Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bar, Cashew, 7.4-Ounces (Pack of 6)
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bar, Cashew, 7.4-Ounces (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Cashew Granola Bars offer a perfect balance of savory nuts and sweet granola. Each bar is rich with all-natural ingredients, bursting with nuts, and dipped in a creamy cashew-butter coating. High in protein and absolutely free of trans fat and cholesterol, these bars are the perfect heart-healthy choice to keep you moving.

Sweet & Salty Cashew Granola Bars

Nature is the perfect example of balance - all things coming together to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts. In that spirit, we offer Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Granola Bars, a perfect balance of chewy granola and delicious nuts, dipped in a creamy coating made with real nuts. Enjoy a burst of energy to help keep you pedaling or paddling and a wholesome treat for your taste buds in one perfect bar.

Nature Valley's Commitment to the Great Outdoors

Nature Valley has a commitment to helping make nature enjoyable and accessible while protecting and preserving nature in places like our national parks. Nature Valley sponsors a wide range of groups, all of whom have one thing in common: they all serve as guides and catalysts for people who want to enjoy a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle.

About Nature Valley

When you need energy for your active lifestyle, turn to the original granola bar - Nature Valley. Since 1975, Nature Valley has used wholesome ingredients to make the best-tasting granola bars around, with new flavors and types for every taste. Check out all our products available at and enjoy the Taste Nature Intended?.

Nature Valley Granola Bars give you the energy to get to and enjoy your favorite place in nature, your own personal Nature Valley.

Dipped in cashew butter coating. Bursting with cashews! You'll love the delicious and unique taste of Nature Valley Sweet & Nut Granola Bars. Loaded with nuts and dipped in a delicious peanut, almond, cashew or mixed nut butter coating, this great tasting

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Customer Reviews:

  • Yummy
    These have good cashew flavor, but not nearly enough nuts. The Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Peanut bar counterparts have many more nuts. If you are a nut freak, go for the peanut bars, but if you love the flavor of cashews, these are the bars for you. ...more info
  • what cashews?
    I disagree with the others that this is a cashew flavor it really is just sweet and chewy. If you want Cashew flavor try Mrs. Mays snacks.
    I do love the Nature Valley pecan and peanut bars though.
    Try Caribou chewy granola bars especially if you like choc and coffee flavors. I'm addicted....more info
  • good tasty bars
  • Great Taste, Great Bargain!
    These sweet and salty nut bars are a great healthy snack and I got an awesome price. I highly recommend them....more info
  • Granola Bars
    I LOVE these granola bars. I was given some as a gift and loved the combination of sweet and salty taste. Not high in calories, either.

    So yummy!...more info
  • Pretty good snack
    Tastes yummy, but not as good as the almond version, in my opinion. Still, a pretty good snack though. ...more info
  • Ugh
    Waaaay too sweet.
    And it's all mostly bad kinds of sugars, too.
    You may as well grab a handful of cashews and down it with a packet of sugar....more info
  • Sweet Salty Nuts
    These are a good snack item. If you enjoy salt & a sweet taste all at the same time these are just right....more info
  • Yum!
    That's about it - yum! These are always out of stock at the grocery store too. Kids will even eat these things - even though they're full of protein and "good stuff." I cannot say enough good about these bars, they really are that good. You can't miss with these things. Highly, highly recommend!...more info
  • It's how I like my nuts!
    As a recovering prostitute, I have a nut addiction. My counselor suggested these as a replacement for the real thing. Sweet, salty and delicious. But I still miss my pimp Roger. :(...more info
  • Ugh
    Waaaay too sweet.
    And it's all mostly bad kinds of sugars, too.
    You may as well grab a handful of cashews and down it with a packet of sugar....more info
  • Cashew Bars
    These bars were so tasty that all my coworkers fell in love with them. They went out and bought some for themselves but didn't bother to share. Next time I order I'll keep them at home instead of at work....more info
  • Tasty Sweet and Salty
    This product is a bit on the sweet side, but does the trick if you are looking for a sweet snack that is not a million calories and fat....more info


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