ï»ż Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life: A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life
Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life: A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life

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This is not your typical self-help book. You wonĄŻt find any of your typical motivational platitudes or cute little business parables here. This is more of a "your results are your own damn fault, no one cares about your problems, get off your butt and go to work" approach that can help you achieve more success, make more money, improve your business, and have more fun.

Larry Winget doesnĄŻt pull any punches here. He believes that business gets better when the people in the business get better--sales improve when salespeople improve; customer service improves when the people delivering it improve; and employees get better when their managers get better. It works the same way in your personal life--husbands and wives improve each other when they improve themselves and kids improve when their parents do. In other words, everything in life gets better when you get better, and nothing gets better until you get better.

This book can make you better. However, it will tick you off. Winget is direct, in-your-face, caustic, and controversial. You wonĄŻt like or agree with everything he has to say. Yet his advice is full of wisdom and truth that canĄŻt easily be argued with.

Words from Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life that prove that this book is anything but typical:

"If you donĄŻt have much going wrong in your life, then you donĄŻt have much going on in your life."

"When you work, work! When you play, play! DonĄŻt mix the two."

"What you think about, talk about, and do something about is what comes about."

"When it quits being fun--quit."

"Time management is a joke."

And thatĄŻs just the beginning!

This is a one-of-a-kind book, from a one-of-a-kind author, that will help you live a one-of-a-kind life.

Customer Reviews:

  • Larry Rocks!
    About time!!!

    This thinking drives independence, inventiveness and resilience; in real life there are no apologies or excuses for dropping the ball on your own choices/responses nor of becoming a system parasite (AKA "Victim")
    Putting it simply - the proof is in the pudding of you making your life a success vs a dropkick

    Whilst I was going to note how relevant, practical and functional the tenets of Larry's book are for ones own life, we discovered it was so relevant to addressing the script the step kids had been given by a toxic, wilting-victim ex-spouse (BTW psychologists, mediators, divorce attorneys and judges would do well to take heed of some common sense Larry plunks down herein).
    It is plain that what works on the micro works on the macro. By extrapolation, it unexpectedly lead to the concept that Larry's book should be a reference template for what this country and it's citizens need today in regards to public policy and government.
    Read it and try and say, "No"
    Take this book & Larry to Congress as the Stimulus package. It won't please the loud, be "PC", and it certainly will be a wee bit uncomfy; but the country under this attitude paradigm would be the place the founding fathers had envisioned and we, the working 'apple pie' class need to stop cowering from, be responsible for and finally start owning.

    Thanks Larry!...more info
  • Awesome Book... you won't regret ....
    I had fun reading this book. Larry is rude, at your face and correct almost always.
    As he says, it is hard to argue with the truth. This book is not for someone who likes philosophical musings. ...more info
  • Changed my life! It should be rated five hundred stars!
    I can honestly say this book changed my life. I lost 200 pounds, am writing my own book, improved my health and my relationships, changed to a happy career, and did it all. Larry is the best! This book makes you take responsibility for yourself and kicks your butt! I love Larry's no nonsense message and that he speaks the truth. I wish I could buy this book for everyone. My husband read it too and we are on our way from being broke to multimillionaires. Please buy it!!...more info
  • Not Your Father's Motivational Book
    Yes, I'm unmotivated. Yes, there is much I want to do and become. AND YES, it is my own fault I am not where I am. (where ever that is to be).

    Larry (if I can call him Larry), is a no-holds-barred motivational guru. He tells it like it is. And if you can't take it, he doesn't care. It is what it is.

    He covers pretty much any aspect of life from money and kids, to hope and worry. Whatever you can think of, Larry probably has a thought about it...

    So, my advice for you dear reader, is to shut up, pick up a copy of the book, and get a life....more info
  • Get down and give me FIFTY!
    This is GOOD. I liked this book. Like Larry I've read so many positive affirmation books that don't go anywhere it makes me want to puke! This is not one of them! This really is an in your face, A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life kind of book and you NEED to read it. Though I wouldn't recommend this book to a "cry for mommy type"(or maybe I would), I heartily recommend it to anyone who truly wants to make something of their life. I am definitely not a new age type and Larry makes no apologies for his bent in that direction. I do believe he can be forgiven though in what he says makes perfect sense and the applications are universal. I didn't do the worksheets the first time through due to being intimidated by what they might say about me. They need to be done though and honestly. If you don't like what they say then change it. I've highlighted this book so much in my several times through it that I'm going to make a quick reference chart to aid in my decision making process. Did I say I liked the book? This book is not for the limp wristed or stew in your stool types. And though I might not recommend Larry to teach in Sunday school, You would sure be able to recognize his students when you met them.

