Dairy Association Bag Balm (10oz)

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Product Description

Bag Balm,10oz

  • Comes in a 10 ounce tin
  • Great for soothing saddle sores, chapped lips, and scrapes
  • In production since 1899

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Skin Protection
    I have been using Bag Balm for years now. it is great for excessively dry skin. It is great protection in winter especially....more info
  • Just try it, chances are you'll realize in the first day this stuff heals better than everything else even prescription creams.
    Just try it, chances are you'll realize in the first day this stuff heals better than everything else even prescription creams.

    I am not a follower or believer in alternative medicines, I am in no danger of being confused as conservationist and I still don't believe global warming is anywhere near truth. I don't take vitamins, I don't eat healthy and I laugh at people who shop at GNC. I'm not a hippie, I'm an atheist and I don't give a crap about nature.

    But I believe in this stuff.
    It works and I spent a long time, alot of money and un-necessary misery trying everything from expensive French creams from Lancome and other companies with names impossible to spell to prescription creams with names that sounded like a poison gas weapon and practically cost $200 an ounce.

    And this stuff works better than all of them I've tried over the last 30 years.

    Our entire family has always had dry skin even when we lived in the most humid regions we always stood out with chapped lips and chaffed chins.

    My 90 year old mother in law introduced me to BagBalm and it has worked better than everything else we've used, our dermatologist didn't have motive to tell us about this since it would end the parade of fee based office visits.

    The pharmaceutical companies don't admit this stuff works for 90% of the people who try it since you can buy this at finer drug stores.

    Amway and Lancome won't talk about it since it would make half of their product lines useless.

    It has to be remembered that Native American Medicine Men practiced cures using herbs and plants, it has to be remembered that major pharmaceutical companies still rely on Peruvian rain forest natives to escort them to unknown orchards to harvest promising plant roots used in some of our treatments practiced today and still being developed for other promising cures.

    Get in your SUV, drive it the drug store and leave it running with the doors locked in the parking lot next to mine while you're inside .buying this stuff. Get the smallest jar you can find and spend as little as you can because just a little of this stuff will convince you and cost alot less than the things you've tried so far....more info
  • Great Product
    Great product! I highly recommend this. It seems to penetrate the skin and soften it from the inside out. Very good....more info
  • Great softening solution
    Great stuff for softening those hard and calloused spots on the hands and feet and any other places; no other salve can do it overnight!

    Just have to wrap them at night as they can be oily.

    ...more info
  • Molluskum Contagiosum
    Most parents at one time or another have to deal with kids and their skin viruses. There is a particularly nasty one. It is called Molluskum Contagiosum. It is highly contagious, passes from touching it then touching things. Can spread like warts, in fact it is in the wart family.

    Well there are usually only 3 ways to get them to go away. Either wait the 1-2 years until they go away (if they go away) on their own, 2 have them burned off (frozen with nitro glycerin), or 3 have them cut off (with a scalpel and numbing medicine). Sometimes these cases can be VERY severe so can you imagine hundreds of burns or incisions.. no thank you!

    Well of course my 9 year old son has a case. My niece had them before him, and my daughter also. Both of them had no problems and they went away within 6 months, but not my son. His started on his neck, and the rubbing of his shirt collar, has caused them to be irritated open up and spread nearly the full length of his neck.

    The pediatrician recommended to "irritate" the lesions by scratching them or trying to "pop" them, but this only leads to more infection, and pain. I tried it a couple of times, and what ended up happening is that the next week he would have 5 more, even after washing my hands and his thoroughly after each episode.. So that wasn't working at all.

    I wanted him to have them frozen off (burned) but they are on his neck too close to major structures like his esophagus and um you know that big ol' vein.. lol the jugular.. wouldn't want to cut off circulation to his brain, now would I? lol

    He started to develop an underlying rash from all the irritation, and I told him to put some Bag Balm on there. It works for any rash you can find, cuts, scrapes anything... Well guess what? After 2 years of him being embarrased and teased for this skin condition.. it is going away. Last week he had probably 45-50 of them (yeah imagine 50 warts on your neck and face.. ugh) and this week, he has like 15, and they are all going away and healing.. Even the ones that I thought were infected.. totally clearing up..

