Germ Guardian H2000 Manual Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Product Description

The Germ Guardian UltraSonic Humidifier uses nano-silver technology to prevent microbial growth inside the humidifier, and stops mold growth for a healthier breathing environment. It includes an option for warm or cold humidification

  • Uses nano-silver technology to fight the growth of mold and bacteria in the water so germ-free water?is vaporized into the room
  • Ultrasonic technology is virtually silent when running.
  • No evaporating pads or wicks to clean or replace.
  • Lets you know when it's time to refill the water tank.
  • Option for warm or cold humidification.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Humidifier
    I have had many humidifiers in recent years and this is by far the best that we have purchased. Works great in small rooms. I have three children and I bought one for each of their rooms. They have been able to sleep much better and the humidity level is much nicer in their rooms now. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • looks good but.......
    Just received product today. Filled up container, plugged in and....nothing. There seems to be some problem with the tank allowing water to pass into the motor parts so it always says that tank is empty. Quite frustrating. Was able to get it to work and it is very silent. Great for bedroom.....only if it worked!

    Also the power dial doesnt have any grip so if your hands are slightly wet you wont be able to turn it on!

    For $129 buy a better one....more info
  • Greatly disappointed by this overpriced and mediocre humidifier
    I have asthma and allergies and have been looking high and low for a humidifier that does not breed mold, as so many of them do. So I splurged on this expensive digital model. I also wanted a reliable humidifier for my toddler's room, in order to prevent wintertime coughs and colds.

    Unfortunately, this humidifier is a great disappointment. It does not live up to its claims of being mold-free; quite to the contrary, the long air passage tube grew reddish mold very quickly. Water also inexplicably collects in the bottom white basin. I called the company to resolve the numerous problems with the humidifier, yet they did not give me satisfactory explanations (e.g., they told me that the water collection is normal, yet why should water collect in the basin of the humidifier? Isn't that a prescription for mold growth?) Plus, as a previous poster noted, the screw holding one of the major components quickly rusted. I wish I had not spent so much money on this humidifier. I have returned to using the Vicks Warm Mist humidifier, which I used last winter and really liked, and only costs around $40. ...more info
  • Horrible
    After 2 weeks of use, the screws are rusted, the black color of the metal inside the base where the humidity is generated is peeling off, it starts getting mold. Horrible quality....more info
  • Great if you can get it to keep the floor dry
    I bought this humidifier with the germ guardian uvc air sanitizer, I must admit being disappointed with both. With all the cutting edge technology built-in to this thing, you would expect it to not soak the floor. The product is alright but even on the lowest setting, I could not get it to keep the floor dry.

    The first night we turned it on low and went to bed, to our dismay when we woke up the entire floor was soaked (puddles)! It's a good thing we have hardwood floors in our house but if you have carpet, forget about this humidifier. You will regret buying this product. The workaround for me is I place a large towel under and around the humidifier. Not the most convenient, and like the UVC air sanitizer I bought from Germ Guardian, I may return both....more info
  • Good, but not great......
    First, let me say that mirasreviews review was extremely accurate. With that said, I give this machine 3 stars because there is no warm mist. As already mentioned, by the time the mist is one inch away from the machine it is cold, so, what's the point? Basically, this is a cold mist machine, and you should know that before you buy it. If you have anything within a foot of the spray, it will get soaked, especially if if you have selected the max setting. The directional spray is pretty good, however, I find it works best if the machine is a couple of feet off of the ground. It does not seem to force the humidified air far enough, so I set it on a table, and that does the trick. So far, we have not had any puddles or leaks of any kind. It is very quiet. Water capacity is good at 1.4 gallons, and does run for a long time if it is not on its maximum setting. We bought this because my daughter has croup and our pediatrician recommended trying a dehumidifier. We bought this one without much recommendation, mostly because the others (evaporative) we had broke. We have not had to give our daughter any of the steroid the doctor had prescribed, and she seems to be getting better (though we also let the steam build up with a hot shower running, and stay with her in there for 10-20 minutes). I do think this machine helps. My main reasons for only three stars are the lack of a true warm mist and the price. Oh, I should also note that it starts right away, no waiting. If I could, I would give it 3.5 stars. Again, I have to agree with another review, this is probably the best out there. I am satisfied (I have not been able to say that about other brands), however, I am not thrilled. ...more info
  • works quietly and well
    This humidifier does a fine job for a medium size bedroom. It is quiet, a big plus. A little cumbersome to refill, but you soon get the nack of how to do it.

    I just cleaned it out after having run a few weeks. Some gook, not too bad. Use a paper towel to get into little corners.

    I recommended it to a friend, but the larger model that holds more water, i.e. less frequent refilling....more info


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