    FH...more info
  • Re-Run
    The first part of the book was good and kept you interested, but the second half was a sleeper. I have read all of Mr. Winget's books and this one doesn't meet their standards....more info
  • Expensive kindling for the fireplace
    Real disappointment here. If you're looking for any kind of consistent reasoning or argument, don't bother with this book. On his blog, Winget describes himself as a "fiscal conservative" who voted for Obama and is OK with paying more taxes. In this book, he goes from bashing most of the motivational speaker/self-help crowd ("motivational mumbo-jumbo") to feeding the reader New Age claptrap ("God is the Presence of Good and the Action of Love"), while dumping on mainstream religion, in the space of about 30 pages. Add in a bunch of "power of positive thinking" rhetoric and some generic health and fitness advice and you have (according to the cover) a "National Bestseller". You've got to hand it to him when he says "Some of the best-selling books today are total garbage" (p.111). He's apparently talking about his own product. It's a $12 firestarter for my fireplace....more info
  • Let's be candid
    1. This book is a pumped up magazine article. This "book" has more quotes from other books than helpful notions of it's own. In that sense what you get is a compliation of other author's thoughts rather than an innovative approach to human motivation and performance.
    2. You can read it and digest the sum of it's parts in about an hour. But not because it is especially well written, it's only because it does not offer much substance.
    3. The adivice Winget offers is straight forward common sense and is refreshing, but it is simplistic and superficial. Plenty of online article offer more for free.
    4. I regret that I bought this book. Save your money for something that is not just a marketing gimmick. perhaps the "secret"...yeah that's the ticket to nirvana now isn't it!...more info
    I enjoyed this book. You must be really objective to appreciate this. If you are willing to make the suggested efforts to change your life, it will truly pay off. I feel that this approach to life is better than whining, complaining and blaming others for what is wrong with your life. I'm sure we all know at least one person like this.

    I also enjoyed Larry Winget's other two books "You are Broke Because You Want to Be" and "It's Called Work For A Reason"

    I would recommend this book for those who really want to change their lives, but it is not for everyone. ...more info
  • I love people like Larry!
    I laughed out loud more than once while reading this book. Even through the passages that could have been aimed at me! Any time bad things happen and I start feeling sorry for myself, I reach for this book and read through it again. Ouch. It stings but does help me get my head back on straight. Larry's right: dreaming doesn't make things happen in your life. DOING does.

    Gail Strumberger
    Author "Shock Therapy: Planaphobic"...more info
  • Nothing works till you do
    I really like this book.After reaching the age of 54 & having read & listned to my share of"Self-Help" stuff this is refreshingly different.Larry doesn't try to fill your head with sunshine & you can do anything or metaphysical nonsense so popular lately.He's like the Uncle who wasn't afraid to tell you how things are.It's an easy read,but requires you to think & fill out forms to distill your values.I have a problem with some over simplified things though, like"You should forget hope & doubt & instead have faith & certainty & then step out boldly". Not an easy thing to do however in these trying times....more info
  • Common sense prevails
    I have always wanted to go back to all the self help books I have read and write a summary about the best items. At least the author admits that he is not expert and is only writing about things that he has read. The first few chapters are at least about what he has read. When you get farther back in the book, he is just talking about what anyone with common sense knows.

    He might be a good motivational speaker, but leave the writing to the experts....more info
  • Larry Does It Again
    The Pitbull did it again. If this book does not give you a kick in the rear--you are most likely dead! I especially liked Chapter 9; "Everyone Screws Up." Yep, screw up and move on. I love this simple to understand yet not always easy to implement-able, idea filled book. And, you will too!

    Ed Rigsbee, CSP, Author,
    "Developing Strategic Alliances"...more info
  • I love people like Larry!
    I laughed out loud more than once while reading this book. Even through the passages that could have been aimed at me! Any time bad things happen and I start feeling sorry for myself, I reach for this book and read through it again. Ouch. It stings but does help me get my head back on straight. Larry's right: dreaming doesn't make things happen in your life. DOING does.

    Gail Strumberger
    Author "Shock Therapy: Planaphobic"...more info
  • Enjoyable, on target - must read
    When I finally received my copy (I had to swipe it back from my teenaged daughter who hijacked it) it was a direct, to the point book about the life you have, the life you would like to have, and how to obtain the one you desire. Winget does not pull any punches so far, but tells it like it is hence the title.
    Surprisingly enough, the greatest difference it made was in my daughter. I have had the regular parent/child struggle with her...boys, friends, grades, life. I had tried everything I thought. The book had been purchased by me and for me after seeing Winget on TV, but it made a profound impression on my daughter. The grades, the drama sessions of a teen all have improved. Best of all, it was her decision after realizing it was all up to her. She picked up the book and could not put it. SHE HATES TO READ! Whether it is a friend, family member, or college student on the way out the door...buy them a copy and hand it to them with a smile. The first few pages will draw them in, but it will make a lasting impression in a positive way. Nothing tells the truth like a bullet at point-blank range and Winget is definitely on target!...more info
  • You will love it or hate it!

