Zeno Mini Acne Clearing Device, White

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Product Description

Zeno is a hand-held battery-operated device designed with a tip that heats to a pre-set temperature. The biocompatible tip is designed for direct contact with a blemish on the skin. Once in contact with a blemish, the tip will transfer heat into the follicle. An internal PID controller chip continually modulates the temperature to a fixed range even under different skin and circulation conditions by adjusting the flow of energy to match precisely the heat absorption of the individual user. Zeno¡¯s microprocessor adapts not only to your individual skin type but also to the heat absorption characteristics of the location of the pimple. Your Zeno adapts to you! An integral digital timer controls the treatment time. The level of heat does not cause skin damage.

Specifically, Zeno stimulates a heat-shock response in p. acnes, the bacteria causing at least 90% of all acne blemishes. Heat shock proteins, activated by bacterial cells under heat stress, cause the self-destruction of p. acnes within the lesion, reducing inflammation and allowing the skin to return to a healthy state.

What is Zeno?

Zeno is a handheld, portable electronic medical device that is clinically proven to make pimples disappear fast. In fact, for treating acne pimples, it's the most scientifically advanced and effective device available without a prescription.

What does it do?

Zeno applies a precisely controlled heat dose directly to the pimple through a metal pad. One treatment lasts 2? minutes. Two to three treatments spread over 24 hours clear up most pimples quickly. It's that simple.

How does it work?

Pimples occur when excess skin oil and flaking skin plug the opening of a hair follicle and create the ideal environment for acne bacteria to grow. Precisely controlled heat applied for a specific period of time causes the bacteria to self-destruct. When the bacteria die, the pimple goes away.

How many treatments does it take?

Two to three 2?-minute treatments spread over 24 hours are sufficient for most pimples. Often, only one treatment is needed.

Who should use Zeno?

Zeno is for people with mild to moderate inflammatory acne. If in doubt, ask your doctor.

When should Zeno be used?

Use Zeno at the first sign of a pimple. It works best when used on a pimple in the early stages of development. Also, the sooner pimples are cleared up, the less chance they have to leave scars.

How does Zeno compare with topical or oral treatments?

Zeno can clear up a pimple in just hours. Most other medications can take days or even weeks to work. What's more, other than slight, temporary skin redness, Zeno has none of the side effects described by most topical or oral medications.

Is Zeno safe and painless?

Patients included in our clinical trials experienced little reaction to the low-level heat. Other than some temporary skin redness following a treatment cycle, no other adverse side effects were reported. But should you experience any discomfort when using Zeno, discontinue use and consult your skin care professional.

Is Zeno all I need for acne?

Zeno does not replace good skin hygiene or a doctor's care. It is designed to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Your doctor may recommend other therapies, depending on the severity of your acne. Follow your doctor's advice and use Zeno for the occasional pimple.

  • FDA cleared
  • Clinically Proven
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Makes pimples go away. Fast.
  • Includes two AAA batteries and one 45-count treatment tip

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good, with a few caveats...
    Zeno's Mini Acne Device does indeed work pretty well, at least when you catch pimples early on (FYI, I have yet to use it on a ripe pimple);. After two uses, the couple of pimples I tried it on were noticeably less swollen, well on their way to disappearing.

    It's a nicely compact size, making it easy to take with you when you're on the go, it's extremely easy to use, their is no mess from ointments or pads and each treatment takes only minutes to apply.

    A few caveats. If you have severe acne, it is not recommended by the manufacture to use this product, and I can understand why; there is some discomfort, however small, during the treatment process due to the heat emitted from the device; also, after each treatment, the patch of skin where you applied the device is noticeably flushed. Although the redness eventually fades, it is not recommended to apply right before going out. Finally, it's kind of pricey, as you spend $79 or higher for this device, as well as $20 or more for each replacement tip that you will inevitably need to purchase after 45 treatments.

    Issues aside, it is well worth trying if you need an effectively easy way to eradicate pimples without the fuss of ointments or twitchy fingernails ("yuck").
    ...more info
  • It works but...
    I bought it. I've been wanting a Zeno for years, but it was too expensive. Now that the Zeno mini is available, I decided to buy one. It worked, but it seems like it eats batteries, so invest in rechargables, because you'll be buying a big package of AAA's along with your replacement tips....more info
  • It's a lifesaver!
    I've had this product for about 2 months now and it works great! I get breakouts about 2-5 times a week and its helped me out a lot. I noticed that it works best when i can notice that there is a small red bump under the skin or if it hurts a little bit. the heat does provide some relief initially. use it once in the morning and once in the afternoon when i have a pimple. i noticed i changed the batteries out with about 25 uses which is about a month for me. i wanted to write a review because i wish someone told me about this product sooner!! thanks...more info
  • Mixed feelings on this one
    I found the Zeno to work moderately well. Specifically, sometimes it worked well and other times had no visible effect, other than the redness, when used on similar pimples. Just when I'd think the device didn't do much, it worked beautifully. Sometimes one treatment was all that was needed.

    However, I find the length of treatment to be a bit long for any sort of regular use. And, as another reviewer has said, the redness makes me reluctant to use it in the morning or any other time I'll be going out; this lessens its usefulness. Depending on the spot where applied, the device can be really hot at first, hot enough to feel scalding.

    It's certainly convenient in size, and the battery power makes it nice for travel. In fact, that's likely how I'll use it. At this time, I doubt that I'll buy the replacement top for another 45 uses.

    So, in essence, this little device gives me a mixed reaction. Handy and sometimes useful, but hardly a perfect solution for occasional acne.
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  • Does its job, but has a big appetite for batteries!
    First, let me be clear that this device did work for me. However, I am returning it because I had to replace the 2 AAA batteries every 6 to 9 treatment cycles. (It was 6 cycles with the batteries it shipped with, so I thought it was just old, tired batteries. But it lasted just 3 extra cycles using fresh Duracell Ultra batteries.) I think it's a huge waste of money to be replacing these batteries every 2-3 days, so I'd rather try the one that plugs in. I do think that the Zeno is a terrific product, but the Mini is disappointing with its battery performance....more info
  • Nothing Like The Real Thing
    Having been spoiled by the original Zeno and it's zit zapping power, I was mighty disappointed the the purse sized newcomer lacked the punch of its larger sibling.

    With only one button, the unit is far from user friendly. The original has instructions on the unit and on the package, and is fairly idiot proof. In addition, this unit doesn't appear to be as effective as the original. It could be that I have been using it on more stubborn subjects, but I doubt it.

    One treatment with the original wiped out a potential mt. rushmore. This unit took 3 treatments and didn't manage to completely eliminate the pimple.

    I'll give it props for pretty. It goes nicely with my ipod, making my purse look oh so coordinated. :) But I want effective too. And the tiny bit of weight savings doesn't outweigh the confidence I get using the older model.

