18 Everdry Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Safe Accessories - Everydry Dehumidifier 18Manufacture ID: 164128The EverDry Electric Dehumidifier removes humidity from the interior of a safe and protects against rust. The 18 long EverDry should beused on safes 30 wide and larger. Cord is removable for installation without the electrical outlet.

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  • Everydry Dehumidifier 18"

 Customer Reviews:

  • great product, saves you a few bucks.
    If you've got guns in a safe or small closet and want to protect them from rust this is the ticket. You'll save a few bucks over what the speciality dealers want for the same product too. ...more info
  • Works great
    I was a Marine Corps Armorer (small arms repairman). When stationed at Camp Schwab Okinawa Right on the ocean, all our weapons were stored in a hot locker. The source of heat were rows of light bulbs. The reasoning is that if the metal parts of the weapons are warmer than the ouside air, moisture won't be attracted to the weapon. It works, none of my hundreds of weapons ever formed rust on them. This product does the same thing in your gun safe.
    Sgt Ken Vetter USMC 1967-1969 26 Marines...more info
  • Good Quality
    I almost don't know what to say. I needed a dehumidifier and this did the trick. It appears to be the same one I purchased 10-years ago which is still working well....more info