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The award-winning StressEraser uses advanced biofeedback technology to help you relax and relieve stress.Clinically tested and professionally recommended, the StressEraser uses a non-invasive infrared finger sensor to detect your pulse rate. Just follow the on-screen prompts and gentle audio tones to slow and deepen each breath, naturally activating the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for rest, relaxation and long-term renewal. And once you've activated the parasympathetic system, the relaxing effects last beyond the actual time spent using the device use StressEraser for just 15 minutes before bed and enjoy relaxed, stress-free sleep all night! Plus, the more you use it, the better you feel. StressEraser is compact and portable, so you can take it anywhere for on-the-go relaxation. The combination of on-screen symbols and gentle audio tones lets you use StressEraser with your eyes closed, while the screen backlight lets you use it in the dark, too. Timer allows you to pre-set a time limit for each session, so you don't have to worry about keeping track of the time. The history function tracks your performance, enabling you to actively improve your ability to relax. Includes DVD, instructions and carry case. Uses 2 AAA batteries (included). 4" w x 3" l x " h.Clinically tested and professionally recommendedIt's small, it's portable and it's accurate. The StressEraser is so simple, gives immediate feedback, gives a guide to how you're doing, and is interesting enough to use that patients really do use it and enjoy using it.' James Spira, PhD, MPH, ABPP
Director, Institute for Health Psychology, Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego Helps you slow and deepen your breathing so you truly relaxBy deliberately slowing and deepening your breathing, you activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which encourages your body to rest and repose. Easy to use!Place a finger in the infrared finger sensor. Th

The StressEraser is an award-winning, FDA-regulated, portable biofeedback device that helps you learn to activate your body's natural relaxation response in minutes ¡ª without the use of medication.

Is there stress in your life? Now more than ever, you need the StressEraser?

The premise behind StressEraser stress relief is simple and has been used in practice by physicians, psychologists and meditation experts for more than three decades. This state-of-the art medical technology fits in your pocket and is drug-free and non-invasive. It uses a finger sensor to convert your pulse into a wave form. This wave guides you to synchronize your breathing with your heart rate cycle.

We all know that slowing down your breathing can slow down your heart rate and help you relax. The StressEraser cues you to not only slow your breathing but, just as importantly, to synchronize your inhales and exhales with the natural cycle of your heart rate.

Using an infrared sensor, the StressEraser measures HRV from the pulse in your fingertip and displays it as a wave.

Bad Waves. When you're stressed, your wave is jagged and spiky.

Good Waves. When you're relaxed, your wave becomes smooth and consistent, like a sine wave.
How It Works
From beat to beat, your heart rate naturally increases and decreases in a cycle, known as HRV, or Heart Rate Variability. Using an infrared sensor, the StressEraser measures HRV from the pulse in your fingertip and displays it as a wave. HRV is considered to be the most accurate, non-invasive measurement of your nervous system activity. HRV biofeedback is clinically proven over decades of peer-reviewed research to promote stress relief and relaxation training.

The wave is like a window into your nervous system. When you're stressed, your wave is jagged and spiky; when you're relaxed, your wave becomes smooth and consistent, like a sine wave.

How You Use It
The StressEraser uses simple biofeedback symbols ¡ª squares and triangles ¡ª to cue your breathing. Triangles indicate the "peak" of the wave ¡ª that is, the fastest point of your heart rate in your HRV cycle. Squares provide a scoring system for your waves, so you know when you are focused and breathing properly.

Your goal is to time your inhale/exhale rate so that you begin your exhale at the moment that the triangle appears at the wave peak. It may take several triangles for you to completely sync up, so be patient. There's no hurry! Remember your goal is to relax.

Studies show that HRV biofeedback shows more benefits over time. After a few days and weeks, you'll be able to relax in just minutes. The more you use it, the better you'll feel!

What's in the Box
StressEraser personal biofeedback device, Owner's Manual, Quick-Start card, Warranty registration card, two AAA batteries, protective case
  • StressEraser Breathwave shows impact of breathing on heart rate
  • Daily Points help you establish performance benchmarks
  • Timer allows yu to set session limits
  • Sound option enables you to use with eyes closed
  • Screen light enables you to use the StressEraser in the dark

Customer Reviews:

  • Interesting, but does it work
    Opening the box there are a bunch of cards, make sure you read them since one of them tells you how to put the batteries in the correct direction. The instruction booklet really does not saying what the graph being displayed comes from? Just to exhale slowly when you hear the beep or see the triangle at the top of the screen.

