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Product Description

Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner, Serious Colour Care. Its deep penetrating formula replaces the vital moisture needed to keep you colour fresh and vibrant. You can actually feel it working. Leaves hair healthty and manageable with a dazzling shine.

Customer Reviews:

    I am a cosmetic/hair product junkie and have been in perpetual search for exactly the ticket for my below the shoulders (highlighted blonde) over 40 hair for decades. THIS IS IT. I never even use my collection or expensive shampoo/conditioner/extra treatment products which fill my bathroom cabinet.Why you ask? All natural ingredients, easy lather, easy rinse, smells of lavender, but lightly so, shampoo is slightly purplish which is beneficial to bleached blondes to make highlights shinier and keep brassiness at bay, AND most importantly makes my hair feel soft, smooth, moisturized, just plain awesome. I have only these two products in the shower for every other or every two days use, nothing else. This is the first product that I will be buying another refill of as soon as I finish typing this review. Try it if you have medium to coarse, thick, wavy, processed hair and you will feel like a princess! (Don't know if someone had fine hair if this would be the ticket, but maybe for them also.) It does rinse clean with no residue, but might be a little bit much for fine and or thin hair, something else may work better.
    Also, this conditioner keeps the frizzies away for me, and smoothes the cuticle of my coarse, naturally curly hair. I use a flat iron to straighten and this makes it so smooth when it's straight that I don't have to have other products! Awesome stuff. Glad I finally found it. Anybody want my 50 other sets? ;)...more info
  • Nice, but ridiculously expensive
    My hair salon uses Pureology products, and I LOVE the scent! But it's the most expensive line of hair-care products I've ever seen. I mean, c'mon, we're talking shampoo to clean your hair, and conditioner to moisturize it...
    Much as I love this stuff, I have to stick to Nexxus & Matrix products, due to price.
    ...more info
  • Not so hydrating
    The original Pureology concept was great, however, it has been boughten by Redkin and has gone far from it's original mission statement. This shampoo/conditioner in particular contains mint which can strip the hair follicles and irritate the scalp. The mint is way too drying that will strip hair color and cause split ends. It dried my scalp out and made my hair oilier. ...more info
  • Awesome stuff
    I love this set. I didn't expect the shampoo to lather since other sulfate free shampoos that I have tried were hard to work through my hair, but this shampoo lathers up great. The conditioner makes your whole head tingle. It rehydrated my dry, damaged, and color treated hair. My hair now feels soft and silky. I would highly recommend this set....more info
  • Great for My Dry, Damaged Hair
    I have dry, damaged hair from all the years of dying and straightening but now its soft and smooth when I blow dry it. I can tell visibly this shampoo and conditioner really work, my color looks better. Everything looks better. I love this shampoo and conditioner. ...more info
  • Good shampoo
    This is certainly a top-line shampoo, and it works very well, but I still have yet to find the "one" shampoo that my hair loves in return. The smell is unique (very minty), and there is a definite improvement even after the first use. I still need more shine and moisture, though... but I have very tough hair. For the average person's hair, I would totally recommend this shampoo...more info
  • great hair care product
    This a great product! It has helped restore health and shine to my hair. I don't have nearly the damage that I used to...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product and worth the price. The product shampoo does not strip your hair of it's natural oils. The conditioner is moisturizing. It left my coarse and dry hair soft and manageable. If you have hair like me, then try it. ...more info
  • Pureology products are great
    I used this condition for my color treated hair. I am black and my hair has been relaxed and colored which is alot of stress for my kind of hair.

    Pureology really helped to keep the color and has kept it hydrated. My hairdresser was impressed by the color after 6 weeks.

    The conditioner really tingles the scalp as it penetrates - feels good!

    It is worth the money you pay for it considering how much you paid for highlights....more info
  • Excellent, vibrant product for hair.
    This product is a great hydrating product that gives much vibrance and shine to hair. The mint formula gives the head a nice sensation. ...more info
  • Simply the Best Shampoo You Can Find
    This is seriously the only shampoo that I've found which actually does what it says. It keeps my hair like silk! The ingredients, like its name implies, are so pure and the fragrance is heaven. And my husband always says I smell great! This can be pretty expensive elsewhere so I recommend this deal....more info
  • Great deal for a great duo
    Great deal. Awesome organic shampoo and conditioner, leaves hair shiny and manageable and best of al it's laureth sulfate free!...more info
  • LOVE this shampoo
    This is hands down the best shampoo I've ever used. It makes my hair so strong, but so soft and shiny! It is worth every penny!...more info
  • great botanical fragrance, excellent shampoo
    First of all the fragrance is amazing, you'll want to use it as a body wash as well! It smells like Aveda products but is superior in quality. The conditioner has mint in it which is refreshing & will make your scalp tingle. Would definitely recommend. ...more info
  • Best out there....
    Pureology products are the best out there. I have tried several of the different types of Pureology hair products, and this one works the best on my chemically treated hair. I totally recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Absolutely love it. Best I've ever used
    Talk about a little dab will do ya. WOW. That's all you need, about the size of a dime of shampoo in your hand and you get lather like you won't believe. Just a little more of the conditioner since it's thicker. This means it'll last a long time and since I've never spent such a high price for shampoo and conditioner that's a very good thing. I have very thick very dry hair and after 2 days my hair has never felt softer. I've not felt the tingling that others talked about and was looking forward to it, but hey it smells great and works great. I guess I'll throw out all those partial open bottles of hair products that I've tried. Yeah, extra cabinet space. I will definitely continue to buy this product....more info


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