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Sign up for a sleek, self-sculpted physique by enrolling in Billy Blanks' BootCamp Elite. This innovative program combines the best of Tae Bo and Original BootCamp techniques, adding in the Elite Billy Bands, resistance bands with 1-lb weights so you see results faster. The 3 included workouts will have you well on your way to a new body. Is your mission to get you in shape? Then Billy's BootCamp Elite is just what you need to accomplish the mission. This innovative program combines Tae Bo workouts with body sculpting techniques that Billy Blanks developed to help train the US military troops. These new workouts are fun, fast and effective! Billy's BootCamp Elite delivers results in just 7 workouts!!!

  • What is Included? Mission 1 Get Started workout,Mission 2 Maximum Power workout , Mission 3 Rock Solid Abs workout ,
  • These new workouts are fun, fast and effective! Billy's BootCamp Elite delivers results in just 7 workouts!!!
  • Billy Boot Camp Elite is the tool, you got the power, the will, use it and you will see the change in you, not only physically, but spiritually also.
  • As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. This item ships in it's original packaging which may not be appropiate as a gift.

Customer Reviews:

  • not as pictured
    this item is misrepresented,,,on purpose. i looked back at other reviews and others have ordered this item thinking it has the billy bands with it, because it says it does. wrong! this item is the dvd only. ...more info
  • Better price elsewhere
    He sells it on his own site for $39.95. I have not bought it or tried it yet....more info
  • TaeBo Rocks
    I've been doing Billy's Taebo tapes when they first came out in 1998 on VHS. The first night I did his Taebo tape I was so exhausted that after I took a shower I almost collapsed into bed!

    But one month into doing this workout I lost 5 inches off of my hips. Not only did I physically feel better, I mentally felt better. I felt proud of my physique and who I was. His programs really give you fitness from the inside out.

    I have Bootcamp Elite and Ultimate Bootcamp in my collection as well. By doing the workout I started to see definition in my arms pretty quickly. The billy bands are not that sturdy so I use 2 lb hand weights for some of the exercises and the pilates bands for some of the others. Works great.

    His programs work. But you have to start at your own pace. I couldn't go as fast as his staff did on the video but I did the whole thing. Consistency is the key. You cannot go half baked in this program, but you do have to start gradually and build up your endurance. If you don't, you'll get discouraged and stop doing the workouts.

    Eventually as time went on I was able to do the entire tape, as fast as his staff did and was sweating bullets.

    I'm 49 years old and I have a good figure for my age. I do the TaeBo workouts and the Firm series as well. On top of that I eat very healthy. I do indulge occasionally sweets and other things but exercise is a priority.

    Billy makes it fun, he's real, sincere and his staff on the video are real looking people that you would see on the street or at the gym.

    The only thing I don't like about Billy's tape are the music. Billy please get a better soundtrack. Other than that, he's great. I'll keep doing his tapes until I'm 90!

    I do know this, if you eat right and sensible, workout to his tapes, you'll see a good change in your body and you'll be happy when you look in the mirror....more info
  • boot camp elite
    I am really enjoying the boot camp eilite series of dvds. I think the mission 1 dvd was a little too slow, but maybe b/c I already know the moves, & it is more of a teaching dvd. Otherwise, the mission 2, and abs dvd are really great for fat burning....more info
  • Billy Whips You Into Shape
    Billy does it again! I actually prefer the older bands to the elite ones, I like the weights but they make them awkward to control. However, the maximum power workout is unbelievable! Forget lifting weights this will get you into shape! As another customer said buy it on his website. He sells a big box with like 8 videos, a cook book and the Billy Bands. You will get a major work out from these videos, but I wouldn't recommend this set for beginners. I have been kick boxing for over 10 years. Many people give up if they start with something too difficult. You should get a feel for the sport before diving into billy banks. Not only may you get discouraged but you could hurt yourself. Try Kelli Roberts Kickboxing for Dummies or Janis Saffel's Quick Fix Cardio Kickboxing. The set they have online does have a beginners workout but you'll get more out of the other two I recommended. ...more info
  • AWESOME...
    I loved it....the only ones I stay away from now are the get started mission (easy for me now) and the mission 3 abs....for some reason I was never able to do mission three without serious pain in my back and the bands cutting into my skin...left bruising a couple of times.