    I bought one and marked it up... a lot.

    Then I bought two, one to put in the jhon and one to give away. Now I'm buying another three just to give away to people I care about.

    For me, it's a life changing book that de-bunks a lot of my favorite and cherished ideas about life that have not worked for me in the past no matter how hard I tried. So, now it's time to try some fresh ideas on how and why things things work the way they really do.

    If you are not sick and tired of being sick and tired then maybe this is not the book for you. But, if you are ready and willing to change, then do something good for yourself, buy the book and read it... even if you don't want to.

    I found this gem after reading "It's called work for a reason" which I just love to read over and over.

    Good luck.

    ...more info
  • Blah blah blah oh and I'm so tough
    Larry Winget is known as The Pitbull of Personal Development and boy does he not let you forget it. He seems to spend more time talking about his confrontational style than he spends giving actual useful advice. Basically you get a couple paragraphs of advice you heard from every other self help nut, then a couple pages about how tough Larry Winget is.

    If the author was half as tough as he tells you he is he wouldn't have to spend two pages reminding us after every two paragraphs.

    Take out the author's tough guy shtick, which gets old after the first two pages, and you have yourself a regular old self help book with the same common sense advice.

    If you're overweight, stop eating so much and exercise.
    If you're in debt, stop spending so much and don't use any more credit.
    If your girlfriend dumped you, get over it....more info
  • Mostly excellent advice about health...
    The honest, no "kick-butt"-pulled approach to discussing health in the 8th chapter of this book should be read by those struggling to start a healthy lifestyle.

    First, a few stats, then what works and what doesn't work about the advice in this book.

    The Stats: A report last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that less than half of the U.S. population engages in the minimum recommended level of physical activity of 30 minutes of moderate exercise most or all days of the week. Plus, 15.6% are inactive, reporting 10 minutes or less of activity each day.

    So, the practice now determined to be the most important in keeping good health is actually practiced by less than 1/2 of the U.S. population. We live in a box, drive a box, work in a box and claim we don't have time to escape from our box and move around to preserve good health.

    Just one of many articles published (New England Journal August 1999) showed that walking one hour only three days per week did more to prevent heart disase than any blood pressure or diabetic or cholesterol drug on the market. Yet, there's still much misinformation out about how to walk, why walk, and for those reasons and more many don't walk.

    So, first the most effective advice in this chapter (and then a couple of places where I'd recommend something different):

    ***"Willpower is totally overated....Here is what works for me: lack of opportunity." Most people make it very easy to find junk food or alcohol with at most a few steps and a reach to a low shelf. But, they'll make exercise a 10 step process that involves travelling to a gym or meeting 3 people in a walking group that varies in it's meeting according to weather, emotional state, and whether we're on vacation this week. Environment is key and making the bad unavailable and the good easy to find is one of the crucial success factors I see in healhty people.

    ***"Turn off the T.V., get off your fatt butt and do something." Less than 1/2 of people will exercise, and most who don't use lack of time as the reason; yet, most Americans watch more than an hour of T.V. each day (the time in which it would take to walk 3 miles at a very comfortable 20min/mile pace and maintain a 30 to 40 pound weight loss without a change in diet by one calorie). Either watch your first hour of T.V. every day on a treadmill, or give your T.V. to the Goodwill. I haven't been able to watch T.V. in my home since I left home at age 18 (I'm 46 years old now), not because I don't like T.V., not because it's trash (much T.V. can be inspirational and educational), but because if it's there, I'll watch it and I won't go outside and walk or read a book or talk to my children.

    ***"Now Let's Get Really Ugly about Your Health...is that Twinkie really more important to you than your kids?...Fat people die quicker." Most people without realizing it will use their children/family as a reason to not care for themselves. They say they don't have time to exercise because they're too busy taking care of children or working. They eat poorly because they're stressed about something to do with family.

    The healthy think in exactly the opposite way...I must not eat this because I want to be here to care for children and grand children and give advice to great grand children. Instead of, "I must skip my walk because I must feed or transport children," the mantra becomes, "this must wait, son, or we must do this a different way because if I don't go for a walk then I can't be as healthy and energetic as I need to be to be a good father." Health practices become a way to take care of the goose (you) who's laying the golden egg (care of your family).

    **"Find a skinny doctor who doesn't smoke." Most people have trouble giving advice they don't understand or don't follow. You won't get all you need in the way of life-style advice from an overweight physician. I think the same applies to the clergy and to motivational speakers. Winget admits he must exercise or else he loses credibility with his audience. I must exercise even with a busy schedule, even with 3 sons who live with me most of the time (& I'm a singe Dad), or else why should anyone listen to me?

