GE AHR40LL 40 Pint Capacity Dehumidifier with 105 CFM, 3 Fan Speeds, Auto Shut-Off/Humidistat/Defrost, Removable Air Filter and Electronic Controls

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GE Consumer & Industrial spans the globe as an industry leader in major appliance, lighting and integrated industrial equipment systems and services. They provide solutions for commercial, industrial and residential use in more than 100 countries which uses innovative technologies and ecomagination. It's a GE initiative to aggressively bring to market new technologies that help customers and consumers meet pressing environmental challenges to deliver comfort, convenience and electrical protection and control. GE brings imagination to work. Comforting Solutions GE units offer you and your customers plenty of choices. The unique GE line provides the features your customers look for and you demand. Choose from window or through-the-wall installation models. Pick from heat pump, electric resistance heat or choose the cooling only models. Plus, most units come with the reliability of microprocessor or solid-state controls. All units offer contemporary styling and are easy to install and maintain. So, regardless of type or scope of your project, GE delivers dependable, quality units that meet your specifications - and exceed your customer's expecetations.

 Customer Reviews:

  • GE 40 Pint Dehumidifier
    Bought the same model with 2 speeds 14 months ago from a warehouse club. It had a "One year store return" warranty on the box. It lasted exactly 13 months. Worked great right up thru the 12th month. Then became sporadic. Now it works about half the volume when it decides it wants the compressor to run at all otherwise the fan runs continuously. At $155 + 9.5% state tax, that was $13/month plus electricity to run it. It seems all of the makes under $250 (China built) dehumidifiers last about a year now according to web reviews if you can get one that runs more than a couple of days. Great for the environment and our wallets!...more info