The Art of War and other Laws of Power. Published by MobileReference (mobi).
The Art of War and other Laws of Power. Published by MobileReference (mobi).

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The Art of War was compiled more than two and a half thousand years ago by a mysterious warrior-philosopher, Sun Tzu. The Art of War is still the most influential book of strategy in the world, studied by modern politicians, executives, and military leaders. The book had possibly influenced Napoleon, and even the planning of Operation Desert Storm. Leaders as diverse as Mao Zedong, General Pervez Musharraf, General Vo Nguyen Giap, and General Douglas MacArthur have claimed to have drawn inspiration from the work. The Art of War has been applied, with much success, to business and managerial strategies.

Table of Contents

List of Works:
1. The Art of War by Sun Tzu: a Chinese military treatise written during the 6th century BC
2. The Thirty-Six Strategies: a collection of 36 Chinese proverbs
3. The 48 Laws of Power: excerption from the book The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

1. Introduction to The Art of War
2. Biography of Sun Tzu
3. Lionel Giles: Introduction to and Analysis of The Art of War
4. Analysis of The Thirty-Six Strategies


  • Complete edition includes ALL chapters:"Laying Plans", "Waging War", "Attack by Stratagem", "Tactical Dispositions", "Energy", "Weak Points & Strong", "Maneuvering", "Variation in Tactics", "The Army on the March", "Terrain", "The Nine Situations", "The Attack by Fire", and "The Use of Spies".
  • Includes introduction to and analysis of The Art of War by Lionel Giles.
  • Includes the modern analysis of the book.
  • Navigate easily to any book from Table of Contents or search for the words or phrases.
  • Automatic synchronization between the handheld and the desktop PC. You could read half of the book on the handheld, then finish reading on the desktop. Annotations and drawings are also synchronized.

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Customer Reviews:

  • The Art of War - Timeless Classic
    The Art of War and other Laws of Power from MobileReference
    User friendly Table of Contents. EZ access and navigation. This is a very good digital item! ...more info
  • Great Book
    This book is great. If you have a enemy you want to take down or a solider about to go to battle, this is the book for you. It tells you everything you need to know about how to win....more info
  • Good read. Straight and to the point
    This is a good reference guide for the teachings of Sun Tzu. Straight and to the point....more info
  • A must read for managers and commanders alike!
    A great book, adapted and translated directly from the initial writing itself. As a result, the text gets right to the point. No fluff, filler, or individual interpretation; just the meat and potatoes, the way this type of book should be. Substitute: tanks for "chariots" and guns for "spears" and the book is easily adaptable in todays modern world. ...more info
  • One of the best books on Strategy
    It's a classic that you can read in under an hour. One of the best books I have read. Simple, basic, and a great strategy foundation. I refer to it all the time. Great book from a historical standpoint, but certainly is a great asset in business....more info
  • Not what i expected
    I thought this would be the full edition. What I received was a condensed version with excerpts. Not at all what I expected....more info
  • unreal read
    I would have to say this book makes one of my top ten list as the best books of all time....more info
  • You can get the contents for FREE on the web DON'T BUY
    Just google "the art of war" and you get the full text of the translation by Giles - it's in public domain. ...more info
  • Great book; lousy edition.
    A great book but there are tons of better editions on Amazon. This one is far better and cheaper, too:

