable lack of certain classes / specs for the PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) aspects of the game. Tanking is more enjoyable since a tank can contribute significantly to the damage part of the games, but there is a distinct shortage of healers that will frustrate anyone trying to PUG the otherwise trivial heroics and raids. Threat is almost never a concern, cc (crowd control) is no longer needed, and damage dealers (dps) can be rather incompetent and still put out sufficient damage. This means that there is no longer need to plan out how to approach a trash mob or a boss...pretty much charging in and firing away works just fine for nearly all encounters. Healers are left on the short end of the stick (hence the shortage) since AoE (area of effect) tanking is now the rule (thus increased damage against the tank) and many times dps aren't bothering to avoid damage. Additionally, there are some bosses / raids and heroic instances where you are essentially stuck with a pre-made character (e.g. riding a dragon) which means no matter how well you progress, you will remain stuck with the pre-made character.

    Since Blizzard has still not separated PvP and PvE abilities (durations, damage, etc), the resilience band-aid is still going strong for PvP, and has become even more critical to PvP success. PvP is tuned for those with 600+ resilience, effectly leaving out the casual PvP player who will find themselves being destroyed by the new mechanics because they will not easily be able to get to that level of resilience (and, yes, the rogue stun-lock until you are dead is still a very common experience until you have high resilience). The plate classes (warriors, paladins, death knights) all have high damage now which has left most cloth classes (mages, warlocks, priests) out in the cold until they can obtain the high levels of resilience gear. Very noticeably missing from battlegrounds are shamans (except resto). Mages and priests are becoming scarce. This results in battlegrounds that have less and less variation since they are becoming more dominated by high damage, high armor classes. Arenas are much the glance at the top teams [..] shows you the lack of variation and imbalance that has developed.

    The next content update promises more of the same (again, Blizzard has clearly stated that they are happy with the state of game's PvE ease, and there are no indications that the PvP imbalances will be notably addressed) except that healers (already in short supply) will have the additional frustration of lowered mana regeneration.

    In summary, if you are looking for a non-challenging game, this expansion will be a very positive experience for you. If you enjoyed the strategy and the rewards that only came with working on your character(s), this game will be a major disappointment once you've gotten to level 80....more info
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Pack

    This game is easy to get addicted to because of diversity. Not many games along with the quests, raids, dungeons, have tradeskills you can use to make things and sell at a an auction house or give to your other guild members, or put in a guild bank. Not many others have mail so you can send peoples characters items and money or your own other toons. Overall this is a good game.


    They have improved most of the things I complained about in the past, walking five miles in the snow barefoot as a ghost to restore your body without being able to fly there and having the guy you just wasted for a quest respawn so you have to kill him again. There are several more graveyards now, but still not enough to suit me. I can live with that though, but why they felt the need to take away our ability to use our flying mounts that we got in Outlands is beyond me. In Neverend you have to RE-BUY flight (coldweather flight training, please their are cold places in Outland) at level 77 for the ridiculous high amount of $3000 GP. So most of your questing in Neverend to get to level 77 you can't fly. This means riding all over again like you did from level 30-70. Gee, we all enjoyed that so much for forty levels I guess they thought we needed another seven levels of that. Are you people really that dense? There are times I want to get a hold of the people that think these idiotic ideas up at Blizzard. I doubt Blizzard needs all this in-game gold unless they are selling it to the Chinese so they can sell it back to the WoW players. So if you think I hate your Cold Weather Training at level 77 in Neverend you are right Blizzard. It almost made me quit the game. Pull something as idiotic on the next expansion and you can bank on me quitting.

    CA Luster...more info
  • Well worth it even if you've quit before
    I have played and quit World of Warcraft twice. I really did not have much interest in WoTLK until word of mouth and other reviewers stated how much fun the game was. I decided to pick it up thinking I'd play about 60 days and then quit again. Well, once I installed the game, I definitely see myself playing this for much longer than 60 days.

    Google "Wrath of the Lich King" and read reviews to get a more detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the game. What I will add is that the deathknight character seems so much more powerful than the other characters in PvE, yet somehow they are balanced in PvP (in my experience). The technology behind the game is amazing - the game world gradually changes with you as you progress through quests so that the world appears much more dynamic than in expansions past. Overall, if you are on the fence, get off it and get this game quickly. You will not regret it (although your social life will)....more info
  • Great RPG (Role Playing Game)
    Great game however make sure that you have the original game first, then its sequel the Burning Crusade otherwise this won't work....more info


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