    You'll find motivation and effective instruction stuffed into only a few words in the 8th chapter of this book.

    I'd disagree with a couple of small points only.

    1. "You do not have glandular problems."

    If you're over 30 years old, you could indeed have a "glandular problem." After 30 years on the planet, many people do start to have a drop in testosterone, thyroid, and growth hormone. Get up-to-date advice (check out some of the other books I've reviewed and my website).

    2. "Healthy exercise mainly consists of aerobic exercise - anything that increases your heart rate for a period of 20 minutes at least three times a week."

    The heart-rate trap keeps many people from exercising. I never check heart rate when I'm exercising...forget heart rate. Even pro-atheletes have an off season. Expecting an intense workout everytime you exercise leads to dreading the event and stopping. Give yourself permission to walk or jog any speed that feels comfortable for that day (but always go the distance) and you'll accomplish all you need to do. You only burn about 5% more calories jogging a mile than you do walking a mile (it just takes about twice as long to walk it). By giving yourself permission to go any speed, you're more likely to go and the speed will be exactly what you needed for that day.

    Read chapter 8 of this book. Sometimes, a "Kick-butt approach" can improve the health of the rest of the body.

    ...more info
  • Buy it, Read it, Common Sense to change your life!
    I picked up this book at my local library because the title just called out to me. At first I skimmed it and found it rather entertaining. Upon reading it, I was very impressed with Mr. Winget's common sense approach to life. I can attest to the ideas on child rearing. I myself have used the same approach since my daughter was a toddler. She is now a very well adjusted teen who thinks for herself and did grow out of all those "crazy" things. I work with a lot of whiners and if I could afford to buy this book for every one of them I would. What are YOU waiting for? Stop Whining..Get this book now, and change YOUR life!...more info
  • Doesn't pull punches
    Larry Winget's approach to life removes the excuses we all use in our lives. Makes you take responsibility for your life in an adult manner. Great....more info
  • Not what you would expect, but its a good read....
    I found the book to be just ok, and the reason I give it 3 stars is because I was expecting more from him than the typical stuff I've read else where. He had a lot of common sense stuff (Common sense is an oxymoron nowadays) that he ranted about, but he also had some very focused stuff that I felt would be very beneficial to people. I guess what I'm trying to say is give the book a chance you may enjoy it, but don't expect him to give you earth shattering advice......more info
  • Straight Talk
    I found Larry's staight forward manner kind of refreshing - considering one rarely finds such straight talk concerning life these days. Anyway, the material is a collage of self-help annecdotes mixed in with Larry's experiences. I would recommend this book as a quick and easy read that has some writing exercises sprinkled in....more info
  • One of the few self-help books that makes some sense
    I'm sure it's been said before, but SHUT UP...." metes out some pretty good advice. It's not always on the mark, but it definitely reflects the writings of someone who has thought seriously on the subject, and is intelligent enough to come up with some conclusions that can be helpful: The three I find the most resonating are 1) Having a good attitude doesn't mean you'll get anywhere (despite what Marty Seligman and the 'positive psychology' movement claims; 2) Time management is a silly notion (ask anyone in the arts, science, business, or any other 'real life' endeavour where things are not predictable and the fallibility of human cognition and behavior is recognized; and 3) Stop having 'hope': have FAITH. It reminds me a bit of the Star Wars wise man, who stats, "Don't try or not try: Do." And despite the title of this book, the message is essentially spiritual, just as Albert Schweitzer's was (even though he was a meanie and martinet in the way he ran his medical clinics in Africa). The one word I could definitely do without, though, is 'abundance.' I would think Larry Winget is smarter than to fall for that concept, hook, line and sinker. Maybe if he sees the film "Children of Men" he will have a different perspective....more info
  • The relationship advice in this book is worth the price
    Sure, this guy is pretty rude and in-your-face, but I can't say that he isn't honest. The part in the book where he talks about relationships is well worth the price of this book. To give you an idea of what he talks about when it comes to relationships, it's basically this: You don't need anybody, and if you do, the relationship is doomed. He talks about how people need their own space and their own friends, not to be too clingy or needy, and how independence attracts others. That chapter is the best advice on relationships I've ever read, and I've read quite a few....more info
  • Should be required reading for everyone everywhere
    This is the best self help book I've ever read, and I've read many of them. The only unfortunate thing about this book is that those who need it the most, like Larry says in his writings, are individuals who don't read...anything. I am a public speaker and earn my living trying to help people take control of their personal finances. I highly recommend this book. ...more info
  • What a great book! The only motivational book I read this year!
    I came across Larry Winget on the internet. He seemed like a pretty interesting motivational guy. I purchased this book(in hardcover) this past summer and took it with me on vacation, AND I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN! WHAT A GREAT MOTIVATIONAL BOOK!

