Soleus 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner /Dehumidifier/Heater (LX-100BL DB)

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Product Description

SOLEUS 10000 BTU PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER Heat or cool multiple rooms with the Soleus 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner that has heat pump technology. This energy efficient multi-season unit utilizes heat pump technology to harvest heat from the air while producing more heat and consuming less energy than other portable heater technologies. Soleus unique evaporative technology uses the collected moisture to cool the unit before it is eliminated through the exhaust ducts. Along with powerful heating and cooling power, this Portable Air Conditioner features a 50 pint evaporative dehumidifier eliminating the need to empty a water bucket. The fully adjustable thermostat and programmable timer automatically power the unit on and off according to user settings. This Portable Air Conditioner features built-in memory and loss of power protection that allows the user settings to be saved once the unit is programmed. All controls and settings are on a brilliant, easy-to-read multi-color display. Single hose ventilation kit is included. Unit must be vented when in heater, AC, and dehumidifier mode.

  • Multi-season air conditioner and heater in one unit -- 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner with 10,200 BTU heater with heat pump technology
  • Evaporative technology eliminates air conditioner and dehumidifier condensation through the exhaust hose -- No need to empty a water collection bucket
  • 24 Hour programmable timer that remembers the user settings -- Built-in 63 pint evaporative dehumidifier
  • Adjustable thermostat and settings viewed on a vibrant multi-color display
  • Loss of power protection and onboard memory saves your settings -- 3 Speed fan with oscillating louvers --- Removable air filter that can be easily cleaned and reused

 Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointed!
    I bought LX-100 because it has multifunctional features. I tried to use the dehumilifier mode without two hoses connecting to window slot, and it never gets a single drip of water in the tank. Very disappointed!

    Heater is claimed to be the most powerful 110 volt heater on the market, but it blows out very little warm air. worst of all, the left side of panel is actually blowing out the COOL AIR!!

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