    It's amazing!! I will never NOT have Bag Balm in my house again.. it really is a cure all.. I even sent it to my girlfriend who is a new mom, of course for the whole diaper rash prevention..

    Thank God for Bag Balm!!!

    ...more info
  • Vermont Original Bag Balm Moisturizer Ointment
    After going to countless doctors, including dermatologists, for my severely cracked skin on my thumbs and forefingers, nothing they prescribed worked. Vermont Original Bag Balm Moisturizer Ointment has been the only product that soothes the pain and heals my chronic condition....more info
  • Bag Balm
    I love Bag Balm. I have been using it since I was a little kid. It is the cure for every skin-related issue you could have. I use it for chapped lips, wrinkles, a chafed behind after long bike rides, sunburns, whatever...Sadly, my 10 oz tin came dented on the top, so I will have to deal with opening a dented tin for the next thirty years until it is all used up and I need to buy another....more info
  • Great for dog calous!
    My dog developed a calous on his "knee joint" and the hair was falling out. My vet recommended the product to help heal it. It was very red and dry. Within three days we saw a huge improvement. Within a week the hair was actually growing back in the area that was affected. The results were amazing....more info
  • cold weather cracked fingers and heels
    It seems to be as good as anything else we tried - maybe a bit better - though it also appears to be somewhatt on the expensive side...more info
  • Wonderful.
    Makes my skin as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom! I love it!...more info
  • Bag Balm for my Pug
    My dog had the worst chapped paws. This product was perfect for him. I just feel bad I didn't get it sooner. (so much for listening to vets) many thanks...more info
  • great product
    I love bag balm! It saves my dry skin! This seller did a very good job- It arrived very quickly....more info
  • Fabulous for dry cracked skin
    This product is designed in 1899 for farmers to use on Dairy Cows to keep them from becoming chapped in the harsh Vermont environment.

    There are only two ingredients in this product these are a petrolatum lanolin base and an ingredient call 8 - hydroxy quinoline sulfate that is 3% of the total.

    I use this product on the soles of my feet in the winter when they are very dry and cracked. My brother-in-law uses it on his German Shepherd stomach when she has contact dermatitis.

    If you have dry skin anywhere on your body this is a nice product to have around. Be certain to cover the area with socks or clothing after applying the product. It is very thick and might leave a stain if not laundered properly. I use a combination of Oxyclean and Spray and Wash to remove it from my socks when I treat my feet.
    ...more info
  • Bag Balm review
    I have been using Bag Balm for my lips for several years.
    It works very well kepping my lips moist & soft.

    I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Item, Shipping cost way too much.
    Everyone I my family uses Bag Balm, even the dog. I haven't been able to find it close by so I got it here. The price of the item was fine but the shipping was really expensive and took awhile. If I am paying almost 7 dollars for a ten oz. package you would think it would take less than 10 days to show up.
    Good Product
    Be careful about Shipping Prices.
    ...more info
  • BAG BALM Dangerous to Humans
    Just a note of caution, Bag Balm contains 8-Hydroxyquinoline sulfate which is toxic to humans. Please do a web search and you'll find lots of information about it.

    a great one to check is http://www.pesticideinfo.org

    Toxicity to humans, including carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and acute toxicity....more info
  • Bag Balm effectiveness
    I am 79 years of age and since the 1970s, I have been plagued with dry skin. I have taken the advice of Doctors of dermatology. None of the various medicines have worked. The dry skin has been a continuous problem. Mineral oil, as baby oil, had the best success. But 2 to 3 weeks ago I purchased a 10 ounce can of Bag Balm and a good coating well rubbed into the skin has been the best solution. I have no dry and cracked skin, anymore. I am very pleased with the result and will continue to use Bag Balm from now on....more info


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