DeLonghi PAC T110P Pinguino All-in-One 11,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Independent-Pump Dehumidifier

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Product Description

All-in-one Air Treatment Center / 11000 BTU / 24 Hour Energy Saving Time / Double Exhaust Hose / Remote with LCD / Built-in Pump Dehumidifier

  • 11,000-BTU portable air conditioner with independent pump dehumidifier
  • 3M Filtrete air filter attracts and captures tiny microparticles of pollen and dust
  • Electronic control panel with LED display; LCD remote control; adjustable thermostat
  • Boost, Sleep, and Smart fan modes; 24-hour timer; caster wheels for portability
  • Measures 16-1/7 by 19-1/2 by 37 inches

 Customer Reviews:

    First, I have other DeLonghi products and they're great. This one might be, too, but if you buy it from Amazon, it'll arrive damaged. They ship it in the original packaging; this heavy piece of electronics gets bounced around enough to shatter plastic. My advice is trust Amazon with books, CDs and DVDs, but NOT big electronics....more info
  • Looked good; being returned
    This looked good "on paper" after I researched portable a/c's.

    The one I have doesn't cool well, its being returned. I made a test where it was on for several hours, and couldn't lower the temperature below 75, when it was only 80 out, but set to 66. I expected to freeze, not be merely comfortable. It won't be good enough for 90+ days.

    There were missing parts to connect to the window outlet (I used duct tape workarounds to test), and Delonghi said the serial number indicated it was manufactured over a year ago, and suggested it may have been returned. They seemed quite willing to send the parts...

    The good; it looks made well, no cheezy parts. No signs of the water bucket filling (which seems to happen dehumidify mode only), its relatively quiet. It moves fairly easy on the rollers. With separate air intake and output hoses, it should work better (but...).

    Con; no side to side adjustment for airflow. You seem to need to point the whole thing in a direction. Its very big and heavy. And it didn't cool well, but perhaps mine was returned by someone else....more info
  • el sucko
    product great for about 5 mins hasn t work at all since. what a ripoff....more info
  • Poorly packed requiring return
    The item comes in a flimsy box that is falling apart. This results in shipping damages causing structural damage to the air conditioner. I had to rebuild the shipping carton so I could return the item. Amazon is very helpful in arranging UPS pick up and replacement. However the work involved ruins the shopping experience. I can't believe that Amazon does not regulated shipping standards. A better box would have saved all parties a great deal of effort.....more info
  • DeLonghi Penguin review
    Works well, could use a better mechanism to connect to the window when a sliding window (side-ways)

    Seems to use more Amp than specified, measured it to use 11.5A instead of the 9.7A rated.

    Other than that, chills very well, no need to empty water overflow (yet) and not too loud (not quiet either)...more info
  • DeLonghi PAC T110P Pinguino All-in-One 11,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner
    The packaging was damaged but UPS checked it out to make sure that the unit was not damaged before delivering.
    I like the ease of moving it from one room to another. The casters roll smoothly. It cools a single room very quickly but is noisy.
    The window insert could use some rework. It needs to be beefed up and perhaps some ribs to line it up with the window. It tends to pop out from under the window because the duct is so much heavier than the insert....more info