    I really like Larry Winget's attitude, and I really liked this book, but I especially enjoyed the first sixty pages (the first five chapters. These chapters alone are worth the price of the book!)

    What Larry essentially says in these first few pages is that most motivational stuff doesn't work. I agree wholeheartedly. (Read my review of Robert Ringer's classic book 'Winning through Intimidation'. Again,I believe Ringer's book is probably the most truthful book I have ever read on what the day-to-day business jungle is really like.)

    Yes, what Larry says about motivational stuff is correct. Let me give an example: Years ago I was a manager of a sales floor. My top salesperson was a woman who had the tenacity of a pitbull! She was focused and aggressive! She closed deals like crazy! Guess what? She never even heard of a guy named Napoleon Hill. She never read Zig Ziglar or Anthony Robbins. She was my top sales producer for two years.

    Throughout my life, I have met lots of people who never read or listen to "success" or "motivational" stuff, yet they are top performers in their field. And I have seen alot of people who read every "success" and "motivationl" book out there, and they're still struggling. Larry addresses this issue in this book, and he addresses it well!

    Larry Winget writes like no other motivational guru out there. His style is in-your-face, but he's also a breath of fresh air because you realize he's telling it the way it is.

    Now that this book is out in paperback, BUY IT!

    ...more info
  • Doesn't like other races of people
    Has a statement in the book that says people of a different race other than whites are hard to love this book is trash....more info
  • "Not your typical self-help book". Well that's for sure!!
    I am personally not motivated by someone who tells me that the 3 main reasons why people are not successful is because "1. They are stupid 2. They are lazy or 3. They don't give a damn." His theory "if you really cared, you would do what it took to be the best for you spouse" doesn't sit well with me when he trashes the fact that just because you work all day, come home and fix dinner, do dishes, help the kids with homework and baths and maybe squeeze in a little laundry or cleaning well that is just an excuse for "not really taking care of yourself." Um Hello!! I think I would rather be putting on my makeup and fixing my hair "so I can show my spouse how much I care" rather then taking care of the home and family, but Oh Yeah...that would make me lazy?? You also get good sound advice like "if you don't like your job, quit!" "if your life sucks, it is because you suck" "Stop doing things you don't enjoy doing" and if you are fat, well you just eat too damn much and you are stupid because you are putting things in your mouth that are not good for you. I find it amusing that the author advises you to "carry large amounts of cash" and goes on to say how he carries $1,000.00 in his pocket and when one of his speeches isn't going well, he can reach back in his pocket and feel that big wad of money and know it's okay. I wonder how long till he gets mugged? Did you know that there is no such thing as cold and flu season? Hey this guy quit having migraines "because he decided to." Let's rid the world of all the major diseases by deciding to!! All the good points in this book I have all ready found in other self help books to which the author does give acknowledgement. Any credibility of the author himself was lost by the story of the young lady with the tatoo of the broken heart on her hip and that the tattoo was causing her love life to be bad. How this book is a Wall Street Best Seller is beyond me but as the author himself states, Jerry Springer is one of the world's number one television programs as well. Hmmmmm. I was also advised by the author if I don't like the book "don't fell compelled to share that - because he doesn't care." Well, I really don't care either what he thinks, however I would like to save someone else a little money by steering them from this book. One point I did agree with was to "dump it and get another book and try something else that does work for you" which I will do. ...more info
  • Gives new meaning to "self-help"
    Great book. Very engaging to read, especially if you like to be told what to do. Too many people blame others for their unhappiness and this one reminds us that we're responsible for ourselves and it's in our power to fix our lives. The only downside is the author's constantly bragging about how tough he is and how he's proud to offend people....more info
  • Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life
    I enjoyed the author's no nonsense approach to life's problems. When you get right down to it, it is all about personal responsibility for solving problems. ...more info
  • Dr Phi? Dr Laura? Meet Dr. Jerk.
    Wow. I checked out the unabridged audiobook version of this title from the library. I did a cursory check on Amazon reviews before doing so, and the 4+ average was a positive indicator. It was also completely wrong.

    This guy Winget, marketed as "the pitbull of personal development", is an annoying jerk who intentionally insults his readers (or listeners), lumping everyone together into the "You're not Larry Winget so you must be a total loser" category.

    And Winget is here to save you, from yourself, by conscripting you into his personal bootcamp where he will be the Sergeant of your nightmares. Winget specializes in WWF trash talk and know-it-all demagoguery. And he is much worse than the professional audience-berating hypocrites Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura ... which I wouldn't have thought possible.

    I can't believe people buy stuff like this or that anyone rates it 5/5. (Shakes head in wonder.) Winget is a complete jerk. If you want or need an offensive jerk to preach at and harangue you, Winget's your man. Of course he starts by saying that anyone who finds his rudeness discomforting must be in need of his wisdom. Post hoc ergo propter hoc: logical fallacy.

