Oreck Air Purifier Tabletop XL Professional (Silver)

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  • No problems
    I bought a couple of these last year for I have some health problems that require me to be in a clean air environment. These have been great they really do a good job I leave mine on highest speed all the time which is noisy but when it comes to breathing fresh air this is well worth it. It does make some snapping sounds just before you need to clean it. This just lets me know that they need cleaning. I clean my cells with Clorox clean up cleaner I just squirt them then use hot water and the job is done. the only thing is that when it comes to drying the cell before using it it takes a while but this is my only complaint...more info
  • This is great
    I rarely write comments, but I use them for most every purchase from Amazon. Since there wasn't much here, I wanted to let everyone know my experiences with the Oreck XL air purifier.

    There's only one review on here so far. The guy says he had to clean his machine every day? I've had mine, for awhile now. I've gone a couple weeks to a month and a half without cleaning the cell. Actually after a little more than a month, I just cleaned it last night. All I did was run it under the faucet and it did the job. I will need to clean it with soap and water soon though.

    The only reason I can see this machine getting so dirty so fast like the other person says, is if it was in an oil based enviroment where the dirt would pile on and need to be scrubbed off.

    Just an example here: My allergies got real bad last night after I had my water heater replaced. I suppose a lot of mold was kicked around from when it had been leaking. I got up in the middle of the night and ran the cell under water, with a little brushing here and there.

    After letting it dry, I really noticed the difference when it started up. I then slept for hours comfortably.

    The con: It makes a small snapping sound when it needs to be cleaned. I use that as a reminder. It doesn't constantly make the sound. I will from time to time, then more often as it gets dirtier. It is hardly noticable to me.

    As for the charcoal filter. You don't need to have it. It is a plus. I haven't gotten a refill since I got my machine a long time ago. I am thinking about getting it though. A relative uses it and It makes the room feel and smell cleaner....more info
  • Will Not Buy
    I am in the process of buying good air purifiers, as my mother, who has chronic asthma and bronchitis, is coming to my house to visit after not seeing her for almost 3 years.(we live out of state) We have some purifiers already, but wanted to get a few better ones especially for her. After reading the review from Scott Sedei, I will definitely NOT buy this product. Popping and Snapping Sounds??? OMG!!!! Thanks for the help, Scott....more info
  • High maintenance...sounds like a bug zapper!
    I purchased three of these purifiers at the same time and have noticed a difference in the air quality in my home. They do as advertised and clean/filter the air. They also eliminated the moldy odor that was in the laundry room when I moved in.

    My major complaint is the constant, rapid popping/snapping sound (like a bug zapper) they make when the cell starts getting dirty. This is VERY annoying. You either clean it right away or turn it off because the noise persists until something is done. Thorough cleaning is recommended every two weeks, but I have to do "quick cleanings" every other day because of this noise. Quick cleaning requires pulling the main cell and running a Q-Tip over the wires in front of the plates. With three machines I end up cleaning at least one of them daily.

    Things I like:
    I don't have to dust as often, and the "silent" mode is great for sleeping (when it isn't popping and snapping).

    Things I don't like:
    The obnoxious popping and snapping. And the fact that Oreck misrepresents the product. The consumer pays a healthy initial price for this purifier believing there will be no additional costs associated with the purchase. They advertise "No Filter Replacement" - yet there is an "optional" odor absorbing filter that does need replaced, and it is expensive. If the unit is used to control odor that filter is necessary.

    The "optional" cell cleaner is also necessary and expensive. Soaking the cell in soapy water just doesn't clean it. The local Oreck store recommended cleaning with cell cleaner, soaking in soapy water, and then cleaning again with more cell cleaner. They said this process extends the cell life.

    I gave this product three stars - which is probably one too many. These purifiers are too high maintenance and noisy....more info