Portable Air Conditioner 7000 Btu

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7000 BTU PORTABLE SPOT COOLER AIR CONDITIONER Ideal for spot cooling in computer rooms, server rooms, data centers, machine shops, packing stations, assembly lines, work stations, hangars, garages and more. This portable cooling system cools and dehumidifies where you need it. Easy to install, just plug it in and enjoy the cool air from this compact, small portable air conditioner. This AC runs at a quiet 40 dB, making it perfect for homes, libraries, reception areas and small office spaces too. The housing of this spot cooler includes a cool air outlet with duct connector that rotates to allow airflow direction adjustments. A 3 blade warm air outlet with protective wire grill is safely enclosed on this portable air conditioning unit. This ductless air conditioner features a dehumidifier that provides a 4 gallonday dehumidifying capacity. An automatic compressor with water tank indicator shuts off air conditioning and dehumidifier when water tank is full. This HVAC unit features a removable air filter and removable 2.5 liter water tank with 5 long rubber drain hose. Rubber drain hose allows continuous draining when placed in a drain. Another feature included with this personal cooling system is a rotary switch that controls the 2-speed fan. Handles and swivel casters allow easy mobility of our portable spot cooler. 115V LCDI shock-protected power cord. AC unit measures 18W x 9 45D x 32 ?H. ETL listed. 1 year warranty. Watch Video Below function popUp(URL) day new Date(); id day.getTime(); eval("page" id " window.open(URL, '" id "', 'toolbar0,scrollbars0,location0,statusbar1,menubar0,resizable0,width500,height430,left 300,top 125');"); If you are unable to view this video Click Here

 Customer Reviews:

  • Portable AC
    I will get right to the point. This product is indeed portable and it does blow out cool air, but as you can see just by looking at the picture it has a huge heat exhaust. Its about 13 inches and the tube that the cool air is blown from is only 4 inches wide. This thing blows more heat than it does cool air and you must be sitting right in front of the tube. It will not cool an entire room. Not even a closet. You will have to improvise for the best setup. I was warned but I had to see for my self. I was better off getting a AC with a window kit for the exhaust. ...more info
  • Very portable, rolls around on wheels, great for cooling small rooms
    I got it because my place isn't set up very well for the portable A/C units that require you run an exhaust hose through a window, and my electrical circuits just aren't optimized for units that run at 10-15A in my main rooms.

    The white tube on the top that blows the A/C air can be flexed and swiveled in any direction you want. The fan you see in the picture is the warm air exhaust vent (intake is on the opposite side). You can route the warm exhaust pretty much any direction you want (obviously you should point it in the opposite direction you want the cold air).

    A few notes:

    1. It definitely blows nice, cold air, but note that it blows it through a flexible tube in a very specific direction. I can't wait for a hot summer day in Seattle like the 90s we had last week to take full advantage of it. I don't know if I'd recommend it for cooling any area larger than they recommend (max 300 sq ft). But I think it works great to "spot cool" wherever you currently are. Which takes me to my next point...

    2. It weighs about 50 lbs and has wheels, so it's pretty easy to roll around with you around the house. Just keep it in whatever room you're currently in and you'll stay nice and cool.

    3. The exhaust fan definitely produces warm air. Enough that it feels almost like a heater out the other end. I would recommend you have it pointed in a direction you don't mind a little warm air, and it might help to have a window open at that end with a fan blowing the warm air outside.

    4. For those of you worried about blowing circuit breakers like me, the manual says it operates at 6 Amps (690 Watts). After about 30 minutes mine had crept up to 5.7A/660W (hooked up to a Kill-A-Watt circuit tester), so I'd say that's probably pretty accurate.

    5. It says it produces about 40-45 decibels. I actually measured mine with a dB meter at about 65dB with the A/C compressor on. Maybe they're talking about when the A/C compressor isn't running and it's just a fan (it cycles on/off as needed). Either way, it isn't terribly loud - I guess about what a powerful fan would be with a metallic sound when the compressor's running. ...more info