    Everyone with pores needs a Zeno, just not this one....more info
  • An Effective Way to Treat Acne (Not Prevent)
    Pros - I have been using Zeno for a few days now. One treatment for each acne pimple that was appropriate (see below). I am pleased with the results in the time it took to diminish them, especially for the acne that I caught in it's early stages.

    The 2 1/2 minute timed interval goes by rather quickly and it is fantastic to have a non-chemical treatment option. Zeno would not replace any products I use to PREVENT acne, though, like salycic acid.

    Cons - By appropriate acne usage, I mean a red acne bump. Zeno should not be used on whiteheads, blackheads, or severe acne. It works best when used on the beginning stages of a zit. When I get acne, I typically get little whiteheads, so my Zeno wouldn't always be in use.

    Zeno works in conjunctions with cartridges that must replaced. The first cartridge includes 45 treatments of 2 1/2 minutes each. I've already done 4 of those in 1 day; one for testing the heat on my arm and 3 for acne. Zeno could get pricey, but it's worth it if I have a hot date that night.

    The Zeno is not so hot that I feel it would burn, but if you don't test it against your arm first, to get an idea of the heat, you might be surprised by what it does feel like.

    I have pale skin, the Zeno made me very red in the spots I used it, it took some time for the redness to die down. I think this is easily avoidable by using it before bed time instead of in the AM....more info
  • Good for Some Acne But not Others
    I must admit that my first thoughts upon seeing this device were "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Though my expectations were low, I gave this device a shot. Here are my insights after using the unit on two different blemishes (a surface zit and a deeper zit):

    (1) The day I received this I noticed a new blemish arising, just below the surface of the skin (not deep). It was one that I could feel coming, but was not visible to the naked eye. I used this device once a day for two days on the zit and it was completely gone by day three. The wonderful thing was that the zit was gone before it was ever noticable to the naked eye. For surface zits, this device gets 5 stars.

    (2) Along with treating the surface blemish, I attempted to treat a deeper zit that I had been dealing with for several days. Unfortunately, the device did nothing to help rid me of this type of blemish. I used the product once a day for four days and there has been no improvement at all. Maybe if I had had this device when the blemish first came about, I could have successfully dealt with it but I am left thinking that because the blemish was deeper and several days old, it was too much for the device. Consequently, I would rate this device only 1 star for zits that are deep in the surface.

    (3) This device is not intended for prevention. You still should use a good skin care program to get/maintain a healthy face. However, if you get the occasional blemish, this might be a good answer to knocking it out before it gets bad.

    (4) I do not have particularly sensitive skin but after using this, I did have some redness where the treatment occurred. Because I only did this before bedtime, it was no big deal (it was gone by the morning). Consequently, I would suggest using this at nighttime to avoid publicizing any potentially embarrassing redness.

    (5) The 2.5 minutes for treatment is nice. It is pretty quick, if you are not treating too many blemishes. If you have a lot to treat, it may seem like a long time. Count on 2.5 minutes per treatment per blemish. With two blemishes, I spent 5 minutes per day -- not so bad, even though my success rate was only 50%.

    (6) The device uses cartridges which give you 45 uses. Replacement costs seem to be around $35-$40 for an additional 90 uses. So, consider this costs when weighing the benefits and costs of the product before buying. To me, it is worth the cost because I would not use this device too freqeuently. For someone who has serious bouts of acne, the costs might be excessive.

    All in all, I am both surprised by and pleased with this product. I will continue to use it at the first sight of a blemish. ...more info
  • Works, but takes a little patience
    I agree with all the other reviewers . . . it works well on a specific type of blemish (for me at least) - the kind that is raised and filled with goo (whatever you call what's inside of a pimple). Clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads - doesn't do anything for them - better to exfoliate and use a salicylic/glycolic acid combo to keep those clean.

    Only drawbacks are that you can only treat a few blemishes at a time and each treatment takes about 2 1/2 minutes. That's a bit of time holding the Zeno to your face/body, but worth it to get rid of the blemish in a non-pinching way.

    ...more info
  • A very handy little tool
    Small enough to literally fit in your pocket, the Zeno Mini Acne Clearing Device is a very handy little tool for those zits that pop up out of nowhere. Not meant for blackheads or whiteheads, the Zeno Mini works wonders on those little (or big) red bumps and blemishes thanks to applying a small heat source for about two and a half minutes. Surprisingly, the Zeno Mini manages to clear them up pretty well, even though it does have a tendency to leave a bit of redness in it's wake. After a while you'll need to get replacement cartridges, which can get kind of pricey, but considering how well the Zeno Mini works, it's still a solid investment regardless. All in all, the Zeno Mini Acne Clearing Device is a pretty handy little tool that is worth a try at the very least, and the pretty good results that come from it make it a worthwhile investment....more info
  • Not for those with severe acne!
    So, what is considered severe acne you ask?

    I quote from the ZENO mini product manual:

    "Inflamed (red) pimples and pustules (visible accumulation of pus in skin) with severe deep nodular lesions (solid mass of skin like a knot, can be raised or felt under the skin)."

    It goes on to state:

    1. Zeno Mini will not work when used on blemishes such as blackheads or white heads.

    2. Zeno Mini should not be used by persons with severe nodular or cystic acne.

    Well, if that doesn't paint a pretty picture eh?

    Anyways, what the manual does state is that it is "a medical heat-dose treatment device for the treatment of individual acne pimples in people with mild to moderate inflammatory acne".

    So, what is mild to moderate? Or a better question would be: What is the Zeno Mini expected to treat?

    Again, quoting the manual:

    Mild: Several inflamed red pimples.

    Moderate: Many inflamed red pimples and pustules (visible accumulation of pus in sku).

    Confused yet? Ya, me too. Didn't the manual just state that it was not for use with red pimples and pustules? Anyways...

    From the section: Treatment Recommendations and What to Expect

    "Use Zeno Mini at the first sign of a pimple...If necessary, treat the same pimple again after 4 to 12 hours. You may need to treat the pimple a third time 4 to 12 hours later.

    After treatment, you may see redness where the treatment tip touched your skin. This is normal and should fade in a few hours. Within 4 to 24 hours of the first treatment of a pimple, you should notice that the pimple gets smaller, less red and/or less tender".

    The manual also states that the Zeno Mini "does not replace good hygiene", and to continue with your existing skin-care treatment. The Zeno Mini is in fact, best used "at the first sign of a pimple".

    As far as administering the treatment goes, it is very simple. You turn on the device, and apply the metal tip to the affected area. This is a mild warming sensation as it works, and it turns itself off when the treatment is complete. Very simple, and it felt good on an irritated pimple. You may notice some clearing after the first treatment, according to the manual, however I had to do all three for it to work.

    Bottom line: If you have severe acne [...], then the Zeno Mini is not for you. However, if you are looking to stop a pimple BEFORE it becomes red and inflamed, then I can personally attest that the Zeno Mini works well at prevention.

