When Heaven Invades Earth

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When Heaven Invades Earth is a powerful statement and testimony on the Kingdom of God. Theologically sound, well supported, and extremely well argued, this message provides a carefully constructed biblical foundation for the average Christian to live and walk in the miraculous, supernatural power of God. Not only is the supernatural possible, it is also our commission. The Great Commission that Christ gave to the Church challenges us and makes us responsible to rise up to this supreme supernatural calling. Johnson shows you how you are called to dominion in the earth through the divine rule of God.

Customer Reviews:

  • Some reservations
    OVERALL, I like this book. I recently devoured 4 books by Dutch Sheets, which I found to be eye-openers, and I think this author says many of the same things as Sheets. He also has a wonderful way of making points so that it make you stop short and think. He's very inspirational, and makes you want to really get out there and get busy.

    HOWEVER, there were a few things I found troubling:

    1. He seems a little too inclined to throw caution to the wind, leaning a little too far to extremes.

    2. Occasionally he seems to take a Scripture and let his imagination run wild with it, to the extent that he's reading too much into it.

    3. He shows a total disregard of his critics. To be sure, many of these people may be coming from the wrong angle, including some who don't believe signs and wonders are for today. But some may be people like me who just want to be a little more cautious, reining in uncontrolled exuberance and making sure that what he teaches really does line up with the Bible.

    This isn't to say he's necessarily wrong. But I'd like to see him provide a little more Scriptural basis for believing in certain things. Why, for example, does he think this is the generation that will see the great end-time revival? -- let alone in 10 years?

    I find myself remembering 1 John 4:1: "[D]o not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world." This isn't to imply that the author himself is a false prophet. But I do think caution is needed when deciding whether to accept his teachings.

    I have a couple of his other books, but I think I'll wait a bit before reading them. I want to think and pray for awhile and see what the Spirit shows me about this material....more info
  • This book was a blessing before I even read it!
    One of the ongoing prayers I've always had is for the Lord to give me more faith. I found out about Bethel Church and Pastor Bill one day when watching Christian World News a few weeks ago. I went on the web shortly after the program to find out more about Pastor Bill and his church. Its at that point that I found out about his book, "When Heaven Invades Earth." I liked what I had read from the reviews on Amazon so I made it a point to check out the book next time I was in Barnes and Noble.

    A week or two later my wife and I were sitting in Barnes and Noble reading in the cafe. I had just finished reading a few chapters in the bible when I got up and told her that I was going to check and see if they had a copy of the book. I checked the Christian section and lo and behold, they had one copy. "Great!" I thought and brought the book back to the cafe to look through. Upon opening, I discovered that something was written on the back of the front cover:

    "From: The Clancy's
    We love you Bono!!
    Thank you
    I hope this book blesses you!!"

    I thought to myself "that was strange," and showed it to my wife. What could that mean? The only Bono that I could think of was the one from U2, but that didn't make too much sense. At that point I had a feeling. I just KNEW that the Lord wanted me to have that book. I tested that feeling and went back upstairs to the nearest customer service desk. I asked if they had any other copies of the book in stock, because the one I found there had been written in... knowing that they probably didn't have any other copies in stock. They thought it was strange that it was written in like that. They looked up the book in the computer and told me that they shouldn't even have THAT copy! The two people at the customer service desk told me that they had never seen anything like that happen before. I asked them that since the book was written in and it apparently shouldn't even be there, could I just take it home? They looked at each other and told me to go downstairs to talk to the manager.

    At this point I was getting more and more excited. I got my wife and we both went downstairs to the other customer service desk where the manager and others were. Interestingly enough, the woman right in front of me was asking where she could find "The Purpose Driven Life." Incredible! I told the customer service rep that the people from the other desk told me to come look for the manager. I told her the same story. She told me that someone else probably put it on the shelf and that she had never heard of that happening before either. I then asked her as well, if this book isn't Barnes and Noble's and its been written in, can I just take it? She told me that in a situation like that, they would normally put it in the lost and found, but she'd ask her manager (who was right next to her, busy with another customer). She summarized the whole story to her manager, who briefly glanced at the book. The manager motioned in my direction and said "just give it to him." The other customer service rep shrugged and then handed the book over to me and told me that it was mine! Free!

    I then made some small talk with her, wondering what the Bono reference that was written in the book could mean. I knew of only two Bono's... Sonny Bono and the Bono from U2. She then let me know that U2 had a book signing in the store about a month earlier for a book they just released! The mystery was solved. Based on hearing that, "the Clancy's" that were mentioned on the front cover must've brought "When Heaven Invades Earth" to give to Bono during the book signing. After the book signing, one of two things must've happened. A bunch of things that people brought in to give Bono were left behind and one of the people working at Barnes and Noble put the book meant for Bono on the shelf... or possibly that BONO HIMSELF put the book on the shelf!

