Royal Sovereign BDH-550 Dehumidifier 55 Pint

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  • No Mess, No Lifting, No Spills. No Bucket!
  • Built in humidistat to maintain comfort
  • 10 foot vertical pump allows moisture removal through a window or in a sink
  • Auto restart will restart unit when power resumes after a power failure

 Customer Reviews:

  • like a fine red wine, nice and dry
    I bought this unit after I discovered some signs of mold growing in my basement and this dehumidifier works like a dream. It's bucketless feature is great because I don't have bust my hump to constantly carry buckets of water across the room to empty it (who am i, jack & jill?!). Best of all it's so quiet, you can hear a mouse fart. Even on high, the sound is no louder than a ceiling fan or some other type of fan.

    Keep in mind that removing moisture is more than just an aesthetic concern. Where you see moisture collecting is not the only place it's hiding out, it is also condensing within the walls and may eventually lead to dry-rot, not to mention mold spores and mildew that can make you and your family sick. ...more info
  • decent dehumdifier
    I've been looking to get a dehumidifier for a while and finally settled on this dehumidifier. I really like the bucketless feature because I never empty buckets of water now. Nice for my back. Also the design is nice and compact so it won't take up a lot of space.

    I haven't had any trouble with the pump or anything like that. I always double check that the hose doesn't have anything blocking it because it will stop the dehumidifier. I would recommend calling their customer service if anyone has a problem. I called them because I thought something was wrong with the pump/hose and they just walked me through any possible reasons it wouldn't work. They were really nice and on top of everything. ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    This dehumidifier does not work. The pump never turns on, then the tank fills up, the tank full light comes on and then nothing on the control does anything. The company's website is nearly useless and I have never gotten a reply to my e-mails or requests for information or service. They have minimal phone service but you can't understand the people that answer. They apparently have a service place near here, but they haven't dealt with the company in years and tell me that they can't do any warranty work until they get re-certified. ...more info
  • Waste of your Money
    I am really disappointed in this dehumidifier. It doesn't have an automatic shut-off. If you don't constantly check on it, it runs all the time.

    You can set it to run for so many hours and then it will shut off - you have to turn it back on then. You can set it to turn on in x number of hours, but then you have to go and turn it off.

    What a peice of junk. Even the cheapest dehumidifiers will shut off when it reaches the set point. So, the pump is useless - you still have to constantly check this dehumidifier to turn it on and off by hand. What a waste of money!...more info