The Truth About Beauty: Transform Your Looks And Your Life From The Inside Out

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Are you ready to be transformed? Fully updated, featured re-release! Includes new information, personal stories, and delicious recipes. Beauty is not about hard work after all--if you have the right tools. This revolutionary guide peels away the layers of conventional body and beauty wisdom to uncover the crucial missing information needed for real transformation.

Nationally renowned beauty and holistic health expert Kat James reveals the life-altering secrets she discovered after more than a decade of self-destructive living, and an eating disorder that almost took her life. Based on breaking science and her own remarkable metamorphosis, The Truth About Beauty represents the most comprehensively researched, inside-out beauty guide to date.

In this book you will discover the real power tools for dramatic, healthy self-transformation without drugs, surgery, harsh regimens, or deprivation. In this fully updated and expanded fifth-anniversary edition, you will find more than one hundred new pages of information and hard-to-find resources, including book-wide chart updates, incredible new success stories, and--by demand--Kat's Six-Day Jumpstart menu and Recipe Collection from her acclaimed Total Transformation programs!

Transform yourself by upgrading self-sabotaging choices into "pro-beauty" choices. Shut off weight gain, inflammation, and food addiction by correcting your chemistry (not by counting calories). Get back your "virgin skin" by getting off the merry-go-round of problem-causing product regimens and taking a smarter, inside-out approach to chronic issues. Discover the most exciting, proven natural antiaging nutrients and strategies. Access a powerful arsenal of standout foods, supplements, and cosmeceuticals that Marie Claire calls "worth their weight in gold."

Customer Reviews:

  • Good reference
    Great book loaded with information on ways to get healthier and think healthier about the way we women look.Fabulous product suggestions. She never leaves you wondering how do i do that or where do i get this? ...more info
  • This is not a quick's a lifestyle change.
    For those people missing something and searching, Kat James may be the facilitator that can bring it all together. If you are a dieter and quick weight loss is all you are looking for, this book is not for you. If you are into outside fixes while leaving the inside a disaster, this book will not work for you. However, if you are looking to break the yo-yo cycle she offers a lifetime of positive changes for those people interested in doing the work. That means simply, no more band aids for symptoms of health and wellness. She encourages and inspires a mentally ready individual through natural means. If you are prepared to absorb even just one piece of Kat James and her life experiences the book is worth its price in gold. Believing this because the first action usually leads to more, I know because I was the overweight sugar addicted woman who bought her book 6 months ago. One change leads to another. I have lost 12lbs. the healthy way, I enjoy life, I look better, feel more energetic, and exercise has become a necessity instead of a chore. For me, it's like the best kept little secret to life was shared and I can't believe I've been missing out for so long....more info
  • interesting, informative read
    I couldn't put this book down. A friend lent me her copy, and I loved it so much I ordered my own before I was even finished reading it. I learned so much about health and beauty and the things around us that drag them down. I have gone on to some of the other books and topics mentioned in this one, and have significantly changed my lifestyle, due largely to the information from Kat's book. I recommend it to any woman who wants to take better care of herself, feel better, and look better. It won't just benefit you; it will benefit all those around you. A fun and easy read--it is definitely worth the money....more info
  • Book Binding -- Quality Really Poor
    The book actually came apart in my hands! Read it once and it is just a heap of disjointed pages now. I don't know what they used but it is now useless. You may not want to waste your money which is too bad because there is some good info in there. I personally think the best beauty regimen in fresh organic raw fruits and veggies, not 100 supplements and dead animals every day. It's life that creates life, not death and supplementation. But short-term, to get over an addiction or what have you, a few pills can't hurt. If addiction is not a problem for you then I'd pass. Save your money and eat your veggies, raw of course! :)...more info
  • Transormation for teen.
    This book was given to a teenage (15) girl who stated, after reading it through, that it was a source of great information. She indicated it wa helpful in mmaking some great choices for her personal well being....more info
  • Take Control of Your Beauty--A Good Resource Guide
    This book is all about taking control of your life, inside and outside.

    She has compiled a lot of the best information on alternative beauty and health aids as well as great advise of finding out your own personal beauty truth.

    I found the book smooth reading until about Chapter 8 when I found some sections a bit boring and the layout a bit distracting (short stories within chapters) but all in all it is well written and very easy to read.