    The most amazing thing is that this book was an answer to my prayer to God to give me more faith before I even read it! It was a book on faith and how we need to have more of it, and it was by faith that I got that book from Barnes and Noble for free!

    I echo everyone's positive comments about this book and would give it 10 stars if I could. It's rare that I consider a book life changing, but this is one of them! Do yourself a favor and pick this book up...more info
  • This is incredible!
    If you are at all open to the Kingdom of God, you should eat this book up! Bill Johnson is pastor of Bethel Church in Redding,CA. His book brings out the real presence of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is what Jesus' ministry was all about. Bill Johnson opens us to the invasion of Heaven brought to earth. When Jesus taught us to pray, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven." Never again pray these words without understanding what they mean. Healing, deliverance, restoration, power, freedom, etc. are the priveledges of Heaven being brought to us now! READ THIS BOOK!...more info
  • Authentic Christianity Exposed
    Bill Johnson wants the authentic Church, the Acts Church to be the norm. This guy has some generational history and is one of God`s general`s....more info
  • a must read for all professing christians and anyone looking for truth
    A very well written book that helps us get back to the roots of christianity. Relationship and kingdom dynamics not religion but relationship with God on a personal level....more info
  • A Life Changer - This book really resonates with me
    Jesus invaded my heart 35 years ago and totally transformed my life. The Bible came alive and I thrilled with the Savior I was meeting. Somewhere, my relationship got tilted toward theology and I learned to temper the miraculous for the understandable. The more knowlege I gained and the "greater" my theological understanding, the less satisfying my walk with the Lord became. I didn't tank, I even went to seminary nights just so I could better teach adults from the greek text and have enjoyed a little bit of ministry success as a lay leader, even now and then seeing the Lord do a miracle or two. Then I ran into two books that shook me up and challenged me to the core. Jack Deere's "Surprised by the Power of the Spirit" kicked my theology in the pants and started me on a new search of what do I believe that is Biblical vs what do I believe because someone taught a principle and said it was Scriptural. A few years later now, six months ago, I read this little gem of a book by Bill Johnson. Relationship is the absolute essence of our walk with the Lord. God is surpassingly greater than what our minds can get hold of. The Lord's compassion, grace and love completely overwhelmingly exceed anything we can ask or imagine. Jesus, in His humanity, is the pattern of how we are to live. Christ lives through us by faith. Bill Johnson is a man on fire for the Lord. His simple but profound and powerful insight through the simplicity of scripture lead me directly to the heart of my extravagant God, Savior and Lord Who is now changing me and drawing me satisfyingly deeper in my experience of His love. His Spirit, His life through His presence is in us, enabling His children to co-labor with Christ to bring what is done in Heaven to earth, extending Christ's kingdom rule through faith and relationship in Him, and in His authority. This little book was a new introduction to my Mighty Lord Who desires me and sings over me (Zeph 3) and greatly desires to extend His kingdom through His children (including me).

    I've loved the Lord and tried to faithfully serve Him these many years, but my hunger for Him and excitement in serving the Lord has exploded since taking from Bill's heart and experience, doing my Berean thing (is what he says found in plainly in Scripture). As a result of this introduction, I am finding a renewed vision and experience of faith and love, all growing strongly through my "renewed" meeting of the Lord of grace and truth. Some things are better caught than taught. Be amazed at what (Who) you'll catch through this little gem of a book.

    Since, I have also been reading other books by Bill Johnson with similar impact. I've also listened to some of his recorded sermons. This is a man whose fire and passion for the Lord comes through loud, clear and encouragingly. Best of all, the miraculous wonder working Lord I fell in love with those 35 years ago is doing those same things today and He's loving me up while growing me up and expanding my ministry!

    NOTE: my sister-in-law, hater of all things Christian, started having severe debilitating pain. The doctors found multiple large tumors on her liver on a Monday and scheduled biopsies for that Thursday. On Wednesday before, my wife and I prayed Psalm 103 for her ("I am the Lord Who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases"). That very Wednesday she gave her heart to the Lord and the pain left. Thursday the doctors could find no evidence of any tumors, only a healthy liver. Told her they had never seen anything like this before. Praise the Lord! I know I'm certainly not hot stuff. I give credit to Bill Johnson for giving me a vision, example and renewed introduction the the Miracle Worker. He helped to lift the veil a little bit so I could meet my Lord, enter into His presence and love with a faith that is a bit different now. The Lord then ministered His love and life through my wife and I to a Sister-in_Law who used to despise us because of our faith.

