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Sweet Almond Mint is the perfect balance of nourishing herbs and natural ingredients designed to hydrate and replenish hair that has been damaged due to shampoo and other harsh elements. May be used as often as necessary, it thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp without stripping them of their natural oils, providing it with added moisture, strength and sheen. www.chazdean.com

Customer Reviews:

  • yuck
    I saw this on an infomercial and couldn't wait to get it. I used it for about 2 weeks and couldn't stand it. My hair felt gross and unwashed and when I blew it dry, it would kind of smoke. (i think from the wax in it) It might make a fine conditioner, but it did not make my hair clean AT ALL. ...more info
  • smells good
    I was curious about this product, but didn't want to by from sellers website until I knew it did what it claimed. The product smells really good, but I didn't feel a huge difference. I have curly hair so I don't know if works as well on my type of hair. I'm glad I followed the advice from someone who wrote in and bought the single portion instead of bying continuous package from his website. ...more info
  • Glorified Conditoner
    That is what Wen is so just go out and buy some Suave and save the other 25.00 for something that is actually good. As for the seller I must say shipping and communication were excellant!!!...more info
  • This Actually Did Work!
    I've Always Been Really Protective Of My Hair, I Don't Blow It Dry Or Color It Or Put All Kinds Of Gunk In It. I Usually Keep It Long & All One Length, It's Quite Fine. It's Always Been Very Nice And Soft Until Recently. I Made The Decision To Get It Cut & Put Some Long Layers In It That Surround My Face, About Two Weeks After Doing That All Of A Sudden My Head Was Very Oily & It Would Look Like I Hadn't Washed My Hair In A Week, Now I Have Always Used Pantene & Loved It, But It Just Wasn't Working. My Hair Wasn't Soft Anymore Either. I Was Starting To Really Freak Out - I Saw This On The Paid Program Ad And Wanted To Try It. I Was Dumb & Ordered It From Their Web Site Before Checking Here, Which I Usually Don't Do(Got A Little Over Excited I Guess)It Took Me Forever To Get It(It Was A Month) & I Called Them & Told Them That I Wanted To Cancell The Automatic Shipments That They Sign You Up For Before They Sent Them Out, So We'll See How That Goes. I Was Skeptical, But I've Been Using It For A Week Now & It's A Miracle! My Hair Is Soft Again & I Can Wear It Down & It Doesn't Look Oily. I Was Afraid It Would Be To Heavy For My Fine Hair, But It Doesn't Seem To Be. I Curled My Hair Yesterday & It Looked Very Nice It Still Held The Curl All Day Without Any Styling Products Or Hair Spray So I'm Very Impressed! It Really Does Work-I think The Main Thing You Have To Be Careful Of Is Making Sure It's Rinsed Out Really Well. I Only Use 8 Pumps(Not The Oh My God Amount They Say)& I Rinse & Rinse & Rinse Till My Hair Squeaks. The Only Downfall Is The Price. I Still Have To Figure Out How I'm Going To Keep Paying For It Because Like Most Of Us I'm Not An Heiress. But I Have To Say It Is Great Stuff. I Would Recommend It To Anyone, It Saved Me From A Nevous Breakdown. ...more info
  • Awesome with a few issues
    My hair is thick, dyed, long (just shy of my waist) with lots of body. However, it is wavey but not enough were I can wash and go. Under normal shampoo and conditioner my hair does fine. Normally I wash my hair every other day since most of the time it is pinned up. After the second day without washing my hair, the hair close to the scalp gets oily and dry. I chose to use this because I just didn't like how my ends were looking after I blow dried or after I took it out of my bun. I like to wear my hair down when I can and I am in a job that requires me to wear it in a bun 5 days a week. So like many others I saw the infomercial but opted to buy from Amazon so I wouldn't get caught into the automatic renewal.

