NewAir AF-340 Evaporative Swamp Cooler- Greater Levels of Cooling in a Short Amount of Time - FREE GROUND SHIPPING

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Product Description

Compact, lightweight, and employed with rolling casters and a carrying handle for added maneuverability, the NewAir AF-340 offers efficient cooling power in a small package. Ideal for use in areas with high temperatures and low humidity levels.  When choosing a portable swamp cooler, the two most important key features to look for are motor power and cooling pad construction.  NewAir has taken these design considerations in mind when developing the NewAir AF-340 swamp cooler.  Boasting an incredible 140 watt motor with 3 selection speeds, rest assured that this swamp cooler will provide you with respite from the sweltering heat.  The improved, specially-designed cooling pads are capable of holding a greater amount of liquid which helps achieve a much higher cooling efficiency when compared to other swamp coolers in its class.  Operation is also a breeze: the remote control brings convenience to your fingertips, while the extra-large, 20-liter capacity water tank allows you to cool larger areas at once.  For even more cooling power, you can also place ice into the unit through the water inlet. Best of all, not only does the NewAir AF-340 portable swamp cooler lower your ambient temperature, it also helps you breathe easier. Included is a built-in ionizer that attracts harmful particulates such as dust and dander, while the carbon filter eliminates noxious odors. Optional TiO2 filter works with the ionizer for even more comprehensive particle abatement.  

  • Large-capacity, 20-L water tank
  • Improved cooling pads result in greater levels of cooling in a shorter amount of time
  • Model Number: AF-340
  • Product Type: Swamp Cooler
  • Net Weight: 22 pounds
  • Water Tank Capacity: 20 L
  • Voltage: 120V / 60 Hz
  • Watts: Cooling - 140 watts
  • Features:
    • Features compact and space-saving design
    • Casters provide added mobility
    • Ionizer attracts particulates
    • Included carbon filter removes odors
    • Remote controlled, electronic operation

     Customer Reviews:

    • Terrible performance.
      With an ambient temperature of 95 degrees and a relative humidity of 5%, the best this cooler could do was a 6 to 8 degree drop. All parts were functional and the pad was fully watered; there was nothing wrong with the unit I had.

      Adobe Air and Cooler Master (among others) coolers have given me 16 to 20 degree drops under the same conditions.

      Air and Water swapped it out at no charge (and paid shipping) for a Symphony Surround which is tied for first place as the best personal swamp cooler I've ever had. The other was an Adobe Air TF3000B which has since morphed into their current MMB8. It cooled a bit better than the Surround but weighed about 75 lbs. versus 20, drew 430(!) watts versus 60, and is metal versus plastic (Phoenix, AZ water is murder on metal no matter how well it's finished or painted). And the Symphony is about half the price of an MMB8!

      I will do a detailed review of the Symphony Surround if it ever shows up here at Amazon. Quickly, at 110 degrees with 9% humidity, it provided a 16 degree drop in blown air. At night in my bedroom, when temps drop to the mid to high 80's, I often awaken to cover up with a blanket!

      Regardless of which swamp cooler you end up buying, make sure it's not the AF-340. (The AF-350 seems to be that same with a slightly stronger blower. I'd avoid that one, too.)...more info