    NOTE: Bill writes and speaks simply, profoundly and powerfully. You'll note that I do not. Something else I'd like to glean from Bill Johnson.

    NOTE: Never met the guy. Never been to his church. But my wife (as deeply impacted in much the same way as me) has, to my great delight, said that's a trip we're going to be taking shortly. Yes, dear. (Hallelujah! Holy jumping up and down Martha! Thank you, Lord!!)....more info
  • Are you a bystander or are you with the crew?
    This will move and shake you if you think the church is dead, or if you are discouraged that most truly are disoriented and legalistic. There is still a body of believers who press forward toward God's own mission in the first place, and He is invited into their lives to rest on, and work the works that make the Good News such good news. God is alive and He is showing Himself available to all who would press forward and ask for more of Him. That's what this book is about. Ushering and welcoming God to invade our kingdom, and He is winning....more info
  • Walking in the shadow of Jesus
    This is a great book for anyone wishing to live the life that
    Christians have been called to live.....
    We are to be immitators of Christ, and this book teaches us how to
    live in the Supernatural realm of signs and wonders....more info
  • Breathe New Life into your Relationship with Jesus
    Undergirded with Scripture and modern day examples of the works of Jesus, apply the truths in this book without fear and it will change your life. ...more info
    This is the kinda book you read twice!

    Keys to Third Heaven...Using Third Heaven Revelation to Impact a World

    Seers Handbook

    ...more info
  • Great book
    With Bill Johnson every sentence will seem like a completely new and helpful perspective that realigns your thinking to that of Christ's....more info
    This book is the first of many written by Bill Johnson which is bringing light to the Church and the World. Jesus told us how to pray - Thy kingdom come Thy Will Be Done on the Earth as it is in Heaven............
    The church which has become irrelevant in todays society because it is filled with doctrines of men and demons is coming together in unity.
    When we as the church come together in unity God pours out his Spirit and His blessings upon us. This book is a great starting point to see this come about and bring what God desires to this earth - Healing -Deliverance and Freedom to his creation....more info
  • This book should be required reading of all christians.
    Prepare for the blinders to be removed, and your life empowered with everything the world and the devil didn't want you to know about your Christianity and your calling....more info
  • Three different kinds of bad
    I am currently on page 45 of this book, and into my eighth page of notes outlining the terrible exegesis, fallacious lines of reasoning and dangerous rhetoric better suited to a motivational speaker. I can only conclude at this point that the only people who will find edification in this book are those people who buy into any nice-sounding "theology," or already believe the assertions that Johnson states as fact, rather than proving out of the Bible.

    As some other reviewers have mentioned, Johnson tends to use scriptures that describe (self-admittedly) mysterious and complex topics (e.g. the Kingdom of God, Worship, the presence of God, etc.) to support his particular bent of theology. If he were to actually make a well though-out case for his assertions, that would be one thing, but instead he bookends these statements with words like "obviously" and "it is apparent" to silence any discussion in the matter.

    Also, Johnson routinely follows poor lines of reasoning, as seen in this following excerpt (p. 45):

    "Faith lives within the revealed will of God. When I have misconceptions of who He is and what He is like, my faith is restricted by those misconceptions. For example, if I believe that God allows sickness in order to build character, I'll not have confidence praying in most situations where healing is needed."

    So what Johnson is saying, if I could re-organize his thoughts, is that 1) God never allows sickness to build character, and presumably not for any other reason, 2) every situation where sickness is present is intended to end in healing, and 3) the confidence of the person praying directly influences the effectiveness of the prayer. This is bad reasoning, and each of those three points contains room for discussion out of the scriptures.

    Additionally, he overuses commas and italicized text.
    Pass on this one....more info
  • Great Book--Great service!
    This book challenges you beyond your safe little borders of Christianity. It encourages you to live more in the reality of God's power at work within us who know Him and keep saying, "what else am I missing out on in this faith journey that I need to know about"!...more info
  • An annoited man!!!!
    This is a very spirit filled book. I love that Bill doesn't try to have all the answers, instead he does the opposite. GOd is so big and so wonderous and so awesome we'll never have him figured out. If you are looking for a spirit moving book, here it is. ...more info
  • Some concerns
    Review of When Heaven Invades Earth.

