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Who Reads Reptiles?
Reptiles appeals to both the professional and hobbyist with expert articles about veterinary issues, breeding, the latest news in the herpetological world and stories from the field. An invaluable resource for any reptile lover, Reptiles magazine is the ultimate guide for owners of these fascinating exotic pets.

Reptiles is the leading publication amongst reptile enthusiasts, covering all reptile and amphibian species: snakes, turtles, lizards and frogs.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Herp Queries: Reader Q&A
  • Who's Who in Reptiles
  • The Breeder's Notebook
  • Herp Kidz
  • Repti-Gear
  • Reptile Breeder Directory
  • Living with Reptiles
  • Vet Q&A
  • Into the Wild
  • Features: Covering a broad range of topics which will entice both the professional and hobbyist with topics which have recently included "Don't Abandon Your Herps," "Deft Toads," "Show Time," "Chinese Crocodile Lizard," "Hardy Hybrids," and "Industry Buzz."
Past Issues:

Each issue includes a "Contributors" page, complete with concise biographies and some photos of the authors featured in that issue. The range is wide, but their passion for reptiles unites them. Some of them are book authors, professional herpetologists, herpetoculturists, zooarchaeologists, breeders, and veterinary intensive care nurses.

Magazine Layout:
The editors have achieved a bold, visually appealing layout with engaging articles illustrated by vivid photographs that capture readers? attention from cover to cover. Readers will find a centerfold reptile poster in every issue.

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
This magazine is for the professional and hobbyist. Readers will benefit from beautiful photography, expertly written articles and eye-catching layouts to guide them through the purchase and care of reptiles and amphibians. Readers have unlimited access to, where they?ll find in-depth species profiles, active member forums, information on reptile health, breeding and the opportunity to join Club Reptile.

Advertisers are important to the readership of this magazine, since you?ll likely want to easily find the reptiles and habitat products that the editors are writing about. Included in each issues is an Advertiser Index, featuring the page number of the advertiser. The majority of advertising is specific to reptiles, and succeeds in providing relevant advertising for anyone who loves reptiles.

Your all-in-one guide to the successful care and keeping of reptiles and amphibians. It appeals to both professional and hobbyist with expert articles about keeping and breeding reptiles and amphibians, veterinary issues, the latest news in the herpetological world and stories from the field.

Customer Reviews:

  • Reptile Mag a must-have for herpers
    Very interesting, informative and well produced mag. I read these cover-to-cover and use them for helpful info on the selection of herps as well as a good source for new products. I have made several purchases as a result of the ads from the vendors that support this magazine. Well worth the small investment!...more info
  • Can't get any better than this for accurate reptile information
    In my opinion, this is the best publication on the market for current, accurate data regarding reptiles. This magazine not only provides well researched and written articles which are invaluable to the serious reptile collector and hobbyist, but has excellent photography of profiled species, as well. Can't do without this one!...more info
  • Reptiles at your doorstep!
    This is the way to have Reptiles enter your house, through the mailbox! It is the ultimate guide for the reptile lover.

    If looking through pages in a magazine of slimy creatures with their eyes looking at you sounds like something you would enjoy, this is the magazine to get. It is the next best thing to visiting the Reptile House at the Los Angeles Zoo.

    For an owner of any of these amphibians this seems like the magazine to keep on hand for what to feed them, where to buy their meals, where to house them and trade tips and pictures as well.

    My son was excited when I handed him the first issue and likes to check back when he is watching Wild Discovery, Animal Planet or National Geographic Explorer. He likes to compare the pictures that are in Reptiles with the one on television.

    While reading through the issues you can find a breeders show or reptile show in just about every State. The section Bits and Pieces has a photo quiz with the answer to the previous month's quiz. Herpetological queries takes questions from readers. In the Herp Marketplace there are funny cartoons with alligators and frogs. The Herp Marketplace contains over six pages of books and reader exchanges, food and supplies, veterinarians and videos to name a few.

