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Follow Afro Samurai as he fights to become the number one warrior, a title currently held by Justice, the man who killed Afro's father when he was a child. The game follows the plot of the original series with added material and background for fans and new comers alike.

Blood is beautiful in this Hip Hop infused action adventure as Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role as Afro and Ninja Ninja. A striking art style gives Afro Samurai a truly unique look and feel across beautifully animated open environments as he wages war against his adversaries to become number one. Using an innovative game play system, enemy AI is affected by the beat of the musical score produced by RZA of Wu-Tang Clan. These dynamic battles ensure stylized encounters throughout the game that affect the overall tone of game play. Slice and dismember opponents as Afro acrobatically leaps from one location to the next, interacting with anything and everything in the environment to help him on his journey. Innovative game play system where the music affects the enemy AI & the tone of the game play Balanced experience between stylistic combat & acrobatic platforming with the ability to dynamically slice & dismember enemies with ease

The only thing better than watching stylized samurai battles with Samuel L. Jackson's voice booming in your ear is controlling the character as it all happens. And now you can, with Afro Samurai for the PlayStation 3. Based on the popular anime series, Afro Samurai will finally let gamers control their favorite samurai as he violently slashes through an eclectic lineup of assassins, ninjas, and robotic thugs.

The voice acting is done by Samuel L. Jackson, who brings along his usual flair. View larger.

The Focus maneuver lets you low down time and perform precision hits.View larger.
The Story Unfolds
Set in a futuristic, yet feudal Japan, this story follows a samurai named Afro after his hair. Afro has set out to try and avenge his father's murder by a man named Justice. Justice murdered Afro's father to claim the 'Number One' headband, giving himself the chance to rule the world

Afro Samurai is based on the popular and stylistic anime of the same name. View larger.
with powers akin to a god. The only one allowed to challenge Number One is the person with the 'Number Two' headband, but unfortunately for Afro, the current owner of the headband, anybody and everybody can, and does, challenge Number Two. But never fear, as this new title includes brand new material and background for fans of the series and newcomers alike to enjoy.

Loads of Stylized Action
Afro Samurai brings gamers a balanced experienced, with stylistic combat and acrobatic platforming combined with the ability to dynamically slice and dismember enemies in unending ways. While gamers can hack and slash their way through many foes by combining heavy and light attacks with just two buttons, accomplished players will master moves like the Deep Throat Killer, where they pierce their opponent's neck and rip everything loose in a crimson splash.

Players will also need to learn the Focus maneuver with its bullet-time effect. This allows the user to slow down time and designate a specific strike zone, which with the right timing and skill can allow Afro to cleave an enemy in two or slice a limb completely off. And since characters are not pre-rendered you don't just get a canned scene when you cut through your enemy, giving you endless ways and means to cut your enemies down to size. This ethos is applied game-wide, as Afro is allowed to interact with anything and everything in his environment to help him on his journey.

Star-Studded Supporting Cast
Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role as both Afro and Ninja in the game, and the same striking art style that made the anime series so popular provides the unique look and feel across beautifully animated open environments. And for those of you who are wondering, developers Namco Bandai let Jackson ad-lib a lot, so be prepared for his branded vulgarity and the M rating it helps the game earn.

Meanwhile, Ron Pearlman and Kelly Hu continue on in their roles as Justice and Okiku, while RZA of Wu-Tang Clan fame has created all new tracks for the hip-hop inspired soundtrack. And thanks to an innovative gameplay system, the enemy AI and tone of the game are affected by the beat of the musical score, for a truly immersing experience.

With its visual stunning graphics, and fluid and graceful movements, Afro Samurai will provide hours of entertaining, balletic action. Add to this ground-breaking elements like health that is represented by the blood on your clothes, or your enemies', and you have a game that simply can not be passed up.

Slice and dice your enemies in a glorious number of different ways.

