The Game of Life

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First published in 1925, this book has inspired thousands of people around the world to find a sense of purpose and belonging. It asserts that life is not a battle but a game of giving and receiving, and that whatever we send out into the world will eventually be returned to us. This little book will help you discover how your mind and its imaging faculties play leading roles in the game of life.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Game of Life and How to Play It
    I love this book. The ideas in it can change your life. I've already begun to teach my 3 year old that words are very powerful....more info
  • Simply terrible
    Buyer beware. I liked the title of this book and bought it on the strength of the other glowing recommendations. But it is absolutely terrible. It's sort of a stream of consciousness series of babbling anecdotes and platitudes, vaguely tied together with citations to the Bible. It's about as coherent as a pamphlet from a street-corner fanatic wearing an "end is near" sandwich board. ...more info
  • Excellent.
    Over the last dozen years, I have bought and given away over 100 copies of this book and have found that those who applied these simple principles....reported miracles!...more info
  • The Game of Life and How to Play it
    I found this book very delightful and fun to read. It brought out some very interesting points and helpful ideas to live by....more info
  • One of the Best books to learn how to WIN in every facet of life!
    Wow! Great book. So much information that will enable you to change your life easily and quickly. The book itself is a fast and enjoyable read! Highly recommended!...more info
  • One of life's MUSTS!
    Was first given this book nearly 15 years ago! It shifted my perspective in amazing ways with the revelation that everything on the outside is controlled by thoughts from the 'inside'. Every single person should read and 'listen' to this book, I have given several as gifts to people. It is written in very simple, layman terms. It's a book you can pick up & put down time after time. For reflections, for reminders, for affirmations...this book has it all. If only we humans weren't so complicated!! This book reminds us of how easy it can be for us to be. Start reading it now!...more info
  • Buy this book and change the world!!
    Buy this book and begin the journey to changing this world, starting with yourself! Peace!!...more info
  • Wise and Way Ahead of Her Time...
    Though not a large book, this is a very worthwhile read and easily digested in bites. So if you only have small bits of time to sit and read, you won't get lost with this one.

    In rebuttal of previous negative reviews, part of my background and education is a degree in Theology, and further studies into world religions and ancient texts. As someone who understands extensive biblical study - and I mean cross referencing original greek, aramaic and hebrew texts, as well as many, many authors and researchers works, writing theses and all the other such efforts required in such education and credentials, I still find this book compelling.

    It was not the easiest read for me initially as Florence speaks in terms of things that I had never, at the time, really heard much of before. It was a new kind of thinking for me. The only reason why I was reading the book was because an 80+ year old lady recommended it to me and asked me to.

    I found myself challenged in thought/perception, moral philosophy and interpretation by a book written in 1925! And unlike anything I had read up until that time. There were times I was very frustrated by what I read. Yet, in the end, I not only could not argue with her assertions and interpretations, I found truth and peace in them. The experience catalytically changed my perspective, opened my world and even improved my life in doing so. Today, there is no other book in my collection (of multiple bookcases of various sources) with more permanently housed bookmarks and notations. I could not now recommend a book more highly than this one for self-improvement. It is very positively written with hope and love. Remember that the creation of reality begins with the foundation of thought. Florence teaches according to this principle and touches on elements that can also be found in science and quantum physics, another study I highly recommend.

    If you're reading this because you're at a point of seeking in your life, it's a pretty unassuming, economical little book and well worth the return.