    Side note: This was a really hard one for me to rate, so I chose the middle of the road. I mean, what is the lifespan of a zit anyways? Three days? Coincidence here with the treatment? You decide. Each persons skin is different, and will react differently to the treatments. For instance, my skin never became red after a treatment, however my wife's did. And, it seemed to work better for me than it did her....more info
  • Just as effective as the original
    I have the original zeno and this one. (I keep the mini with me when I travel.) They both work extremely well! I have used many other devices and have yet to find anything as effective. My son is beginning to need to use it too and it works on his acne. I recommend this product to all my peers and my son is beginning to tell his friends about it! Thank you for making such a good product!...more info
  • Zeno Mini Acne Cleaning Device
    So far I have tried to use this product on two blemishes. As far as I can tell it seems to work, although the tip does get a little warmer than I like. It should save the user some money in buying creams and lotions to
    apply to the face and body in attempts to control acne. The only drawbacks I have found so far are the warmth of the tip, and the fact the
    device only works in a vary small range of blemish condtions. ...more info
  • Seems to Work, but Don't Expect Miracles.
    Let me start by saying that if you have more than a handful of pimples to treat this device will not be the one to use. It takes 2 1/2 minutes to treat each pimple, and each one will need to be treated at least twice.

    The Zeno Mini is nicely constructed. It's about the size of a candybar cellphone, and has only one button. It is quite portable, and travels well. Zeno is very simple to use: turn it on, wait about a minute for the ready signal, push the button again, and then hold it on the pimple for a full 2 1/2 minutes. (Still, instructions printed on the device would have been nice.)

    I'm well into my 20's, so I don't have full-blown acne anymore. I used it for the occasional pimple on my back or face. When you first place the Zeno on your pimple, watch out, because it is HOT! After the initial shock, however, it's not painful. After about an hour I noticed that my pimples were smaller and less red. None of them completely disappeared, however, even after multiple treatments. I found that when I used it on pimples that were just starting it worked best and prevented the pimple from developing (it mentions this in the owner's manual). Its biggest benefit is that it does not dry out your skin like acne creams tend to do. Be aware that it does not work on pimples caused by an ingrown hair.

    The treatment tip needs to be cleaned before each use, and replaced periodically. The Zeno will let you know when it needs replacement. Additionally, it goes through batteries fairly quickly, so make sure you've got plenty of AAA batteries available.

    All in all... it's a great device for the occasional pimple, especially if your getting ready for an upcoming event, but it's a bit expensive for what you get. Keep in mind that everyone's skin is different, so you may get different results....more info
  • A little time consuming, but worth the effort.
    I haven't read what anyone else had to say about this product. I wanted to write a review on its own merit, especially since my first impression was that this is kind of a "gimmick" item sold to the image obsessed. While there may be some truth in the latter portion of that statement, let me simply list the pros and cons. You can decide if you fit into the "obsessed" category.

    It worked, and it did so in only a couple of treatments.
    The treatments take only a few minutes, but it also takes a few minutes to warm it up, first. Not a big deal if you turn it on before you brush your teeth.
    It is not painful, but somewhat uncomfortable. It is a significant amount of heat, but not "burning" hot. I have very sensitive skin and it left me a little red for only about 15 minutes after treatment. I could easily cover the remaining redness with a thin layer of foundation and powder, no cover-up.
    It makes large pimples disappear quickly. I'm talking about the bumps that start out small and stick around for weeks. Usually in inconvenient places. The ones that seldom respond to acne medications.
    It is small and convenient. Would fit easily into luggage for travel.
    Could save your face if you had a major event coming up and developed one of the aforementioned blemishes.
    This is far more comfortable than the shock treatment used in facials and spa settings where blemishes are "zapped" with low level electricity, feeling a lot like a minor electrical shock.


    It isn't exactly "cheap" but does cost far less than spa treatments and injections by dermatologists (not including the pain of making an appointment and waiting to get in).
    The replacement cartridges are around $15 and the device can only be used around 75 times before you will need one.
    If you have a low tolerance for heat, or burn easily, this is not for you.
    It will cause irritation if used simultaneously with acne medicine.
    If you have many blemishes, the treatments of 2.5 minutes per blemish could take a significant amount of time, daily. Something to consider.
    Finally, it tells you on the label that it cannot be used on "white head" or "black head" pimples, just the "headless" kind. For those, it proved to be rather effective, for the others, chemical treatments are preferred.

    Overall, I gave this 4 stars because it delivers what it promises. I listed the cons/drawbacks and withheld one star because the advertisements don't really tell you in advance what kind of blemishes it does not treat, so someone buying this to treat chronic blackheads (which, by the way is simply very clogged pores and should be treated with an acid-based cleanser) would be disappointed.
    ...more info
  • Used Properly, Works like it claims
    For reasons unknown, I recently experienced a "pimple crisis". Chalk it up to middle age hormones I guess. I was experiencing those deep pimples that REALLY hurt, and usually in the same spots. Enter Zeno. I had read about it in several magazines, but did it really work like it claimed? Well, for me it worked wonderfully. Continue your everyday skin washing still (that's pretty much common sense for most of us), but most importantly make sure you read the directions before using it. It says to use it on a pimple when it first forms, so if you wait more than a day or so, Zeno is not as effective. Once the pimple has blossomed or matured, the damage to your skin is already done...this means that if the pimple is already red and/or inflamed, then you probably "missed the boat" with Zeno so to speak. Whatever you do though, do not pick. My experience, as long as I followed the directions on new pimples, was very positive. I did try it once on an older pimple behind my ear and it did shorten its "stay", but it was nothing compared to the 12-24 hour turnaround I was getting on new pimples.

    The very first medium sized pimple I used Zeno on only took one treatment and was no longer visibly noticeable the following day. My second pimple, a bigger deeper pimple that hurt to touch, took three treatments. But, the most amazing thing about the second pimple was that the swelling minimized almost right away for me and it also was no longer visibly noticeable the second day (this was really incredible to me, because a pimple this size would normally leave a small scar on my face, but that never thankfully happened). I will continue using Zeno because this is a HUGE plus for me (no scarring). If you get those type of pimples, you know what I'm talking about!

    Anyways, Zeno is basically an uninterrupted 2 1/2 minute treatment that uses heat. It feels warm, but it does not hurt at all and it does not burn skin. I personally did not experience any "temporary redness" that it mentions in the manual, but I did read somewhere that Zeno is about 118 degrees Fahrenheit, so do expect that this can happen. In my earlier years, I used to use the "hot washcloth" technique like others. I really think it is neat that a company has finally harnessed this idea more efficiently and effectively than an unstable hot washcloth! However, I definitely would not recommend to use Zeno with any other acne products though, especially with ones (or even medicines) that can cause skin sensitivity. I also would not recommend Zeno if you have severe acne, the kind that is all over or blackheads (they actually say this in the manual).

    Overall, my experiences have been very convincing that Zeno does indeed get the job done, thus living up to its claims. I will continue to use Zeno when I experience a "pimple crisis". It also says in the manual that the heat of this product kills the bacteria that is the cause of most pimples (called "p.acnes"). So, it is definitely worth giving it a try before you go to a doctor or put some chemical on your entire face for one small outbreak.