  • Follow the exploits of the original series, with all new material and background for fans to enjoy
  • Strikingly beautiful art style and texturing, with smooth balletic moves for amazing visuals and action
  • Hip-hop inspired soundtrack created by RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan actually affects the enemy AI's movements
  • Star-studded cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Ron Pearlman and Kelly Hu in their series roles
  • Without pre-rendered enemies, attack scenes are unending in their possible combinations

Customer Reviews:

  • Just another button masher
    Ladies and Gentlemen, don't believe the hype of these so called user reviews.
    this game is a button masher. there is no difference in play between the 1st 15 minutes, and the last 15 minutes.
    this game is just another bad "movie-game".
    if you need this game, wait 2 weeks and pick up the used copies for [...] bucks.
    ...more info
  • very entertaining
    The game play might not be the best with the constant button mashing but this games story is really funny and interesting especially with Samuel L Jackson's commentary. Absolutely hilarious....more info
    I have only played the game for a little while, but so far it is awesome. Great graphics that look like they are straight out of the TV show. Good soundtrack even though I do not like rap. Ninja ninja (Samual L. Jackson) has great lines through out the game that make you laugh and keep you in good spirits, plus no one can curse like SLJ. All in all it is a fun hack and slash game full of blood, violence, nudity (naked ninja bit$hes), incredible graphics, and cursing. Just like the show. My major problem is the same as everyone elses, the camera sucks. Inverted left/right with no way to adjust. ...more info
  • boring
    The foes you'll be fighting are repetitious and predictable - one kind you can easily kill by just kicking then finishing off with a heavy attack, another kind by just hitting the light attack button, another kind by kicking, then light attack then heavy, repeat. Oh, and you can be killed without ever getting hit sometimes.

    The voice acting is pretty good, though alot of the time it doesn't feel like the character on screen is actually saying what they're saying (the audio's usually directional, except for a lot of the dialogue isn't and really feels disconnected).

    The camera takes turns controlling itself and letting you control it. If you point your right pad to the left, the camera moves right, up, it moves down, and there's no option to change that schematic, or to change anything in the game - like brightness, sound effects, subtitles, nothing. That, and you usually can't tell who's fighting you from where, but just randomly pushing buttons solves that.

    Visually, the art design's pretty good, but the animation is often clunky, weird, and usually unconvincing (watch for foes running with swords - who carries swords like that?!). And a lot of the cutscenes can't be skipped, so if you die a lot in one area you have to watch the same lame cutscenes over and over.

    The platforming is a chore, as is fighting as it's tedious. The story is taken from the movies, which I thought was bad to begin with. And the much advertised slicing foes feature isn't as special as it sounds.

    Overall, the game isn't atrocious, but it isn't really worth playing either...more info
  • Neutral
    Story Line - movie like, "I will avenge my father's death" while trying
    earn the little piece of a white cloth to wrap around my Afro

    Soundtrack - PLUS
    VOICE OVER - PLUS, but also can get annoying Samuel Jackson's funny but
    not all the time.
    Graphics - I rather Watch the Anime
    Camera Angle - OMG this what I hate about this game. it jus sucks
    ...more info
  • Great graphic and concept. Very frustrating camera movement.
    The first thing one notices in this game are the graphics, which are indeed awesome. It is like playing a comic book. The story line is classic--a son avenging the murder of his father. Samuel L. Jackson's voice overs definitely add to the fun. As does the first-rate soundtrack.

    As another reviewer has noted, the weak point in this game is the camera movements. When one starts, the camera's default mode is the reverse of every other game one has ever played--the camera moves as if one is looking at a mirror. One can fix that in the options menu by deselecting "default." However, that fix only results in the camera moving in the right direction. One can still only pan horizontally in most places, which is very annoying when one has to jump to a platform but can't see where the edge of a cliff is or what, exactly, one is jumping to. Beyond that, even the horizontal movements are spotty, especially in the midst of combat where one is often disoriented.

    If it were not for the camera movement, this would be a 5 star game. It is very disappointing as other game designers have figured this out. The camera movements in Tools of Destruction and Uncharted are so flawless one doesn't even notice them. The folks at Surge should consider enrolling in "Camera Movements for Games 101" and then reissue the game with this rather substantive problem corrected....more info
  • From forum review to here... AFRO!
    Got the game today (well by the time is clocked it will be tomorrow-picked it up today the 28th w/a cool plastic Afro figure).