    For two weeks I used only the Wen to shampoo/condition and followed the recommended dose of 30 pumps. I noticed that my hair close to my scalp was being weighed down and looked oily. So I only used the product from my hair at the nape of the neck down to the ends and half the amount of pumps. I was still having that oily problem on my scalp. I decided to go ahead and shampoo my hair with an over the counter product and use this as a conditioner. I am very pleased with the results. My hair is so much softer; the ends don't look out of control (Frizzy); my hair has a more natural waves so I don't have to straiten it. I also reduced the amount I use to about 12 pumps. I will continue to use this product in conjunction with my shampoo because I really like the results. I did get complimented on how shiny my hair is. Did I mention the smell is more minty vs almond. It has a very nice scent to it....more info
  • Great Product!!! I Love It!!!
    I love this product. I am a licensed cosmetologist and have tried tons of products and this one is the best yet. I have long hair that I get highlighted and colored, so it tangles very easy and is hard to comb through wet or dry, until I tried this product. I no longer have tangles and my hair looks better and is more managable everyday. I think anyone that has hair that is frizzy or tangles easy should try it. The most important thing to do is use it just like the directions say. It is expensive but I was using Shampoo, Conditioner, leave in conditioner, and two different styling products to keep my hair looking like I wanted it. Now I use the Conditioning Cleanser and the Styling Cream that's it. Love it, Love it, Love it....more info
  • Restored my near hopeless dry and lifeless SWIMMER hair on first use!
    I swim in a pool one a week, and my shoulder-length brown hair was paying for it. It was dry, frizzy, and always smelled of chlorine, no matter how much I rinsed or conditioned. I had tried the special products that were supposed to help swimmer hair, but they just seemed to strip it and make it worse. And even though I had a good haircut, you'd never know it on any given day. So when I saw the WEN infomercial, I decided to try it. After all it was guaranteed, and nothing else was working.

    So, I get the WEN and slather it on, and OMG amazing! Not only did it restore my dull, dry, lifeless mop to vitality and shine, it totally eliminated the chlorine smell, and it did all this on the very first use!

    I was shocked, but pleasantly so. Just how it works, and especially how it eliminates the chlorine odor, I don't know, but I don't care! I just know that I can now swim every week without my hair paying for it. Before WEN, I almost never had a good hair day, and now I have them about 80 percent of the time!

    I'm a baby boomer, so I wash my hair only twice a week these days. I bought the Almond Mint starter pack first, then the WEN variety pack and tried all five cleansing conditioners over a few months, and now I'm reordering the Almond Mint and the Lavender, which seem to work the best on my slightly wavy hair. I order direct from chazdean.com, where you can pick and choose exactly what you want without any re-order hassle.

    Some people think this is an expensive product, but I think it's totally reasonable for what you get -- great-looking healthy hair! After all, I pay $40 for a decent haircut every three months, which the WEN brings to life! And it just simplifies my life. Wash, blow dry with round brush, and go, looking good!

    I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because I'm not a fan of mint, and both the Almond and Lavender have a 'cool' feel that my scalp could do without. I also think that even WEN is hit or miss sometimes. Like all hair products, it seems to work better on some days than others. But overall, it's a keeper as far as I'm concerned.

