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Great Dehumidifier. Can hold 27.2L of water at works in an area of 1600 sq feet

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  • Efficient and quiet
    I did a lot of research before choosing the Danby DDR586R. My choice was based on numerous reviews as well as information from the company website.

    My purchase was through QualityMatters.com. The first unit they sent me was defective in that the compressor never turned on even though the unit powered up and the fan ran fine. Result: no moisture removal. I noticed this the first evening and called Danby the next morning. Their customer service was terrific. They asked me a few questions to make sure I had the unit set up correctly, then determined that the unit was indeed defective. They contacted QualityMatters and authorized a UPS home pickup for the defective unit and had them simultaneously ship a new replacement unit. I simply had to repackage the unit, which took like 5 min because I had saved the shipping box and foam. UPS showed up at my door with a preprinted label and picked up the defective unit within 48 hr. The new dehumidifier arrived the next day and has been working great.

    This unit is well-designed and *quiet*, which is a huge plus. It sucks water out of the air like nobody's business. In my ~1600 sq. ft. basement, the relative humidity was 65% or so, and within 30 hours of running the DDR586R, it had dropped to the low 50% range. You can easily feel the difference on your skin. Right now, I have it set to 50% and it is maintaining that no problem. Did I mention that it is quiet? I can't even hear it running in my basement.

    Although the (quiet) fan does run continuously when the unit is powered on, the unit does have an auto-restart feature and it remembers your previous humidity settings. This means that you can plug the unit into a timer to have it run for say, 12 hours (or however long you need to maintain the desired humidity level), then have it shut off. The fan is now off too. When the timer turns the unit on again 12 hours later, the settings are remembered and so there is no need to reset anything--it just starts up again where it left off. Therefore, you do not having to run the unit 24/7, even with fan only, unless you want to.

    Pros: Quiet, efficient, stylish, well-built, easy to move around.

    Cons: Temporary "plastic" odor (which goes away after a couple of days running), direct-drain outlet could be a few inches higher to insure good water flow.

    Bottom line: Highly recommended....more info
  • Great Unit
    This is my first dehumidifier purchase, but it seems to work great. We live in an apt. in New Orleans with only window units and poor insulation, so it gets pretty humid inside during the summer. We hooked this unit up in our bedroom, draining it through a hole in the floor, and it keeps our bedroom and living room at a comfortable 45% humidity, instead of the usual 65%. We are about to purchase a second unit for the other side of the house. ...more info
  • quiet unit but has a few drawbacks
    Like: very quiet and does NOT heat up the room like my Maytag unit

    Dislike: 1) handle was not properly glued to the unit - one of the handles came unattached to the unit 2) when tank is full, water is filled to the brim making it a challenge to not spill some while taking it out to empty 3) the humidity meter hardly matches the humidity setting....more info
  • Danby dehumidfier
    After looking at dehumifiers, we compared and went with this one because it had all the features we wanted i.e. quiet, EnergyStar, large capacity, casters. It arrived yesterday and is very well made and a well thought out design. It is so much quieter than our old unit and looks nice in our finished basement. Like the fact that the unit has an air filter and the bucket can be switched between gravity drain or manual drain. Was worried about buying something this expensive sight unseen, but we are happy with the unit. ...more info
  • an excellent choice
    We love, love, love this dehumidifier! Our 10-yr-old Kenmore died earlier this spring, and we looked long and hard at product reviews (and Energy Star ratings) before we made the decision to buy the Danby DDR586. We couldn't be happier. It is quiet, sleek, runs like a charm, and doesn't make our basement hot like our old Kenmore did. The Danby 586 has several nice features I wasn't expecting, including a handle in the removable bucket and a peek-a-boo window to gauge its fullness, and, from the first, struck me as well designed and not cheaply built. The Danby 586 has done a fabulous job for us in its first 6 weeks of service -- and this has been a period of intense heat (100+), humidity and rainfall-- and hasn't made a discernable dent in our electricity bill (unlike our old Kenmore)....more info
  • Little used but broke anyway, bad warranty
    On the positive side, this humidifier is quiet and did work for the 10 or so total times we ran it. On the negative side, when we took it out of winter storage this year (after the one year warranty was up, of course) it didn't work at all. Took it to the repair shop and were told it probably has a leak in the sealed system. Parts are covered by the rest of the warranty, but we had to pay 2/3 the price of a new one for labor to fix it. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    Have had this dehumidifier for several months now and it performs perfectly. It is a little loud; I could not sleep with it in the same room but I bought it to take care of a severe moisture problem and it sure does that well. I am buying another one for my storage unit. Highly recommend!...more info