    ...more info
  • Star Trek Acne removal device
    While reviewing an acne eradication device is a bit embarrassing, well, at least it's not hemorrhoid cream.

    i used the product as directed on a blemish of significant size. While it did not clear up in hours, it did reduce it significantly in a day or so. Sometimes a bad outbreak can last, well, a long time. So in that respect it did go away fast, yet not as fast as it promised. This is also and expensive device that kids, who need this more than anyone, could not afford. Acne is no big deal for me as an adult. It happens infrequently and since I am married now, I do not even care unless I have a wedding or funeral to attend, or some other significant outing. Cover up works fine too and costs significantly less.

    I'd say this is for people with severe to moderately severe acne. And also for someone who cares about it enough to spend the money or has enough money that they do not care. It is a good product and I would get one for a teenager if i had one....more info
  • what can i say,it works!
    tried it on a zit on my shoulder and it worked after 2 treatments!as long as you do as the instructions say it should work(don't use on black/whiteheads).cool!...more info
  • Sleek, Fast, and Effective ... (I Could Not Ask for More!)
    I'm a thirty-something professional woman who occasionally (maybe once or twice a month) must contend with a blemish. So, take this demographic into account while reading.

    Though the price-tag on the Zeno seems daunting, rest-assured, the product works!! In our instant-gratification society, this little wonder fits-in nicely. Blemishes subside rapidly and with no discomfort. (The tip of the Zeno becomes very warm but the sensation, for me, was not unpleasant). After two treatments (several hours apart), my blemish was virtually unnoticeable with the help of my mineral-foundation.

    Now, it may interest you to know that I've used Renova for over six-years, so I was a little hesitant to use the Zeno (though I saw no contraindications in the booklet). (For those who are unacquainted with the product, it is a Vitamin-A derivative which must be prescribed by a physician or dermatologist ... while it encourages collagen growth, reduces fine-lines, and exfoliates, it also leaves your skin vulnerable to sunlight and various other elements.) I have used this product on two different occasions with no side-effects. (I am only speaking for myself, of course. So, be sure to take care if you are in a similar situation ... and if you have an adverse reaction, feel free to comment on this post so others can read it).

    The Zeno is now a permanent part of my beauty "arsenal." Between the Renova, Bare Escentuals (as recommended by my dermatologist), and the Zeno, my skin is absolutely pristine and glowing. A minor miracle ... and, as one reviewer stated and I firmly agree, I wish this was available when I was a teenager!

    Bottom-line: the Zeno is quick (two and half minutes per treatment), painless (for me), concentrated (it addresses just the area that requires healing), and really cute!! (Aesthetically speaking, it is super slick!!) In my opinion (and I am a tough critic!) the Zeno is entirely worth the investment!...more info
  • Easy to use,and effective
    I'm a 30 something year old woman who has had adult acne since about age 27.About three years ago I found a great dermatologist,but even being on different medications,it still doesnt stop me from having a break out here and there.
    I read the reviews from Amazon before on Zeno and I was more then hesitant to try it.130 dollars for something that may not work at all scared me because I dont have a hundred dollars to just throw around like that right now.
    Then Zeno mini came out and it's slightly cheaper at 89 dollars.I was having alot of stress and a bad breakout accompanied by it,so I caved in and decided to try the ZENO mini.
    I really didnt expect it to do anything and was ready to take it back for a FULL refund.Now I'am happy I took the time and money to try it.

    The first time I tried it,it did leave a little red mark around the area.But it faded quickly.
    The heat felt a bit shocking at first,but it didnt hurt or burn.
    I'm not sure what it is about the heat,but right after using Zeno the pimple was flattened right away.And it hurt less!
    A few hours later it emerged again,but felt smaller.So I used it again.
    Then I put on my acne medicine before bed.The next day,pimple wasnt gone,but had come to a head already.I barely touch it and it pops easily and disapears.
    Then I wake up with a fresh one on the side of my cheek.I use the zeno on it 4 times.Two times in two days.It just completely disapeared after that!No dryness,no flaking.Yes!

    So,dont feel discouraged if one time doesnt do it for you.It does work,just keep using it every few hours as recommended.

    You have to hold Zeno on the pimple for 2 and a half minutes,which is NOT LONG AT ALL,really.In fact,if you are watching tv or something,you hardly even notice the time.

    I dont know if you are supposed to use Zeno when you are using acne medications,but I do use mild Retna-A with clindamycin (ziana) to help prevent pimples,and in combination with Zeno it has no bad effects.And I have VERY fair sensitive skin!
    I'm impressed with the Zeno mini,and now I want the regular Zeno too.Anyone who lives in fear of pimples should try this.It may take a few times for stubborn pimples,but it does work! And I'am probably the biggest skeptic out there!
    ...more info
  • Was the supposed to work?
    I noticed absolutely no difference in the size of those random pimples that pop up every once in awhile...maybe effective on bad acne, but for someone with normal skin, didn't help any....more info
  • Great for acne flare ups
    My husband has occasional acne flare ups. He always travels with this so he will stop any out breaks before they become pronounced. We highly recommend the Zeno Mini because of its effectiveness & ease of use....more info
  • Love it!!
    I just got the new zeno mini and I love it!! A friend of mine has the bigger one and she let me use it and I was hooked. When the mini came out, it was just the right price for my budget. This product is great for my monthly break-outs. My friend is so happy I won't be stealing hers anymore. I like to use my zeno in the evening prior to going to bed. It's a short 2.5 minute treatment. Not getting the zit is definetely worth it. I had a "big" one I could feel under the skin and it never surfaced!!! I did two 2.5 treatments and then another the next morning. Thank you Zeno!!! ...more info
  • Great idea, poor product
    This was a great idea, but poor product. It only worked after about a dozen uses and then worked no more. It was pretty disapointing. I would not recommend it to anyone that is looking for serious help for acne cause you won't get it with this. I guess it's back to the doctor. ...more info
  • Gets rid of those little buggers, but is a little hot.
    I suffer from acne and knew I had to own this. When my Zeno arrived and I tried it right away, I must say, what was a pimple the day before was a smaller red spot the next day, and that just doesn't happen with me. When I get a zit it likes to hang around for a least a few days. The Zeno Mini does work! The only problem I personally had was it was too hot to keep on for the full 2.5 minutes for some parts of my face, like my temples and jaw. I keep it on for as long as I can and have to give my skin a break for a second or two during each application. Other parts of my face have no problem with the heat. I wish I there was a tip for it that you could use more than 45 times, but I'm sure there will be in the future. I wouldn't recommend using this before you go out and do stuff, unless you can wear makeup, because your skin where you used the Zeno will be red for a couple hours afterward. I gave it 4 starts because it works, but if you get more than a few pimples a week, I don't think it's economical to use everyday. Once my 45 uses were up the product no long heat up. This is great if you get a couple pimples a day or 2 before a special occasion and want a clear face....more info
  • Expensive, but seems to work
    I was skeptical about the Zeno. I had seen it in stores but wasn't willing to pay what it costs without knowing if it worked. When my Zeno Mini arrived, I had no noticeable zits on my face (about which I'm not complaining, though it did make it difficult to try the device out!). Finally, a small one surfaced. I tried the Zeno.

