(Replacement Washable Charcoal based Activated Carbon filter) for Rabbit Air BioGS Air Purifier

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Product Description

Charcoal based Honeycomb Activated carbon filters are utilized in BioGS Air Purifiers to capture airborne gases, VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and odors. VOC's are often generated by off-gassing from carpets, composite wood furniture and other materials in the home. The effectiveness and the life of the carbon filters are determined by the concentration and density of activated carbon in the deodorization filter. Since the BioGS Honeycomb Activated carbon filters have a much higher activated carbon concentration and density than ordinary activated carbon filters in the market, they can more effectively remove odors from cooking, pets, smokers, microbial VOC's or other sources.

  • The BioGS? charcoal based AC filter eliminates many common household odors, VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and household chemical smells.
  • BioGS charcoal based activated carbon filters have a much higher actived carbon concentration and density than ordinary activated carbon filters seen in the market. Odor problems from cooking, pets, smokers, microbial VOC's or other sources can be eliminated or minimized very effectively.
  • (Washable) filter - it is recommended to replace the this filter every 3 years.
Customer Reviews:
  • Horrible smell
    I had the same problem as the other Rabbit owner. I washed the filter and could not get rid of the odor. Next time I will not wash it and just have to get a new filter....more info
  • rabbit air washable??? charcoal filer
    I have had the rabbit air purifier for 6 months. The first time I washed the carcoal filter was in March and it took 4 washings to clean it so it didn't smell horrible.

    I just took it out and cleaned it again in June and it is disgusting. I have even soaked it in baking soda water is still it is enough to make you leave the room. :(

    I wonder if everyone has this problem.

    Sadly I am stuck with this machine, I cannot return it so I am unhappy.

    I just ordered two charcoal filters because they probably all smell terrible after washing.

    Linda...more info
  • Shipped Just Fine
    I have two rabbit air purifiers, one downstairs and one upstairs so when I needed to buy a replacement charcoal filter I ordered online. There really isn't any place within 50 miles of me where I can go shop for one, so this was really my only option and I had no problem.

    Honestly, I've had more problems with my water filters getting charcoal everywhere. This, despite ground shipping, seemed to do fine for me. ...more info
  • not practical as an online purchase
    I thought i'd purchase one spare filter for my air purifier as it helps with allergies.
    This item consists of several small chambers connected to each other, each filled with small granules of activated carbon. Both surfaces of the filter are composed of a plastic mesh to let the air in and out.
    Sadly, i received the filter with all the activated carbon granules loose in the bottom of the filter encasing rendering it useless. Obviously this filter was not meant for shipping. If you must buy it its not a good deal online....more info