Whirlpool 75 Pint Electronic Dehumidifier

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Whirlpool 75 Pint Electronic Dehumidifier - AD75U. 15 Pint Liquid Bucket Capacity. Washable Electrostatic Filter. AccuDry Sensing System. 75-Pint Moisture Removal.24 Hours. Operates As Low As 38 Degrees F. 2 Fan Speeds. Adjustable Humidistat. White Finish

Customer Reviews:
  • Dehumidifier
    Works great. Brand name Whirlpool. Does the job each and every day from our basement. Is a bit loud when the "turbo" fan kicks in - but really pulls the moisture from the area. I check it every day and usually empty it then as I did not purchsae the automatic drain....more info
  • Did not last. Will not honor the warrenty
    I have the 50 pint version of this model. It started having problems freezing up after 4 - 6 months, and completely died after about a year. Whirlpool will not honor the the 5 year warranty. They require a bill of sale before they will even consider a warranty repair. Even then you have to pay a service fee, and only some of the parts are covered. So even if you have the receipt years later you will likely still have pay part if not all of the cost of repairs....more info
  • Too much plastic is sagging from the water weight
    My Whirlpool dehumidifier that gets a work out from June through September in my basement, then it is unused the rest of the year. The unit has gotten noisier and noisier after three years to the point where its hum is heard on the second floor of my home (not good at nighttime since its fan does not turn off in automatic modes). It has 2 other major flaws: (1) even though most of the water is caught in its bucket a significant amount of water drips onto the floor beneath the unit each day. This did not happen originally, so I attribute it to aging. I keep it clean and use a hose to continually drain the catch bucket. (2) the flimsy overfill float and valve is poorly designed so that the actual turning on of the dehumidifier's compressor causes an overfill indication even when no water is in the catch bucket. This overfill indication immediately shuts down the compressor. Unfortunately, this happens over and over again each minute that it retries to turn on the compressor. The end result is that NO dehunidification occurs due to this repetitive shut down due to the flimsy overfill float and switch. I must 'play' with the catch bucket quite a bit to get the condition to disapper. It will reappear after a few daysw. This again has gotten worse over the two years of service, and I can remedy it by totally draining the catch bucket. Of course, it will reoccur again once the I would avoid this design as much as possible....more info
  • No frills, just does what is needed
    This unit is a steal. It really does suck the moisture out of the air. I have a structural issue with my basement which is causing some nasty condensation. All of my AC ducts were sweating and dripping. Last year I had to replace my entire service panel due to condensation inside the panel. This unit is keeping the whole area dry, it is about 2000 square feet. It truly does it's job well. It doesn't have fancy settings for humidity, it just has fan and dryness settings. It is a little loud. Unless it is going in a room where quiet in needed, it is no big deal. If you are looking for a unit to dry out an area that is not a primary living area then this will fill the bill. The price is quite reasonable compared to others in the 75 pint range. Hook-up couldn't be easier. I would suggest planning on using the drain hose option as it can fill up quickly. It does have an auto shut-off if the container fills up. We had a humidifier leak in my son's room and had to pull the carpet up. This thing dried it up in no time, it pulled gallons of water out, with all room ventilation closed off.

    Design 5 (as a no frills offering)
    Ease of use 5
    Build quality 5...more info
  • Good dehumidifier, but it will wake the dead.
    I bought this dehumidifier for a 750 sq. foot finished basement. I bought through ABT themselves because they had a 5% discount and free shipping so it was about $10 cheaper than Amazon. It works well and the accudry systems seems sufficient. I was amazed at how much moisture this unit removed after 24 hours. After 72 hours of continuos running the unit finally shut off and kicks on for about 2 minutes everyday. The only complaint that I have about this model is that it is loud enough to wake the dead no matter what settings you have it on. I can hear this unit running when I am on the first floor. Also the unit does come with a drain hose, but not the pump. You need the pump if you do not have a floor drain to drain it to, that is if you do not want to empty the bucket all the time. You can buy the Whirlpool specific pump for this model at Lowes for $77. Overall, I would recommend this model if it is tucked away and you can deal with the noise for a couple minutes a day after the area is dried out....more info