    It works by heating up a small, round metallic tip, which you hold against your zit for 2.5 minutes (the Zeno keeps track of the time for you, and helpfully beeps every 30 seconds so you know it's still going). The temperature was just short of uncomfortable; I think it might even be soothing on one of the big, painful zits that I occasionally get.

    The pimple I tried it on never got any bigger, and seemed to go away pretty fast. I can't be absolutely positive that the Zeno sped up its departure, which is why I gave it four stars instead of five.

    The only downsides, other than the cost, are the fact that the Zeno tip is only good for 45 uses, and then you have to replace it (replacement tips are available at Walgreen's and probably other local stores). The replacement costs just under $20.

    The other drawback is that the Zeno leaves a noticeable circular mark on the treated zit. If you use it at bedtime, that shouldn't be much of a problem; the mark definitely disappeared overnight.

    I think this product would be best for people who get one or two zits at a time. If you had a lot of acne, it would be a real hassle to treat each zit individually with the Zeno.

    I'm editing this review to add: I have now used the Zeno several times, and it works brilliantly. The kind of zits that used to last for several days now go away within a day or two when I use the Zeno on them. If Amazon would let me, I would up my review to five stars.

    One drawback I've discovered is that the Zeno really goes through batteries (but it uses triple As, so it's not like they're particularly expensive batteries). Still, I highly recommend Zeno....more info
  • Not worth it, but your results may vary
    The on/off button (which must be depressed for several seconds at certain points during the use of the product) occasionally 'folds' to one side, rendering this product virtually unusable. Be careful with how you depress the button.

    Other than that, the product is easy to use. As per the instructions, using this product at the first sign of an outbreak helps. Otherwise, it's of little use. The timeframe of use for each application (150 seconds) would be quickly add up if if were used numerous times in one day.

    I didn't see enough effectiveness from this product to warrant a recommendation to purchase it at its selling price.

    ...more info
  • Zeno mini doesn't work
    This product didn't work for me at all. I used it three times or so and each time it made the pimple worse, even if I used it at a very early stage. Most of my pimples are occasional and due to clogged pores, so maybe it's just the wrong sort of acne. In any case, this product was no good for me....more info
  • Contender not Pretender
    I hate items like this in a way because I have learned to distrust them. After years of using hundreds of things for the little engine you wish would not, you find that all the invasions in the world cannot stop blemishes from thinking they can. That means a lot of time hoping away the ravages of stress and long hours, hoping instead for that one little ugly thing to go away so you can set the perfect impression a couple of days later. While nothing truly does that with perfection, this does it with more finality than most other products.

    When buying this product, read what you are buying because there are specific things you need to know. First, you have to buy "refills" for the thing and I really did not understand that. Perhaps that was stupidity on my part - still, I thought that the little beastie did all the work for me. Second, the thing works off of heat. While that might not bother everyone, some people I have talked to do not like the idea of drying out something so rapidly. I personally do not find a problem with that - a 24 hour cure is a 24 hour cure to me - but some people think otherwise. Third, it sometimes takes a while to heat up and accidentally not getting everything right : well, you spend a refill in some rather dumb ways while learning the new product.

    So, do I recommend it? Well, if you think the pros and the cons all sound good then it can not hurt. It does do a good job of clearing up the skin faster, and that is something that many people want regardless of anything else. Some people are not that way, however, and those people should know that this product does have some downsides as well.
    Not for every household. A little side note: read the enclosed pamphlet on use and on buying the refills. Also you only get 45 uses with this particular one, but the website where you buy the refills has other types available with more uses on the refills and better equipped for your particular needs. It does adapt to your skin type and does not burn or hurt. ...more info
  • Didn't work for me...
    Though it's been many years...okay, decades...since I've been a teenager, I still get the occasional pimple, so thougnt I'd give this item a try. I've treated three pimples with it in the several weeks that I've had it, and frankly, I've noticed no discernible change in any of the pimples that wouldn't have come about as the result of time. The manual does say that only certain types of pimples will respond to the Zeno, but it seems a bit silly to have to audition pimples. (I was going to do a little dialogue with the pimples, but I won't go there...) I haven't seen anything that makes me think the Zeno is more effective than hot compresses, but it seems to be working for some of the folks who've given feedback. Maybe I just have rogue pimples. At any rate, if you've got LOTS of pimples (I don't) this could get pretty pricey (and it's expensive to begin with), since you have to keep replacing the heads (they're only good for so many treatments). I think I'd look for another method to deal with pimples rather than the pricey and not very effective (for me anyway) Zeno....more info
  • Mild acne only
    This unit should be used for mild acne and not for cases of severe whiteheads. The treatment regiment is basically a heated tip, and those tips are to be replaced (more on that later). Upon unboxing, the device was very nicely packaged, with quality construction of the unit itself. It has a great feel to it that inspires confidence in that it will do the job at hand rather than being a toy.

    After being charged, the unit is easy to use and is not possible to mess up on. You simply apply it to your face over the acne spot and the device times everything with confirmation beeps and shuts off the heat automatically. It's hard to say how effective this unit is without a scientific study, but in my limited use I couldn't conclusively determine how well this unit actually does against other acne regiments. The good old reliable regiments of benzoyl peroxide, and just plain face washing are things people should be doing if they do have acne.

    As for the tips, the manufacturer has set up the device so that they can rack up recurring charges. Similar to ink jet cartridges, you need to purchase the tips because they will no longer function after so many times. The manufacturer claims this is so hygiene purposes. These tips result in recurring costs, so don't expect to just pay the cost of the machine. ...more info
  • Expensive! but it really works
    First things first, this isn't the cheapest of options for dealing with early stage acne. In fact at $80-90 its rather expensive in comparison to the myriad creams, rubs, tubes of topical goo out there not to mention a visit to your doctor/dermatologist if you have a decent medical plan. That being said, to deal with a certain type of acne (mainly fresh young pimples that have recently popped up and not yet at the whitehead stage) Zeno's sleek and tiny little device does pack quite a punch and effectively kills said young zits from going supernova on your face.

