LifeSpan Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Ring
LifeSpan Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Ring

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Product Description

Get high tech with your exercise program with this heart rate monitor Monitor your heart rate without an uncomfortable chest strap This health monitor has a clock and stop watch built-in Comes standard with a spare lithium battery, lanyard and storage case 1 inches wide x 1.5 inches high

  • Patented infrared technology to accurately monitor the users heart rate
  • One size fits all design also includes silicone finger insert to accommodate and fit fingers of all sizes
  • Clock, Stopwatch and Heart Rate are the rings readouts
  • Easy to use 2 button design
  • Great alternative to the cumbersome heart rate strap and watch sets

Customer Reviews:

  • Only buy this if you want your blood pressure to go up.
    There is a reason this heart ring is getting bad reviews. It doesn't give a good reading when you exercise. While I was resting the monitor ring seemed to work fine, but when I started exercising it showed my heart rate went down from 80 to 40. When I turned the heart rate monitor on, it would stay on for a few minutes and then just shut off. The clock mode will only give you 24 hour time with no way to change to 12 hour time. If it worked as described it would be worth the money, but learn from my mistake and others. Look for something better. By the way, on the second day that I owned this heart ring I got it wet. I went and looked at the manual that came with the ring. No were did it say it was water proof, much less water resistant. As you might guess it stopped working, so I threw it straight into the trash were it belongs. This LifeSpan fitness heart rate monitor ring had a life span of less than 36 hours. ...more info
  • Erratic heart ring
    The ring works sporadically. It is difficult to get a heart rate without a lot of drifting values (incorrect when checked by hand). I wouldn't recommend it....more info
  • Hartrate Ring
    It's a really nice thought to wear a ring during sports to check your hartrate. I bought one for my wife. Only the ring is way to big for her fingers.......more info
  • Don't waste your time.
    I bought this monitor to replace my monitor that uses a chest strap.
    Unfortunately it doesn't work well at all. It only seems to work when I am very still and I have it positioned in exactly the right place. I have tried it on all fingers, with and without the spacer they provide. Essentially it is worthless in a workout environment. Even at rest I have to fuss with it to get an accurate reading....more info
  • No Good
    Heart rate is not correct. It is convenient, however, that this item has a stopwatch function, which allowed me to time a minute while counting my heart beats for myself and find out that it is off my as many as 50 bpm....more info
  • Heart Rate Ring is just a Toy
    The LifeSpan Heart Rate Ring simply does not deliver what it promises. It is difficult to get consistent and reliable readings because of what appears to be poor contact with the skin. You have to hold still and press the strap against your skin to get a reliable and stable reading, which takes about 30-60 sec. Since its primary use is during ones exercise routine, trying to stay still is a challenge ! The Ring is also very difficult to program, and appears to have a bug which puts the ring into the program mode during use. I would not buy another one, nor recommend it. It is just another tech toy. ...more info
  • Wonderful in Theory
    To be fair this product seems to be too big for my fingers, because otherwise it simply works very poorly. Lacking other heart monitor I've been using it most days of the week for a few months now, and each time I have to experiment to try to get it to work properly. I wanted a monitor that would continuously show me my heart rate while exercising--this doesn't. If I put it on my thumb, turn it off then on again, and hold perfectly still, within fifteen seconds I get what seems to be an accurate reading. Usually. I don't like pausing my exercise that long every time I want to check my pulse!

    I wouldn't mind wearing it on my thumb but even there and with the insert to make it fit "all sized fingers", it's too loose (and a tad bulky) to be truly comfortable. I would happily tolerate even these shortcomings, but there are more: it's always turning itself off and gives an inaccurate reading probably 95% of the time--if it gives a reading at all--unless used carefully as I've described. It is no good for wearing while exercising. Very disappointing. ...more info
  • not good for exercise
    The monitor seems to be fine when the pulse was around the resting rate but can't keep up when the heart rate climbed with exercise. Can't blame sweating or finger movement as I was cycling indoors on a trainer and wasn't even sweating when the monitor started to lag behind. I even kept the hand off the handlebar to minimize any movement. The gap in reading was especially pronounced in the beginning as the heart rate rapidly climbed. Around the true rate of 50's to 70's the monitor seemed accurate. However, by 90's it was about 20 behind, and by 130, it was at least up to 40 to 50 behind. With steady exercise, the gap gradually narrowed, but at a steady rate of 150's the reading was still about 20 to 30 behind and then would drop down to 70 to 90s for many minutes. When my heart rate climbed to 160 to 180s, the reading became totally unreliable. I tried holding the sides of the ring to keep the sensor steady, using different fingers, and repositioning the sensor etc. but didn't make any difference.

    The sensor and the light (infrared?) source are on each side of the ring and am guessing that they detect the change in light transmission through the finger as the blood flows through the fingers. The reading isn't instantaneous but seems to take an average or a reading every few seconds. It'd have been fine if the readings were accurate....more info
  • Great product, I love it!
    I am SO glad that I bought this heart rate monitor. I wear my heart rate ring everywhere I go, not just during my walks but also running the kids around and running errands. During my son's last doctor visit for his health I had it on and asked the doctor to check my heart rate to compare to the ring. The ring was just a couple of beats lower than the nurse had I am quite pleased with the accuracy. I really love the size and how easy it is to use. I get asked often when I am out about what the ring is and am happy to share how good the product has been for me....more info
  • Heart Rate Ring - love it
    Screen is easy to read, easy to switch between stopwatch and pulse rate.
    I suggest you use it before and after exercise (or pause just long enough to get a read), but NOT during, as almost any motion causes highly inaccurate numbers.
    For example, when I've used it during workouts, there's no way my heart's going 255 a minute, but if I stop for the 5-6 seconds it takes to get a reading and then keep going it seems to work just fine.
    Convenient and useful tool to help make sure your workouts are getting to your target heart rate....more info
  • Powerful heartrate monitor in small size
    This is not a good replacement for a more expensive hrm, but it is good for a quick check. I used my more expensive one at the same time I used the ring and was amazed it worked so well....more info


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