A/C Safe? Universal Window Air Conditioner Support (Light Duty)

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Product Description

AC Safe? Supports transfer the weight of the air conditioner from the window sash and sill to the support and window frame. Install the support into the window and then place your air conditioner onto the support. The result is a more secure installation with minimal chance of damage to the window, window parts or outside wall. Exclusive bubble level sets proper angle for condensation runoff. Includes English, Spanish and French instructions and all necessary installation hardware.

  • Easy indoor installation eliminates all exterior work.
  • Increases safety and lessens chances of an accident.
  • Constructed for long service life - heavy gauge, epoxy coated steel with stainless steel hardware, nylon fixtures and neoprene rubber mounting pads.
  • Fits wall thickness from 4 inches to 11 inches
  • For air conditioners up to 80 lbs. (5,000 to 10,000 BTUs)
Customer Reviews:
  • Likely not to fit your window
    The nice thing about this bracket is you can install it from inside without getting on a ladder.
    The bad thing: It probably won't fit on your window.

    The design requires that you have a window sill (not all windows have one) which extends for a certain length - not too much or too little from your outside wall. It also requires that your window not extend to high above the sill (vinyl windows have a border which seems to be too high).
    You will be able to install the bracket. The problem is, the hinged support underneath won't reach your outside wall. Or, if it does, the angle will be too shallow to provide adequate support. Or you may get lucky.
    I bought two of these and it wouldn't fit properly on either apartment where I tried to install it. (the fit is hard to explain, which is probably why they didn't).
    They tried to make it adjustable. There are plastic spacers and multiple screw holes. They just did a poor job....more info
  • Not bad at all
    Good product over all. The only bad thing, it is made to be installed on outer side of the window frame, but new windows unfortunately are not made this way....more info
  • Great Product
    I used this product for 5,000 BTU Air Conditioners and it works well. The inserts make it adjustable and easy to fit in any window. The installation took a little planning, but it was not difficult. I have only casement windows in the living room so I have to remove the roll out part of the window to fit in a window air conditioner. I was able to use this mounting bracket on this as well. It's a lot better than damaging the window sill and having pieces of wood to support the A/C unit like I had to do last year. Overall, a great product that works well. ...more info
  • Does your window have a sill?
    Won't work with flush mounted windows unless you place a ledger outside and notch it to seat the cross piece. The design of this brace assumes the window has a sill. Once installed, it works but for windows without a sill be prepared with some tools, i.e., tape, power saw, and drill. ...more info
  • bracket
    This product is great. I worried about having something to safely support our large ac and this does just fine. It is sturdy and easy to put up. The only complaint was having to spend the extra money after shelling out a couple hundred on the ac to begin with....more info
  • Excellent design
    Great design and very easy to put in. Simpy put - it does the job. Only negative is that I found it at Home Depot for less!...more info