    Skip some of the reviews floating around, some good, some WAY off but with points made and I can agree with.

    Hands down, this IS a FUN game. The Samuel L. Jackson's Afro and Ninja Ninja voice overs are well done as well as the others. How can you Not like a game that in the intro says "Motherf---er!!"?!? The RZA soundtrack is kick arse.

    The graphics are very well done, sure there are a plethora of other games with some would call better but the true to the catoon series is on par. There is No HUD. A complaint by some reviewers, I found that while sure there could have been an option to have that, it isn't necessary for AS. The blood, the sparkles on your sword and objects and other effects are your attention and with Ninja Ninja's help to guide you when needed is cool. Oh and did I mention blood? There is GALLONS of it. Even mentioned in your stat list. Plenty to please the eye.

    The fighting is totally fun, and they can get quite crazy at times. Afro can Focus to slow things down to make mean azz moves, jump behind them, behead them, split them down in half and a ton of other executions. You have your horizontal and vertical attacks, kick, jump, block, run/charge along with combos you'll (or as I have so far) found just play mixing it up. Slice and Dice is the name of the game here. Not just button mashing as one review said will work. Well it kinda can but I tend to die much quicker then a more strategic way of fighting. Like fighting 12 people at once, break up the group, slice em some and jump to a new group, bash em around the do it again until you're done or have to take on a boss in the middle of the group. Leave the boss till later, ditch him/her and kill the minions first. There is also some running up walls/jump/climb, grip on and get to a different area. Also have the walk planks that I have seen so far, just take your time, aim right and you can run them. MUCH easier then say, Prince of Persia (I like that game too, but when you get stuck and try 20 times to do something it gets old) Afro, so far I have got this down.

    Sound is excellent!!! As is the soundtrack.

    Gameplay is really fun, especially if you like to fight, using block/rolling/jumping and then thee ol' slice and dice. While it is not like a SF type game, it certainly is no plain button masher either. As mentioned, some reviewer said it can be played that way. Well I like ninja/samurai games alot, so slowing down the fighting and using Afro's mad skillz is more fun (to me).

    Cons: no multiplayer. Not really an issue with me. But could be cool. Camera has issues and that seems to be one of the main complaints. I sent off an email before buying the game earlier because of the reviews, asking for them to read them, and perhaps toss out a patch, to revamp the camera control.

    Other then that, I give this game a 4.5/or 5 stars (amazon style). I've been playing it for 3-4 hours (with breaks, then been playing more since I wrote this) and do not regreat buying this game. While I'm semi new to the TV series, I think I'll pick up the BR set as it's sat in my cart/wish for a while now.
    If you like the series, you'll most likely like the game. If you are new or have no idea what Afro Samurai is, it's still a great game. And as stated I think a quick patch could fix the camera issues-which are NOT that bad.

    Lopping off heads, slicing baddies in half, killing poor little teddy bears, scaring off crows, the MOFO banter etc etc etc hasn't been so fun in a while. So go grasshopper, give it a shot or slice rather... Great game.
    ...more info
  • Woah! This game is something
    I have to admit that this game was a bit of a shocker-- it hits hard and fast. There, I confessed. Love the graphics, the story, the content is hilarious, I never expected this thing to work but it's probably going to be one of the must-have-yet-flying-under-the-radar games of the year. I haven't seen it featured in any of the popular gaming mags, probably because it's based on a show and was considered to be a way of cashing in on an existing brand. Oh well, their mistake. Instant cult classic, and yes the gameplay suffers somewhat because of the tripped out camera; however, this is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Games like Tomb Raider Underworld have shown us just how bad whacked-out camera controls really can be, and this game doesn't come anywhere close to being that bad. This game, in a word, is FUN....more info
  • Son is happy all the way around!
    Son loved the speedy delivery, and the great shape the game came in, rock on!...more info
  • great game
    sweet story line, good fights, perfect soundtrack. the only downside of it, is that it finished early!...more info
  • sweet & refreshing like a lomonade on a summer day
    this game is sweet its cut em up beet em up do it with style do it fast nd be cool about it. im just pissed that there no more series ressurection was said to be season 2 a cool as movie nd thats it. damn!...more info


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