NewAir ADS-600 Compact Dehumidifier Removes Up to 32 oz of Moisture per Day

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Product Description

Because it utilizes 3 Thermo-electric peltiers to cool the air and condensate the water instead of using a compressor, the NewAir ADS-600 dehumidifier is not only silent, but highly efficient.  The ambient water in the air condenses onto the heat sink attached on the cold side of the peltier chip and drips off into the reservoir to be emptied at a later time. A built-in ionizer reduces particulates in the air, while an Activated Carbon filter adsorbs noxious odors and gases.  As well, the NewAir ADS-600 can remove up to 32 oz. of water a day in ideal conditions and helps prevent mold and mildew which thrives in humid environments. The large capacity water tank can hold 4.8 pints of water, and the automatic shut off switch prevents overflows. When the storage tank is full, a red indicator light will turn on to tell you of its status. To improve the air quality and comfort of your home, choose the NewAir ADS-600 dehumidifier.  

  • Red Indicator light indicates full tank
  • Automatic shutoff if tank is full
  • 4.8 pint water tank
  • Built-in ionizer to discharge negative ions and clean the air
  • Translucent detachable water tank
  • Built-in Activated Carbon filter
  • Built-in TiO2 Filter
  • Capacity: 32 oz per day at 86 degrees fahrenheit, 80% relative humidity
  • Features:
    • No compressor means it's quiet
    • Automatic Shutoff switch prevents overflows
    • 4.8 pint water tank can run for 2 days without needing to be emptied
    • Small size is ideal for closets and small rooms
    • 3 thermo-electric peltiers

     Customer Reviews:

    • Don't stop here- get a "real" dehumidifier!
      The size and very quiet fan of this unit are the two advantages, as I see it. I thought the condensate holding tank was pitifully small for a dehumidifier, and after nearly a month of using it, I discovered why- the unit is pitifully ineffective.

      I am fortunate to have a calibrated humidity & temperature datalogger, and what I found was that this unit will only reduce the relative humidity by about 2% in a very small bedroom (the bedroom in question has been turned into a storage room, and I wanted a dehumidifier to prevent damage to stored articles). I live in a cottage in the woods, and humidity can be an issue (especially since there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom). With the door of the bedroom closed, and in the summer (no central air conditioning), it would take nearly a week to fill the tiny condensate tank. All the while, the relative humidity never got below 61%. I found that if I turned the unit off, within an hour the humidity leveled out to about 2% higher than with the unit on.

      Oh, and about the "carbon filter"- it's a very thin (VERY thin) piece of open-cell foam that appears to be very lightly coated with carbon. Basically, it's worthless and has no effect. As to the ionizing power of the unit, I have no idea. I doubt it does very much, if anything, as there is nothing to clean, and I've never seen any ionizing air cleaner with nothing to clean.

      So, I gave up, sent the unit back, and bought a Frigidaire FDL50S1 dehumidifier. What a dramatic contrast! In about 24 hours it had the humidity down to 45%, and had pulled an amazing amount of water from the air- I was dumping the bucket every day for a week, tapering off to every two, three, and now every four days as the humidity was pulled out of the cottage (it even dries out the rest of the cottage!). The fact that in the first 24 hours of operation I probably dumped more water than I would have in three months of operation from the NewAir ADS-600 told me two things: first, while the Peltier technology does TECHNICALLY work, the efficiency has a lot to be desired, and they're a long way off from being competitive with a "standard" dehumidifier. Secondly, if you want a dehumidifier, don't mess around- get the real thing. Otherwise you'll just end up wasting time and money, and in the end getting a dehumidifier which utilizes an air compressor, coils, and the works. My Frigidaire is Energy Star rated, is plenty quiet enough, and does a fantastic job.
      ...more info
    • Defective Product!
      This product comes with NO Contact info for the Manufacturer & NO warranty info. Have tried in vain to locate a web site for the manufacturer! Should have returned immediately on that basis alone, but was desperate to dehumidify a humid, non-air conditioned apartment so took the chance. MISTAKE! After 8 weeks the fan in the power supply unit began to buzz. Blew with canned air to clean and it ran for another 1 1/2 weeks, then began to buzz again. As per the troubleshooting instructions in the booklet cleaned all areas and blew out fan again, but THIS TIME would not stop buzzing. The fans in these units are defective. Have not as yet bothered to contact Air & Water but do not anticipate that they will be willing to be much help. If sellers like Amazon would refuse to deal with Manufacturers and retailers like this they might be forced to clean up their act! Will write again if I Learn any more....more info
    • Defective product. Beware the sellers.
      The NewAir ADS-600 Compact Dehumidifier works well when it WORKS. It will die. The fan will simply stop working. I don't know if it's a problem with the internal fan brush contacts or what. The problem is that NewAir provides NO contact information whatsoever on the enclosed leaflet. In addition, their website is nonexistant. NewAir is a con artist.

      To make it worse, the seller, Air&Water, will not admit they sell defective and returned items, nor will they assist in any way. Instead, they try to extract more money, by claiming a "restocking fee" for the defective merchandise they sell you. There is no way they cannot know this dehumidifier model does not have a defective fan. If one machine has a defective fan, then others will, also.

      I am handicapped and living below poverty level. I saved for a year to buy this to help dry out my damp and mildewy apartment, which has a leaky ceiling. I can't afford to have UPS to repackage and return this. It worked for 6 weeks. Now I'm cold, wet and hungry. I'm devestated. Air&Water preys off the disabled and old. Typical American company. Stay away from them....more info