Soleus PA1-12R-32 12,000 BTU 5X1 Self-Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner/Dehumidifier/Air Purifier

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Product Description

SPECIFICATIONS The cooling capacity is measured at an ambient temperature of DB 86 F, WB 78 F. Noise level is measured at a distance of 3.28 ft away from the front of the unit, when the unit is in cooling mode. Power consumption is measured when the fan runs at the highest speed setting. These specifications are for reference only. For actual data, please refer to the rating label on the back of the unit. If the environment temperature is higher than the max operating temperature or lower than the minimum operating temperature, the air conditioner may not work properly. DISCLAIMER

  • Remote control with Multi Color LCD Screen, Auto off Timer, Fan Speed Control, Sleep Mode and Air Purifier Mode.
  • Cooling Capacity: 12,000 BTU/Hr --- Heating Capacity: 12,500 BTU/Hr --- Power Supply: 115v / 60Hz.
  • Power Consumption: Heating 1180w - Cooling 1387w.
  • Current: Heating 10.8A - Cooling 12.7A. ---- Dehumidifying Capacity: 63 Pint/day.
  • Sound Pressure Level: <50 dB(A) ---- Air flow: 265 CFM. ---- Refrigerant: R22 ---Dimensions (WxDxH): 17.87. x 14.3. x 32.1.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Worst Appliance I ever purchased -- buy a window A/C or a Fan!
    Unless you enjoy exercises such as stand, sit, squat, bend, lift and carry do not buy this poor excuse for an air conditioner/heater. We made the mistake of buying the Soleus Air and it has been nothing but problems for us. It actually works as far as making the room cool or heating it, but be prepared to constantly jump up every 15 minutes to bend down and empty the water tray. And I'm not talking about the tray that is supposed to be in the machine, evaporating the water - I'm talking about you putting a baking sheet or low lying pan behind the machine so it can catch the water pouring out of the hose in the back. If you don't put a tray there, you will have water all over your floor, destroying your hardwood floors just as mine are now ruined.

    I have never hated an inanimate object but now I do - I hate Soleus and I would imagine that could be extended to most, if not all, portable air conditioners. We even spent another $75 and bought a water pump, thinking if we hooked that up it could redirect the water out the window but guess what, the RETARDED Soleus is so poorly designed that unless you are a carpenter that can build a strong stand to put the machine on in order to get the space needed to fit the pump into the situation, that won't work either. Oh, and forget the Owner's Manual! It doesn't tell you anything about the water nightmare and what you can do to make the machine work better (because there are no answers to that problem!). Nor does it even tell you how to work the stupid remote and if you make the mistake and use it, the timer gets messed up and keeps turning off the machine every 30 minutes.

    Don't buy a nightmare - buy anything other than a Soleus Air and/or portable A/C - you are better off buying a window A/C or a good old fashioned fan!...more info