    It may not be for everyone, but if you know a swimmer who is totally frustrated with the state of their hair, encourage them to try WEN and see what happens. You just might really make their day!...more info
  • NO more split ends!!!
    I saw this infomercial on TV and I didn't want to get sucked into being charged automatically for a new shipment every 3 months. So I ordered it from here so I could try it. My hair was color-treated and very damaged. My hair is also very thick and curly. I tried this the first day I got it and was amazed. Now only two uses later, I am having trouble finding my split ends that used to overpower my hair!!! It is a great product. My hair is sooo soft now and manageable, it also smells wonderful. You need to be careful not to use it as a leave-in if you are prone to greasy hair, but the product itself, when rinsed out did not leave a greasy feeling in my hair. I will definitely continue to buy this product. Unlike claims that you should not always shampoo your hair and just condition it that leave it feeling unclean, this product left my hair feeling very clean and feeling amazing. ...more info
  • AWESOME PRODUCT - Be wary of the Infomercial sales tactics
    I have been using the WEN haircare system for about 6 months and i totally love it! My hair has never been softer or healthier, and my scalm which used to always be itchy and flaky is the healthiest its EVER been. HOWEVER, I bought it after watching the infomercial and have been truly diasmayed by the sales tactics used by Gunthy-Renker. First it bas back ordered so they charged me and made me wait weeks to receive any product, then they auto ship the product and include way more than I could use. The billing is confusing and you have to pay return shipping on products that you don't want. I will coninue to use the cleansing conditioner, but I have no use for the styling cream and have 3 tubs of the "remoist hair treatment" Try this product, it does work. But order off a sight like Amazon....more info
  • Depends on the Person
    My brother and i bolth used it his hair looks great and feels clean. my hair on the other hand turns out oily like i havent washed it in a few days. I tried using less product and then more even rinsing my hair longer it still turned out oily. It works really well for my brother though. It just depends on the person. I wouldent recomend it for people with oily hair....more info
  • Former Pureology user
    I ordered this product off of the infomercial. My hair is naturally coarse/wavy/curly and I have noticed since I've hit my 40's it has become very dry, even more coarse and FRIZZY. I used to use OTC shampoos (Suave, Aussie, L'Oreal), then my stylist turned me on to Pureology, which is expensive but did make my hair softer/more manageable. When I first got this product and used it, my hair was very soft but still frizzy. I only wash my hair every other day, so I've been using this product for close to 2 months now. I have to say, this stuff is PHENOMENAL! The longer I've used it, the softer and less-frizzy my hair has become. I live in the south with very high humidity so I don't know if the frizzies will ever go away completely, but what a difference this has made. I washed my hair the other day w/Pureology to see if I could tell a difference. Heavens above, when I rinsed the shampoo out, my hair felt like straw! Even after applying and rinsing the condition, I could see and feel a big difference. I will continue to use the WEN for the forseeable future. I'm still on the Sweet Almond but am ordering and trying the Fig next since it is supposed to be great for coarse/wavy hair. For those of you who find this leaves your hair greasy and weighed down: May I suggest you try only washing your hair every other day, and don't apply any as a leave-in conditioner after you rinse initially. Also, I haven't used any of the balm/intense conditioner that came with my kit, so can't comment on how well those work. BTW I have past-the-shoulder length hair so I use about 15-20 pumps of product (5 top/scalp, 5 rest of length, 5 w/hair upside-down to make sure I get the underside well)....more info
  • Maybe if Chaz Dean did my hair?
    I, like many others got sucked into the infomercial and just had to have this product. I was so impressed to see all the shiny, bouncy, clean hair and all with one product. It seemed revolutionary and I figured this was worth the money. My first stop was the official Wen website but I got scared away by being automatically signed up for auto-delivery. i learned from my experience with another infomercial product that I better not do this as it's nearly impossible to cancel. My next stop was Amazon and I didn't mind spending a lot of money since it was such a huge bottle. To my surprise, when I received the product you have to use a rediculous amount of Wen to get your hair clean. My large bottle was half gone after 2 weeks!!! As for how well it cleans, I really wouldn't recommend this product to anyone I know. My hair feels heavy, weighed down and dirty. I have read the lengthy instructions on the back of the bottle, been to their website, watched demonstrations and still don't have any luck with getting my hair shiny and clean like they claim. If a shampoo is that complicated to use then I don't have any need for it. I also spent more money on the styling product only to have that make my hair a million times more greasy feeling. After a couple of weeks of putting my hair in a pony tail because it felt so god awful I decided to go back to my two dollar a bottle Suave and my hair once again felt clean, bouncy, was shiny and more manageable. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Be wary of sales tactic
    This conditioning shampoo product is nothing special. And it's expensive. But beyond that: Be very wary if you order from the website. You will be automatically billed and sent future orders and it is very hard to cancel. When I spoke to the sales representative about why I had to pay return shipping for a refund on a product I never ordered she referred me back to the website. All I can say is when you check out they have a box indicating if you want automatic shipment of future orders but they will sign you up for that no matter what box you check or don't check. Buyer beware! If you do want to try it order it from someplace other than www.wenhaircareproducts.com. And, my advice is to stay away altogether. Why support a product that uses such shifty business practices?...more info
  • The entire WEN line is amazing!!
    Let me start by saying that I have VERY curly, thick, dry and hard to control hair. I have always looked for that miracle product that could work wonders on my hair. I have tried many products, including Quidad for years, and nothing seems to help my hair. Now I think I have found the best product out there! I have heard before that shampoo can be very damaging to your hair. I even tried just cutting out the shampoo and just using normal conditioner, but my hair felt so unclean and gross. I figured like one reviewer said, this was a happy medium.

    You probably won't notice much of a difference after a just couple uses, but just as they say in their infomercial, over a few weeks there will be a huge difference. WOW! This stuff is wonderful. My hair has never felt so soft and healthy in my life. And it smells great! I have been using it for a few months now and I can't ever return to regular salon hair products again. Even my boyfriend loves that he can run his hands through my hair now without it getting all snagged. I have also been straightening my hair since getting Wen, and I have never been able to get it so straight before AND make the it last without running the flatiron through it every morning. My hair stays straight until I need to wash it again. Even my sister (who I never told about Wen) said she has never seen my hair look so nice and straight! If it looks so nice straight, I can't wait to see what it looks like when I leave my hair curly next time!