    For those who have the eyes and ears.......more info
  • The Game of Life and How To Play It
    This book was given to my family as a gift eighteen years ago. I have personally given it as a gift more times than I can count over the years. I now work as a Psychic Counselor and talk to people over the world. I recommend this book to all of my clients. The thank-you's that each bring back to me when people read this book tells me that more people are working to make this world a brighter place. The wholesomeness of looking at the world through Florence Scovill Shinn's eyes mirrors a wonderful world of positiveness that we all should follow. In my daily life she has been a constant reminder that what we say think and do, reflects in every area of our life. I had hoped someday to tell more people about this book thanks to amazon I can. My suggestion is read and re-read Florences' book you will learn something new about yourself every time you do. Thank-you to the publishers who continue printing her book and Amazon continues the sales...more info
  • Got it for my wife.
    She wanted it...I got it...I think she enjoys it. I am only writing this cause I have to....more info
  • Fantastic!
    You can definately change the way you think with this book. As "like attracts like". It may take awhile, but you'll get the hang of it. I recommend this as a starter book for anyone who's had a lousy life. Then eventually work your way up to the Bible. ...more info
  • Must read for all, young or old
    This is a great, easy to read book, with real life examples. Great for anyone and everyone no matter what your level of spiritual awareness is....more info
  • The Greatest $6.00 Investment you will ever Make!
    This book is so powerful, yet so simple to understand and read. The chapters are short; so I read a chapter a day to keep me motivated, thinking positively and expecting great things to happen to me. It is thin enough to keep in my purse, so I can pull it out if I have a few minutes while waiting for something/one. It really has changed my life. I keep copies (Amazon makes this so easy) to give to people as gifts and the feedback from them has always been positive; they start passing it on.

    FYI to publisher - I prefer the original cover and layout of the book over the existing one. ...more info
  • Helped me
    I have read the the book "The Secret". I recentley met a very nice female mininster that explained that this book was the biblical understanding of "The Secret". I have it in my car and have listened to it numerus times. I have really enjoyed this CD..I know now this is Gods purpose and what he wants for us....more info
  • An incredibly wise book on the right approach to life
    When I first came across this book, I looked at it with derision. The original version had a white cover with garish orange print. When I asked the bookstore owner, with a bit of skepticism, "what the heck is this book?" She replied, "I don't know. It's been sitting on the counter for ages, give me a dollar and you can have it." So, on a lark, I bought it.

    Boy did I learn not to judge a book by its cover!

    It is still mind-boggling to me, 30 years later, that a woman in 1927 could write such a transcendental, high book.

    It taught me about right attitude towards money, life, manifesting what I want and need, and letting go.

    It helped me to break free of the chains of anxious thoughts that filled my days, and gave me a taste of what great peace and understanding felt like.

    To this day, I am grateful for how it changed my life.

    This is one of the highest books I've ever read, and I'm still in awe at the level of her awareness.

    Many of my friends and clients have read this book, and found it incredibly valuable, too.

    A priceless book....more info
  • You will read and re-read this classic
    If you are looking for a spiritual guidance system this book has it no matter what your beliefs ...more info
  • Practical Modern spirituality
    I've read many spiritual books, and this is the one I find most helpful in daily life. In fact, I've started a web site largely for people interested in practicing the precepts of this book: info
  • Life Changes
    Dear Gentlepeople:
    This book is similiar to The Secret. It offers profound information and guides to help you create a better life for yourself. It helps you to realize your dreams. Expertly written, it offers great examples of how the mind works and the power of the spoken word. I would recommend this book as a must read for all college students.