    Winget is still a complete jerk. (A posteriori.)...more info
  • A jerk writes a self-help book

    This book contains the same message that you find in most of the better self-help genre. `Take responsibility for your life, your problems and your situation; then you can move on.' In short, it IS your fault, accept it, deal with it, move on.

    This book is very well written, and makes for an easy, enjoyable read. Larry has a knack for illustrating his points. He very convincingly knocks out the "you become what you think about" theory.

    However, Larry has written this book with all the tact, grace and compassion of a Drill Instructor. So if you are looking for a cuddly-feely "it's not your fault" book...keep looking...this ain't for you. If you want honest, constructive guidance for getting your life back, buy this book.


    ...more info
  • comes off like an infomercial but...
    I can't see that this book would hurt anyone thus the 2 star review. People are a little oversensitive and I think that Winget proves that by irritating some of the reviewers here.

    1. What I was hoping for: A truly motivational book that gave me some ideas about putting an action plan into place to get more done - more work, more cleaning, more of my writing.
    2. What I got: Some reminders that there really are people in this world that don't know that we are infact responsible for our lives and actions.

    I do believe that this is really common sense stuff. I know I'm not stupid but I am lazy and still don't give a damn. It IS up to me to make changes. Most people who can rationalize know this already.

    If you don't know that you have to work harder to get more or do to get results, then you should DEFINITELY get this book. In fact, it's available at netlibrary in wma format if your local library participates. That's how I got it.

    Good luck.
    ...more info
  • Good self-help book!
    I enjoyed this book a lot.
    Sometimes, you just need a little kick to get up your ass.
    This book is that kind of kick.
    I liked the passage when Larry says that you need others to tell you to do something, because you won't do it by yourself.
    Like when you are looking in the mirror, in the middle of the night and say to yourself "Damn, I am huge!". You don't remember that the next day. But when you wife look at you and tell you "Damn, you are huge!", then you start to think about it a little more!
    However, I don't agree with everything that's in it.
    But overall that is a good book for you to read, if you need to get a whole new life or just take it back....more info
  • Book Review
    I ordered this book based upon a recommendation of Press Ganey the national healthcare patient satisfactions gurus. We did not like the abrasiveness of the book. ...more info
  • Listen to the audiobook version
    The narrorator does a good job delivering the content, unlike the dry, monotonous or whiny high pitched narrorators that so many self help books use.

    This is important because it compliments the approach of the book.
    People greatest motivator for change is dissatisfaction. People will spend ten times more effort to keep from losing what they have than to reach for something extra. I heard that from Tony Robbins. He is one happy and motivated guy. Hes also an Ogre.

    Winget will tell it like it is. Most other motivating programs try to make you feel good, effectively dangling in front of you the proverbial carrot, or a piece of chocolate, or for girls, something shiny.

    Instead, he will remind you what the situation you're in right now, poking at your ribs until you finally get off your butt and do something about it. This approach will either give you wakeup call and get your act together, or it will trigger the denial and you'll keep sitting on the couch or complaining all day.

    Just a reminder, complaining might relieve some steam, but it doesn't get anything done....more info
  • Absolutely Wonderful!
    This was the best book I've read! It's hilarious. I couldn't put the book down. Sometimes the "truth" will set you free.

    Ms. "enginerdess", you appear very narrow minded. Glad I don't work with you. ...more info
  • It is about time
    I have been accused of being blunt and telling it like it is for a long time. Finally here is a book that does just that and gives solid advice for putting it all behind you and getting it done. No Dr. Phil pansy advice, just hard facts on the way it is. Awesome job and great reading, but not for the thin skinned.

    Getting ahead is tough and if you can't take strong words then you better toughen up before you read this book. I don't care if you like this review or if I hurt your feelings by calling you a pansy because you think Dr. Phil is great! Suck it up and move on, life is tough but it is fun too.

    I recommend this book all the time!...more info
  • Expensive kindling for the fireplace
    Real disappointment here. If you're looking for any kind of consistent reasoning or argument, don't bother with this book. On his blog, Winget describes himself as a "fiscal conservative" who voted for Obama and is OK with paying more taxes. In this book, he goes from bashing most of the motivational speaker/self-help crowd ("motivational mumbo-jumbo") to feeding the reader New Age claptrap ("God is the Presence of Good and the Action of Love"), while dumping on mainstream religion, in the space of about 30 pages. Add in a bunch of "power of positive thinking" rhetoric and some generic health and fitness advice and you have (according to the cover) a "National Bestseller". You've got to hand it to him when he says "Some of the best-selling books today are total garbage" (p.111). He's apparently talking about his own product. It's a $12 firestarter for my fireplace....more info
  • Larry? The Ultimate Guru!
    I borrowed a copy of the book from the local library and for the first time in my life there it was the KICK IN THE BUTT to change my life.

