Babyliss Pro Instant Heat 20 Roller Ceramic Hairsetter (Model: Babchv21)

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Product Description

* 20 Velvety Flocked rollers * 6 small, 6 medium and 8 large * CeramicCore Generates far-infrared heat for faster styling * 20 Super Clips and 20 Color-Coded metal Clips * Ultra-Fast Heat-Up, On/Off Switch with Indicator Light * Salon Value $ 39.99

  • 20 Velvety Flocked rollers
  • 6 small, 6 medium and 8 large
  • CeramicCore Generates far-infrared heat for faster styling
  • 20 Super Clips and 20 Color-Coded metal Clips
  • Ultra-Fast Heat-Up, On/Off Switch with Indicator Light

Customer Reviews:

  • Babyliss Pro Instant Heat Hairsetter
    "A winner" Product works fine and does not damage hair. Big plus....more info
  • This set would be perfect if only it got a little hotter
    I may have gotten a dud, but for some reason this set doesn't heat up well enough to produce a lasting curl in my super-straight hair. Even if I leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rolling, the rollers are only warm to the touch, and consequently the curl lasts for just a couple of hours at best. A shame really, because otherwise it's a fine set--it was really great of the company to provide both the old-fashioned metal pins and the plastic jaw "superclips." If you're blessed with easy-to-curl hair, the temperature might not be an issue for you, in which case I'd recommend the Babyliss highly. Not long after I bought it, I acquired a free Conair Infiniti set (I had a lot of bonus points at the drugstore) that is shaped almost exactly the same--only natural, as Babyliss is one of the "professional" divisions of Conair. Even though the wattage on the Infiniti set is lower, it manages to get quite a bit hotter than the Babyliss, and thus produces much more lasting results. I kept the Babyliss anyway--the extra rollers and clips come in handy as they're interchangeable with the Conair set. ...more info
    I purchased this hot roller set after doing some reaserch and it really seemed like these were going to be great. I always read the review before buying online and the reviews were great so I went ahead and purchased them. I got them in the mail and tried it out. I let them heat up (they don't get hot enough). I took them out of my hair and most of my hair didn't even curl. What did curl stayed that way for about 5 minutes. I used to curl my hair all the time so I know it will curl and it looks pretty curly. I don't ever right reviews but I just had to on this because I don't want someone throwing their money away on this like I did....more info
  • A Great Product
    I purchased this product because my hair stylist uses Babyliss products all the time and I wasn't disappointed. I like the different sizes for different parts of my hair and if I jsut want to use the jumbo ones I can. They heat up fast, too....more info
  • Good Product
    THis item was shipped quite fast. It is exactly what I expected. THese rollers do heat up a lot faster than my previous ones. ...more info
  • Best Rollers!
    They heat up fast, come with claw clips and "u" shaped metal clips and different sizes. I've found these easy to use with limited time and have had consistently good results no matter how they've been used. These are a life saver on bad hair days.

    Easy to clean, travel with, no burned scalp or fingers, evenly heated....more info
  • Babyliss electric hair rollers
    I purchased a set of BABYLIS pro instant heat 20 roller ceramic hair rollers about 1 month ago. My old set had flocking which helps to protect my hair from damage but after many years the flocking had worn off. I had been waiting to find a set of flocked electric rollers with metal holders. Plastic grip holders are good but I can't use them on the top of my head because they leave lines in my fine hair. This set has the uncommon advantage of providing both metal clips and plastic grips, which allows you to use whichever clip best suits your hair. In addition, the set heats up quickly, has plenty of rollers, and the rollers are constructed in such a way that these are less likely to burn fingers if grabbed the wrong way. I have fine straight hair and these rollers result in alot of curl, without burning my hair. Now if they only last as long as my last set!

    I would highly recommend these rollers. So far, for the features and the quality of the set, they appear to be a great value for the money. I have priced many sets in various kinds of stores, but this set has many features missing in other sets for the same or more money....more info
  • rollers are pretty cool
    well i got these rollers bout a month ago...did my hair twice so far...the second time came out better than the first...with time you should be able to create the look you want...the curlers give a full bouncy look... i got great compliments on my hair is very thick i need them to be really hot before i put them in...i leave them on for at least an hour...good product for the money......more info
  • everything I wanted
    I've been holding out on buying a new set of hot rollers for about three years, because I couldn't find a set I liked: flocked (that means they have the fuzzy coating to grab your hair) multi-sized, and with those metal U-shaped clips that everyone else seems to hate. This set had all of that and then some! It's got 8 of the jumbo-sized rollers, which I was having a hard time finding, plus six 1-1/4 inch rollers and six 1-inch size. I have fine but thick straight hair that varies from just below the shoulders to bra-strap length, and with this set I can either do all-large rollers for body and a little wave, or use multiple small rollers for lots of curl. Plus, it came with both types of clips--the plastic "jaws" kind, and the U-shaped metal clips. I should say, I bought my set from a beauty supply store in my city, and I bought it on clearance for less than it retails here. Nevertheless I feel lucky to have found it and I would have paid more.