    The best part of this book is the resource material at the back. I have been researching alternative therapies for years and this is the best compilation of information I have seen in a long time. It is well worth the purchase for that section alone.

    ...more info
  • Thank you, Thank you!
    Where was this book when I needed it years ago, as a younger woman who spent way too much on cosmetics that did more harm than good, physically and emotionally? Why do women waste so much money on so-called dreams that don't come true?

    THE TRUTH ABOUT BEAUTY is well-written, informative, and totally sane -- the author strikes an admirable balance between new-age enthusiasm for organic products and her (well-researched) distrust of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Her book encouraged me and inspired me to go through my food cabinet as well as my medicine chest and cosmetics cases. I have since tossed out the tainted products I'd been hoarding and began to replace them with many of the healthy foods and cosmetics Kat suggests. (Her resource section is amazingly helpful if you can't find the items at your local Whole Foods Market or health food store, they are available online and she gives you the Web addresses!) I have been keeping track of the changes in my looks and my moods -- and they are indeed remarkable. Plus, I have a lot more space in my bathroom.

    Best of all, her work is a wonderful companion to that of Dr. Christiane Northrup, whose work I also admire, as well as that of Dr. Weil and others in the complimentary medicine fields.

    Again, Thank you, thank you. This IS the truth about beauty. I would love to see more books like this !!...more info

  • Revolutionary?...Maybe for some
    Like one of the other reviewers, I was expecting something more. The book is certainly "revolutionary" for those who have not already discovered a naturally healthful way of living. But, for those of us who have, much of the information is old news. The resource guide is great. However, I feel that going "all natural" when purchasing products is very costly for the average person. I don't spend a fortune on clothing, spa services, etc., and still cannot afford to use products purchased exclusively from the health food store. I feel I should have saved the money I spent on this book. ...more info
  • A Real Treasure
    Kat James book is absolutely wonderful! It has become my "bible" for beauty and health. I refer to it daily and have learned an enormous amount of extremely useful information in a very simple and comprehensive manner. I will be giving her book to every one of my girlfriends for Christmas this year....more info
  • This is an important book
    I learned a lot about products from reading this, and I learned what government agencies are and are not doing to keep cosmetics and beauty products safe for us to use. The best part is the last section, which tells you exactly where to go for products and other resources. Some of them are available right here at Amazon, such as Acquarella Conditioner....more info
  • Great Book! Had no binding and fell apart!
    The information in this book is excellent and very well organized. I have read numerous books on health and skin issues and this one goes straight to the heart of the matter. I only wish I had read it sooner.

    As far as the quality of the book, the cover barely had any glue on the binding and came right off after I got it. I will have to take it somewhere to have it rebound/glued together! This was a new book from Amazon, not a used one or a discount purchase....more info
  • I don't see how it's "revolutionary"
    This book has some good information but I was looking for something with more good information. I already live a healthy lifestyle, and though there is good information in this book, it seemed that the entire first 1/3 of the book was trying rid me of some bad habits that I just don't have. Like eating badly, believing media/ads/biased science, wearing tons of make-up, etc. The last 1/5 of the book is resources. The whole book has a very repetative mantra to be your true self and be good to yourself.

    This book seems to be aimed at the average middle-class woman who has never been exposed to real health. If you already know about natural health and beauty then skip the first few chapters and skim the rest. If you don't, this is an excellent place to start learning. I do plan on keeping in around a month or so to reference.

    The parts I liked were the parts were she would say things like, "This form of vitamin E is natural and better utilized while this other form is made by chemical process." Good specific Info.

    The part I really didn't like is when she said that if I think that it costs too much to buy these high quality natural products that will give me a lifetime of beauty, then I need to compare that to what I spend on a new pair of shoes and the latest make-up colors or that $100 I'm willing to shell out for that chic skirt. Problem is that I don't shell out money for those sorts of things, cause I do really get mad about the high prices of some products, just cause "natural" is the new craze.