    It is a book to own: every now and then we all need a KICK and Larry can do it in a humorous manner but full of wisdom without the pretention to be the only one to possess the "holy truth".

    I ultimately bought the book and is one of the 5 books I will definitely keep for life.

    Great Larry. Thanks for kicking my butt! ;)...more info
  • Here's a fine book that's really earned its five stars. Oh yeah? You think I'm giving you a line? Then read it for yourself!
    You know, technically I don't have to go into a whole drawn out explanation as to why I think this here book rocks the block, my babies.

    I don't have to do this whole exegetical exercise fer ya, yanking witty Larry Winget-isms out of the cyber ether (not to mention this book, hardee-har) in order to supply corroborating quotations that the author has written a masterful piece of work that's worthy of--count 'em--one, two, three, four, and five stars.


    You wouldn't need me to tell you, like those legions of loyal Larry fans on this particular webpage, not to mention those all around the Earth, that Larry connects with the human soul in ways unlike most other authors who oftentimes, to their due credit, sweat bullets going through the motions on how to improve upon the so-called game of life, writing about it.

    But you know what? Bully for me! Ooh-rah. I'm still going to tell you what I think, and you're going to have to sit here and suffer. So listen up!

    This book is an out-and-out page-turner. Pure and simple. I know that sounds cliched 'n stuff, but I assure you that I don't presently have any other suitable means of describing how I feel about this book to you. Trust me, babies, you won't want to put it down, either, once you get your hairy paws on it, and I've been on a tear this week with books that I simply didn't want to put down (!!!). Wassup with that, eh?

    Trust the ADM-ster, folks, you're not going to have an excuse here for putting these down, either. Larry's publisher's font's rather large, the chapters are short and spunky, and Larry couldn't care less (read: he couldn't give a poop-doop-doopy) if you don't do the exercises that he recommends, because he understands that the last thing you need is another new-age feelgood guru telling you that it's plainly okay to be content with that miserable kvetchy self of yours. He understands that the last thing which you need is to be told how to behave.

    This, Larry tells you point blank--and then some!

    Just don't take my word for it, Winget fans. If you think I'm being paid by this cute sunglassed and snappy guy to tell you how great this is, then I place my erect thumb on my teeth and spring fling it at you (my thumb, not my spittle, d'oh!), in that most typical of Mediterranean styles enacted by certain folks hailing from "the Boot" when they wish to tell you where to stick it, doubling for an expression having seven letters and beginning with the letter which follows "e."

    Larry doesn't know me. He doesn't care.

    What he does care about it your wellbeing. And, I'll have you know that I **will** go to bat for the dude.

    After reading his book, I'm a permanent member of his personal and private cheerleading squad, because Larry's passed my version of the "anti-horse puckey" quiz. He hasn't deigned for one iota to deliver you some pulpy version of sunshine up the ole' posterior. He hasn't had the brass ones to try and fob off some magician's shiny agenda on ya, using all sorts of jargon and blah-blah jibberjabber, wasting precious clearcut growths from Canada's pristine Clayquot Sound in the process--I'm talking about trees here, folks. Precious natural resources. Sheesh!

    No. No. No.

    Larry carefully, and in that most organized manner of his, leads you through a paradigm for permanent and sticking life success.

    He debunks and deconstructs, chapter by inexorable chapter, how the self-monikered paragons of the--burp!--"Feelgood Club" have been laying one over us all these years.

    They've been shovelling us mannah-mounts of gobbledygook that--once implented--leave us in no better a situation post-exposure than we found ourselves in before we even waltzed into that bookshop to lay out the few clams to make their rubbish our very own.

    His is valubale stuff, folks. Worth every molecule of paper it's printed on. You'd never be able to fight your way out of a wet bag made from the paper belonging to Larry's books. Resilently, you'll find, they'll boldly stand up to abuse and questioning.

    And you wanna know the most compelling thing about this little tale? Huh? You wanna know? C'mon! Try me!

    I didn't even buy this! Someone GAVE it to me. That's right, gave. A good friend. A close friend. Someone who doesn't even NEED to read Larry's stuff (read: he's living the Life of Riley already), yet whose devoted his entire being and energies to ploughing through Larry's lines with his eyes in deference and honor to the man.

    And then, wonderfully, I read it.

    And now, I'm telling you...

    So, like Larry says, "scope up" and get your meathooks on this one. Instead of doing the vodka and soda or rum 'n coke throwdown at the oak bar tonight, drowning out your pitiful sorrows because you think your life's too pathetic (as Larry will tell you himself), make an investment in your life's betterment (not to mention that of your kids' and paht-ner's--partner, in peppy New Zealand-speak), and go get this.

    Five blimmin's stars.