    Earline A. Bentley...more info
  • Change of Thinking
    This book brought me out of my depression . I wish I had found it earlier. I couldn't get rid of my depression after hurricane Charley and felt I never would, but this book changed the way I think and put me on the right track to recovery. It is no less than wonderful....more info
  • simply divine
    I found this book in the local library...and as a regular reader of personal development books this is an absolute must. I have read it, re-read it, and will read it again. The process of change is gentle, gentle, with no hard work, no burdens, just a quiet persistence that comes from finally comprehending what it is to have faith that you have Infinite Spirit as your main resource, and to believe in one's true destiny...Magnificence....more info
  • Wish I would have read this when I was in my teens
    Very easy reading, and it has a wealth of knowledge that is practical for everyone. When you're confused at times, this certainly brings me back to "balance"....more info
  • After a long time of searching...
    ... for a book that would summarize all the "little wisdom" one needs to guide him/her in life, I found Mme Shinn's masterpiece. Each and every word is golden!!! A little milestone to your success. I have also ordered the Inspiration Cards that belong to this book, looking forward to using them as everyday practice....more info
  • read this book and have everything you want
    I came acroos this book by accident, I bought it with several others and it stayed on by bookshelf for a long time, a time in which I was miserable and just didn't see any way out. Then one day I ran across it, I began reading it in bed, figuring I would be through it that night since it was less than 100 pages. Boy was I wrong. I began repeating the passages and it was like a burden was lifted off of my shoulders, I cried like I was finally free of all of the negative things in my life and that I was finaly going to get everything I wanted, even if it was not mine by devine right. This book will enlighten you and show you that everything that you want may just make you miserable and you'll regret it if you don't ask for things that really belong to you. How did this book change my life? After being single for a long time and dating all the wrong men, I met the man who was mine by divine right. I studied this book nightly before we met, I was even dating a Doctor and then I met my husband and knew that he was the one. And the wierd part was he had just moved from Cocoa Beach Florida, and I lived near Chicago, and we met in the middle of winter. He told me he quit his job and moved up here because he knew there was a reason. The reason was to find me. So when I concentrate and know that I can have it all, it comes true with amazing accuracy. It's true, life is a game and you need this "game manual" to show you how it's played....more info
    The tape is wonderful for helping to verbalise Florence Scovel Shinn's affirmations, that are so life enhancing and simple. I used to play this tape at night, or in the car, to help maintain positive thoughts. Like her books, the tape has a very uplifting, empowering feel without being too pushy in the religious sense. I can't recommend it highly enough...more info
  • I just learned how to LIVE !!!
    Although, I have not completely finished reading this book,I have to attest that it is the most inspirational book I have had the pleasure to read. I have been going through some of the most difficult times of my life. I had lost focus and perspective. I have looked to everyone and anything to find the answers to my questions.

    This book has taught me the power of myself. That I ultimately have the all the answers I ever need. I simply have to close my eyes and take the utlimate leap....I have the power to make things happen, both good and bad ( although by reading this book you will learn that bad, rather negativity is only a concept of weakness.

    But I say too much....

    READ THE BOOK....IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE !!!!!...more info

    I am constantly delighted by the elegance and grace with which the early and mid-20th century metaphysicians conveyed the eternal truths. People like Ralph Waldo Trine, Katherine Ponder, Raymond Charles Barker, Joseph Murphy and Frederick Bailes are still the best choice to read if you are serious about improving your life. And judging by this wonderful little book., Florence Scovel-Shinn takes pride of place amongst them. With a great economy of words, she makes her point and in simple language explains the benefits of right thinking and how to solve problems. The text is strewn with jewels in the form of uplifting statements and memorable affirmations. Amongst other topics, the laws of prosperity, nonresistance, karma and forgiveness are presented in a fresh way, with clear instructions on how to impress the subconscious. She covers everything that is really important in a book that one can read in a day. Of course, I recommend regular reading of this wonderful manual for living a life of joy....more info
  • One of My Favorite Books!!!
    The Game of Life and How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shin is the best inspirational book I've ever read. Her wisdom is timeless and simple. You get back what you give out. Her book taught me how to change my thinking. She offers great affirmations and wonderful real life examples of her own experiences counseling those in need of learning how to use their own personal secret weapons, words and thoughts. She clearly demonstrates how our words and thoughts create our life circumstances, good, bad or indifferent. This is a must read for anyone on the metaphysical path or anyone who needs a good pick me up.

