HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron
HAI Convertible Ceramic Iron

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Product Description

HAI Classic HAICONVERT Convertable 1 1/4" Plate Width Straightener

  • Plated with specially-coated ceramic heat panels which protect hair using "infra-red heat". It locks in moisture and helps prolong color for longer lasting results. Creates flats, straights, flips, bends, coils, even pressed pin curls with just one styling tool.
  • Sapphire ceramic plates are unmatched for equal heat distribution. New Infra Red Heat technology seals in hair's moisture and luster.
  • Faster heat-up time than conventional coil straightening irons - It will rise to the desired temperature in less than 25 seconds from being turned on. Therefore, to save electricity and prolong lifespan, it should be turned off between uses with the Off-On switch located on the temperature control thermostat. It still saves half the time of conventional models.
  • Variable temperature settings for all hair types. For bleached, fragile, damaged and fine hair, the lower setting is advised. For normal hair and regular use, a middle range is recommended. For coarse, thick, ethnic and resistant hair in healthy condition, maximum heat on high setting is used to save time and effort.
  • With a fused safety plug - Be sure the red button is depressed before use, and push the reset button if the breaker is tripped at any time. Ergonomic design is easier to press, hold, mold, twirl and curl hair. 1?" width for added control, ideal for short hair. One-year limited warranty.

Customer Reviews:

  • Love it!
    I love this flat iron! It does a great job smoothing my hair and I love that I can adjust the temperature....more info
  • What a disappointment!
    The iron worked GREAT for the time I've had it... probably about 11 months. I took care of it, cleaned it, didn't use it often. Today it would heat up and the red light was barely blinking. So sad. Now I'm looking at other options....more info
  • So pleased!
    My stylist used a ceramic hair straightener on me and I was so pleased with the result that I looked to buy one straight away. I was nervous that I would buy it and wouldn't be able to get the desired effect, but I have been pleasantly suprised. My hair is short and growing out and this has made managing it so much easier. It works very effectively, heats up quickly and is easy and convenient to store away after use. It was also half the price than if I had bought a similar one here.
    I'm really glad I bought it...more info
  • great product!!!!
    I am used to purchasing con-air or revlon straiteners because it is what I can afford at the time. I have what I refer to as "lumpy" hair, & it is very thick. This flat iron heats up 400 degrees & makes my hair straight, shiny & manageable. It stays like that all day too. It is well worth it to pay the extra money & spend less than 10 minutes to have beautiful hair. I highly recommend this item to anyone who has unruly hair. thank you!!!!...more info
    I had completely given up on straightening my thick, wavy hair because either only one side would straighten or it would straighten temporarily (with frizz, lots) and flip out in 3 hours. However I decided to spend the extra few bucks and buy a real good straightener and I bought this off of Folica because of the good reviews and it is the BEST HAIR INVESTMENT I'VE EVER MADE!! This product straightens my hair in less than 10 minutes without frizz and keeps it's shine. It really makes my highlights stand out better too. DEFINITELY A GOOD BUY!...more info
  • So worth it!
    Works great! After my SuperStar Iron broke (cuz i dropped it a lot), I went through a Conair ceramic iron (it sucks - only bought it cuz it was an emergency) and a Coroliss iron (looks fancy but doesn't heat up well). Finally decided on HAI because I couldn't find my SuperStar iron and my cousin said hers worked great. Couldn't be happier with this flat iron =)...more info
  • HAI Ceramic Flat Iron 1265
    I like the iron, but I wouldn't say it's that much better than the Revlon iron that I purchased at Wal-Mart for much less $. I like that this one has the ability to curl, but my hair doesn't glide through nearly as well as I'd expected without snags or pulling....more info
  • amazing product
    This is the absolute only tool that has ever gotten my hair bone straight. It even straightens those little fizzy fly-aways. I was unsure whether to buy this iron at first because of the price, but I am not disappointed. Doing my hair in the mornings has gone from 45 minutes to 10....more info


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