    I use fat blasting cardio and mission 2 ALL THE TIME....8 min is good too, sometimes I use it prior to a workout...more info
  • I'm a believer!
    I'm in my fourth week of using this set now. I wanted to wait until I'd tried all three DVDs for awhile before reviewing. And I'll say that I'm almost completely won over. I'll explain the "almost" in a bit.

    Mission One: Getting Started
    I like this one. It focuses more on the cardio aspect, with some strength built in, using the weighted bands. I like the bands a lot; they're a little awkward at first, but they really do boost your workout. My only criticism for mission one is that it's a great way to get introduced to the workout early on, but I can already feel it getting a lot easier (which is just a testament, I guess, to how much better shape I'm in now!). Each cardio portion starts off doing the motion slowly, and then moving into double time. I think that as time progresses, I'll simply start doing all of it double time to boost the challenge.

    Mission Two: Maximum Power
    This DVD will kick your butt and the rest of you, too. After three weeks with mission two, I'm still not nearly up to the task. Especially the upper body -- if you're looking to put a dent in those arms, this one will do it for you. I think mission two has the best use of the weighted bands; you can really use them to take your workout to another level. This mission is more focused on strength than cardio - it mixes short cardio segments in between strength segments.

    Mission Three: Rock Hard Abs
    This is where my "almost" comes in. This segment is awkward to me; I kind of feel like it's just incorporating the bands for the sake of doing so. I ended up not responding very well to this one; it was just a little strange for me. I do like the little 8-minute bonus segment at the end, though - no equipment, just old-fashioned ab work. I've started using, instead, the Core and Stretch segments on Cathe Friedrich's Muscle Max DVD - it's about 15 minutes with no bells and whistles, and really gives you a nice stretch at the end....more info
  • Transform your life
    I bought this program earlier this month, I was over 200 pounds and my ideal weight is 130, I already lost 15 pounds, I feel stronger, more energy, this is a fantasic program, I love the bands. They are great. I love Billy he keeps you moviated. Get this and transform your life and have a longer healthy life. ...more info
  • good, step 1 a bit too introductory
    the bands are awesome, video 2 and 3 are great the 1st one is a bit too indroductory, for a beginner it would be great!...more info
  • Billy does it again!
    I love this workout! You work every muscle in your body, the lower body workout is intense, you feel everything from calves to quads. The maximum power works up a goood sweat with the new challenging red bands. These bands will really kick your butt! The music is very upbeat and motivating and Billy, Shellie and the team are very encouraging. I recommend this workout to everybody and I am definitely getting the rest in the series....more info
  • Great Workout
    I have been buying and using workout dvd's for years. This workout is the best I have used, but it is not for the faint hearted....It's tough, but you will see the results if you stick with it....more info
  • DVD hangs and screen pixelates :(
    The exercise routine will make you feel like you are really working out. Unfortunately the first DVD I've used hangs at several different places during the workout. I tried it on two different players with the same results....more info
    This is a set of 3 DVDs. I use the second dvd, "Maximum Power".This workout will help trim all the fat around your hip and thigh area in less than a month. I use it once a week since I already use the "Tae Bo Fat Blasting Cardio" dvd 5 days a week yet it has helped me develop great definition on my arms and helped me trim my hip area for a very athletic body. Quite intense moves for great definition!! ...more info
  • Excellent, energetic work out
    This is a very energetic set of work outs. I work out at least 5 days a week with Billy Blanks since I had my baby and these work outs have really help me to tone my body and get back into shape.
    The use of the Bands really intensify the work outs.
    DVD 1 is really good for beginners but there is still increased energy levels. Dvd 2 is an advanced workout, using the bands which really boost energy, it took me a while to get into this because of the intensification of the workout. Dvd 3 works the abs and this is also a powerful workout.
    Billy Blanks has done an awesome job with developing this set of 3 dvds.
    I started working out with Billy Blanks and within 1 week I saw results especially around my waist line. The work outs are awesome....more info


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