    Overall, it is worth every penny. I know it seems like a lot, but I guess I am just used to buying expensive products for my hair. Also, I have seen so many reviews saying that people should not buy directly from their website. Have any of these people actually added up the costs of buying from Amazon compared to wenhaircare.com? Probably not. I enrolled in their automatic shipment because I love the convenience of it delivering automatically, but you also save a ton of money by doing it that way. They advertise that you do lock in at a low price, but I didn't really buy into the hype of their marketing plan. However, I just added up what I got in my 3-month supply kit on Amazon, and I would have paid over TWICE the amount on Amazon!! So, I might recommend that you buy just the conditioner for the first time on Amazon just to see if you like it. If you do, I highly recommend you sign up for their automatic delivery program, you will save a lot of money. Additionally, I also love the other items in the kit (deep treatment - definitely gives you added moisture if you need it, styling creme and texture balm - really helps with flyaways).

    Sorry this review is so lengthy, but I feel I need to spread the word on Wen if you do need intense moisture in your hair. I can't speak for other hair types, but I can see how it could make your hair feel rather greasy if you have normal hair. I would just make sure you following the directions exactly as other people have written. Love this stuff!!...more info
  • WEN Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner
    Love this product. My hair had become very dry (due to grey hair and hair coloring). After the very first use, it was shiny and alive again....more info
  • OMG! Wen Changed My Hair!!!
    This product does everything that it claims. I was stunned at the results. My hair was fine & limp,kinda oily but dry on the ends but NOT ANYMORE MORE! My hair has movement, it looks very young now (I'm 40)
    I use to wear extentions because I really want beautiful long bouncy hair but since I've used Wen I don't want to put my extentions in because my hair has so much movement & looks so fresh. My hair is about to my bra strap in the back so thats kinda long but it was so thin & lifeless but it is so nice now and its even thicker! I had a baby one year ago & after I had her my hair fell out, I'm so thankful for this product and I know as I keep using Wen that my hair will continue to get better & better as it grows. I will have gorgeous hair by Christmas (that's the plan)
    I have a page on Amazon and anyone can contact me at anytime. I am a stay home mom and not affiliated with Wen in anyway. I'm just a customer that finally found a hair product that makes a difference. It has truly changed my hair and I hope you love it as much as I do.
    Thanks for listening:-)...more info
  • Amazing Hair Product!
    WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is by far the BEST hair product I have ever used. I have tried every product on the market and have found nothing that even comes close to this shampoo conditioner. Your hair looks and feels amazingly conditioned and healthy after the first time you use it. PLEASE try this product. It REALLY works well!...more info
  • wen shampoo
    generally, I am satisfied with this product. I do have to use more than usual the amount. I will purchase again....more info
  • LOVE IT!!
    I've been using Wen for over a year now and I love it! I am African-American with long hair that is chemically relaxed. I noticed a change in my hair as soon as I used Wen and my hair has only gotten better. It's softer, easier to comb out when wet and it doesn't shed as much as it did when I used regular shampoo. I do exactly as the instructions say and the results are great. I love Wen! Thanks Chaz Dean for making such a great product! I plan to use Wen for the rest of my life!!...more info
  • weh sweet almond mint cleanser
    I love this stuff, I only use it for a light conditioner after I have washed my hair with Bumble and Bumble seaweed shampoo. I have thick, fine,straight hair and it works better as just a light conditioner. I use around three pumps and put it only in the ponytail part of my hair. I have used it as the directions state and my hair is super heavy and over conditioned....more info
  • A great time saver - AND it works wonderfully!
    I read a rave review of this product in a magazine a couple of years ago and decided to try it. I ordered it from QVC, who still sells it. I am a total convert. First off, don't be put off or alarmed by the amount they recommend you use. As another reviewer said, you can tailor the amount to your own needs, but anything more than 10 pumps is ridiculous, and probably just a sleazy sales tactic on the part of the manufacturer. I have fairly short hair, but I get great results with only 6 or 7 pumps. I love to use it when I'm just washing my hair before work; it saves me the extra step of having to condition after washing. It leaves my fine, straight hair really clean-feeling, soft and smelling great, with just enough body.
    I've also tried the Tea Tree. Although it's recommended by Wen for use on thick or coarse hair, I find that it works just as well as the Almond Mint on my hair. I'm just not too crazy about the medicinal smell....more info
  • Bad product for fine hair
    Thankfully, I got my Wen from a friend who, like me, has fine hair, so I can't say much about the price. I don't color my hair, and under normal circumstances, it's not oily or dry. I'm blonde, and while I have fine hair, it's quite full. The first time I used Wen, my hair was exceptionally soft, but it was also hard to style. In subsequent uses, I found that my hair looked like it needed washed right after I used it, and was slick and impossible to style.