    My son enjoys this magazine - I purchased the subscription for him.

    ...more info
  • It's hard to review a magazine, but...
    On the whole, Reptiles magazine is *not* really worth it for more advanced herpers. There's a preponderance of articles that relate primarily to care of animals; this is not bad, but myself, I prefer to read about an animals natural ecology and habitat (and microhabitat) and behaviours, and figure out the care from that information; it works just as well if not better, and allows one to actually learn about animals rather than following cookie cutter information.

    Furthermore, there is a focus on easier species. This isn't really a bad thing per se; I'm happy that the novice keeper is bombarded with info on easier species, maybe it'll help keep them from getting in over thier heads with harder species. It's just that I don't really want to read another article over caring for Lampropeltis or Elaphe every month.

    That said, sometimes Reptiles has a great article; some time ago they did a multiple issue article over african varanids (focusing savs and whitethroats, but dealing with most species) that was really wonderfull. They've done great articles on jumping vipers, and conservation issues. Also, they have some really fairly interesting stories about people's interaction with herps. It's worth picking up maybe every few months, but I don't subscribe....more info

  • Great magazine, for beginners or more advanced herpers
    I've been a subscriber for years, first when I was a beginer through when I was breeding and selling at a local show, and now that I am back to just having a few special cold blooded critters around. I like the care information and it has wonderful photographs throughout. The articles are great too for people interested in more exotic species and herps than are available to the casual herper. The advertisements can also be helpful in finding the next breeder you are interested in aquiring animals from or equipment you can't get locally. Great publication! ...more info
  • This and Reptile Hobbyest kill all reptile probs
    Reptiles magazine is one of the few remaining magazines that focuses on the care and breeding of reptiles and amphibians, and it does it the best. If you keep reptiles as pets, bussiness or whatever, then suscribe. I have all issues even the first from '94 and those are as useful as can be when I acquire a new animal, are interested, or trying to brush up on knowledge. A herper that lack Reptiles lacks KNOWLEDGE! From iguanas and bearded dragons to abronia and corn snakes to vipers, Reptiles writes intelligent articles on it....more info
  • comprehensive
    This magazine is comprehensive on the topic of breeding reptiles and has equally valuable information concerning recent politics(economic and preservation issues), discoveries, veterinary medicine, and surveys. It always has interesting, informative and in depth articles on specific species.
    There are different columns answering questions about breeding, reptile health, and miscelaeneous issues which are prove to be very useful. Reptiles also has comprehensive lists of expos and breeders.
    I give this magazine my best recomendation, it's worth much more than I'm paying for it, the information within it is that of the best herpetology experts....more info
  • If you're into Reptiles, this is the mag for you!
    What a great magazine! In a world that's often less than thrilled with cold-blooded pets, it's often hard to find a source of information on reptiles and amphibians. Well, look no further than Reptiles Magazine! It's filled with great articles on common herptiles from the pet trade, as well as features on rarer specimens that normal pet owners would have to travel across the world to see. The color photography in this magazine is absolutely tops, and stories on care and feeding of animals are always informed, accurate and well written. I, my wife, and all my reptile and amphibian pets love it! You will too....more info
  • It might have been worth it?
    I received two issues, then nothing. I can only give it one star, as I haven't had the opportunity to read it! I would have liked to actually read the years worth of magazines that I paid for....more info
  • Great magazine
    I love this magazine. My only complaint is that I wish each issue were longer. I get to the end of the magazine and I just want more. ...more info
  • Great Pet Keepers Info.
    If you are into reptiles, you can not go wrong with the many, many issues of Reptiles magazine. They are very factual about their information. Sometimes they even give personal opinions and experieices. There are sectons about the care of animals, sections about the population and legal status, and also sections about animal search expeditions.
    In the Dec. 2001 issue, they have a great article on the conservation of the Aruba Island Rattlesnake. I personally spend time studying and learning about this species as well. They are very factual on their information. They do not get information from books, or other written documents, they interview people that have gone to the island of Aruba and worked with these animals firsthand.
    They also have wonderful keeping and breeding information on different species each month. Like in the Feb. 2002 issue, they give great informatnion on keeping and breeding Feas vipers and Pictus geckos, again, they have done all of this themselves, and know what works and what doesnt.
    I would recommend these magazines to everyone into reptiles and/or amphibians. They have great beginner information, like good choices for the first pets, and how to take care of them. They are also good for the advanced keepers. They give information on keeping and breeding rare and difficult animals, They also have interesting search expeditions that interest people of all experience levels....more info
  • Best reptile publication
    Reptiles Magazine is hands-down the best monthly reptile publication. And Amazon has the best price! Win-win!...more info
  • Reptile magazine
    I don't receive this magazine, but I buy it for my
    grandson. He has been receiving it for three years.
    He loves it and asks for it every year....more info
  • perfect resource for all herp experience levels
    As a vet I find this a valuable resource to find out information that breeders know from their own experience that the textbooks don't have in them. Let's face it, the people that write the articles are the most knowledgable about that particular species because they own, raise, and breed them so it's best to hear it right from them. There is also good articles about ecology and law that affect herpers everywhere. Everyone might not own a spitting cobra, but it's fun to read about and every month there is also a more common species covered as well as invertebrates. A resource for any herp keeper or any interested in getting some....more info
  • Great info
    Magazine has lots of good information. Lots of good advertisements, I often do my shopping from the magazine based on it's ads and recommendations.
    ...more info
  • The only game in town--and not a bad job
    Reptiles strives to achieve a balance between articles for children and beginners, articles for herpetologists and field photographers, and advanced keepers. Occasionally, it manages this. The truth is that Reptiles and The Vivarium magazines should never have been merged--Reptiles should have remained an invaluable resource for beginners to the hobby, with The Vivarium focusing on in-depth articles for advanced hobbyists.