    The rollers heat very fast and hold the heat for quite a while, so I can get a good tight curl if I let them heat for 15 minutes and cool for 30. On the other hand you can just get some good body and smoothing in about ten minutes, if you're in a rush. Oh, and it has an On/Off switch, so you can cut the power without unplugging it. This is useful if your outlet is in a hard-to-reach place, as mine is....more info
  • Waste of my $$$
    1. It does NOT heat up quickly
    2. I left the rollers in for a long time and used a root booster when drying my hair, yet I got little curl.

    I must be color blind, I thought I ordered a blue babybliss but mine was grey. I would love to send this back but the vendor did NOT include a packing slip. argg

    I had an old clairol or remmington set that quit working. You know the old fashioned kind that is not ceramic, ionic, or expensive. It worked like a dream.

    It's just pointless to use this set, because it just isn't worth the effort, as the result is so poor....more info
  • Love these rollers!
    These are great rollers and well worth the extra I paid for them! The velvet holds my very straight, heavy, hair real well and the curls stay all day. In fact even when I brush my hair in the evenings the body and waves are still there. My only complaint is that with my shorter hair I need more medium/small rollers and not the large ones. Wonder why they can't make a companion set or something to order that would be all small or all medium. Other than that, the rollers are great! I really like the choice of the claw clips or regular pins to hold the rollers....more info
  • Not getting great results
    I am not a highly experienced user with hot rollers, so perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I do get an awful crease in the top of my hair when using these. I've only tried the plastic clips so far because the metal ones burn my head, so maybe they're to blame? I like that they heat up fairly quickly and I can put them in my hair and continue doing other things, but overall, I like the results of my curling iron more. It gets a little too puffy, and I feel like it's more for "a night out" than just running errands or something....more info
  • Great curlers!
    This was my first real set of hot rollers, so I don't really have a basis from which to compare, however they have worked very well for me to date. They are easy to use, and heat up pretty quickly, though leaving them plugged in for a few extra minutes definitely makes a positive difference. I absolutely love the variety and number of sizes in the set. The only qualm I have is that some of the rollers do get a little too hot on the ends, making them difficult to handle. Overall I am very satisfied wih my purchase; a quality product, and it was shipped within a week!...more info
  • These Babies Are Beauties!
    If you need a good hot roller set. Buy these! They are the best, bar none. The plastic clips that hold the rollers in your hair are first rate; they do not pinch and they keep the roller in place PERFECTLY. I cannot say enough about the roller itself; it is soft and does not cause split ends; it holds long hair and gives a soft curl. The metal pins are also good. I use both the metal pins and the plastic clips for a firm set. These are the best rollers, sincerely....more info
  • Great Product
    These hot rollers are by far the best I have ever used. I have long curly hair and I rarely can make it look shiney and wavy...but now I can have that anytime ! They heat up quickly, and they are very easy to use. They stay put once rolled, and don't fall out. I would purchase this item again in a heartbeat !...more info
  • Good when you are in a hurry!
    I bought this Hairsetter thinking I would use it each time I wash my hair. I have very thick hair, so there are not enough curlers in the set to do all of my hair. If you put too much air on each curler, then the results are less than satisfactory. I think it would be great for people who have less than very thick hair....more info
  • Works well with one major drawback
    Babyliss ceramic rollers heat up very quickly. No waiting.
    However, the problem is that there is a long slit in the middle of each roller which allows each roller to fit into the unit and heat up quickly. When securing the roller, the instructions warn to be careful not to let one leg of the pin go inside the slit. This is tricky, esp. if you have thick hair. The time I save in not having to wait for the rollers to heat up is lost when I have to struggle with inserting each pin all the way around each roller, making sure I haven't accidentally inserted one end of the pin into the slit. But, once inserted, the rollers work very well, and the different sizes are great for achieving different hair styles....more info
  • Jen
    I love these curlers!!! I like having both the clips and the clamps. They are easy to use and heat up quickly. They were exactly what I wanted....more info
  • Great hot rollers
    Love these rollers. They heat up very quickly, are easy to handle, and the hair clips make rolling your hair a breeze . . . even shorter hair that sometimes is not quite long enough for a full roll-over on a larger roller. The clips hold the hair neatly against the hot roller without producing any lines. My hair is straight-straight and super-limp . . . I use these rollers only twice a week and find that surprisingly enough my hair holds onto the body throughout the week . . . and that is using the same shampoo/condition/gel that I have always used . . . so these rollers have really made a difference with my hair....more info
  • Great product
    The rollers heat up fast and it grips to my hair very well; making it easy to roll my hair on the rollers. What I really like about this set is the generous amount of supper clips. These clips make it so easy to hold down the roller and very easy to apply. Also like the variety of roller sizes. I'm very satisfied and glad I chose these Babyliss Pro Instant Hear rollers. ...more info
  • Nice product
    I actually saw this exact set in a Hammer & Shlemmer magazine listed as "the best set of hot rollers" , I went to Amazon with the picture and description and found it for about $20.00 less that the H & S price. I bought it, and I like it. However, my hair is long and I wish it had jumbo rollers. Debated getting the $80.00 babyliss pro color coded stand up rollers but couldn't justify that much for hair curlers and didn't know how they worked. They work well, and hair is shiny and holds curls. Next time i will splurge for the mac daddy set, just wanted to replace my cracked top 15 year old cheap set and am not dissapointed. Nice to have both clips and pins in this set....more info


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