    Two weeks and I am still struggling to get three bars (what you are supposed to be doing).

    Six weeks later I am wondering whether I have less stress. Is my body or mind less stressed? I really not sure and the 30-day money-back has gone by.

    Too expensive for what you get. Starting out I think it gave me more stress, then it reduced. I think I will go back to meditation, its free....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    I ordered this device and took great care with the packaging expecting to return it within 30 days for the full refund. It was on a whim that I decided to give this device a shot to begin with... I was willing to give anything a shot to see if it could help with work stress.

    I've come to the conclusion that this is one of the best investments I've ever made! After ten to fifteen minutes of use I feel extremely relaxed. (I happen to have a portable heart rate monitor and the use of this device drops my blood pressure by 15 to 25 points after a quality 15 minute session!)

    Stick with it for a few days... It took about 4 days or so for me to be able to consistently breath at the rate and frequency the machine would recommend, but as soon as I got the hang of it the difference was very much noticeable. I cannot recommend this device enough! ...more info
  • Helpful product
    Stresseraser works as advertised. You introduce your finger in the slot and start breathing and watching the graph. Before you use it, it seems that it should not work at all. How do you relax by just breathing after a beep while watching a graph? Well, it works for me. I am used to relax with my eyes closed, but with this device I can relax just by sitting and breathing for some ten minutes.

    Why does it work better than just breathing by yourself? I guess that this device provides you with an external assessment/feedback and thus encourages you to keep using it until you have collected a number of points.

    The only problem is the price....more info
  • immediate, organic relaxation and overwhelming desire to sleep!--no more meds, thanks
    I'm a generally stressed out medical student who has been on and off antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications for almost a decade. After using the stress eraser for less than five minutes I immediately feel calm and have an overwhelming sense of calm and a desire to sleep. Honestly, I can't imagine getting back on the meds, mainly because they just weren't as effective as using this device and their side-effects are undesirable. As a result of using the stress eraser (10-15 minutes before bedtime) I no longer have trouble sleeping and the sleep I get is always restful, and not ridden with stressful dreams like before.

    As a student of medicine I understand that when I'm stressed I am in "fight or flight" mode. This so called "sympathetic" response is amazingly strong and in most people reaches its height during exceptional events, when we need to run quickly, think fast, and flee from danger (we've all heard of the grandmother who lifted a car to save her grandchild. Her sympathetic system activation helped make that possible). As someone prone to anxiety and stress, this "fight or flight" reaction almost seems like the normal baseline state for me. Countering the sympathetic responses are the "parasympathetic" or "rest and digest" state. These turn our body's focus to a lowered heart rate and a restful state.

    It makes sense that if our sympathetic responses can be amazingly strong (grandmother lifting car), it reasons that our parasympathetic responses should be at least as potent in a reciprocal way. This device has helped me hone in on the strength of parasympathetic response. This biofeedback stress eraser has shown me that an overwhelming parasympathetic response does exist!

    Because the device gives you immediate, positive feedback on your heart rate and how appropriate your breathing is, I can learn how best to breathe to counter stress. Because I'm focusing on the graphical images and striving for a good breathing pattern, I'm engaged as though meditating. Even though I've been practicing yoga for the last 4 years, I've still had trouble controlling my mind and relaxing during meditation without a lot of time and effort. This device has relaxed me more than a yoga session, but in a fraction of the time. Of course I'm still sticking with the yoga because it definitely helps and it's good physical exercise, but I can't go to yoga class every time I'm stressed! What I can do, however, is whip out this little guy and take five minutes out of my day to relax.