    I do have friends with thick, dry hair who love this product, but according to the research, they would do just as well by skipping shampoo and this product (rosemary and mint are astringents that dry both hair AND skin) and sticking to a good, inexpensive conditioner. Also, according to "cosmetics cop" Paula Begoun, Chaz Dean's claims of having invented both the concept and the product are false. Wen was invented by Proctor and Gamble who launched the first two-in-one shampoo/conditioner (Pert Plus) in 1987. Those of us who have watched infomercials long enough may remember Lori Davis, who used Ted Danson (bald) and Cher (routinely wears wigs) as her spokespersons. Wen seems to be another dose of the same old snake oil....more info
  • Great for dry curly hair!
    I was skeptic, but I had seen Chaz Dean use his products on a How Do I Look show and I was curious. Plus, I had read a book that suggested not using regular shampoo in curly hair and istead using conditioner to clean your hair. I didn't like the idea of not using a cleansing product on my hair so trying the Wen system seemed to be a happy medium. Plus, I have tried everything available, so why not try one more product? I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. It is the first time in my life in which I can wear my dry, curly hair as it is without having to use heavy styling products or none at all and looking like the Sphynx! It's worth giving it a try. You will feel liberated! And the products smell wonderfully too!...more info
  • Wen review
    I was using wen sweet almond mint and decided to stop and go back to regular shampoo etc. I had no idea you could get it here on amazon.
    I loved the product, but I too was dissappointed that it did not last long enough what with all that pumping. I didn't like the auto shipments either. I love the product and am going to purchase it through Amazon. I must admit I do use it as a conditioner only, I use a shampoo too. I started doing this because it didn't last long enough. In the beginning I followed the directions and used it as a cleanser/conditioner. Now that I can get it without all the fuss I will go back to using it only. I have colored treated and highlighted hair, down to about the middle of my back. I do hope this review will help anyone looking into this product....more info
  • WOW
    My hair has never felt so good. My hair is more managable. Less frizz and flyaway. I've found that I don't have to dry my hair any more to get the curl I want either. The more you use and the longer you leave it on the better. Also makes my hair very shiny. I love this stuff....more info
  • blondes beware
    This product promised to help keep your color longer. It turned my highlights and all-over color brassy on day one. When my colorist read the ingredients, she said the first five were all known color lifters....more info
  • Horrid
    I really wanted this product to deliver, but it fell very short of my expectations. Especially considering the nerve of the company to charge so much money, plus so much for shipping, I'd think they would make a product that did what they claimed. This particular fragrace (which was really the only good thing about it) promised to cater to those with fine hair, so being that I have fine hair, I tried it. Much to my chagrin, it did not cleanse my hair at all, but made it look greasy. Frankly, it was like using a plain conditioner with no shampoo. Don't buy it unless you have VERY dry hair, and even then, I'd invest in something much cheaper!...more info
  • Not all that...
    I'm not impressed with the Wen poduct. Seems like over-priced all-in-one-conditioner. I never felt my hair was as full and bouncy as the ads suggested it would be. I used it for a few weeks, now it sits in the guest bathroom awaiting overnight company. ...more info
  • Lou
    The product is fine and leaves my hear clean and shiney.
    I would buy it again if the cost was less or shipping was FREE....more info
  • This Product Works Great! if you know HOW to use it!
    I've been using this product for about 6 months now....some of the negative reviews I believe completely...but I don't think they are using the product correctly...first of all you do not need as much as they tell you to use...Honestly half as much will do just fine....if you feel like your scalp is not clean, use regular shampoo just on your scalp and then just use the wen as a conditioner..if you do that, you use even less and stretch your dollar....the next really important thing for some reason is you have to blow dry your hair to get the amazing results wen has to offer
    I don't know why, but it makes a HUGE difference...if you just let your hair air dry, it will look like crap...and if you flat iron it, it will also look bad, I don't know why, maybe it burns the product....but if you use it like I mentioned above, and blow dry your hair out with a round brush I swear your hair will look awesome!
    and be really healthy...
    I hope this helps you guys enjoy this product and not feel like you've been "had"...