    I started using one of the Affirmations in the Book "What the God Has Done For Others He Shall Now Do For Me and More!" And I got almost instant results!!!
    ...more info
  • duplication
    The book has some of the same good advice that I have read in others..however, the second part of the book was not an interpretation but the exact book rewritten with "her" instead of him. ...more info
  • How to Play the Game of Life?
    Most people consider life a battle, but, it is not a battle, it is a "game". The superconscious mind is the God mind within each man, and is the realm of perfect ideas. In it, lies the 'perfect pattern' spoken by Plato, the Divine Design for each person. A person knowing the power of the word becomes very careful in his corversation. He has only to watch the reaction of his words to know that they do not return 'void'. Through his spoken words, man is continually making laws for himself. The author quotes Proverbs 10:21: "Death and life are in the power of the tongue". Nevertheless, it is not enough merely to say the right words and have faith. We need to demonstrate to our subconscious mind that we seriously expect to achieve. The stated aim of this book is universal: An individual can achieve the :"square of life", the point of Health, Wealth, Love and Perfect Self-expression, if only they can tune themselves with the unchanging principles that govern life. Don't be scared out if what you ask won't be what you want, it will probably fulfull your deepest longing. So long as a man resists a situation, he will have it with him. If he runs away from it, it will run after him....more info
  • Amazing!!
    I've read many new thought and self-help books. But this is the one I've searched for. It speaks of divine truth and how to apply it to your life. It speaks of love, karma, forgiveness, and my personal favorite-casting the burden upon Christ. My biggest fault is how judgmental I am and I want more than anything to change that. It hurts me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This book gives me the means to bring about the change I desire through affirmative prayer. I don't expect change overnight, but I do expect it. I feel very positive about this. If I can use this book to change such a deeply ingrained
    part of myself (judgment), then I can use it to change every area of my life-complete transformation inside and out. That's
    what I want and with desire and faith, I know it's already mine.
    Thank you, thank you!!...more info
  • The Game of Life and How to Play It
    The book arrived quickly and in good order....more info
  • Positive thinking brings material rewards
    The main gist of Scovel-Shinn's philosophy is "positive thinking". So long as you think positively and avoid doing evil, you'll get everything you want, especially money. I say "especially money" because most of her examples involve people needing and getting money.

    I guess it's okay to be money-oriented, but there are other more important facets in life that she did not discuss as fully. Thus the diminished ratings....more info

  • This book is fabulous
    I was first introduced to this book about 15 or 20 years ago.I have an old zerox copy and wasn't aware that it was in print again.This book is so exciting that a friend of mine mentioned looking into having it republished. I just happpened to put the authors name into the search and was pleasantly surprised! I am ordering all of this authors other books for myself and for several friends as presents. You won't be disappointed by this magically uplifting book....more info
  • My favorite book...
    I read THE GAME OF LIFE for the first time in 1988. I have become a huge Florence Shinn fan since. Over the past 20 years, I have also grown to love Louise Hay. She is a living version of Florence. This is my favorite book. I have bought many versions of this book since my first and this one is my favorite. Not only is it my favorite version but it is also my favorite book of all time. Buy a dozen copies. Give them to your friends. Keep one in every room of your house and in your car or purse. Whenever you need a little spiritual boost, this is the book you need......more info
  • amazing
    This is one of the most wonderful books I have read in my entire existence.

    I would recomend it with my eyes closed.
    ...more info
  • Best book ever
    This is probably the best book I have ever read - it has helped me and many others. Don't know how many I have given away....more info
  • misguided
    This is a seriously warped cherry picked view of the bible. In some aspects she will chose a quote which fits her view, but then contradicts the bible completely. I am only a new christian but i can see how a book which denounces the existence of the devil or talks about reincarnation is seriously misguided. I am not being insensitive to those who say it has helped them but i would suggest the best thing to do it pick up a bible and learn the truth. ...more info
  • Superb
    I read this book in two days and already it has changed my life. It is inspiring and gives you hope to know that we all have the power within to make changes in our life through God and Our Savior The Lord Jesus Christ. If you apply these principal you are sure to see swift changes in your life I am about to buy every book that she has written because I hunger for more knowledge....more info
  • This Book will change your Life!
    I have read many self development books yet it was this book that made me finally understand how simple it really is. There are distinct Laws of the Universe that when acknowledged and applied correctly will bring you everything that is yours by Divine Right.