  • A little expensive, but it works great for me
    I bought this thing because I was curious about it, thought I'd try it out and intended on sending it back once I convinced myself that it was a glorified breathing machine. Well, the thing works for me so I won't be sending it back.
    You can read about the theory behind it at their website, but basically it measures your heart rate variability which in turn is supposed to reflect your emotional state. The device prompts you to breath out at a certain time to bring your HRV to an optimum level, which it measures by giving you a rating of 1-3 cubes at the bottom of the screen, 1 being bad and 3 being good.
    The first thing that I wanted to know was whether it accurately reflected my mental state, which I doubted it would. So I've tried thinking about something stressful at random times during periods when I was otherwise relaxed (3 cubes) and it gives me 1 cube pretty much every time. 1 cube definitely feels worse than 3 cubes. I've repeated this many times over and I don't doubt now that it can tell if I've gone from a relaxing state of mind to a stressful one. I can also tell now, based on how I feel, when I will get 1 cube vs. 3. This has turned out to be useful information because I can make myself feel relaxed without having to use the device, so I think the biofeedback component is really useful - it has helped me train myself to relax. It's a bit like a relaxation coach. I still can't get as relaxed on my own as I can using it, but maybe in time I'll be able to.
    The next thing I was interested in is whether this thing is any better than just sitting there and breathing calmly. Having convinced myself that it accurately predicts whether I'm stressed, I've tried to test this by ignoring the breathing prompts and just breathing in a nice calm manner and recording how many 3 cubes vs. 1 cubes I got in 15 minutes and comparing that number with the one obtained from breathing based on prompts for 15 minutes. Generally I get about 30-40% more using the prompts. The difference seems to be decreasing, but I think that's because I have learned to breath the way it wants me to w/out the prompts. Basically I'm getting better at using breathing to decrease stress so I don't need to rely on the device as much. At the beginning though, I wasn't too good at using breathing to calm myself.
    Obviously I can't tell if this works for everyone, and I bet some people are good at using deep breathing to calm themselves so that they wouldn't benefit so much from this, but I've been pleasantly surprised in that it's not a scam and it has helped me to de-stress without drinking a bottle of wine every night like I used to do (kidding). I'd like to see the price come down though.
    ...more info
  • Nice product
    This is a great product. I have been doing yoga/meditation for years. Both are great techniques for relaxation. With this device I am better able to get a focused effort as I am in sync with my breath. Great after some intense workout like cardio/weights etc....more info
  • Don't buy this
    Don't buy this. It breaks down and no one from the company will ever call you back....more info
  • Snake oil
    Yes, I can synchronize my breath with the device. And?... Nothing. No impact on stress. The same category as "miracle diet", "miracle supplements" and alternative medicine

    Back to store!...more info
  • Sort of like a personal trainer for relaxing
    I've enjoyed using the product and it does help me to relax. Of course, if you will simply pause several times a day and focus on relaxed, deliberate breathing for a few minutes, you will achieve most of the same effect. Trouble is, who does that without some prompting? The StressEraser helps make this effort more interesting and helps you focus through both visual and auditory cues. The first few minutes that I use it, nothing seems to be going on, but if I continue for about 5 minutes, I become very relaxed. I use it each night before bedtime and also usually in the middle of the workday, at lunch....more info
  • genious
    I've had chronic insomnia for the last five years and have tried everything but still need sleep aides. So far the Stress Eraser gets me to sleep faster and I've been able to cut way back on the dosage of sleep medication. Being someone who practices yoga and meditation, I recognize that the device enables you to get the benefits of those things in much less time and with a fairly guaranteed outcome. While it seems like relaxed breathing is something you could do on your own without a device, it works much better with the device because you can't cheat- when your thoughts wander, it catches you. I try to use it for about fifteen minutes each night but I'm usually falling asleep before I can finish the session. I sleep deeper and my jaw is more relaxed in the morning. Most importantly, it's not medication. And stress is really really bad for you and most ways of combatting it are costly and time-consuming. Once you own one of these you can relax quickly and completely any time you need to. I want everyone I know to have one!...more info
  • Proceed With Insight
    I do own this machine and I think it is a cool tool to have, but I would not necessarily recommend this for someone on a budget who is looking for bona fide relaxation solution.

    Some meditation traditions focus on almost exclusively attending to your breath. This means focusing on your breath without really trying change it. Other traditions focus on changing your breathing. Either way, these methods are free and can be more rewarding in my opinion.

    Yes, this is a biofeedback machine, but it works under the loosely woven premise that it will stimulate your vagus nerve and make you more relaxed. Another way to stimulate this nerve is by exercising. Try spending 30 minutes a day walking. If you do buy this machine, try a few sessions with the machine. After that, try some cardio and then using the machine to see where you are. You will be astonished that simply exercising may produce the same effects your just paid >$250 for.