    Hand on the pumper,
    ADM in Prague
    ...more info
  • Like a coach that tells it like it is
    Larry is a straight talking fellow that teaches you to take responsibility for your situation (because it is your fault). and do what you really know you should do anyway.

    I would score it higher except that sometimes he just wants to get on the soap box and rant, because, well it is his book so he can!!

    Sometimes what he says is not all that interesting. I did not buy the book to get his views on teen sex or to understand his rocky relationship with his spouse. (His attitude here was troubling).

    I prefer his other two books because they are more focused on business or finances.

    ...more info
  • Winget.... The Pitbull of Personal Development
    This is the best self-help book ever. We already know that Larry Winget gets in your face and personal, but this is way more than just him bullying you into success. He explores spiritualism, the law of attraction (think-say-do), and many more topics. However, what separates him from other self-help gurus is his unique approach. Everyone else tells you why you can improve, but he tells you that you already hold possession of this knowledge. Excellent book, love his sense of humor too....more info
  • How is this self help?
    Larry wastes the millions he gets from his books on tons of cowboy boots he doesn't need. Nice way to set an example. He sells useless things like bobblehead dolls of himself on his website. Ask yourself: would a guy who really cared about helping you out of finacial trouble sell you things you don't need? If he's so rich he can wsate tons on silly cowboy boots, he's the one laughing his way to the bank....with your hard earned money!

    I thought this was supposed to be a self help book. Instead it's a stand-up comedy piece with lots of in your face ranting and raving about experiences this guy had. He's no expert, just an overconfident entertainer that wears funny clothes. If that's why you buy his books, fine. Don't expect to get actual answers and helpful advice.

    ...more info
  • Truth be told
    If you don't want to hear it...don't ask! Wait Larry doesn't wait for you to ask. He is brutal, he is honest and he is very funny. I loved reading this book. It could change the way to treat everyone, and how you look at your own life. Buy this book and read it on vacation - you'll enjoy the time to really take in the life's lessons. ...more info
  • Blah blah blah oh and I'm so tough
    Larry Winget is known as The Pitbull of Personal Development and boy does he not let you forget it. He seems to spend more time talking about his confrontational style than he spends giving actual useful advice. Basically you get a couple paragraphs of advice you heard from every other self help nut, then a couple pages about how tough Larry Winget is.

    If the author was half as tough as he tells you he is he wouldn't have to spend two pages reminding us after every two paragraphs.

    Take out the author's tough guy shtick, which gets old after the first two pages, and you have yourself a regular old self help book with the same common sense advice.

    If you're overweight, stop eating so much and exercise.
    If you're in debt, stop spending so much and don't use any more credit.
    If your girlfriend dumped you, get over it....more info
  • At last! A kindred spirit!
    If you aren't happy, it is your own damn fault. As the author on a no-nonsense book on happiness myself (Get Some Hairapy - a hairdresser's prescription for happiness), I can tell you that Larry is right on track. I loved it! Buy it, read it, live it!...more info
  • Tougher Talk
    I remember telling someone once that I wanted something. I forget what it was but it was like a nice house or car,something like that and his response was that the word "Want" is in the dictionary between "Whiny" & "Wimpy" (Not really). That got to me because I often would daydream about the good life but always had an excuse for why I wasn't living it now. I realized that he was right, wishing for things don't make them so and that yearning isn't a noble exercise instead it's a pitiful excuse. I no longer say I want anything and this book is another kick in the rear like my friend who chastised my whininess. I was mostly impressed with the straight forward practical advice Mr. Winget provides in contrast to the sensitive, feel-good approach, it was very refreshing. He makes no attempt to pull punches with his hard hitting rhetoric which I sure will upset some (especially about diets). Despite all of the tough talk I suspect that Mr. Winget is a sensitive, caring person who purpose is to focus your attention on important practical matters, even if you will hate him for it....more info
  • A Personal Trainer's Review
    This has to be one of my favorite books ever. If I could just tell my clients like Larry does. There are some things in life that are just black and white. Let's take exercise and weight loss. Larry would say if you sit on your a.. watching T.V., it's no surprise that you are fat. Larry provides lot's of exercises and challenges you to change. I encourage you to dig into this book, and get it done!

    Stephen Cooper, Certified Personal Trainer
    ...more info
  • A cold bucket of water.
    I bought this book in an airport, and by the time I got to my destination, I had read it, underlined it, and highlighted the heck out of it. It smacks you around, shakes you up and hangs you out, and it's been the greatest turn-around book I've read in many years. His deal with stress "Stress comes from knowing what's right and doing what's wrong"- or " Do not loan anyone your books"- wish I'd heard that years ago, I'd have a bigger library- are incredibly simple, but since we've all gotten to the point where simple is difficult, it really hits home.
    Consider this the dry version of a cold bucket of water in the face!...more info


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