GE AHK30LK Dehumidifier

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AHK30LK - GE(R) Dehumidifier

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    I purchased this to dehumidify a 1000 sq. ft. moderately moist 10 y.o. basement. It replaced a year old whirlpool unit of same capacity, and the differences were remarkable. The GE AHK30LK has a small footprint, about half the size of the whirlpool, and comparable other models, making it easier to locate unobtrusively in a living space. The GE is quiet, much quieter than the last 2 whirlpools I owned, offering 2 fan speeds and greatly reduced vibration while the compressor runs. The cabinet is glossy, soft gray plastic, making it much lighter weight than the competition in metal, (and won't corrode either) making it easier to move about. The bucket removes easily, and has a splash resistant design. ( but it is smallish) I decided to remove the rear plug and connect a 1/2" plastic hose, so the water collected can drain into my a/c condensate pump, and not require periodic emptying, which was easy to do. It also features an auto-defrost system so the unit can remain running when the basement is cooler, say, in the winter.The cord is nicely long, and the digital controls simple, and straightforward. Settings remain unchanged if power is interrupted. The air discharge is on the top instead of rear, so the unit could be placed against a wall if preferred, clever. As you can tell I am VERY happy with this product, as the last whirlpool I had was noisy, heavy and broke prematurely. It seems like the GE is a winner and I have high hopes. This has been in use for months, and has performed admirably, I think the GE's are far superior to the rest, even the LG. ...more info