    But, they WERE merged.

    There ARE no other paper reptile magazines in the US any longer. This is it. If you own reptiles and amphibians, get this magazine--it's a good way to read up on species you may not have researched before, to see what new products are coming onto the market, to track shows, and to generally be entertained by lots of pretty pictures. You can't beat the price for all of that--you'd have to buy a LOT of books to get all of that information and content.

    It doesn't do the best job it could do, but it does do a fairly good job, which makes it worth subscribing to--even if you're an advanced keeper. There's no other source of herp-oriented bathroom reading material. :D...more info
  • Not bad, when I recieve any in mail?
    I have had the same problem that a previous reviewer said. I have had a Reptiles magazine subscription a few years back and a current one. The previous order had a missing issue and my subscription was not extended. Now my most recent has annoyed me. I recieved three issues, and then no more isues. Even though the Reptiles mag site says I should have recieved at least two issues since then, and I got a supposed extension. After this subscription, no more. I'll do as I have in the past, purchase them as I see them and only if the subjects interest me. So the warning is that this magazine can be unreliable....more info
  • A Great Information Source!
    Reptiles Magazine
    is a great magazine,with the care of breeding of reptiles,amphibians,and invertabrates! also has a great price,and the things learned are more than worth the money!...more info
  • An excellent magazine if you like herps...
    Whether you have any or not, this is a great source of information. I do not currently have any herps but I do work with them at the local zoo. I received my first issue and promptly read it cover-to-cover. I can hardly wait for the next issue....more info
  • This Magazine Stinks
    This magazine caters to a younger audience. Don't subscribe if you want in-depth, detailed information regarding Reptiles. The layout and design is playful and childish, and the content is thin. It's obvious the editors are hurting for content because they allow even the smallest story to consume an entire page.
    Plus, the goofy cartoons and silly "games" are just annoying. Too bad the Vivarium isn't available....more info
  • Reptiles Magazine
    My son loves this magazine. The publisher did a good job about getting the subscription started and caught up quickly....more info


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