    Written for the average middle class american woman who tries to be like those people on TV. Much of this book is old news for us anti-chemical people.
    ...more info
  • Nothing new under the sun
    An ok read. Didn't find it really earthshattering. Requires major changes in lifestyle, probably healthy but very time consuming...more info
  • Excellent Resource
    Though the first part of the book is somewhat mundane it more than compensates for it in the resouces section. James not only lists the best products for one's diet, skin care, healing specific problems, and anything having to do with good health, but she also lists stores where they may be found complete with addresses. Her listings are impressive and invaluable. The resouces section alone is well worth the price of the book. For anyone who neither reads nor understands labels, this book is a "must have." ...more info
  • Will change your life
    Next to the Holy Bible, this is the most life changing book I have read. The information in this book is enlighting and depressing at the same time. I am so disheartned to learn of all the chemicals and toxins allowed/ignored by our government and regulators such as the FDA. I now have a better idea of why 1 in 3 people get cancer among other health problems. This book touched on a lot of vaulable informtion that I would have prefered more details but at least now I am aware. This book has started my journey to research more information on how to safegurad myself and my family in this toxic world and flat out lies in advertisments. I have since bought another copy to lend out to family and friends and have advised many more to buy it....more info
  • An amazing book!
    This is the best book I've ever read on health and beauty. It is truly life transforming. Who knew we were literally showering ourselves with toxins at every turn? I have suffered from a wide variety of horrible skin problems including cystic acne, rosacea, and many different kinds of rashes. My skin is getting a little better every day that I implement this program and an added bonus is that I've lost several very stubborn post pregnancy pounds as a result of working to eliminate white sugar and flour. I am so grateful for Kat James's amazing work....more info
  • Amazing Stuff for Just About Anyone
    After talking to a friend about my concerns over my son's acne and my own thinning hair, it was suggested by two different people to get my hands on Kat James' book "The Truth About Beauty". Of course, being a guy who likes facts, I immediately went to the charts in the book that list both the conventional and the non-drug options for dealing with these issues. I was amazed at the diverse collection of information, not only on those, but on so many other issues I had been dealing with, including sensitive, dry skin and even the over the counter drugs I'd stocked my medicine cabinet with. I also liked the medical references in the back. The information was so compelling, I couldn't help but venture outside the skin section to the section on food, which was clearly the author's first passion, as she had transformed herself dramatically with the very unusual principles that made up these great chapters.

    After reading this book, I find myself irreversibly affected in my choices, which began to change from the first day after reading it, and have continued to change. First, I quit coffee and am now addicted to Teeccino, the brewable coffee dead-ringer that has me feeling so much better. I am also off my morning juice and using better products on my thinning hair, taking supplements that are giving me a marked increase in energy, and even a serum on my face, which has made my skin feel much better.

    What really surprised me was the author's uncanny understanding of the average American palate and sensibility. She doesn't expect everyone to like unsweetened yogurt or plain green tea, which is why she offers tastier options like alternatively (not synthetically) sweetened yogurt, or green chai, Earl Grey green or even the hard to find vanilla green tea (the rare source for which she lists in the incredible resource guide, which is alone worth ten times the cost of the book). Consistently anticipating every craving and "itch", she also lists "upgrades" to soda and to coffee, and even the best artisan chocolates that are all far healthier, and far better tasting than any "health food" I ever imagined. I feel that my intrepidness toward both "health food" and dowdy health food store body care products were abolished, and completely taken care of here, and for that reason I feel that my lifestyle changes are permanent, because I have no reason to go back to making the choices I did before, or feeling and looking the way I did before. I feel that as someone who has never gotten around to getting informed about this stuff that I have just jumped painlessly to the head of the class (the book is an easy, entertaining read), and am indebted to the friends who recommended this amazing book. ...more info
  • If you care about your health, you must read this book
    It is one of the best books on health and beauty I've ever read. I especially like all the specific products recommended by the author and wish she'd have a newsletter to publish updates to the product list....more info
  • Great information
    Kat James is a great researcher. I attended one of her cruiseship seminars, and it will always be a highlight of my life. What she has to share changed my life. ...more info
  • the truth about beauty
    wonderful book I will refer to over and over again.Makes so much sens.I've tried couple of sugested upgrades and see big difference in the way I look and feel.I recomend it to anyone that want to live better life....more info
  • I am so glad I purchased this book!
    This is the first health/beauty book that I have been excited about in a long time. As all of the other reviews explain, Kat James places an emphasis on overall health improvements by what she calls "simple upgrades". Beauty and weighloss are considered a result of improving your health.
    I just finished the book 3 days ago and the only "upgrade" I have made so far is I have reduced/eliminated diet sodas and coffee from my diet and I am now drinking green tea. I can not believe the amount of extra energy I am having. I'll be honest, I am not a big fan of the taste of green tea, but it has definitely been worth it. It's not bad, but it's not great either. I am hoping I will grow to enjoy the taste. I would now like to buy a juicer and start taking vitamins and supplements.
    Her section on skin care has confused me a bit. I am fortunate to have fairly normal skin, and her information is geared towards women with acne and other skin conditions. I am afraid the products she suggests would be to harsh for me. There is little information on a daily skin care routine for someone with normal skin.
    Overall, this is an excellent book if you would like a holistic approach to improving your health and beauty....more info
  • I tried this
    I bought Kat James' book last January and spent the winter reading it then researching the information and the products suggested. In April I started implementing a low-glycemic diet. I really didn't use the recipes or the menu plans but I used the foods items recommended to replace what I was eating - mainly what I could find locally. I also got a shower filter and switched to using all natural bath & beauty products.