    `When Heaven Invades Earth' has two serious flaws. First, it divorces the desire to experience the "spiritual" and miraculous from the Cross of Christ. Spiritual experience becomes the primary goal of the Christian life rather than a cruciform life. Second, the implication of the book's logic is that spiritual experience trumps scripture.

    On page 178 it is stated, "as glorious as His life was on earth, it was the before side of the Cross. Christianity is life on the resurrection side of the Cross," and, "we know a lot about His (i.e., Jesus') life on earth. The Gospels are filled with information about what He was like, how He lived, and what He did. Yet that is not the example of what the Church is to become." Contrast this with Philippians 2:5-11 where the Apostle Paul exhorts believers to "LET THIS MIND BE IN YOU which was also in Christ Jesus who...considered being like God something not to be seized, but instead poured himself out, taking the form of a slave...and becoming obedient even to death on a cross." Or to Peter's words, "for you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps" (1 Peter 2:21). Did not Jesus himself challenge his disciples to "deny themselves and TAKE UP THEIR CROSS DAILY, and follow him" (Luke 9:23)?

    We should consider Paul's response to the church at Corinth. The Corinthians boasted in their spiritual experiences (1 Cor. 14:37) and were zealous for spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 14:12). Paul did not forbid or denigrate spiritual gifts or experiences, but he corrected their priorities by pointing them to the example or paradigm of the Cross. It is in the crucified messiah that God has displayed His ultimate "wisdom and power" (1 Cor. 1:18-29), though this is a "stumbling block to those who seek signs, and folly to those who seek wisdom" (1 Cor. 1:22-23).

    The book argues that correct interpretation of scripture is derived from or through spiritual experiences. Page 47 states "when we learn to receive from our spirit, our mind becomes the student and is therefore subject to the Holy Spirit. Through the process of revelation and experience our mind eventually obtains understanding." Page 56 states, "God never contradicts His word. But He is willing to contradict our understanding of His word." And it is argued on page 93, "not everyone handles this challenge well. Many hide their need to be in control behind the banner of `staying anchored to the Word of God.' By rejecting those who differ from them, they successfully protect themselves from discomfort, and from the change for which they've been praying." The implication is that individuals overly dependent on scripture are a principal obstacle to revival.

    Whether intended or not, the book has executed a preemptive strike against anyone who raises a challenge on the basis of scripture to the practices and teachings it advocates. Critics can be dismissed out of hand as lacking "spiritual discernment" (or something similar) regardless of the validity of their scriptural arguments.

    The book's own handling of scripture is questionable. There are simple mistakes, probably due to oversight, such as the statement, "in this passage (Matt. 22:29) Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for their ignorance of the Scripture and God's power" (page 92). In fact Jesus rebuked the Sadducees, not the Pharisees.

    More substantial is the book's interpretation of 2 Corinthians 4:18. Note the following statements from pages 44 & 45: "the Bible instructs us to turn our attention toward the invisible," "the invisible realm is superior to the natural...Because the invisible is superior to the natural, faith is anchored in the unseen," and finally "unbelief is anchored in what is visible or reasonable apart from God. It honors the natural realm as superior to the invisible. The apostle Paul states that what you can see is temporal, and what you can't see is eternal. Unbelief is faith in the inferior." This is an example of failure to pay attention to context. What Paul contrasts is present suffering in mortal bodies against future life in resurrected and immortal bodies. The promised resurrection life is "unseen," not because it is innately invisible, but because it lies in the future.

    I do believe revival is needed today. Spiritual gifts are necessary to have a well functioning and healthy church. Genuine supernatural healings and so on, are a blessing and of great value. What is of concern with this book is that the emphasis is in the wrong place. History demonstrates that any revival not properly grounded in sound biblical teaching eventually goes awry.

    I am not arguing for "balance" or for a non-radical Christianity. I am not opposed to change. Churches need change in many areas, including the recovery of many of the original teachings of the Bible (too many Churches rely more on tradition than scripture). A life conformed to the paradigm of the Cross, is not a "balanced" life by the world's or human standards. The exhortation from scripture to daily take up one's cross and follow Christ, or to have an allegiance to Jesus and his kingdom that trumps loyalty to nation, state and even family, is radical.