    But lets go back to the cost issue. When you spend $89 on this product you're getting a cell-phone sized device thats good for 45 individual uses. Keep in mind that each zit will require from 1-3 treatments (in my experiments I required 3 treatments per zit over the course of 24 hours to achieve desired results) so effectively for your initial $89 purchase you're treating 15-20 zits. Once you've used this product 45 times (there is a microchip that keeps track of your usage) your device is basically useless unless you purchase a replacement tip cartridge (around $20) for another 45 uses. Rinse, lather, repeat. If you are prone to excessive and frequent breakouts you may want to consider other options if you want to avoid going to the poorhouse in the long run. If you do get the occasional zit now and then, then by all means - indulge. The price is steep but for some of us the end results justifies the means and indeed, the results are very impressive....more info
  • Just not sure....
    I want to like this little device so much! I've probably not had enough of the precise type of blemish to give it a solid review, but I'm noticing that instead of them going away after treatment, it seems to cause them to come to a head more quickly. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but I'd certainly rather they just go away! I don't find the heat to be too uncomfortable, but it is certainly hot. For the price of the unit and the necessity for and price of replacement heads, I'm just not sure it's worth it!...more info
  • I was surprised that this worked
    My experience:
    I used this on my pre-teen who is constantly having breakouts. We were scientific about our test of this product. I used it on three different pimples. One we treated once in 24 hours. The second we treated twice in 24 hours. The third we treated three times in 24 hours. The pimples showed improvement within a few hours after the first treatment. At the end of our 24 hour test, all three pimples were practically gone, while others that weren't treated were still present. So, yes, this product does work as descirbed.

    The Pros:
    - The pimples do go away faster than if not treated by the Zeno.
    - Treatment is quick and non-evasive
    - The Zeno is easy to use. There is a timer on it as well as a safety feature which only allows three consecutive treatments before powering down.
    - There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee (ONLY valid if the product is purchased through a authorized distributor).
    - The results are noicable after just one treatment.
    - Side effects of the treatment (redness) are shortlived.
    - It is a non-chemical way to treat acne.

    The Cons:
    - The treatment tip is only good for x-number of uses. Replacement tips cost $18.99 for 45 treatments. If each pimple takes 3 treatments to remove, each tip is good for at least 15 pimples. On the other hand, if one treatment does the job then a tip can treat up to 45 pimples. May not be cost effective for everyone.

    -This device is $89. It's not the best investment for occasional breakouts.

    - The treatment only works on mild and moderate acne. Mild acne defined in the instruction book as "Several inflamed (red) pimples". Moderate acne is defined as "Many inflamed (red) pimples and pustulates-visable accumulation of pus in skin". Cannot be used on blackheads, whiteheads, nodular or cystic acne, regardless of whether or not imflammation is present. Use on other types of breakouts may be ineffective or make the breakout worse.

    -The warranty is limited.

    My Concerns:
    The device is hot when first applied to the skin. I would not let my pre-teen or even a teenager use this alone because skin damage can occur. I did try this on myself to see how hot it was...and it was pretty hot. My son did complain about the heat at each application but then said it does feel better/soothes the pimple after the first 30-seconds. Although there are safety features to the Zeno, I don't think it's suitable for unsupervised use of anyone under the age of 18. This does say this in the product manual but I want to point out the heat factor anyway because this age group may be a targeted demographic.

    I think that one treatment will do the trick for pimples. Based on what I saw on my son's face, the extra treatments did not seem to speed up healing.

    I'm not convinced that the product is cost effective based on the fact that the treatment tip cartridges need replaced. I would hate to spend $89 only to find out that the product is no longer being marketed and replacement tips are unavailable.

    For personal use, this product wouldn't work for me. It may be useful during times of stress (since that is the only time I even get plain red pimples) or to zap a pimple the day before an interview or photo. Though, for the money, I'd rather just show up with the pimple and dab some concealer over it.

    I am giving this 5-stars because it does work as described in the product literature. My son was happy with the results. In this sense, an increase in self-esteem may be worth the cost of replacement tips.
    ...more info
  • So far, no postive results
    After reading everyone's reviews, I kind of feel bad that we did not have the same results. I have used it and I let my teen daughter use it with my supervision. Nothing dramatic happened to report. However, with that said, I am now letting my 21 year old son give it a whirl and I will report back my findings and edit my review!!! ...more info
  • It Really works..amazing
    Ive had this for a month and used it a few times, and it really works !!
    My ONLY complaint is that the battery life is VERY short. After you use it5-8 times you have to change the AAA batteries ..I will be investing in rechargeable AAA batteries immedtiately!!...more info
  • Actually works, but only on a small subset of pimples
    This is a pretty difficult product to review because it requires a decent amount of time to test. I don't get that many pimples where I would be able to test this product out all the time. However, I have tested it a few times since owning it. Also, my wife has used it some as well.

    The device itself is small and lightweight and easy to use. Hold the button down to turn it on. Wait for it to be ready. Press the button again and apply to skin. Hold it there for 2.5 minutes while it beeps every 30 seconds and finally a finishing beep to let you know it's been 2.5 mins. You don't have to hold it hard either.

    The device heats up the skin in contact with the tip. You can certainly feel the heat and it is moderately uncomfortable, but certainly not painful. It's not very convenient to hold it there for 2.5 mins, but it's certainly an acceptable trade-off to applying cremes or lotions over the course of a week.

    Now, does it work? That's the big question. The manual talks about a few different types of pimples and which ones the Zeno Mini will actually work on. It works on very moderate acne -- pimples that do not have white-heads but rather the little, red painful ones that are not poppable. It does not work on the big red ones that feel like cysts, but you can certainly try I guess. After trying this product on a few pimples, I have to say that it actually does seem to work. It's not magic though. The pimples don't just disappear after using this device. After about 24 hours, there is a major difference in the pimple, and they'll be completely gone within 3 days. The manual also states that you can reapply multiple times a day, so I'd imagine the results would be even better.

    So, why 4 stars and not 5? Well the price of this thing is a little high for something that doesn't work on all pimples. Second, the heads apparently degrade after a while and you have to buy new ones. Third, if you have like 4 or 5 pimples you want to use this thing on, it is quite a bore to sit there for 15 minutes holding this thing up to your face. Like I said, it's a trade-off.

    Anyway, as I use the device more, I will be able to provide an even better review. If my opinion changes, I will return to this review to let you all know....more info
  • Convenient New Package for an Old Remedy, but Somehow Less Effective.
    The Zeno Mini is a portable version of the Zeno Pro, which claims to improve or eliminate new pimples in 24-48 hours with low-level heat. The device has a metal tip that heats to a temperature that feels hot against the skin. The theory is that applying heat to a new, slightly inflamed pimple will kill the Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) that causes acne. I doubt it. That idea doesn't hold up to scrutiny. It seems more likely that the heat accelerates the immune response, so the blemish heals faster. That's a perfectly good strategy. I've often used a heat compress on particularly stubborn blemishes, just as it would be helpful for any stubborn, relatively mild infection. It works. So I expected the Zeno Mini to be a more convenient and more expensive version of that old remedy.