    I had a headache for the first 4-5 days, withdrawal from sugar & processed foods. About month later I realized that I hadn't had a headache of any kind in a while and the dull ache in my back quit hurting. Used to have a mild case of eczema on my face & neck, that is now gone. i was not overweight to start, most people called me slim, but I still lost 10 pounds without exercising, I got down near my high school weight.

    I've been a food label reader for years, mostly stuck with low-fat foods. I no longer buy low-fat, I eat more fat than I did before, just better fats. I also learned to do more of my own health research, and now ask my doctors for more information about test results. Because Kat's book empowered me, I am taking more responsibility for my health issues and seeing improvements. Doctors are not trained in nutrition, and the right kinds of food can improve our quality of life.

    If you're tired of relying on doctors and feeling like crap, give this book a try, you will find something that works for you if you truly want to....more info
  • The Truth About Beauty
    Oh, boy! I purchased this book after watching her interview on PBS. I already practice a lot of what Kat preaches. This book reinforces it.
    I found a lot more useful information in the appendices and resources. Add this book to your library!...more info
  • Kat James knows her stuff!
    I have never read a book that is so full of on-the-money advice about health and beauty. I have followed many of her suggestions from kitchen and bathroom cabinet makeovers to a shower filter and new supplements and beauty products. The difference in my skin and hair is unbelievable. This is the "other side of the story" that you never hear from the cosmetics industry. Her Resources section is unbelievable....more info
  • A life-changing book!
    I had the great fortune to meet Kat James and hear her speak at the Alive! Expo in Seattle in 11/06. She is as compelling a public speaker as she is an author. She tells her own story in the book, which makes it resonate just that much more strongly. This book, simply put, has changed my life. I followed almost all of Kat's recommendations, and have used the buying guide at the back to replace many of the personal care products I used for years without thinking of the chemicals contained in them. I'm eating organic foods and have lost 25 lbs. since I read this book three months ago. I bought it for several women friends for Christmas, and they're loving it, too. I cannot recommed the book highly enough. Read more at ...more info
  • Good, but maybe hard to implement...
    I thought the book was very interesting and thought provoking; however, I don't think it would be realistic for me as a mother of two young children to implement all of the lifestyle changes recommended at this time. I am hoping to start the process of "shedding," as the author refers to it, but I'm thinking it will be a long process (several years). Also, there is a lot of cost in changing all of your cosmetics, etc. And, I tried the organic deodorant (without aluminum) and I stunk too bad to keep using it--I went back to my old stand by. This is a good book to buy, though. It is well written and contains lots of good info and websites to go to for additional info. Hope this helped....more info
  • Excellent book to inspire a lifestyle change
    This book is about natural beauty, focusing on a lifestyle change (food, exercise, vitamins, natural products, etc) to enhance your natural beauty. No pictures but several charts with ingredients, etc. Tackles beauty problems (dandruff, acne, wrinkles, etc) & give basic advice (eg: laser therapy) & diet/supplement recommendations. No actual makeup or haircare application instructions. Mainly just emphasis on switching to natural products. There are specific product recs but only in a resource section in the back of the book.
    I read this book several years ago. I followed the advice & my skin really did improve. After awhile I got bored with using only natural products & went back to my old ways. Reading this book will inspire a lifestyle change & I would recommend it to anyone looking to switch to more natural products...more info


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