    ...more info
  • Great if you want greasy, flat hair
    For starters, please note I am not Mark, I am a gal with very curly, fine, thickish hair, layered and about shoulder length. I have always wanted straight hair (not in the cards) so I blow dry it. It tends to frizz (I just got an ionic blower and am hoping that will help).

    I'd characterize my hair as a bit dry. And I use semipermanent color in it now that I'm getting gray. I do not wash it every day, maybe twice a week (it would be interesting to know if some of the people who like Wen are using it daily?)

    Long story short, it does not clean you scalp the way a "foaming" shampoo does, and I like a really clean scalp/hair. It gets COLD having it sit up on your head while you shower, probably because of the rosemary oil in it.

    Finally, it made my hair shiny, but oily. Maybe I shouldn't have added in that little bit for "conditioner"? At any rate my hair went too flat, which is not the look I wanted. I went back in the shower and washed the Wen OUT. Now my hair looks better.

    Maybe Wen can be used but without the extra they say to put in or not as a shampoo at all but afterwards before you style?

    I dunno, but it did not work when I followed directions to the letter (only not as much pumped on as they say).

    For me, definitely not as good as Herbal Essences shampoo w/ Organix conditioner, or Fructis conditioner or L'Oreal conditioner.

    Well, I tried!...more info
  • Love the sweet almond mint!!
    I have tried all of the Wen "flavors" and I love Sweet Almond Mint best by far! This product leaves my hair so soft and tangle-free! I have really fine hair, and my hair just lays so nice and has more volume than with other shampoos. Usually after I blow dry my hair, I have to use a hot iron to smooth my hair out and fix the ends. But when I use this product, I just blow it dry and it lays perfectly. I really feel I don't lose as much hair with each shower when using this product as well. I do notice a little bit of buildup after a couple of weeks, so I use a clarifying shampoo a couple of times a month. I would recommend this product to anyone!!...more info
  • Too much Hype
    I bought this after watching the Infocommercial. I was hesitant from all the promises so instead of buying it from the 800 number I bought it online to try it. A hair cleanser that costs so much should be so much better than all the other less expensive ones, right? Absolutely not!

    My biggest problem with the product is the time it takes to use. It states that you should apply ~30 pumps, leave on, splash water on your hair, massage into scalp, comb through then finally wash out. You can apply more then as a leave in conditioner. If this was a once a month thing then fine but to do this everytime you wash your hair is ridiculous.

    Second when I rinsed by hair after letting it sit about 10 minutes my hair felt coarse, not silky as promised. Only when I used some as a leave in conditioner did it feel silky and I could comb out my hair.

    Interestingly as some other people have commented, I too, did not have oily hair with this product the following day, but the 2nd day I was definitely in need of another wash. I began to get tired of the whole routine so I would wash my hair with another shampoo then just use this as a conditioner. It's really nothing special though.

    I've used other products where my hair was much more shiny and smooth. I do believe Chaz's point that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is bad for your hair. I went to Sally Beauty Supply store and found other great Sulfate-free Shampoo and conditioner: Colorgen "professional care for color-treated hair, moisturing shampoo, Sulfate-fre, Antioxidant, Intensive Color Retention." Conditioner: UV filter, antioxidant, color stabilizer." This stuff is awesome! Normal price is $[...] for 12oz (Sally card: $[...]). I would DEFINITELY recommend these hair products over Wen. Spend your money and TIME more wisely.

    To see another great review on Wen go to: [...]...more info
  • Such a waste!
    So I have long and very healthy hair. I've tried a million products and I'm very, VERY careful about what I put in my hair. That being said, WEN seemed like a fantastic product! All natural, no sulfates, etc., blah blah. Well, not so much. First of all, if not washing your hair provided such wonderful results, don't you think other professionals, aside from Chaz Dean, would support this and market products accordingly?! I used this for almost 2 weeks, and by the end I literally felt like a scarecrow. My hair was comparable to straw. After I stopped using this, and used a clarifying shampoo to remove both the buildup of WEN and the products that WEN never effectively cleaned out of my hair, it was like night and day! Beautiful, soft, silky hair once again. What a waste WEN, what a total WASTE! ...more info
  • Wen Sweet Almont Mint cleansing conditioner
    I absolutely love this product. I'm 58 years old and in the midst of menopause and hair loss is part of it. Wen has actually slowed down the hair loss - I don't know how, but it has. It smells wonderful and my hair is soft and manageable. I use quite a bit less than they recommend because my hair is fine - 10 pumps to their recommended 16.