    As a society in general, we have been led to believe that life is much more difficult than it really is. Success in all areas of your Life is not hard to attain at all-- that is of course, if you know the game and how to play it!

    Read this book and change the way you look at yourself and more importantly how you look at every situation. Remember-it's not the situation- it's how you look at the situation that shapes your destiny.

    I can not stress enough the positive impact that you will see happen in your life and the people's lives around you when you read this book and apply the principles and affirmations. You will begin to see all your dreams start to come true right before your eyes and you'll find yourself saying, "I can't believe it was that simple..."

    I thank K. Orlich for recommending this book to me...and I thank for always having it in stock. Read this simple book--and more importantly--apply what you have learned and you will truly change your life....more info

    Long before the "Secret" there was "The Game Of Life And How To Play it."
    This is a great book - a must read for everyone. Don't just read it - live it.
    Anthony...more info
  • Absolutely wonderful book
    this is from 1920's but it is a great book! It does come from a christian faith perspective but has many holistic points and great insight...more info
  • Prepare yourself for a real treasure
    Get ready for a dynamic, powerful look at holding that vision (19) and wondrous miracles (37). I created a database on her splendid topics dealing with: courage (24), destiny (9), Kingdom (10), intuition (11), preparation (17), gossip (25), dominion (26), faith (72), demonstration (81) and thinking (31). Florence Scovel Shinn is one of America's most cherished inspirational authors. Born in 1925, she lectured to thousands at the Unity Truth Center and New York's Steinway Hall. She opens her marvelous book with the statement, "Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game." This beloved book is full of inspirational material and has been treasured by many for years....more info
  • A Constant Companion
    "The Game of Life" has been a constant companion for all of my adult life. I have endured many changes in packaging - some of them better than others. One of the first tattered copies I owned had no cover at all, pages yellowing and torn, but Florence's message still shone bright. I cannot count how many of these books I have purchased and given away. I have given them to curious strangers on the subway, and even to sour friends whom I knew would never read them. But, I know that "The Game of Life" has its own mysterious way of finding its way into appreciative hands - in just the same way that it found me, over twenty years ago. I have never read or owned another book so honest, inspiring, and concise. This is the type of book that you can open up on any page, on any given day, and receive just the perfect message. I can only hope that my book has a mere glimmer of its magic. Florence Scovel Shinn has influenced much of my thinking, and informed the basis for my own writing. I wish I could have met her and I owe her many thanks!...more info
  • The Game of Life
    Excellent book for people like myself who are trying to turn around all of their misfortune by learning how to think positively....more info
  • Powerful
    I had the pleasure of reading this book while experiencing some difficult situations in my life and I must tell you, it was an eye opener! I'm not a big self-help/inspirational reader, but this book was well worth my time and the money. If you're at a crossroads or trying to figure out why things are not going right in your life then this is the FIRST book you should read. Short and to the point, I've found myself giving it away as a personal gift or referring it to my family and friends....more info
  • Great book for positive thinking!
    This book is wonderful. The affirmations truly do work. I bought this book over three years ago and have steadily used it. This and Catherine Ponders books have transformed my and my family's lives. It is amazing how using the affirmations and suggestions bring in unexpected miracles and abundance on a regular basis. It is so simple, but you have to have an open mind for it to work. There's no room for pessimism when you are looking for miracles.......more info
  • a spiritual guide for living
    I have used this book for over 20 years to help me ride out the challenges in my life. Every time something comes up and I am at a loss I turn to the words Florence Scovel Shinn so eloquently gave us. It is a small but powerful book that keeps one grounded in the spiritual laws of success. Many have written on the topic but none so succinctly and powerfully as she has. This book will enrich your life and guide you to all your heart desires. It teaches you how to get in touch with the spiritual force inside of you. It gives you rules for living. The most important thing I've learned is "you control the situation when you control yourself." Shinn teaches you that you bring into your life all you have be it good or not so good. She reminds you it's not what happens but how you react to it that makes a difference. What I like the most is she tells you things with very few words. Sometimes it's hard to grasp what she means but eventually it comes and you feel empowered. An example was "an intellectual knowledge of the truth does not make it so." It took the longest time to understand that one line but one day I felt something from my soul or heart and not my mind and then I knew really knew what she meant. If you want to get your life on track and you want to move forward get this book and apply the principles she gives....more info
  • Wisdom about winning the game of life from 1925
    The late Florence Shinn originally wrote this book in 1925 to help people win the game of life. She was a metaphysician and lecturer who helped people solve their problems.

