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Provides dog owners with well-researched, in-depth articles about all aspects of natural dog care and training. Whole Dog Journal features unbiased test reports of food, treats, toys and training aids.

Customer Reviews:

  • a must read
    While those dog owners who truely value holistic dog care, are still in the minority, with resources like this available, the numbers are climing. This magazine rates things like the value of a natural diet, a topic most resources are scared to touch. They rate premade dog foods, and really educate the reader as to the value of high quality diets. This magazine discusses natural remedies, positive training, and many more topics. Be aware, however, that it is not as big as a standard magazine. But, the information is much more valuable than the typical magazine found at your local bookstore....more info
  • Whole Dog Journal sent as a gift
    Web preview of journal looked very promising. Sent as a gift to son. Hopefully his experience will match our expectations....more info
  • Best technically informative mag out there
    I've read this magazine for years, based on my vet's recommendation. At first I thought it was way expensive for a little "newsletter", not glossy, not in color...BUT I was wrong. The info you may learn in ONE issue could save you a lot of money in the long run. It is serious about it's mission, though not without humor. It does not carry any advertising at all, it is solely dependent on subscriptions. You will find in depth articles and reviews about pet foods, pet products, books, training (positive). Some well known dog trainers/authors are regular contributors (Patricia McConnell being a major one). It is illustrated as well. It comes pre punched with three holes so you can store them in a binder if you like. They have a great website as well, with special access for subscribers. It has also actually come down in price, and if you get more than one year it is cheaper (like most mags). HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are serious about your dog's health and well being. It can be technical so if you don't like super in-depth, "serious" reading then you might not love this, but it's worth a look even if you think you may not like it, you could end up loving it, like me!...more info
  • The Whole Dog Journal is Top Dog!
    Dog lovers rejoice! The Whole Dog Journal is the most complete magazine for those who want to give their dogs only the best. With everything from holistic care ideas to natural problem-behavior solutions, WDJ is the publication to trust.

    One of the best features of WDJ is their unbiased yearly rating of numerous holistic, premium, and ultra-premium dog foods. This was the feature which hooked me, and I have NEVER again gone back to the old foods which I learned were causing my pets' health problems!

    This publication deserves 5 stars (and four paws up!) for excellence in bringing dog-lovers and gaurdians the most beneficial, unbiased information and latest research from the holistic/alternative/training arenas!...more info

  • Well worth the price
    The Whole Dog Journal offers a balanced and informative account of many topics concerning keeping, choosing, training, entertaining, living with, caring for, and loving dogs. They do thorough product reviews that are quite useful, and they do not accept advertising, so they are trustworthy. Although they have a decidedly holistic and humanistic bent, they back up their articles with real research and avoid mumbo-jumbo mysticism. They cover many topics that you'll never find in mainstream publications like Dog Fancy. Articles are well-written and the quality of the editing is better than you might see in glossy magazines. I look forward to and learn something useful from each and every issue....more info
  • Wonderful Publication-- the BEST!!
    I simply can't say enough good about this "Consumer Reports" for dogs. I have learned more about dog health and the safety of dog products than I ever have before.

    They accept no advertising so their info is unbiased. Our dogs are important members of our family and we want the best for them. Even the price of the publication is reasonable considering all the money we have saved now that we are enlightened "dog parents." Love it!!!...more info

  • Independent and opinionated, but not scientific
    Whole Dog Journal's articles and reviews are refreshingly free about criticizing products, readily slamming popular items like mainstream pet foods and invisible fences. The articles unfortunately tend to veer into holistic mythology, discussing imaginary things like "bodily energy" rather than focusing on science. The "reviews" of packaged food are just opinions about which ingredient lists sound good....more info
  • Best in Show of dog magazines
    Too often dog magazines are the product of advertisers and the seemingly unlimited monetary marketing budget of the commercial market. The Whole Dog Journal does not accept commercial advertisements therefore they say what needs to be said.

    Most folks don't realize that holistic, natural care for animals has existed for centuries and the commercialization of pet care has only existed for merely a half century. The commercial food industry didn't even exist until the mid-1900's, yet because we are so heavily exposed to commercially marketed products (because they tend to tradeoff investing money that would be better spent in improving the quality of their products into marketing exposure of a lesser quality product), most consumers aren't even aware of better quality food products because their dollars are invested in better quality ingredients at the expense of marketing exposure.

    Whole Dog Journal readers will learn about the better quality of pet care rather than a "PetsMart" type market which only allocates shelf space to the commercial market (paid for shelf space just like the human food supermarkets - whoever pays (and pays the most) for the shelf space gets on the shelf, quality is not a top priority, money is).

    It's a shame that pet owners have to encounter a health tragedy with our pets before we are "enlightened" to the causes of that tragedy, usually attributed to what we put in (such as nutrient deficient, poor quality food, chemical medications, vaccination assaults) and on our canine child's body and then we feel the need to search for a better way to prevent repeating the process which lead to these health tragedies had we been informed. Well, Welcome to the Whole Dog Journal where you will be so informed.

    The Whole Dog Journal provides much needed information to educate canine moms and dads on issues of blood tests, titers, vaccinations, health, heartworm and parasite issues, positive training tools and methods, products, and expert editorials. And now they have an online version with access to the printed version online, archival search, links, access to editors to answer specific dog owning questions.

    The best way to make the best decisions where your "canine kids" are concerned is to be "FULLY" informed. If you think you are entitled to be completely informed rather than selectively informed, then include the Whole Dog Journal in your home....more info

  • Best Info on Wholistic Issues for Dogs
    I've subscribed to the WDJ for years and in almost every issue there is an article that I can use or apply to a canine situation I have. Their food reviews (although not Consumer Reports)provide much useful information to help you decide if you should change foods and what brands to try. I don't think some of major "natural" dog food manufacturers would seek to have their names on the top ten list if they didn't feel the WDJ reviews had real impact on their readers. I also thought the articles that educate the reader about specific parts of canine anatomy and physiology are very helpful to dog owners so we can spot potential trouble or be able to speak intelligently to our vets. I still think this is one of the best publications on natural foods and healthcare there is....more info
  • Information in the WDJ added years to GS's life
    We have subscribed to the WDJ for many years and there is always something new to learn. The researched information, reviews, and recommendations have proved invaluable throughout. Especially helpful were the articles pertaining to health care for our aged dogs: including lists of the WDJ's approved top dog foods and articles on nutritious diets. In particular, the excellent and well researched information regarding Yeast infections helped our German Shepherd live happily for an additional 2 years after the Vet gave up on her. Our family is extremely grateful and indebted to the staff and authors of the Whole Dog Journal. Thank you! ...more info
  • Best Dog Magazine Out There!
    I've read dozens of different dog magazines - from Dog Fancy to to Bark to Animal Fair. Every other dog magazine is too heavily influenced by advertisements. Reviews are not really reviews but catalogs. A lot of Dog Fancy's articles are the same general info over and over again. I wanted to find a magazine with quality articles and product reviews I could trust and depend on. This is what I have found in the Whole Dog Journal. They can put more quality information in 20 pages than Dog Fancy can in a whole year's subscription. The Whole Dog Journal is a must for every dog owner - even if you don't consider yourself a "holistic pet owner" everyone has a lot they can learn from this wonderful magazine.

    In response to the person who reported "The articles unfortunately tend to veer into holistic mythology, discussing things like "bodily energy" rather than focusing on science." I have NEVER found this to be true. I thought the articles were suprisingly more on the objective side than I had expected them to be....more info

  • Can't reccomend this one enough!
    Every pooch should come with this great magazine. I have been getting it now for 4 years and do not plan to stop!...more info


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