    The Zeno is intended for mild acne, defined as several inflamed pimples, and moderate acne, defined as many inflamed pimples and pustules. It's not for blackheads, which are not acne, or for whiteheads, which are too far advanced. The instructions say that the Zeno should be used on pimples in an early stage, when they first become visible or inflamed. One treatment is 2 ? minutes long. Each blemish should be treated 1-3 times as needed, 4-12 hours apart. The Zeno takes one minute to heat up, then a 2-tone sound and a green light indicate that it's ready to use. Press the button again, and a 5-tone sound indicates that a treatment cycle has started. Press the treatment tip to the pimple. The Zeno beeps every 30 seconds to let you know where you are in the treatment cycle. You can do up to 3 treatments in a row, on different pimples. At that point, you have to wait 2 minutes to do more treatments.

    I have moderate acne, which means a lot of small pimples, most of which will never turn into something big and ugly, but too many that will. I located some new pimples that seemed threatening, slightly inflamed, but still very small and tried the Zeno on them. I tried it on 10 pimples. I did 3 treatments on each pimple. It didn't do anything. I was a little surprised. I expected to see some improvement, as I would expect from a heat compress. It may be that the heat treatments are not long enough. Normally I would leave heat on a skin infection for at least 10 minutes. Treatments do leave a red mark on my skin for a couple of hours, so don't do this right before you go out. Once it caused a very minor burn. I don't know why; the tip didn't seem especially hot.

    The Zeno Mini is a well-made, well-designed device. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries (included). It comes with a treatment tip programmed to deliver 45 treatments. At that point, you have to replace the tip for $[...]. This is how the company makes money. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me as well as a cheap heat compress that I can throw in the microwave. To find out if the Zeno will work for you before buying, just put a heat compress on your blemishes for 2 ? minutes, up to 3 times, and see if it helps. Make sure it isn't hot enough to burn your skin. If that works, the Zeno might be a convenient -though more expensive- way of applying heat treatments to mild, occasional acne. But for moderate acne, there are too many pimples for it to be practical anyway. A heating pad would be better. ...more info
  • Surprisingly useful
    I've seen these advertised, and though I was interested, I was very skeptical about the claimed results. After using this on myself and my resident teenager, I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised.

    If you're looking for a cure-all, you'll be disappointed. It works best on blemishes that are... well "ripe" is the word that comes to mind. You know what I mean - the ones that you're itching to pop, even though you know better than to do it. It's no use at all on blackheads or cyst-like pimples (and the manual spells this out).

    The 2.5 minute heat treatment isn't painful, but it is a bit uncomfortable and it leaves behind a red circle that looks like a mini-sunburn. The redness fades after a couple of hours, but it makes me reluctant to use it in my morning routine.

    The instructions claim that most blemishes are clear after two or three treatments, and that proved accurate for the "ripe" pimples I treated. I also tried it on an emerging pimple on my chin. After two days and three treatments, the bump is smaller and less noticeable, though it hasn't completely disappeared.

    The device does a good job of providing feedback through LEDs and tones. The treatment tip is good for 45 uses - after that you'll need a replacement tip.
    ...more info
  • for long battery life, don't store batteries in the mini

    For long battery life, do not store your batteries in the zeno mini. I mistakenly forgot to to take mine out when not in use and they did not last as long as I expected. Once I took the batteries out and replaced them when I used the product the battery life was great. I should have read the directions first. It was right there in black and white. I own the regular rechargeable zeno and I absolutely love it!! I bought the zeno mini due to my job in healthcare that requires travel. I am very happy with my zeno's. It does not "instantly" zap" you pimple and make it completely disappear, but with 1-2 uses it will greatly diminish you pimple in size if not render it almost invisible in a couple of days. I highly recommend this product. It works. That simple.

    ...more info
  • what a nice device!
    This thing is amazing. When I got it I had 2 emerging pimples that I was hoping to zap (the only time I have EVER been excited to get a pimple). With both I only needed one treatment to see a difference. The area where I applied the Zeno seemed a little less sore afterwards but I didn't really notice anything until a few hours later - the pimples weren't there. I couldn't see them but I could feel them. After the second treatment they were gone and I didn't even need to do it a third time. The directions say to do a 2.5 min treatment then 4-12 hours do it again, and a third time 4-12 hours after that.
    What I like about this device is that it beeps every 30 seconds during a treatment so you know exactly how long you have left.
    The portability of this product is great too; it runs on 2 AAA batteries which it comes with - so no cords to worry about and you don't need to worry about if its charged or not.
    Zeno is also easy to use, you turn it on and it takes about a minute to warm up. Then you apply it to your pimple and press the power button again and it begins counting down the 2.5 minutes. The metal tip does get sort of hot but nothing that is unbearable.

    I will update this review once I have had the opportunity to use it a few more times, but so far it works really well and I really like it!
    ...more info
  • Very effective and soothing
    When I have the occasional break out, I use the Zeno and my skin clears up right away. I used it on new pimples and the next day they were gone! The heat is actually very soothing. I am definitely sold. Make sure you take the time to read the manual to learn how to effectively use it. To get the right results, you have to use it properly. Compared to all the other acne products I've used this is the BEST!
    ...more info
  • yes and no
    Actually. it does help, but you have to treat the spot 2 1/2 minutes, 30 seconds at a time. After 30 seconds it shuts off and you have to wait before it will restart.

    Good idea, poorly carried out. If you have one spot, every once in a while, then it's fine. To someone with a major problem, I would imagine this worthless....more info
  • Great concept
    I've tried this once; like some other reviewers I'm no longer a teenager and only have pimples once in a while. It does feel a little warm on your face, but after doing it a couple times on the same outbreak it seemed to dissipate. It would be nice if it worked on pimples that are just beginning, but it says it's only to be used on them when they get red. Maybe it can be further developed to work on the new outbreaks before they get obvious. It does seem expensive especially when you need to buy replacement tips after 45 uses. However, if I was a teenager with severe acne I would think this is the ultimate way of getting rid of them. Wish it had been around years ago!...more info
  • Nice Surprise worked for me!
    I was very skeptical of this.I mean a device that is supposed to get rid of pimples? I have used this for almost a month on the occasional break out and it really does cut the healing time down to half.Where it usually takes a week for my pimples to vanish,it took 3 days with the zeno.

    Basically you place the head on your blemish, the zeno heats up,supposedly customizes to each persons body temp.,You leave it there for several minutes and that's it! It does feel warm but by no means is painful.

    The head does need to be cleaned and replaced occasionaly but for what it does the process and upkeep is minute.I highly reccomend the zeno and am very glad I found it!...more info
  • Works well, portability benefit limited
    I've used this product for a few days now, and have found really positive results, in terms of pimples clearing up (or not worsening), much faster than just using topical treatments I've done before. I generally apply the zeno before bed, and upon waking in the morning, I can definitely see the skin condition has improved significantly.

    Other than being careful about considering cost effectiveness (as other reviewers have mentioned), the main thing I would add is that I found the portability benefit of the Zeno mini to be rather limited by the fact that the treatment did leave a very noticeable red circle on my skin for at least an hour after the treatment.