    In this short book, she explains the spiritual laws of life, including covering the topics of:

    - The law of prosperity
    - The power of the word
    - The law of nonresistance
    - The law of karma and forgiveness
    - How to impress the subconscious
    - And the power of love

    She also offers specific, short affirmations on prosperity, health, guidance, work and love. For instance, for work she offers, "I have a perfect work in a perfect way; I give a perfect service for perfect pay."

    With frequent references to the Bible, like "Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you," she explains how to live a life of health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression in a way that is pleasing to God.

    I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • The Game of Life
    This small book is incredible, a psychology professor recommended it to me after telling her about some issues that were really bothering me. I did not hesitate to buy it and it was the best investment I have made, and it cost me almost nothing. Great language, easy to understand. It also came with a CD of great affirmations....more info
  • One of the best books I've ever read, by far
    Though written in 1927, this book is truly timeless. I read this book many, many times and remain in awe of her incredibly vast awareness of the principles of living well. A colleague of mine taught an entire course on manifestation completely based upon this book, to filled houses. If you want to learn right attitude towards money, and develop a state of openness that brings great joy and prosperity into your life, read and study this book....more info
  • Great Book!
    One of the best books on self empowerment. Fuses religious teachings and real life experiences....more info
    Amazing. Stunning. So sensational. So true. Such a lttle book.

    Yes, The Game of Life and How to Play It is all these things, but the latter is probably the most important and indeed the most intriguing. How can so much wisdom about ultimately getting anything you want in life, be squeezed into a book with under 90 pages? I'm not quite sure, but it definately works to its advantage. Because of this, I was able to easily read it in one sitting and have the opportunity to easily do so again and again and again. And I plan to. It was that good.

    So to the book itself. When I was searching for self-help books, I came across this one, and, the title was the first I thought about. I came to the conclusion that it was a book that taught you about general life skills. IT GOES BEYOND THAT.

    Florence Scovel Shinn explains that disease, lack, misfortune, unhappiness, financial difficulties - all the things we dread in life, are because of subtle suggestions impressed upon the subconscious mind in every day life. But changing these habits is easier than anyone could ever imagine. By simply saying aloud every morning when you wake and at night before you sleep that you believe (or have faith) that you are easily going to achieve the things you want to and trust the god within (your superconscious) to give you a definate lead (a hunch that will lead you to what you want). She explains how big a role karma plays in getting what you want and the importance of receiving things aswell as giving things to others. She also advises you act as though you've already got what you want in order for your subconscious to believe you are capable of getting it.

    Although these techniques aren't anything new, Shinn's way of writing makes it interesting and the fact that the length of it doesn't even reach the 100 page mark, means you won't have any excuse for not getting time to read it!

    So what makes it so successful? For me it was the fact that these techniques were so effective, yet she didn't go into much detail - she kept it simple by, literally every two pages, giving incredible real life examples relating to the wonders she talks of throughout the book.

    So please don't listen to me any more, I won't go on. Get your hands on this book, read it with interest and curiosity, and then hopefully you'll experience true wonder, awe, and amazement towards the thought that you can achieve and even get, anything you want in life.


    Other related books to read:

    The Power of you're Subcoscious Mind
    The Power of Now...more info


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