    bear7755@gmail.com...more info
  • Phenomenal First Step
    This book lays out very clearly the beginning steps of how to walk in a life of supernatural Christianity. The foundational points are made helping Christians of varying backgrounds understand their right and responsibility to walk as ambassadors of God's Kingdom on earth. This is not the end of the journey, but a great place to begin in walking out life in an entirely new way....more info
  • Word of Faith accusations are silly and kneejerk....
    look, i understand the concerns and have grown up in such crowds my whole life but i have listened to Johnson and read 2 of his books now. The guy is solid. People will be scared and start screaming that this is word of faith but what it is is the Word of God lived out. Jesus and the Apostles acted out the Word of God and the result was signs and wonders. This is what Bill Johnson is calling us to. He can be sloppy with his etymology (he gets confused about the roots of words at times) but if this is the worst thing that can be said about him then who cares? I love his heart and I love the fact that he is humble and teaching others to walk in the power of God. We could use more such people in the Kingdom..........more info
  • Full of Revelation from the Holy Spirit
    This is a fabulous read. Anyone interested in spiritual growth and an increased understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven will want to read this book. Bill Johnson did a great job in sharing the insights he received from the Holy Spirit. Very Christ centered!...more info
  • I would not recommend this book
    As a Charismatic believer, I was challenged by the book to pray and to have a greater expectation for God's power to be present.

    However, I was disappointed at the "Health" gospel approach of Mr. Johnson - He does not write about people that do not receive a healing in the here and now (people need more faith? He doesn't address this real-life issue). I was also disappointed at his style - seemingly putting down other ministries and theologies to lift up his own ministry and theology. He also attacks the importance of a balanced theology. This book might be popular but my experience is that it brings more division to the body of Christ than encouragement. Although the book is challenging, I would look for a different author on this subject.

    Some books I would recommend include:
    * Jack Deere - Surpised by the Power of the Spirit
    * Jack Hayford - Divine Healing by the Power of the Holy Spirit
    - Both of these books deal with the reasons of why God does heal in the here and now and acknowledge and consider some reasonable answers as to why some people do not experience this healing phenomenon.

    Concerning the Health and Wealth Gospel:
    * Gordon Fee - The Disease of the Health and Wealth Gospel

    I would also recommend:
    * Ken Blue - Authority to Heal...more info
  • Challenge to an already established faith
    I thought I knew what it meant to have faith in Christ until it was put to the test with this mandate I had somehow left out of my Gospel. Heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead. This was something Christ told us to do to validate the Words we speak. And He meant it. Wow!!! That puts a whole new spin on this walk with God. ...more info
  • Awesome
    I had never heard of Bill Johnson but after reading it i have since read the sequel and recommended to all my friends and acquaintences with "This book has changed my life" If you are not much of a reader and want some encouragement this is one book you will read and be encouraged with no question! Fantastic fantastic fantasic. I just loved it.Thankyou Bill...more info
  • An apprehensive review
    After recently reading Bill Johson's "Dreaming With God", I was really looking forward to diving into "When Heaven Invades Earth". Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed. The writing didn't seem to flow as well as in Johnson's other book. As far as I can tell, it is the first major book he wrote. So, that might explain the whole flow thing. I tried to overlook that though and kept reading.

    Johnson is a man that obviously loves God, is hungry for God, and strives to live a life in the supernatural. He also obviously desires for other Christians to walk in the supernatural, and lays out in great detail how to encounter signs and wonders, miracles and revival. This book might be good for anyone who hasn't experienced these things in their walk with God, and desires to do so. However, I say that with some apprehension. Talking from experience with revival and the supernatural, "When Heaven Invades Earth" lacked some balance between the practicalities of everyday living and the supernatural that I would hope for in a book like this.

    In the end, I would rather see people read "Dreaming With God". I just sensed more of a maturity in Johnson's thought's about the supernatural, as well as, his writing style.
    ...more info
    When I ordered this book I was interested in more of God and thought the title catchy. WOW!!!!I got so much more than I bargained for. I found a book that should be cannonized as scripture! If you are looking for MORE and MORE and a class one step off of the Word of Faith than this book is for you for it is the RHEMA of FAITH! Bill has found the portal to the greater life that we have only dreamed of! Come along for a faith filled wild ride with God! AND the best part is there is MORE!!!!!! And ANYONE can have it who is IN HIM! This book is MEAT for all of us who have EXITED from the RELIGIOUS arena and also gone beyond the Word OF Faith! If you are faint hearted this is not for you! If you are not hungry for God this is not for you!!...more info
  • Inspiring
    This book caused a major change in the way I viewed myself and relationship to God. Before I was always trying to "make" it into Heaven. Now I realize that the victory is won and that my life is based on living in that victory and living in the power given....more info
  • A Must Read
    I read this book and will be reading it a few more times.
    I believe that the Lord will use Bill Johnson and many other ministers like him to prepare the Church to be used mightily as the Lord has always intended.
    I highly encourage everyone who wants to be used of the Lord to read this book with an open heart and mind and with much prayer. Lord Bless...more info


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