    So, while this product is a great travel size ... I would really only use this benefit when traveling somewhere overnight. In terms of taking with me in the car, briefcase, pocket, etc ... I would not want to apply a Zeno treatment during the day unless I had 1-2 hours where I was not going to be seen much, as the red circle is very obvious. (Some reviewers for the full-sized Zeno mentioned that this effect reduced over time as their skin became used to the heat, so this is a possible consideration.)

    ...more info
  • WoW It Really Works...!!!
    i wasn't sure of it tell i've tried it ... and should i say more
    it was just like it refers to. with success rate 80%.
    ...more info
  • Only works on pimples, but works nonetheless.
    Zeno Mini is an effective, but fairly pricey way to treat pimples painlessly and with no mess. How does it feel? As you apply it on the pimple, a heat will slowly be applied. Therefore, it starts out cool and at the end will feel lukewarm on your skin.

    The Good:

    *Portable* With the dimensions of 4 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches, Zeno Mini goes wherever you go.

    *No Mess, Quick and Painless* No mess whatsoever. Apply and minutes later, your treatment is done.

    The Bad:

    *Only works on mild or full pimples* It will only work on pimples. It will not work on severe acne, moles, scars on any other type of blemish. It will not even work on blackheads, which was disappointing, even though both blackheads and pimples go under the category of sebaceous gland inflammation of the skin.

    *Pricey* Because it only works on pimples, one must wonder if paying extra is worth it when they can buy a much cheaper alternative treatment at the pharmacy. Furthermore, over-the-counter treatments can treat more than just pimples.

    *Recurring Pricing* Each Zeno Mini comes with a cartridge that is good for approximately 45 treatments. Each pimple treatment usually lasts 2-3 applications, as per claim(even though my mild pimple was gone after just one,) which means you may need to buy additional cartridges later.

    Bottom Line: An affective way to treat mild and medium pimples. While affective, it is pricey over other alternatives....more info
  • Tames monthly outbreaks
    As a teenager, I was never really bothered by acne. Fate, however, was having the last laugh by causing me to have monthly outbreaks that seem to have gotten worse as I've gotten older. If you are a woman in your 40s, you may be experiencing the same thing.

    I wash my face at least twice a day with soap and water and I use a mild astringent or clarifying lotion about once a day. My outbreaks are cyclical, very much linked to monthly hormonal changes. Because my acne has been worsening, I asked my family physician for a referral to the dermatologist - and the soonest I can get an appointment is February 2009!

    Last month, I was in the skin care section of my local drugstore, looking for something more powerful than the usual benzoyl peroxide cream, when I saw the store display of the Zeno mini. Given the price tag, I decided to go home and do some research before buying, and I recommend you do the same if you are considering this product. What I read encouraged me. I chose the Zeno mini because it costs a lot less than the Zeno Pro and it takes standard AAA batteries (included) instead of relying on a non-removable internal battery that can potentially go bad. Since I was just starting to recover from two bad blemishes and noticed another big one coming in, I decided to upgrade delivery to overnight (only $3.99 with Amazon Prime).

    Here's what happened:

    Day 1: Big blemish starting to appear on chin. Ordered Zeno mini for overnight delivery.

    Day 2: The Zeno arrived by 9 am! I quickly inserted the included batteries and turned it on. It takes about 2 minutes to warm up. Read the instruction booklet. It advises you to wipe the metal tip of the Zeno with rubbing alcohol before every use. (Remember you are trying to kill bacteria, not spread it around with a dirty tip!) Once the Zeno was ready, it beeped and I applied it to the blemish. It beeps every 30 seconds during treatment to let you know it's working. Treatment lasts for 2.5 minutes. When I was done with the newest blemish, I cleaned the Zeno tip and used it on the two blemishes that were slowly improving, but still far from gone. The newest blemish flattened almost immediately.

    Note: you can only use the Zeno for up to three back-to-back treatments at a time, then you have to give it a break.

    I repeated the Zeno applications two more times on each of the three blemishes on Day 2. The heat causes a little localized redness. My complexion is very light and very sensitive, but the slight redness did not last long - perhaps 30 minutes.

    Day 3: Two old blemishes are looking much improved - better in 24 hours than in over a week of benzoyl peroxide applications. After three treatments, newest blemish was almost gone. The old blemishes looked and felt much better. However, my work was not done, as a new blemish was coming in on my forehead. It was big, red and painful - and all it needed was ONE ZAP from the Zeno to put it completely to rest.

    A month has gone by, and I have not had to use the Zeno in weeks. Usually, I would be getting a new blemish of the month by now - they tend to come back in the same places from month to month. Not this month! I did get one or two small whiteheads (gone quickly), and nothing in the usual trouble spots. This has been my best month in quite a long time. I can only conclude that this is because the Zeno dispatched the acne causing bacteria that had previously gain ground in those spots. The Zeno cost less than a visit to the dermatologist - and I didn't have to wait six months.

    Please note that the Zeno does not dry your skin out. Benzoyl peroxide dries your skin out, and makes it red and flakey while you are getting over a pimple. Zeno heats your skin and underlying tissue sufficient to kill the p. acnes bacteria. Before Zeno, I used to try using a super-hot wet washcloth on my blemishes, but the cloth did not stay hot long enough and I was not able to really focus it on the specific areas that needed attention.

    I am completely pleased with the Zeno Mini and the results it produced for me.

    Edited on 2/9/2009 to add: When I purchased the Zeno Mini, I hoped that it would help me keep monthly outbreaks in check once they appeared. Little did I expect that it would actually STOP outbreaks from recurring. I'm happy to report that I've only had to use the Zeno Mini ONCE in the months since I originally posted this review. ...more info
  • Gets rid of pimples fast!
    I got this device as a birthday gift and have used it several times so far. It works fast and it works well. On some of my break outs the device works with only one treatment, but with other breakouts it can take up to 3 or 4 treatments. I didn't know if this would really work, but I am impressed by the results. I still continue to use my acne creams as prescribed by my doctor, but this helps to rid your face of those ocassional breakouts. The product does get warm, but not hot. At times I have noticed that it becomes warmer than a previous treatment. It does not make any noise, as I read a review that indicated that the unit was noisy, but I don't hear anything while using it....more info
  • Love my little Zeno Mini

    My daughter and I have the regular Zeno and decided to try the Mini one.. I love the new smaller version and the one button touch is nice. It has always delivered results and I will continue to use it. A great product. I also read some of the lower star reviews in this site and I wonder if they are using the product correctly because you CANT burn yourself and if you are using it properly it works every time. ...more info
  • Portable and easy to use
    This device is portable, easy to use, practical, and offers a new alternative to skin treatments. I think this product works better if an acne cream or medication is applied after using the Zeno Mini Acne Clearing device. I like the fact that bacteria are killed with heat, which makes perfect sense; however, do note that this product probably will not work, and should not be used either, on the more difficult cystic-type acne that is deep below the skin, in fact, it is clearly stated in the directions that the Zeno device is not for such severe cases (seek the help of a dermatologist instead). In sum, tried this device and found that my favourite aspect was its ease of use....more info


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