    Good luck. ...more info
  • Breath your way back to a clam peaceful feeling
    A simple to use tool that helps you breathe stress away. It does take a little practice to learn the proper breathing technique. It is worth the effort. For maximum benefit it should be used every day. I use it before falling asleep each night, the perfect way to end a day. I sleep better, I feel better.
    Small and lightweight can be carried in a pocket or purse. Use it anytime you need a stress break. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee, have a stress eraser break. Can be used anytime, anywhere.
    I love it.
    ...more info
  • Vite devenu indispensable
    Il m'a fallu une bonne dizaine de jours avant de trouver le moyen de bien me servir de cet appareil : faire des expirations longues (je compte jusqu'¨¤ 5 en insistant bien sur chaque nombre), des inspirations courtes et pas trop fortes (j'imagine une rotation au niveau de mon buste, je parcours le cercle en remontant lors de l'inspiration), le tout les yeux ferm¨¦s et si possible assis en tailleur dans l'obscurit¨¦. Ainsi j'obtiens le plus souvent des bons scores.

    J'utilise cet appareil longuement (100 points) avant de m'endormir et plus bri¨¨vement (40 points) dans la journ¨¦e si j'ai le temps.

    Il m'est devenu indispensable, je me sentirais perdu si je ne l'avais plus.

    Je conseille fortement, c'est tr¨¨s utile pour bien faire une relaxation ax¨¦e sur la respiration.
    A noter qu'il existe d'autres techniques de relaxtation (sur la d¨¦tente musculaire ou la visualisation) pour lesquelles j'utilise plut?t des enregistrements sonores (relaxation guid¨¦e par la voix et ¨¦ventuellement la musique)....more info
  • Did not get any value
    I purchased this StreeEraser with some expectations that it would help. I found it of no help and do not recommend it for anyone, unless they have money to waste. Also, the refund was discounted by 10% despite what the Ads for this little machine says in every magazine....more info
  • Not a miracle, but a helpful tool
    The stress eraser was not easy to master, one has to hold it in a particular position to make it work. If you tend to have cold hands, you need to warm them first (such as rub your index finger, use a heating pad, wash hands in warm water and dry thoroughly). When I use the stress erasure, i experience anxiety relief during and immediately after the session. But I have to use it consistently throughout the day to get all day relief. It is particularly effective for middle of the night insomnia. It hasn't made it possible for me to stop using anti-anxiety meds, but I haven't increased my dosage since I began using it. It is very expensive, but anyone who suffers from extreme anxiety knows that even a little burst of relief and having some degree of control over the condition is priceless....more info
  • Worked well for two weeks
    I purchased this item directly from the manufacturer to take advantage of the warranty and I'm very glad I did. The unit worked as advertized for two weeks--although it was a bit tricky to get the hang of--but then it just stopped displaying correctly and would turn itself off. I contacted the company and was told they could try troubleshooting with me but wouldn't confirm that the item was defective. I ended up sending it back and was charged a lot for shipping both ways. Definitely not worth two weeks of use. Buyer beware on this one!...more info
  • Good For Discipline
    If you think this is some gizmo that relaxes you without fuss or effort, you better stick with your Valium or Xanax. This product makes you work at relaxing: You will only get out of it what you put in to it.

    Upside: Yes, it works once you learn to work with it. You will relax and even fall asleep if you want to. It encourages you to discipline your body to relax itself. If you can't or won't do that, it will be utterly useless to you.

    Downside: I agree, it's expensive. It doesn't have features I would expect such as cumulitive analysis features combining all of your previous sessions. All it does is allow you to set the date so it can keep a running tab on how much you use it. The menus to the options are confusing and not very interesting. The "BREATHE" button I found to actually be useless once I got the hang of it. To be honest, I didn't think the "BREATHE" feature was very useful at all. All it does is tell you what your best exhale count is. Woo-hoo.

    Overall, I think this is promising technology with promising benefits. I'm definitely not as stressed as I used to be. But this unit would be like what the Apple II is compared to today's home computers. The next generations of the StressEraser will definitely need improvements....more info


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