    You would think Mobi could at least make a little effort to make the book readable on the Kindle. ...more info
  • Poor translating and copy editing.
    The translation is clumsy and needs improvement. Copy editing is sloppy. Numerous typos, misspellings, punctuation, and format errors. Serves as a cheap option, but would not recommend it for anyone seeking a quality copy to add to their collection or library....more info
  • It still rings true
    This book has much wisdom for today even though it was written so long ago. I was able to draw many parallels not only to the war situation of today, but also to the business world as well. I will admit that there were times that I thought the book was communicating more than I was receiving. While it is a short book, for the full impact to be felt, it is one that needs to be taken slowly and in short bursts in my opinion. Since the wisdom has transcended time, it truly is a classic....more info
  • Sterling Classic
    Watch Video Here: This is a magnificent book that tells as much about psychology as it does military strategy. ...more info
  • The Mind of the Warrior
    I have enjoyed the book. It has interesting ideas and concepts that I would have not understood about the warrior mind. It was helpful for my own research. I find it interesting that a current reality show uses this text for its show members. ...more info
  • Wisdom is timeless
    This is a classic text that I have never read before. It is so interesting to see the perspective that it offers and the applications and relevance that it has today. A book that is remarkable in it's simplicity and expression of common sense. It makes me wonder how and where we've lost our way. ...more info
  • Not as Profound as You Think
    If you know anything about the Art of War it's from quotations taken out of context that seem to say something and seem to be profound. The idea is that actual war is a metaphor for the conflicts that one encounters in life and that the advice and tactics are just as applicable.

    Not really.

    This is a book about medieval Chinese warfare and by and large most of it is about precisely that, maybe ninety five percent. If you want to find out how to get good at business, read a business book. And if you want to get good at life, maybe get a self-help book. If you are mostly interested in the history of the era, this is it....more info
  • Truly Amazing
    This will go down as one of the all time great works by the human race. Excellent insight to the tactics in war and life. This needs to be a mandatory reed for kids in high school....more info
  • Classic on the priciples of war
    This ancient classic of 13 chapters was written over 2,500 years ago by the legendary Chinese general Sun Tzu. It is a must have for military buffs that enjoy reading about the tactics of the most succesful generals. It is rumored that Napoleon used a French translation of the Art of War to his advantage while conquering most of Europe, and he lost when he broke its principles.
    The principles that are with in this ancient text can also be used in games of strategy, business conflicts, and the day to day battles of life.
    Here are ten principles to give you a sample of the wisdom found in its pages:

    Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance with out fighting.

    If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

    Spies are the most important element in war, because upon them depends an army's ability to move.

    All warfare is based on deception.

    The general who wins a battle makes many calculations before the battle is fought.

    There is no instance of a country having benefited from a prolonged war.

    The clever combatant looks to the effect of combined energy, and does not require too much from individuals.

    In war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak.

    When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. (So they can retreat).

    Move not unless you see an advantage; use not your troops unless there is something to be gained, fight not unless the position is critical.

    Taken as a whole this is a book of wisdom and principles on how to win. I rank it in my top ten books I have ever read. It is a must have for any home library. The is a very small book that is quick and easy to read.
    ...more info
  • A Classic
    This book is a classic! I bought and read this book out of curiosity. It seems to me some of our recent contemporary U.S. "commanders" should have read this book before starting the Iraq war and taken its advise. This book is filled with strategy regarding conflict. Some of the content is obviously way outdated....more info
  • War
    Interesting read for those following the Iraq War and those who are interested in drawing parallels with the corporate world....more info
  • Brilliant
    Basic and Brilliant. About 70 pages. Small and thin. Took me less than 20-25 minutes to fully read. Has different strategies, laying plans, maneuvering, attack...Contains everything one could need to know about the 'Art of War'. Though I ended up finding the whole thing online but if you want the book then here it is, cheap....more info
  • consider another?
    i will probably buy another text with interpretation of the original, as i would like an opinion of how it applies to real life and or business life, and strategies. ...more info
  • The content of the book is fine, the publisher on the other hand . . .
    This edition was published by Filiquarian Publishers and from a publishing perspective, this book appears to have been designed in a basic Word processing program. Shoddy, shoddy, work. Lacks creative design, weak choice of fonts, inconsistent spacing, erroneous punctuation symbols, etc. Additionally, one of the chapters was out of order. I'm speculating that the publisher didn't know how to read roman numerals and therefore placed the chapter incorrectly, and if they did, and there was a purpose for this, it should have been addressed in the non-existent introduction. The content of the book is fine, just buy an edition by a an established publisher rather than someone working from their basement....more info


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