Sunpentown Mini Dehumidifier - SD-350

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Product Description

This Mini Dehumidifier uses Peltier (Thermo-Electric) Technology to provide whisper quiet operation. The compact size is ideal for nurseries, small bedroom, closets and wardrobes. Automatically switch off when water tank is full, with indicator light. Benefits- No compressor- Quiet operation- No vibration- No refrigerantIdeal For- Nurseries- Small bedrooms- Closets, wardrobes and cupboards- Under sinksFeatures and Functions- 2 liters water tank capacity- Compact design- Power and Full tank indicator lights- Auto cut-off when tank is full or removed- Convenient handle- Transparent water tank

  • Completely silent, uses no compressor
  • Absolutely no refrigerant to refill
  • Compact simple design
  • Power and Full tank indicator lights
  • Moisture removal: 11.8 oz

 Customer Reviews:

    This product is totally worthless. I ran this for five days and it only collected about 1 ounce of water. And I had 55% humidity in my house! It is worthless. I had it in a tiny room and it didn't drop the humidity 1%. It is also very loud and the AC block gets super hot. A sure sign of a worthless poorly made piece of junk.

    The worse part is, I ordered it here on Amazon, but some other company shipped it to me. Now Amazon won't give me a refund. They say to email them and they will set up a procedure for you to return the item. I have e-mail twice over the past three days and nothing!

    I needed a dehumidifier for making screens for screen printing on t-shirts. I went to Lowes and bought a small $150 unit. In a few hours the humidity in the room dropped from over 50 to the low 40's and it had collected about eight ounces.

    Take my advice. Buying a $50 humidifier was a huge mistake and a waste of time. I will seriously think twice about ever ordering from Call me old fashion but I think I should be able to return a product to the store(in this case website) I bought it from. Imagine buying something from Lowes that is defective, then when you try to return it they say. Oh you can't return that here. You have to return it to Joe's Hardware!

    I would give this product and negative stars if I could....more info
  • It does what it says
    The dehumidifier is small, sleek and silent. Extremely silent. I can't say if it captures all the humidity, but I know that is does somewhat because the canister always has water in it. I do recommend this item be used in small rooms though. I love the look of it and how silent it is. ...more info
  • please pass on this one
    I bought this through Target--their reviews said it was great! It seemed to dehumidify, although slowly. However, I was concerned that the "brick" on the AC cord was hot, so hot that I couldn't hold it for more than a few seconds. I found out online that such a problem could be a fire hazard! I called the company, Sunpentown, and they mailed out another cord with the instructions that if this one was also abnormally hot (which it was), I should mail the whole unit back (which I did). Sounds like they've had this problem more than once before. The replacement unit also has a really hot cord. So I suppose this merry-go-round will continue until they hopefully refund my money....more info