    Thanks for creating such a great and healthy-for-my-hair product!...more info
  • Sweet Almond Mint was a sweet disaster on my hair
    I bought this cleansing shampoo based on the infomercial (I know, I'm a sucker!). I tried it for two weeks and I was just miserable the entire time. I have shoulder-length *very* thick hair and it felt heavy and greasy the entire time I used it. My scalp felt as though I hadn't washed my hair.

    Overall a very unpleasant experience. I actually use Hello Hydration by Herbal Essences and it works great. It's very inexpensive and even though my hair is color-treated, it keeps my hair soft and shiny and people always comment on how nice my hair smells. I don't know why I ever switched....more info
  • Its Amazing
    I have very very fine limp blahh hair. After trying every product known to man I thought I was stuck with this hair for life. Well, I decided to give this a try. I was skeptical to say the least. I followed the instructions to the T. The cool water and all the pumps. And even leaving some in as a after conditioner. I would say after the 3rd to 4th shampoo I started noticing a difference in my hair. It started feeling thicker, I could actually pull my hair back like in a pony tail and feel "hair". A couple weeks later it had a little wave to it it I never had before. I have now been using this for roughly 5-6 weeks. Now I have noticed new hair growth. Its really strange because I never heard anyone mention this before. BUT it looks like someone gave me a really bad hair cut and I have all these new little hairs standing up especially around my part line. I am now putting a little conditioner or oil to help flatten that out for now but it really amazing. Another thing I noticed is I used to have a brush full of hair at the end of the day. Now I only have a few hairs left in my brush. I just wish I would have found this years ago.

    All I can say is I am really surprised and impressed by this hair care product! ...more info
  • Not That Great
    I have long, straight hair that I have to wash daily if I don't want greasy roots. My ends are dry and get tangled easily. I got this for Christmas and used it exactly as directed. Honestly, my hair was exactly the same after using it. I noticed no difference and neither did anyone else who saw me (I asked). I won't buy this again even though it's supposed to be better for your hair because it's way too much money!!...more info
  • Not So Great
    I must say that even though I read both the negative and positive reviews of Wen on Amazon, I still purchased the product from the infomercial. Well, I didn't really like the results. My hair is thin and curly naturally. My hair did feel a lot softer in the shower within minutes, but while it dried afterwards, I noticed it become limp and almost oily. I continued to use it for a few weeks to give it a chance and no change. I'm sure for some hair types it's a "miracle" product, but it did nothing for me. I ended up canceling my future orders and sending my unused portions to a friend. ...more info
  • Highly Overated!
    Ordered this product off of e-bay and was sorely disappointed. Way to much Hype! It made my hair greasy and unmanageable. It didn't feel like it was getting clean at all. Thanks but I'll stick with my regular shampoo and styling products. ...more info
  • The Real Deal for Ethnic Hair
    I am African and have the thick, Kinky Hair. I love my hair dont get me wrong-- but it's been chronically dry and in the past when I moisturized it- it always seemed like the moisturizer just sat on top of the hair and did nothing to soften it. Gross!

    I saw Chaz Dean's Wen products on a commercial and thought- not possible. Ive tried so many products over the years that have promised miracles but not delivered an iota on that so I was skeptical. But after reading a review from an African American here, I thought I'd give it a try. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! I got my order 4 days ago, used it for the first as soon as it came in and the change was INSTANT! My hair is now soft, silky and really- the kind of hair I think I had last in my childhood. Im 30 yrs old now. I cant believe how soft, silky & light my hair is!! My hair feels texturized and yet it is completely natural. Baby soft and elastic, not wiry!!!

