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"AIR WASHER" HUMIDIFIER *3 gal. tank capacity *16.5" x 11.8" x 13" *3 speeds *Humidifies/purifies up to 720 sq. ft. *Humidifies and purifies air *Revolutionary, worldwide unique technology *No bacteria ridden filters *Unique wheel technology w/purifying additives *Extremely low energy consumption *Easy maintenance *10 year warranty *Grey *Boxed

  • 3 gal. tank capacity
  • 16.5" x 11.8" x 13"
  • 3 speeds
  • Humidifies/purifies up to 720 sq. ft.
Customer Reviews:
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    I was so confused by all the information you can get on humidifiers I bought four and tried them all. I also have an AprilAire Central humidifier and spoke to our HVAC company as part of this. Here's the net:

    When the humidity is right (40%-60%) it eliminates dry skin and stuffy noses. My dog also quit scratching. Guitar makers recommend it.

    The Venta LW 44 is my favorite unit. (Note - this review is about the LW44. The LLC 5044436 is similar but wasn't available when I bought mine. I still thought this might be useful to buyers.) It has no filter at all. It cleans the air using the water. It's easy to fill, and requires less attention in terms of filling and cleaning. Overall it's a simpler design. Visually it's the least obtrusive unit - the only one my daughter would allow in her room. It's also the quietest. It also cleans the air so it eliminates an air cleaning device. In some reviews it is criticized for not humidifying. Unlike the others it doesn't have a built-in hygrometer. The moisture it puts into the air is not as noticeable as the others. However, I got a separate hygrometer and it works as well as the others. The humidity can be the same level in a room, and it will feel more humid with one unit than another. The steam units make you feel the moisture the most. The feeling of moisture - by-the-way - is not good. The less it feels moist the better. Venta allows you to use scented oils, if you like that option. Others do not. Amazon has several hygrometers. I got the Honeywell TM005X Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer.

    Central Unit - The central unit will not do the job alone. We have a two-story house and it really has no impact on the upper level, where the bedrooms are and where you most need it.

    Air-O-Swiss U7142 Ultrasonic humidifier. I saw it at a Bed, Bath and Beyond while shopping and it looked so slick I got it. It's not obvious until you get it home, but the instructions require you to place it up 3 feet off the ground, even though it looks like a floor unit. This is going to be a problem in most rooms because it limits where you can put it and it becomes the visual focus of the room. It worked for one day, though it produced a lot of white powder that covered the unit itself and would have become a problem for every object in the room. It only got the room to 29% humididty. On the second day the red light was on, so I refilled it and could never get it to work again. After hours of effort and troubleshooting with the customer support line, I could never make it work. The good news is that Bed, Bath and Beyond was super easy to deal with on the return and had the Venta model I discovered when troubleshooting the Air-O-Swiss.

    Honeywell QuietCare - This unit will definitely humidify a room. It has a built in hygrometer. So you can set it to get to a certain level and stop. The two big tanks make the job of filling it less frequent, and the two-tank design is a good idea since it would be hard for most people to handle a single tank with 11 gallons of water. On the downside, it's a bit loud on high and you need it on high when it's cold outside and the humidity inside is low. The tanks often don't work, as they have to be positioned just right and I've never mastered getting them on 100% right 100% of the time. It has a filter, so it's cleaning he air - but the instructions tell you to remove the (rather large) filter and re-wet it every time you fill it. That's such a pain I doubt anyone would do it. Another reviewer suggested just flipping it over each time - good idea! After a while it begins to smell a bit moldy, so you have to clean it and change the filter. I ordered this from Amazon.

    Honeywell Quick Steam - This unit also definitely quickly and noticeably humidifies a room. Since it's the hot steam type you can actually see the steam and you feel it more in the air. It has a smaller tank - needs refilled more often. Also has a filter, but only for the water, so it never has a bad smell. It gurgles and my wife can't sleep in a room with it. The sound from the other units is limited to the sound of the fan, which on low is fairly quiet and on high is like white noise. I also ordered this from Amazon.
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