    You have to consider that-- after decades of using detergents- one use of WEN has had such a dramatic effect. What about 6 months down the road of continued use? For the Africans or African Americans skeptical about whether some products work for our hair-- Im here to tell you -- this stuff works! I got the booklet and they say the fig cleanser is good also. I'll probably try it next but...the sweet almond mint works GREAT! I used to cringe when people tried to touch my hair...but for the past 48 hours, I've been touching it constantly to be sure this is for real. It is. I'll never go back to shampoo that's for sure.I highly recommend this product!!!!...more info
  • Suspicious
    I have not used this product, but I was going to order it, and now that I have seen the reviews, NO WAY. Forty pumps of shampoo???? Give me a break!
    Also, the five star ratings seem like they are written by employees or friends and family of the company. All of the five star comments are very contrived. Not to mention, when someone posts something negative, someone immediately is defensive. Not a good sign. It looks like Wen's employees are totally trolling this site.
    Thanks for the honest feedback from most people here, I saved myself from another credit card scam. ...more info
  • Great Product
    First of all, I am not an employee or family member of an employeeof this company. I was extremely skeptical of this product while watching the infomercial. I was sucked in by the first 5 minutes. I watched the infomercial twice more and decided to give it a shot. It worked fantastic on my thick, coarse, slightly wavy hair. It left my hair clean, shiny, and manageable. I didn't even have to use styling products. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Makes My Hair Feel Sooo Healthy
    This is great, I only use it occasionally to keep my hair feeling healthy and it works! Great Product! ...more info
  • Love It!
    I have ordered this 2 different times. I started with the cucumber mint and loved it. When I went to reorder it they were out so I decided to try the Sweet Almond Mint. I love that even more!! I have a lot of hair but it is fine. My main concern when ordering this was that it would weigh my hair down and it would look flat and oily. This did not happen at all! I think when people say it did make their hair feel dirty the problem may be not rinsing it out completely. All of the steps do take a lot of time from saturating your hair to massaging the conditioner in to leaving it it to finally rinsing it out. I probably take the most time out of the process to make sure I rinse everything completely. I read somewhere that when you think you've rinsed your hair enough rinse it for 2 minutes longer. I have followed that and have had no issues with my hair not feeling clean. I wash my hair every other day and even on the 3rd day with Wen it looks far cleaner than with any of the other shampoos/conditioners I've ever used (and I'm picky!)and my hair looks SO much better (and I thought it looked pretty good before). It is kind of expensive but it is SO worth it. Just remember RINSE, RINSE, RINSE!...more info
  • Incredible!
    Never before have I had anything like this product. My Hair which are shoulderlength, extremely thin, fine and limp - are now with only ONE product and nothing else - the most full, thick and volumous that they have EVER been. And I have used the most expensive Hair products before this (Kerastase, etc.)

    ...more info
  • When you forget what real healthy hair looks like, try Wen.
    So, I skeptically tried this cleansing conditioner. Ive been using it for about 2 weeks now and ive read through the reviews here and compared them with my own experiences. First of all the price, as with most quality products..ouch it does hurt your wallet. Im not sure i'll even be able to continue buying this as a permanant replacement for regular shampoo/conditioner. However, I can say that it really does dramatically redefine the way Ive always looked at washing my hair. Its a one step process but it doesnt necessarily cut shower time...Heres why....(and this goes out to all of the reviews about trying this product and experiencing "greasy flat hair")....You need to MASSAGE this product into your scalp like a lotion and use enough to cover as much of your hair as possible. I typically dont apply on my ends to conserve but then work what I do use through to the tips if I can. Also, after/during massaging this into your scalp you need to let it soak into your hair for I would say at the very least five minutes. But the longer the better. Take it from me, I have naturally very oily/thin hair, I made the mistake of trying to be quicker and not massaging it into my roots and as the day progressed I noticed, wow, my hair is oily and flat...yuck...So the next day I was more careful and massaged it in better and what a difference...my hair has more volume than normal, its soft to the touch, shiny (but not oily at all) and healthy looking.
    When you use this product you really have to change your previous ideas of dumping shampoo on your head and getting that folicle stripping lather instantly cleaning...and destroying...your hair.
    This shampoo WILL NOT LATHER it is more of a cleansing hydrating lotion. You need to massage it into your scalp...enjoy the refreshing feeling it gives you on your scalp, I was amazed by this the first time I used it.
    It felt like my scalp could actually breathe for the first time.
    If you give it a try, like I said, just remember to follow the instructions, they really arent that complex. And trust me you wont regret it. I am just now looking at my hair today and thinking wow... so this is what real, healthy, hair looks like.
    Another note, I did not buy this on Amazon, I bought it at qvc.com which is currently sellling it on sale if you read this review in time maybe check that site out before you buy it and compare prices because this stuff is definitly not cheap....more info


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